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Are you in need of a temporary sleeping solution? A twin air mattress can be a great option for you as it offers extra sleeping space in your home. It comes in a compact design and requires less space. You can use it in any room of your home including a bedroom or guest room. Twin air mattresses can be perfect for children, and it can also accommodate an adult person. It lets you have superior comfort and ensure that there will be a temporary sleeping organization. Here is the list of the top 10 best twin air mattresses to buy from easily.

Table of the Best Twin Air Mattresses Reviews

10. EnerPlex Never-Leak Twin Air Mattress with Built in Pump – Raised Twin Airbed Double High Twin Inflatable Bed 

Twin Air Mattresses

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This twin air mattress comes with puncture-resistant PVC layering to extend the lifespan of this whole construction. The bed also reaches up to 16-inch after completion of inflation. Moreover, the internal high-capacity pump of this mattress takes about 90-seconds for inflation. The flocked top layer feels soft and gentle to your skin. The custom coil beam construction of this bed equally balances your body weight.

The design of this inflatable mattress also keeps your back and shoulders free of pain. Furthermore, the wrap-n-roll design of this mattress takes about a few minutes to wrap and store it. The carry bag of this mattress makes both storage and transportability easy for users.


  • Comes in built-in pump technology.
  • Make is handy and fast to use.
  • Holds-up the air and inflate/deflate quickly.

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9. Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed with Internal Electric Pump

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The twin air mattress raises the height of the bed to 18-inch after complete inflation. This bed also takes about a few minutes to inflate and deflate. Moreover, the inflation and deflation process is nearly noiseless. This soft yet stable inflatable mattress has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 300-lbs. With the help of an internal electric pump, you do not need an extra power source to inflate this bed.

With the help of unique-edge construction, this air mattress provides ample sleeping space for sleepers. Furthermore, the soft flocky top layer of this bed delivers a cozy sleeping spot for your guests. The top layer of this mattress is also resistant to water.


  • Ideal for storage and transport.
  • Soft flocking for extra comfort.
  • Indented sides keep from slipping.

8. SoundAsleep Dream Series Twin Size Air Mattress with Pump

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With the thickness of 18-inch, this air mattress has coiled construction. So, this airbed also makes the sleeping spot comfortable for everyone. Moreover, the 21 pieces of internal air coils make this inflatable mattress exceptionally durable. This airbed lets users inflate it within 3-minutes. The fluffy and cozy bed is a perfect addition for your overnight guests.

The mattress also takes only a few minutes for deflation. Furthermore, the foldable design allows you to store it in your closet. The high-density and waterproof flocked top of this bed let sleepers sleep comfortably all night. The dual-chamber construction makes inflation easier than the other airbeds. This mattress comes with a high-capacity, internal pump for easy inflation.


  • Features patented 1-click internal pump.
  • SureGrip bottom ensures firmness and stability.
  • Highest quality and assured rest.

7. Bestway Wingback Queen Twin Air Mattresses – Raised Inflatable Mattress with Comfortable Backrest & Headboard

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This queen air mattress comes along with a built-in pump. Therefore, you do not need any other source to inflate this airbed. The pump also inflates the mattress without any loud noise. So, you can use this bed for your overnight guests with no hassle. With the help of I-beam construction, the bed uniformly distributes sleeper’s body weight. So, this mattress adds extra support to your back and shoulders.

The polyester mesh core with dual-layer laminated PVC also makes this inflatable bed exceptionally stable. Furthermore, the bed takes about 300-seconds for inflation. The surrounding headboard and backrest make this queen-sized bed exceptionally classy and distinctive. Unlike the cheap twin air mattresses, the headboard has a pair of cup holders and 1 LED light.


  • Comes in versatile frame create.
  • Features exceptional comfort and stability.
  • Made of I-beam, 3 stable layers.

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6. SleepLux Twin Air Mattress with Built-in AC Pump – Raised Inflatable Airbed

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This 15-inch raised twin air mattress comes with an I-beam construction. So, this mattress also distributes your body weight perfectly. This airbed causes no back pain, and sleepers can sleep comfortably. Moreover, the inbuilt pillow of this blowup bed can take good care of your overnight guests. The built-in USB charge port helps sleepers to charge the electronic devices conveniently.

The triple-layer construction also adds stability to the airbed. Furthermore, the blowup bed is soft, yet offers a steady base to support your spine. The high-density polyester mesh core with PVC upper and bottom layers provide ultimate support to your back and shoulders. The inflatable mattress takes about 5-minutes to inflate.


  • Inflatable mattress stays the firm whole night.
  • Features polyester mesh superior structure.
  • Provides next-level back and shoulder support.

5. EZ INFLATE Double High Twin Air Mattress – Travel Inflatable Mattress – Twin airbed with Flocked top

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Derived from heavy-duty, puncture-resistant PVC material, this twin air mattress lasts for years. With a huge weight-bearing capacity of 300-lbs, this mattress also lets sleepers sleep with comfort. Moreover, the airbed has a soft flocked top to make your sleep safe and sound. With the help of coil-beam construction, this mattress equally distributes your body weight. Therefore, this mattress keeps your spine in a proper position.

The inbuilt pump of this blowup bed also takes about 90-seconds to complete the inflation. Furthermore, the quick-release valve makes the deflation lesser time-consuming. The waterproofed bottom and top surfaces of this airbed make the cleaning and maintenance easier for users. The oversized carry bag lets you store and carry this mattress along with you almost everywhere.


  • Puncture-resistant made from the stable structure.
  • Provides a comfortable night of sleep.
  • Features make that maximizes sleep space.

4. King Koil Double High Elevated Twin Air Mattress with Pump

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This twin air mattress comes with an inbuilt high-output pump. Therefore, this inflated bed only takes about 90-seconds to complete inflation. Moreover, the soft flocking top layer of this mattress offers a comfortable sleeping spot for sleepers. The inbuilt pillow makes this a perfect airbed for guests. With the help of the quilted top, this mattress provides extra spine support.

The mattress is also perfect for residential purposes. So, you can confidently use this bed for your overnight guests. Furthermore, the coil-beam structure keeps your spine in the correct position. Therefore, you can keep your back pain-free while sleeping. The suede top layer delivers a soft touch. So, users can sleep peacefully.


  • Fast, easy inflation/deflation with an internal pump.
  • Help promote proper spinal alignment.
  • Inflate/deflate to your desired comfort level.

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3. Fox Air Beds – Full-Size Twin Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

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This twin air bed is a perfect bedding item for your overnight guests. The space-saving airbed also allows you to store it conveniently into an included drawstring pouch. Moreover, the puncture-resistant inflatable mattress offers resistance against water. The I-beam coils of this airbed equally distribute your body weight. Therefore, sleepers can sleep comfortably on this mattress.

This twin-size bed also comes with a self-inflating function. With the help of the inbuilt pump, you do not need any external power outlet to inflate this bed. Furthermore, this blowup bed comes with a rapid-release valve to offer faster deflation. The thicker vinyl construction extends the lifespan of this 18-inch raised airbed.


  • Setup is simple and quick.
  • Evenly distributes weight to relieve pressure points.
  • Comes in comfort coils and leak-free.

2. Coleman Best Air Mattress for Everyday Use – Double-High SupportRest Air Bed 

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Suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes, this twin air mattress makes sleeping convenient for everyone. This airbed also can hold up to 300-lbs of weight. Moreover, the coil construction hugs your body. Therefore, this mattress provided enough support to your entire body while sleeping. The inflatable mattress fits most of the standard twin-sized sheets.

The top surface of this airbed also offers a velvet-like soft and luxurious touch. Furthermore, the wrap-n-roll inbuilt storage system allows users to simply roll and store the mattress with ease. The dual-lock valve with double-sealing prevents the airbed from leaking. The additional height of this mattress helps sleepers to get out of bed with ease.


  • Prevents leaks with dual-sealed valve.
  • Added durability with strong structure.
  • Soft feel, double high, superior support.

1. Airhead Plush Air Mattress with Pump and Manual Valve – Double Height Comfort for Home & Camping

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Unlike the twin air mattresses, this queen mattress has double height. Therefore, this airbed also allows users to get in and out of it with ease. Moreover, the air mattress comes with a maximum height of 18-inch in the properly inflated condition. The inbuilt pump of this bed helps you to inflate it without any trouble. This airbed is 2-inch longer and denser than the other mattresses.

The versatile mattress is also perfect for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Furthermore, the mattress folds down into a compact gear to offer convenient storage. With the help of a carry bag, this airbed offers hassle-free transportability. The manual inflation and deflation system allows users to use this mattress without any power source.


  • Includes carry bag for storage/transport.
  • Speed safety value and double-height.
  • Inflate outdoors or during power outages.


There are different types of air mattresses available such as single high and double high. One should be aware of the type of air mattresses he or she is comfortable with for perfect purchase. Apart from that, the comfort factor, the overall structure, and durability, as well as the firmness range, are important considerations for buyers.

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