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As a pet owner, you would always love to be near your pet, but it is not practically possible. You have to go out to work or attend any event when you have to leave your pet behind. However, you can still keep an eye on your pet, if you opt to install a two-way audio Wifi pet cameras. It is more of a security or surveillance camera through which you can listen to what people are saying as well as the barking of your pets. Similarly, you can speak to them from any remote place and watch their activities. Check out such top 10 best two-way audio Wifi pet cameras below.

List of Top 10 Best Two-Way Audio Wifi Pet Cameras In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. TENVIS Two-Way Audio Wifi Pet Cameras

10. TENVIS Two-Way Audio Wifi Pet Cameras

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This two-way dome surveillance camera is suitable for your pets, toddlers, and elderly people. The device also connects with 2.4-GHz wireless frequencies. Moreover, the camera is easily able to capture videos at the rate of 720p resolution. The motion-detection technology of this camera captures videos for 15-seconds after detecting motion.

The unit is also able to send you a notification within 3-seconds. Furthermore, the infrared LED lights can clearly capture any motion within the range of 32-feet. The lens can cover footages at a 360-degree angle to capture each corner of your room. The noise-canceling and internal microphone and speaker of this unit let you communicate with your pets and babies.

  • Wide application and powerful performance.
  • Improved performance with motion-detection technology.
  • 360-degree coverage and LED lights.
  • The night vision is a little hazy.

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#9. Furbo Pet Camera and Two-Way Audio

9. Furbo Pet Camera and Two-Way Audio

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This 2-way audio camera for pets comes along with a treat tosser. With the help of a supported application, you can also easily connect this with any Wi-Fi network via your mobile. Moreover, the device works with Alexa. The innovative barking alert sends you a notification when your dog barks. The 2-way audio helps your pets to stay calm and comfortable.

The camera is also able to capture videos at 1920X1080p resolution. Furthermore, you can fill the container with your pets’ favorite treats. So, you can control the treating function with the help of the supported application. The device comes with a bamboo wood cover.

  • Easy connectivity and high resolution.
  • Bamboo wood cover for improved protection.
  • Wide application and easy controls.
  • The product is relatively expensive.

#8. Wansview Wireless Security Camera, Night Vision

8. Wansview Wireless Security Camera, Night Vision

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This smart 2-way audio dome camera consists of a built-in speaker and microphone. So, you can also enjoy ultra-clear audio via any supported mobile application. Moreover, the device lets you have 350-degree horizontal and 76-degree vertical angle coverage to cover each corner of the room. The intelligent motion-detection technology of the unit increases the efficiency of the surveillance camera.

With the help of infrared LED lights, the camera also delivers detailed footage of the subjects even in the dark. Furthermore, the device lets you extend the storage space up to 128GB by using a micro-SD card. You can get footages at the resolution of 1920X1080p.

  • Speaker and microphone for clear audio.
  • Rotates in multiple angles for user advantage.
  • Infrared LED and extendable storage space.
  • It is slightly difficult to set up.

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#7. KAMTRON Two-way WiFi Security Pet Camera

7. KAMTRON Two-way WiFi Security Pet Camera

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This 2-way audio dome camera offers ultimate surveillance to your pets, babies, and senior people to keep them safe. With the help of 2.4-GHz wireless frequencies, you can also connect with any Wireless network. Moreover, you can even use an Ethernet cable to connect it with the internet. The support application lets you control the unit from multi-devices remote.

The device also supports motion-detection function, so you can track your pets or babies from each corner of the room. Furthermore, with the help of inbuilt noise-free filter, the 2-way audio device lets you enjoy a crystal-clear interactive conversation. You can extend the storage space up to 128GB.

  • High performance with 2.4-GHz wireless frequencies.
  • Easy controls with remote control.
  • Noise-free filter for clear audio.
  • Downloading the video recording is not easy.

#6. Lefun Two-Way Audio Wifi Pet Cameras

6. Lefun Two-Way Audio Wifi Pet Cameras

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The surveillance camera for pets comes along with the 2-way audio system. So, you can also enjoy interactive intercom with the help of an inbuilt microphone and speaker. Moreover, the camera comes along with a 32GB micro-SD card for capturing footages. You can easily connect with any wireless network with 2.4-GHz frequencies.

You can also extend the storage space up to 128GB by using a micro-SD card. Furthermore, you can tilt the lens at 100 and pan it at 350-degree angles for wider coverage. The camera comes along with a motion-detection system for ultimate safety. With the help of the IR LED lights, the camera delivers ultra-clear night vision mode.

  • The high capacity SD card and built-in microphone.
  • Enhanced protection with the motion-detection system.
  • Supports night vision due to infrared LED.
  • There is no cons at all.

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#5. Security WiFi IP Camera by KAMTRON

5. Security WiFi IP Camera by KAMTRON

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This 2-way audio camera offers full-time surveillance to keep your babies, senior people, and pets safe from danger. The Wi-Fi-enabled unit also connects with any network with 2.4-GHz frequencies. Moreover, the device supports an extendable storage space up to 128GB. The unit comes along with smart motion-detection technology, so you can have 24/7 surveillance of your loved ones.

With the help of a two-way microphone and speaker, you can also communicate and talk to your dear ones. Furthermore, the camera offers a 360-degree panoramic view, so you can cover every corner of your residence. The device sends real-time notifications for your pets’ safety.

  • Easy connectivity and motion detection technology.
  • Supports a panoramic view of 360 degrees.
  • Better protection with real-time notifications.
  • There is no option for push notification.

#4. Wansview Two-Way Audio Wireless Security Camera

4. Wansview Two-Way Audio Wireless Security Camera

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This 2-way audio surveillance camera for pets, babies, and seniors easily connects with any Wi-Fi with 2.4-GHz frequencies. With the help of a 120-degree wide-viewing lens, the pet camera also covers a large area. Moreover, the lens of the camera is able to deliver 1920X1080p resolution footages. The wide adjustable base allows you to capture multiple angle videos.

The four pieces of IR LED lights of the camera also captures footages even in the dark. Furthermore, you can easily install this camera against a wall, table, or ceiling. You can easily access the footages of the device from your connected mobiles, tablets, and PCs.

  • Better coverage with IR LEDs.
  • Easy mounting and wide viewing lens.
  • Adjustable base for capturing multiple angles.
  • The UI needs to improve significantly.

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#3. TOOGE Pet Camera, Night Vision Two-Way Audio

3. TOOGE Pet Camera, Night Vision Two-Way Audio

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The 2-way audio pet camera comes with updated motion-detection technology. So, the camera also supports real-time motion detection. This unit also delivers push notification, if motion is not detected after a certain time. Moreover, with 2.4-GHz frequencies, the device connects to the Wi-Fi network with ease. The supported application of this device lets you control it via tablet or smartphone.

The night-vision mode also offers night vision up to the range of 16-feet. Furthermore, the 2-way audio lets you enjoy crystal-clear and interruption-free intercom all day long. This unit comes with 4X zooming, 350-degree horizontal and vertical rotating of the lens for ultimate 360-degree coverage.

  • Real-time motion detection for user advantage.
  • High range and night vision support.
  • Rotating design and clear conversation.
  • The app is not up to the mark.

#2. Home Security Camera by Wansview

2. Home Security Camera by Wansview

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This dome camera works as a 2-way camera, as it comes with both inbuilt microphone and speaker. The unit is also a perfect surveillance camera for your home, pets, babies, and old people. Moreover, the powerful lens of this equipment is able to capture footage at Full-HD resolution of 1920X1080p. This Wi-Fi supported device streams live video and work with 2.4-GHz wireless frequencies.

The device also comes with a motion-detecting function. Furthermore, if the camera does not detect any motion within 10-seconds, the camera will send a notification to your mobile. The 105-degree wide-angle lens offers 360-degree coverage and 4X zooming for crisp details of the subject.

  • 4x zoom for better coverage.
  • Wide application and full-HD recording.
  • Live stream and notification support.
  • The instructions are not very clear.

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#1. Victure FHD Two-Way Audio Wifi Pet Cameras

1. Victure FHD Two-Way Audio Wifi Pet Cameras

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This compact and stylish-looking 2-way camera is suitable for surveilling the daily activities of your pets, babies, and seniors. With the help of a 6G lens, the unit also can capture 1920X1080p resolution footages. Moreover, the memory of the camera is extendable up to 64B, with the help of a micro-SD card.

The 2-way audio of this motion-detecting camera also lets you use the inbuilt microphone to communicate with your loved ones. Furthermore, the internal speaker of the camera is loud enough, so you can easily talk to your dear ones. This unit has 10 infrared LEDs with 850nm to offer better visibility even in the dark.

  • Compact design and expandable memory.
  • 6G lens for a remarkable performance.
  • Infrared LEDs and motion detection.
  • There is no cons to point out.

Buying Guide for Two-Way Audio Wi-Fi Pet Cameras

Here is the list of the top parameters to examine while you opt for a two-way audio Wi-Fi pet camera.

Image Quality:

A pet camera must deliver high-quality images and lets you see how your pet is doing. Go for the one that lets you see HD videos of up to 720p. You can even opt for a full-HD of 1080p resolution. This will let you see and ensure there will be no blurring. If it comes with LEDs, then it can capture better pictures. See if it comes with a zoom feature that lets you have better convenience to check minute details.

Night Vision:

You must not neglect this important feature while buying a pet camera. A camera that has the ability to operate 24/7 will be an ideal buy. Look for the one that comes with infrared lights so that it lets you see in dark conditions. Additionally, look at the camera range if it has the ability to capture from all the angles and allows you to have better flexibility.


The construction of your WiFi pet camera depends upon your preference. However, look for the one that is made of durable materials and lets you use it hassle-free. If it has easy installation and comes with easy controls, then it will let you have better convenience. Check if it comes in a multifunctional design and lets you use it for different purposes. The one that has waterproof construction will let you install it for outdoor purposes.


One of the most important features that you need to see is Motion Detection. You must always invest in a pet camera that supports both motion and sound alerts for outstanding performance. For better sound quality, see if it includes a noise cancellation microphone. If it lets you sync it with your smartphone, then you can monitor your pet from anywhere you want. You can also look for other features like expandable storage space, easy connectivity, and use it according to your needs.

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There are different types of specifications available in the two-way audio Wifi pet cameras we have listed. Therefore, for a buyer, it is very important to understand those parameters well so that you can decide which one will be better for them. A two-way audio Wifi pet camera is highly versatile and can be used to monitor and communicate with pets as well as people at home from any remote place using a smartphone or even computers. Therefore, it is a product worth investment to get multiple benefits.

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