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We are now living in an era of extreme busyness where everyone is working and studying, and many of us do not have time to move at all during the day or perhaps the whole day by staying in front of the computer screen for long hours. Thus, in order for you to be able to be working and relaxing at the same time under hectic schedules, an under-desk elliptical is the best solution for each of us since it helps our legs move even if we are sitting in one place. Moreover, an under-desk elliptical also help us improve our fitness, which keeps us healthy from diseases. Below are the top 10 Best Under Desk Ellipticals.


10. Cubii Under Desk Elliptical


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No worry anymore about sitting at the office or working too long.  We now have the Cubii under-desk elliptical that is a compact elliptical which allows you to workout while you are sitting at home or the office. It is a rehab and fitness exercise peddler that the smooth gliding motion could be switched between 8 resistance levels to increase your desk exercise. In addition, what’s special about the Cubii under-desk elliptical is that this quiet mini exercise bike  enables you to do anything such as watching your favorite TV show, working, studying while using Cubii without distraction.


Moreover, it’s also come with a built-in LCD display which is the digital monitor that allows us to keep track of your calories burned, distance traveled, and many more. Not to mention,  it is a portable elliptical that allow you to move and get rid of calories while you are peddling.


   Reason to buy

  •      Whisper quiet mini exercise bike
  •      Adjustable resistance
  •      Built-in LCD display

9. ATIVAFIT Under Desk Ellipticals


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This under desk elliptical has multiple functions as a mini exercise trainer to supports your standing and sitting position, forward or reverse or pedaling or running, which depends on what you needs.  You can workout while standing or sitting making your workout more varied and convenient. In addition, it is highly adjustable that you can adjust and control along with a built-in LCD monitor features with 5 functions such as time, distance, calories, count, and total count. Moreover, what’s make it special is it has two large and sturdy anti-slip foot pedals to avoid damage by friction, secures the feet, and highly comfortable. Furthermore, it is a lightweight design that you can use anywhere and quiet with brake resistance mechanisms.


   Reason to buy

  •    Highly Adjustable and Built-In Monitor
  •    Large Anti-slip Pedals and lightweight
  •    Quiet and smooth pedal motion

     8. Goplus Under Desk Elliptical


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If you are looking for safety and silent under desk elliptical, here is the best for you. It is an ergonomic design for safety and comfort with a two large non-slip textured pedals to secure your feet. It also comes with flywheels combined with a silent belt drive to ensures smooth and whisper-quiet operatio. Thus, help minimized the disruption. Moreover, it also allow us to adjust tension levels system for different motion depend on your workout. Furthermore, it has an LCD display monitor to track exercise data such as time, speed, distance, and calories and able to see your exercise results. On top of that, it is easy to carry and store anywhere you want as it is a lightweight design.


Reason to buy

  • Easy to carry and store and Ergonomic design for safety
  • LCD Display Monitor to Track Exercise Data
  • Adjustable Tension Levels for the Different Motion

7. DeskCycle Under Desk Ellipticals


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Looking for high quality desk elliptical with a smooth and quiet product, here is the best for you. This under-desk elliptical allows you to burn calories, and boost your energy level as well as increasing your productivity and reducing stress. Furthermore, it is a smooth and quiet magnetic resistance with ultra-smooth pedal motion and precision. Moreover, it has a flywheel that allows you to workout quietly and peacefully without any disruption to your family or your coworkers.

On top of that, this product is easy to use with a large 6-function LCD display tracks revolutions, RPM, time, calories burned, and more. Thus, enables you to counts up to 100,000 revolutions in just one session. Moreover, it features 8 calibrated resistance settings that enable you to choose from very easy to the hardest options, which is highly perfect for the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and physical therapy. Besides, it is extra-long and wide pedals enable you to adjust the shape of your elliptical motion by placing your feet in bidirectional pedaling options- forwards and backward.

Reason to buy

  • Smooth and quiet magnetic resistance and adjustable
  • Large 6-Function LCD display tracks revolutions
  • 8 Calibrated resistance settings


6. MaxKare Under Desk Elliptical


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Looking for a multi-function elliptical machine, here is the best product for you. These under desk ellipticals contained a multi-function machine by supporting a variety of fitness methods. For instance, sitting or standing, forward or reverse motion, running, or pedaling making your workout more convenient. Likewise, it has 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance that allow you to control the workout according to your needs. It come along with the magnetic flywheel of the elliptical bike to ensure smooth and quiet as you work out.

Additionally, this comes with an advanced LCD display to tracts your RPM, time, distance, scan, speed, and calories burned and showing you the time of the exercise data. On the other hand, it has a textured massage pedal so no matter how you use the pedal;  the texture of the non-slip pedal surface can fix your feet, so that you can step on it rapidly as you wish. One more benefit, is it allows you to exercise anywhere and at any time regardless of you working time.

Reason to buy

  • 8 Level Adjustable Magnetic Resistance
  • Advanced LCD display
  • Textured massage pedal

5. PEXMOR Under Desk Elliptical


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This under desk ellipticals are an ideal rehabilitation and massage effect, which is simple to use. You will get an effective and efficient workout exercise as well as improving circulation in a non-distracting way. It is a textured massage pedal that will help secure your feet no matter how you use the strider. Additionally, it comes with an advanced built-in display monitor that enables you to start recording your fitness statistics. For example, keeping track of time, distance, scan, speed, and calories burned. Moreover, it is quiet for you to workout without disrupting anyone.

Having said so, you can also use it on various occasions and highly suitable for many groups. For illustration, older person, office workers, rehabilitation people. Besides, it is a mini home trainer with a ightweight designed making your convenience to carry and transport anywhere with a size of 24.02 x 16.93 x 11.42 inch ( L * W * H).

Reason to buy

  • Advanced LED built-in display monitor
  • Lightweight Designed with size 4.02 x 16.93 x 11.42 inch ( L * W * H)
  • Textured massage pedal

4. FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical


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This works best for most desks as it has the lowest pedal height in just under 8 inches and can work under desks as low as 25 inches. Moreover, looking for a quiet and smooth elliptical, this item is smooth and whisper quiet bicycle pedal motion with a balanced flywheel and twin belt drive that allows you to work without noises and less distraction making you focus on your work than the exercise itself.

Additionally, it is hands-free adjustment with 8 positions magnetic resistance allows for hands-free tension adjustment. It come along with digital display such as vital information like time, speed, current distance, lifetime distance, calories burned and scan. You can exercise anytime and anywhere whether you are at home or office or even watching TV or playing video games. It is best as well to improve your healthy lifestyle.

Reason to buy

  • Lowest pedal height under 8 inches pedal rotation height and as low as 25 inches
  • Quiet bicycle pedal motion with a balanced flywheel
  • 8 Position magnetic resistance with foot shifter

3. DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Ellipticals


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These under desk ellipticals are a high quality portable under desk bikes that help you improve your productivity, burning calories, staying healthy. It fits right in the office space and includes an adjustable leg with LCD 6-function display. Moreover, it works best with low desks as low as 27 inches and come with patented magnetic resistance mechanism. As a result, it is quiet, smooth, and healthy pedal motion that is best for your joints.

On other hand, it is a magnetic resistance and adjustable leg that you can set the maximum pedal height to 10 inches or lower it down to just 9 inches for clearance desk space. Thus, making your workout more convivence and peaceful. Additionally, it has 8 calibrated resistance settings that very easy to use more than 2x the range of other pedal exercises.


Reason to buy

  • LCD 6-function display
  • Magnetic resistance & adjustable leg
  • 8 Calibrated resistance


2. Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical


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This under desk elliptical is a compact elliptical that is designed with ultra-smooth gearing which is ideal for exercising at home or the office. It has a set and track fitness goals, which the Cubii mobile app syncs with iPhone and Android cellphones, Fitbit small bands, and Apple Health Kit to keep track of your distance pedaled, calories, and more, which are a convenience. Moreover, it is a portable elliptical that enable you to work out or even while you are resting. The Cubii under desk elliptical is perfect to use at the office, on the couch, or even in the dining room.

Furthermore, it is a mini exercise bike that you can burn up to 125 calories per hour while you are pedaling and doing other tasks like working or watching your favorites TV show. This under-desk pedal exerciser is silent when using so you don’t disturb others and yourself.


Reason to buy

  • Portable elliptical and compact mini exercise bike
  • Bluetooth sync Fitbit & Apple
  • Whisper-quite seated elliptical


1. Sunny Health & Fitness Under Desk Elliptical


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Needing the best under desk elliptical pacts with all components, here it is for you. The Sunny Health & Fitness under desk elliptical has a digital monitor that tracks time, speed, calories, the distance by using the centrally located digital monitor or even chose to scan function through all variables while your workout. In addition, it has a belt-drive magnetic resistance to give you low maintenance and a smooth exercise experience along with 8 levels of resistance by using the tension knob to build your muscle.

On top of that, it is a low-profile elliptical that will fit under any of your desks and chairs giving you the freedom to exercise freely in any environment. Besides, it is easy to transport with ease and included components such as elliptical and user manual.


Reason to buy

  •      Digital monitor and belt drive magnetic resistanc
  •      8 Levels of magnetic resistance
  •      Compact size and easy to transport



Buying guide for Under Desk Ellipticals

Check out the following points when buying under desk ellipticals:

Built-in LCD display:

Check to see if the product has a built-in LDC features component that enables you to keep track of your recording finesses data such as time, calories burned, and more.

Adjustable resistance:

See if you can adjust and control the under-desk elliptical easily.

Noise of under desk ellipticals:

See whether it is noisy or quiet when testing because you don’t want to cause any disruption to other people or even yourself as you want to work and relax at the same time.

Size and portability:

The size is very important for you to consider when you are buying; hence, check to see if it come in a lightweight designed compact and enables you to carry it anywhere easily without disruption as well as fit in your favorites desk and chair.


The Under Desk Elliptical is very vital for anyone of us who are busy either working or studying and don’t have time to exercise and want to get in shape such as lose weight, build muscle gain, increased endurance, more strength, and stay healthy by using it. It helps your workout while you are sitting or standing in one spot without causing any distraction to the work or others. It is designed perfectly for office use and home.

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