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By having a wall mount mailbox, you can have your letters delivered at the right time. It offers visual appeal and is highly functional. Wall mount mailbox is perfect for people who frequently receive mails and is suitable for both home and office use. It is available in different sizes and capacities, and some can even hold packages and small parcels. It is perfect for outdoor use and can come with multiple features. Here is the list of the top 10 best wall mounted mailboxes to pick from.

Table of the Best Wall Mount Mailboxes Reviews

10. Gibraltar Mailboxes Galvanized Steel Black Wall Mount Mailboxes

Wall Mount Mailboxes

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This wall-mount mailbox involves the construction of robust galvanized steel. The textured black finish also makes this letterbox exceptionally classy and durable. Moreover, the powder-coated finish makes this box resistant to rust and corrosion. The included mounting hardware makes installation trouble-free for homeowners. The medium-sized mailbox can handle a load of a few mails in a day.

The top lid also helps you to have easy access to the mails. Furthermore, the cut-out template makes installation easier and lesser time-consuming. The sleek and modern design makes this letterbox look perfect with your urban-style apartment. This spacious box accommodates an oversized magazine, letters, envelopes, and more. You can add your address number to this mailbox.


  • Features quick and simple installation.
  • Create is heavy-duty galvanized steel.
  • Puts-up ample space for address numbers.

9. Jssmst Vertical Wall Mounted Locking Mailboxes with Key Lock

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This wall-mount mailbox has the construction of heavy-duty galvanized-steel material. With the help of pre-drilled holes, the box also allows you to mount it against walls with ease. Moreover, this letterbox is spacious enough to accommodate large envelopes and magazines. The powder-coated finish provides ultimate protection against rust and corrosion.

This large-sized drop-box also comes with the lock-n-key system. Therefore, this mailbox keeps your mails safe from the hands of intruders. Furthermore, the box comes along with a pair of keys. You can confidently mount this box directly under the sun. Therefore, this mailbox withstands harsh elements of weather. The vertical wall-mounted mailbox makes installation easier for users.


  • Features weatherproof and heavy-duty.
  • Equipped with secured key lock.
  • Installation is simple with large capacity.

8. Gibraltar Mailboxes Designer Galvanized Steel Venetian Bronze Wall Mount Mailboxes

Gibraltar Mailboxes Designer Wall Mount Mailboxes

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This classic, designer wall-mount mailbox comes with the construction of heavy-duty galvanized steel. With a beautiful Venetian bronze finish, this box also looks quite different than the other letterboxes. Moreover, this medium-sized box can accommodate mails of a few days. The galvanized steel construction offers resistance against rust and corrosion.

This durable mailbox also withstands several elements, like rain, snow, dirt for years. Furthermore, the concealed locking compartment of this box keeps your mails safe from getting theft. You can use this letterbox as a drop-box. You can detach the ‘mail’ emblem as per your liking. The top-loading lid offers quick access to your mails. This box incorporates a simple lock-n-key system for users’ convenience.


  • Comes with elegant Venetian bronze surface.
  • Equipped with stability and reinforcement.
  • Powder-coated with quality galvanized steel.

7. Salsbury Industries Traditional Horizontal Style Lockable Mailbox

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By replicating the design of traditional letterboxes, this wall-mount looks quite classy. Available in several powder-coated colours, this box also makes your residence look complete. Moreover, the horizontal style mailbox leaves an elegant appearance to your home. Made from 20-gauge electro-galvanized steel, this box resists the harsh environmental elements. The box is resistant to rust and corrosion.

This box also comes with a detachable hook for magazines. Furthermore, this standard-sized metal box is wide enough to hold oversized envelopes. The wide top lid makes the removal of mails easy for users. The rubber strip on the lid closes the box nearly silently. With the help of 4 mounting holes, this box offers easy installation.


  • Features a stable powder-coated surface.
  • Comes with electro-galvanized gauge steel.
  • Consist of detachable magazine hooks.

6. Mail Boss Metro Locking Wall Mounted Mailboxes with Lock

Mail Boss Metro Locking Wall Mounted Mailboxes with Lock

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This wall-mount mailbox comes with the construction of sturdy 14 and 16-gauge electro-galvanized steel material. The locking letterbox also offers resistance against rust and corrosion. So, this box makes a perfect choice if you want to mount it under the sun. Moreover, the simple box has a large storage space. So, it can accommodate small to oversized parcels with ease.

With the help of a 12-wafar disc locking mechanism, this mailbox is also safe from thieving. Furthermore, the 4 lag bolts and drill bit make installation easier for every homeowner. The latch locking system prevents leverage entry. So, this mailbox can keep your confidential documents safe from intruders. This box comes with reflective house numbers.


  • Features patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism.
  • Installs quickly/easily with modern mounting.
  • Optimum weather resistance with the powder-coated surface.

5. Whitehall Products Large Wall Mounted Mailboxes

Whitehall Products Large Wall Mounted Mailboxes

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Derived from heavy-duty aluminium material, this wall-mount mailbox stands for durability. With pure craftsmanship, this mailbox also evokes the spirit of retro-style traditional mailboxes. Moreover, the weather-resistant coating increases the lifespan of this entire construction. Therefore, you can safely use this letterbox outside of your residence.

This large-sized box is also spacious enough to accommodate oversized envelopes or magazines. Furthermore, the removable locking flap allows users to use this mailbox both for private or ordinary mail-dropping purposes. The locking insert and keys make this letterbox extremely safe for everyone. The classic construction makes this mailbox look quite appealing. You can easily mount this box against any wall of your home.


  • Comes with removable locking flap.
  • Weather-resistant aluminium and variety of colours.
  • Increases curb appeal to your home.

4. AdirOffice Ultimate DropBox Wall Mounted Mailboxes – Hanging Secured Postbox 

AdirOffice Ultimate DropBox Wall Mounted Mailboxes - Hanging Secured Postbox 

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The simple yet functional design of this wall-mount mailbox holds a large number of mails and envelopes. The drop-box style mail insert also keeps every piece of letters safe from getting stolen. Moreover, this mailbox has simply a lock-n-key system. So, you can have quick access to your mails. The 16-gauge heavy-duty galvanized steel construction makes this letterbox exceptionally durable.

The 12-wafar disc locking mechanism also makes this mailbox anti-theft. Furthermore, the powder-coated and scratchproof finish ensures the longevity of this box. You can confidently use this box for night drops, payment drops, inter-office mails, and more. The bin door can accept small parcels, checks, payments, letters, payments, and more.


  • Spacious enough to put-up bigger items.
  • Design is secured, long-lasting with high-quality.
  • Features expedient after-hours dropbox.

3. NACH Milano Pointed Mailbox with Newspaper Holder – Wall Mounted Post Box

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This wall-mount mailbox has the construction of rustproof, powder-coated metal. So, this powder-coated finish also increases the life expectancy of the box. Moreover, the functional design of this box includes an integrated space to hold your daily newspaper. The sleek and contemporary design of this mailbox simply blends with the urban residential structures.

This spacious yet compact box also accommodates a few numbers of mails with different sizes. Furthermore, the mailbox requires no further assembly. You can just directly install it against the walls with the included hardware. The extra-long top lid offers quick access to the mails and deliveries. This mailbox has enough space to accommodate an oversized envelope to the magazine.


  • Equipped with maximum rust guard.
  • Simple yet elegant, sleek shape design.
  • Holds-up over padded envelopes to magazines.

2. Mail Boss 7175 Townhouse Locking Security Wall Mount Mailboxes

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This wall-mount mailbox comes along with a lock-n-key system for the safety of your credentials. The mailbox also has 3 keys. So, three persons of a family can have access to the mailbox. Moreover, the box has plenty of space to accommodate a few mails or deliveries. The reflective house numbers make the box visible for delivery men.

This box also comes with the construction of heavy-duty 14 and 16-gauge electro-galvanized steel. Therefore, the steel construction extends the durability of this mailbox. Furthermore, the stainless-steel hinges with powder-coated finish resist all-weather conditions. The anti-theft latch locking mechanism keeps every letter and other documents safe from stealing. With the help of a 12-wafar disc lock, this mailbox deters leverage entry.


  • Equipped with gauge electro-galvanized steel.
  • Features huge capacity defence wall mount.
  • Powder-coated surface with stainless steel hinges.

1. Whitehall Sand Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Mailboxes

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By bringing back the memories of good-old-days, this wall-mount mailbox adds a classic look to your home. This retro-style mailbox also comes with a personalized option. So, you can enter up to 5 numbers of your address and 11 characters for the street name. Moreover, the sand-cast aluminium material construction makes this mailbox quite hardy. Therefore, you can confidently install this outside of your residence.

The weatherproof construction also keeps the aluminium mailbox safe from harsh weather elements. Furthermore, the lock-n-key system of this mailbox keeps your mails and deliveries safe from getting lost. The locking insert keys make this box quite safer than the other models. The gold-tone on black sand-cast finishing makes this mailbox somewhat unique.


  • Constructed of high-density aluminium, sand-cast.
  • Keeps mail secured with locking mailbox.
  • Features modified mailbox with wall mount.


Wall mount mailboxes can come in different designs and you will have to see if it lets you have better functionality. Look at the style if it can go with the overall aesthetic of your home decor. You need to see if it comes in a rugged construction that makes it deliver reliable performance. The product must let you have easy installation and look at the design that makes it a perfect buy.

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