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A dissolved oxygen meter kit is a device to measure the level of dissolved oxygen in the water. If the level of oxygen is low, it can be dangerous for human life as well as aquatic animals. If you have an aquarium or water treatment plant, you have to measure the dissolved oxygen level. A kit contains all the different types of items that you need for easy measurement of the oxygen level. The following is the list of the top 10 best dissolved oxygen meters kits in 2021.


10 Extech Dissolved Oxygen Meter


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This dissolved oxygen mater kit comes along with a 13-foot long cable with probe, rubber holster and 5 membranes. The water-resilience material construction of this instrument also makes it suitable for both laboratory and fieldwork. Moreover, with the help of a 1.4-inch LCD screen, the machine efficiently shows oxygen and temperature values. The device has water-testing measurement ranges of zero to 20mg/L.

The machine also comes with a temperature range of 32 to 122-degree Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the device offers faster and accurate reading less than a second. You can use this meter for testing oxygen levels in natural bodies of water during photosynthesis and aeration. The dissolved oxygen meter comes with automatic shut-off technology to save a lot of energy.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Better performance with dual display.
  •  Ability to automatically compensate for the temperature.
  •  Improved accuracy and five membranes.

9 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Testing Kit by Innovating Science


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This dissolved oxygen meter kit lets you measure the concentration of DO in freshwater samples. The kit is also suitable to perform uncomplicated titration for measuring the dissolved oxygen concentration in water. Moreover, the titration process indicates the end of the analysis by simply using an identifiable color transition. The materials of this kit are sufficient enough to run up to 40 sets of tests.

The compact size of this kit also makes it suitable for both laboratory and on-site oxygen concentration testing. Furthermore, the set has one measuring tube, three collection bottles, reaction vessels, four plastic pipes, safety data sheets, and other required accessories. This kit makes an ideal kit for most of the chemical analysts. The easy to use kit is suitable for both students and experts.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  High performance and lightweight material.
  •  Instruction manual for user advantage.
  •  Wide application and portable design.


8 Milwaukee Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Milwaukee MW600 LED Economy Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter with 2 Point Manual Calibration, 0.0 - 19.0 mg/L, 0.1 mg/L Resolution, +/-1.5 percent Accuracy, 100 Percent Saturation Range

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The dissolved oxygen meter has a wide application and is suitable for different purposes. But, you can easily use it in aquaculture, environmental analysis, water analysis, and educational purposes. This is easy to use as it comes with an LCD screen. Moreover, this has two-point manual calibration and it can automatically compensate the temperature to up to 30-degree Celsius. Furthermore, this includes a screw-on cap membrane as well as a long cable of 3 meters for polarographic probing.

It has a lightweight structure and comes in a complete set. Additionally, this is perfect to determine drinking water quality and the results appear on the display. This is a professional quality product and lets you carry it easily. It lets you use it hassle-free and has high accuracy.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Full set and easy operation.
  •  Suitable for a wide range of activities.
  •  Automatically compensates the temperature to up to 30 degrees.


7 Extech Dissolved Oxygen Meter


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A pen-style oxygen meter is a highly-functional gadget for the fields of beverage factories, wastewater treatment plants, and more. This dissolved oxygen meter kit also comes with a pen-style probe, LCD screen with the monitor, and a pre-assembled BNC connector. Moreover, you can use this machine both in fresh and seawater. The tool offers automatic warming temperature compensation. This unit comes with a maximum response time of 30-seconds.

This dissolve oxygen detector with a pen-type analyzer also makes an ideal gadget for the on-site users. Furthermore, the automatic temperature range of this device falls between the ranges of 0 to 40-degree Celsius. The polarized film type method of this meter delivers accurate reading every time. The waterproof instrument has a dot-matrix LCD screen to display oxygen values and temperatures.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Digital meter for easy operation.
  •  Enhanced accuracy and portable design.
  •  Quick response time and CAL calibration key.


6 Atlas Scientific Dissolved Oxygen Kit


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This dissolved oxygen meter kit comes along with a galvanic dissolved oxygen probe. The PTFE membrane of this machine also comes with the coating of cathode and electrolyte. Moreover, the oxygen molecules stay neutralized while passing through the probe membrane at a steady rate. The probe output stays at zero mV when the oxygen molecules are not present in water.

The professional-grade kit is also suitable to submerge in salt and freshwater. Furthermore, this kit consists of one DO-embedded circuit and a 125-ml container of dissolved oxygen calibration solution. The set comes along with a pre-assembled BNC connector. You can even use this probe in a citric acid solution. The probe can stay underwater with the BNC connector for years with no hassle.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Unique design and simple operation.
  •  Waterproof construction and dissolved oxygen probe.
  •  Lightweight design for easy portability.


5 Extech Waterproof Dissolved Oxygen Meter Kit


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This complete dissolved oxygen meter kit makes both your laboratory and fieldwork convenient. However, the kit also comes along with a 16-feet long extension cable, probe, weight guard, and a carrying case to make your fieldwork handy. Moreover, the weight guard makes you underwater measurement hassle-free for streams and tanks. The adjustable altitude compensation range of this unit starts from zero to 20,000-feet with an increment of 1000-ft.

The inbuilt memory of this unit also efficiently store 25 sets of data along with DO and temperature readings. Furthermore, the auto shut-off technology makes the machine energy-efficient. With the low-battery indicator, the unit lets you remind the time to change the batteries. The self-calibration during activation makes this machine easy to use.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Long extension cable for better flexibility.
  •  Waterproof construction and easy to use.
  •  Adjustable salinity and altitude compensation.

4 CHEMetrics Dissolved Oxygen Water Test Kit


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From professors, educators to people related to science fields, the set of water-test refill kit is an ideal tool for everyone. These water-test kit refills are also the perfect additions to any dissolve oxygen meter kit. Moreover, this set comes along with 30 pieces of refill ampoules. These self-filling ampoules are perfect for colorimetric analysis. The refills support uncomplicated testing procedures and ideal for both students and professionals.

These ampoules also mostly work with spectrophotometers in the market. Furthermore, by simply using the Concentration Calculator application, you can easily get the test results with most of the spectrophotometers. These refills offer a perfect and time-saving method alternative to 62% of the methods. The distinctive self-zeroing indigo method of the ampoules delivers precise and repetitive test results.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Ampoules for easy operation.
  •  Lightweight design and improved accuracy.
  •  Suitable for different professionals.

3 YSI Dissolved Oxygen Meter

YSI Pro20 Lab/Field Dissolved Oxygen/Temperature Meter, 0 to 50 mg/L, 0.1 mg/L, 0 to 20 mg/L, -5 to 55 degree C, 8-1/2" Length x 3-1/4" Width x 2-13/64" Depth

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With a slim-profile and handhold design, this dissolved oxygen meter comes with an advanced DO optical sensor. The temperature meter included with the kit also makes an ideal measuring tool for any laboratory and field. Moreover, the waterproof housing of this equipment with an impact-resistant body offers enough durability even after repeated testing underwater. With the help of a one-touch calibration button, the machine supports 3-seconds of meter calibration.

The backlit graphical display and glow-in-the-dark keypad also make the test result clear and visible. Furthermore, the internal barometer of this machine maintains the accuracy of the data. The unit requires a pair of alkaline C-cell batteries to perform the tests. So, the device consists of an AC-powered motor to perform the sample stirring.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Durable construction and resistant to impact.
  •  Easy calibration with one-touch design.
  •  Suitable for field or lab use.

2 Apera Instruments Dissolved Oxygen Meter Kit


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Suitable for several applications, like beer-brewing, wine-making, water treatment, and aquaculture, this dissolved oxygen meter kit is highly functional. The photodiode measuring red light also precisely measures the intensity of light. Moreover, the fluorescence technologies of the optical DO sensor absorb no oxygen during the measurement process. With a higher accuracy rate, the machine comes with 15-seconds of response time with exceptionally good repeatability.

By using USB output, the device also comes with a data logger to store up to 500-sets of tests. Furthermore, the kit includes a meter, calibration cap, 10-feet optical probe, salinity probe, and a robust carrying case. The unit offers both automatic air pressure and salinity compensations. With the help of a large backlit LCD screen, you can effortlessly monitor the test results.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Automatic compensation for user advantage.
  •  Optical DO sensor and reliable performance.
  •  High data storage and GLP data management.

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1 Apera Instruments Dissolved Oxygen Meter Kit with Optical DO Probe


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With a sturdy water-resilience structure, this dissolved oxygen meter kit stands for durability. The kit also comes with a 10-feet probe, accurate meter, calibration, and other accessories. Moreover, this equipment with an optical DO sensor uses fluorescence technology, so it does not absorb oxygen during an examination. The device offers automatic air pressure and temperature compensation. With the help of the optical DO sensor, this machine comes with 15-seconds of response time.

The unit also comes with a higher accuracy rate and perfect repeatability. Furthermore, the machine comes along with a large backlit display, so you can see the result instantly and easily. With the help of 2-minutes of calibration, you do not need to repeatedly regulate the device system. But, the unit has an approximate service life of 8000-hours.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Carrying case for easy portability.
  •  Dustproof construction and optical DO sensor.
  •  Easy to use and wide application.


Buying Guide For Dissolved Oxygen Meter Kit –

Check out the top factors while you buy a dissolved oxygen meter kit.


Always get a dissolved oxygen meter that comes in a portable design. This will let you take it anywhere you want and use it according to the requirement. Lightweight and compact design will let you store it conveniently, and it lets you use it in the field or the lab. In addition to this, you also need to see if it comes with minimal maintenance.


The construction is an important aspect that you need to consider while buying a dissolved oxygen meter kit. It must come in waterproof and dustproof construction so that you can have a better advantage. It has to be durable enough that makes it suitable for wide application. Make sure that it allows you to use it in harsh environments.


It will be no good if the equipment gives inaccurate results. For reliable performance, the oxygen meter kit must give accurate results, and there must be no flow dependence. Check if it comes with an optical DO sensor that makes it deliver superior and accurate results.

Easy Operation:

Some units will let you use it hassle-free and have better convenience. Apart from usage, you will also have to see if it comes with easy calibration. Some of it can come with the feature of automatic shut off and include the feature of altitude and salinity compensation. But, Make sure that it comes with a backlight feature and has a digital LCD screen.


Consider all the important features before you decide to get a dissolved oxygen meter kit. You will have to check the maximum and minimum values and see if it comes in a complete set. If it includes a convenient carrying case, then you can store it conveniently. You can also look for advanced features like Galvanic Sensing technology. For easy deployment, it must come with fast response time.


Conclusion –

There are too many cheap-quality dissolved oxygen meter kits available in the market. Therefore, for a new buyer, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. But, it can give value for their money. So, the buying guide is there for your guidance so that you can differentiate between a quality and a cheap product easily. Go through all the products and then make your choice as per your requirements.




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