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Automatization is the new age we live in. From whole industries, cashiers, self-driving cars to even the way we dry our own hands. Whether you own a restaurant, small store, coffee shop or just want one in the cozyness of your own home, you’re at the right place. Constantly cleaning up the paper mess customers leave in your bathrooms or washing the towels all the time is slowly becoming a trend that is on its way to disappearance. In the next few paragraphs we will introduce you to our top 10 picks for best automatic hand dryers of 2022. We’ve researched and gathered information about them, not every specification known to each device is listed but we did our best to include the most important ones. All of the devices bellow can be ordered online and the links are provided too. We hope you enjoy our review.


10 AIKE AK2630S Compact High Speed Automatic Hand Dryer


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If you have no prior experience with automatic hand dryers then a version by AIKE would be a great first choice. With its small dimensions it could fit practically anywhere, not to mention how easy it is to install. It has two physical switches, one for turning it on and off and the other for hot and cold air. One big advantage of this device, besides it’s compact form, is it’s sensor which will turn the device off as soon as you move your hands away. Because of this feature you might even lower your power bills which is not the case with similar devices. This great little device would be a great addition to your renovated bathroom in your little restaurant.

 9 JETWELL 2PACK Automatic Hand Dryer


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JETWELL’s 2PACK Automatic Hand Dryer is pure performance. Motors strong like jet engines wrapped in corrosion-proof housing made of stainless steel will be music to your ears. Its minimalistic design makes it fit wonderfully in any environment. Your hands will be dried in under 10 seconds while also saving money using 80% less energy than previous models. HEPA sanitary filters remove 99.9% of bacterial and dust impurities hence staying clean is the second name of this device. These advanced filters make you lower the risks of spreading any bacteria in your local and generally improve the quality of live so as everyone’s health.

8 OION Technologies Heavy Duty Industrial Stainless Steel High Speed Automatic Hand Dryer


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Your little Italian restaurant is doing great lately and you’re looking to expand. Besides the bigger dining room, you’re also renovating the bathrooms, and you got to be up to date with the modern world with this automatic hand dryer. Powerful, high sped fans run at 90 m/s while still being pretty low on power consumption. Uni-body stainless steel design makes it look sleek while still being robust and low maintenance. Safety with this one is on point. It has a built in mechanism that has a timer. Each time the fans start running, the timer does as well. After the timer has passed the 60 second mark, the device will shut off automatically hence preventing overheating and possible accidents.

7 Best Value Bathroom’s Automatic Hand Dryer


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Minimalistic design of this device might even fool you into thinking it’s something else. It blends in perfectly and can fit in pretty much anywhere because of its small form factor. Don’t judge book by its covers, besides it being small, it packs a punch. The instructions of installation, that come with the package, are pretty straight forward and it’s a joy to set up. On the lower power consumption side it lays while spending 1360 watts with hot air and only 500 watts with cold air. For the price you get everything you need, and then some.

6 JETWELL High Speed Commercial Automatic Hand Dryer


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This JETWELL is really similar to it twin siblings up above. Simple design and a shiny material are really something else. You could misplace it for a second mirror because of it’s fingerprint free cover. Interesting thing about this device is that it controls whether it blows hot or cold air. Imagine the hottest days of summer are around and you’ve got an automatic hand dryer at your restaurant’s bathroom. Every time someone washes his hands, the dryer heats up the room… Well not this one. It has a built in termomeeter which is connected to a circuit which decides whether to blow hot or cold air. If the temperature is under 26 Celsius degrees then in blows hot air to warm the room up. On the other hand, if it’s higher than 26 Celsius degrees it will blow cold air to cool the room down.

5 Blue Storm High Speed Hand Dryers by Palmer Fixture


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Blue Storm speaks nothing but premium. Made out of bamboo-derived rayon it’s esthetically pleasing to one’s eye. Really powerful fan gets things done in no time while staying cost efficient. GreenSpec certification makes it environmentally preferable. Comes with a 5 year warranty, so by the time the warranty ends you have already paid it off several times. This automatic hand dryer takes care of bathrooms suffocating in toilet paper, helps them stay nice and tidy. They work like a charm and are durable like diamonds.


4 Awoco Compact Stainless Steel Automatic Hand Dryers


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It just works. Like the name says, this automatic hand dryer is compact, and they mean it. Stainless steel adds to durability and gives it an elegant look. One of the better sensors on the market, turns on really quickly and turns off as soon as you remove your hands. Circle air outlet makes it blow air concentrated to one point which gives an extra kick to this already powerful device. Low power consumption, especially with the compact model, and a power plug that it comes with make it also a great device for home use. Filters are certified and do the job when removing the bacteria while air that it blows isn’t being too hot, won’t harm your children.

3 Goetland High Speed Automatic Hand Dryers


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Coming to an end of our list is Goetland’s take on automatic hand dryers. This one, like the name says, blows hard. Don’t let the one inch air outlet diameter fool you, it is capable of delivering 224 MPH air velocity. While being so powerful, it is safe too. One-time use period of 60 seconds maximum makes it safe and almost impossible to overheat. It comes with a hardware kit and a location template so it should be a breeze to install.

 2 Goetland Stainless Steel Commercial Automatic Hand Dryer


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This one is no. 2’s big brother. Compared to the one above, Goetland’s Automatic Hand Dryer clocks in at 1800 watts which makes it almost too powerful drying your hands in no time. Of course, this much power has its downsides too, like being heavy on power consumption. A little bit higher power bills are nothing to thousands of tissues being thrown away and towels being washed again and again. Easy to install and doesn’t have to be hardwired to be used. All in all a great pick if you are looking for functionality.

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 1 XLERATOR XL-BW Automatic High speed Hand Dryer


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XLERATOR XL-BW Automatic Hand Dryer is the last model of automatic hand dryers we adore in the list. It has this panda like black and white design which is really appealing. Comes with a noise reduction nozzle which lowers the noise level by up to 9 decibels. Don’t let the quiet air fans fool you, power here isn’t a problem. It dries your hands in no time while still being cost efficient. This product meets the GreenSpec standards and earns Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design credits for being eco friendly.

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There it was. Our own list of best automatic hand dryers you can order right now! Do not be bothered much by the numbers in front of devices, while we ordered them from 10 to 1 we, of course, haven’t put here any bad products. They are all good devices and whichever you pick will satisfy you. Don’t you hate it when, after a exhausting day at your little coffee shop, you walk into your bathroom and go through a shock. Paper towels are all over the place… Most of them ended up on the floor, then some on the sink and around the toilet, but the least in the thrash can that you put there for a reason. It might seem like a big investment and feel like it’s not going to pay off, but we made sure we put best of the best on this list and also best of the both worlds. All of these devices scream quality while also being pretty diverse regarding the price. Stop your clean up nightmares, save a couple of trees by not buying paper towels and update to the modern standards.

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