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Stay warm and cozy no matter where you are in your home. These top 20 best throw blankets in 2020 are the way to stay warm on a chilly evening. Or if you prefer, they are a great way to stay cozy during the day when reading or watching television.

Once you get these top throw blankets in your home, everyone can cuddle up and stay nice and warm. Their size works for everyone and they should be soft to the touch.

Also, they come in a variety of colors and designs so you can get the perfect one for you. Stay comfortable all winter long by using the best throw blanket available.

Our throw blanket review

List Of Top 20 Best Throw Blankets in 2020

20. The Connecticut Home Company Sherpa Reversible Throw Blanket

The Connecticut Home

Once you have this throw blanket unboxed you can use either side to stay nice and warm.This shag and sherpa design blanket makes sure you do not have to remember which side to use. It is completely reversible.

On top of that this 65 by 50 inch blanket comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. It won’t be hard to match your home’s decor. To keep it clean cold water and no bleach will make sure it comes out of the washing machine the way you want it.

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19. Bertte Throw Blanket

Bertte Throw Blanket

Snuggle up with your partner or children with this nice, soft, cozy throw blanket. Its 60 by 50 inch size makes sure there is plenty of room for everyone under its warm embrace. It is also very lightweight to keep the comfort levels high.

In addition to that, you have more than enough colors and designs to get the one you like best. Double stitching adds to its durability and strength. This top blanket should last you for years under normal use.

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18. Reafort Luxury Shaggy Oversized Throw Blanket

Reafort Luxury Long Hair

Those cold evenings do not stand a chance with this throw blanket in your home. Its oversize, 70 by 60 inches, makes sure you stay warm even when the needle goes below zero outside.

After you get this blanket out of its box, the long shaggy look exudes comfort and warmth. Its soft to the touch construction does not detract from its strength or its durability. The polyester blanket is machine washable making keeping it clean simple to do. Tumble dry on low.

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17. Longhui bedding Cotton Knit Throw Blanket

Longhui bedding Cotton

Made from 100% cotton this throw blanket weighs just over 2 pounds. It is heavy enough to keep you warm but light enough so you remain nice and comfortable. Plus, you have a cable knit pattern that makes sure the cold does not interfere with your snuggling time.

Also, its 50 by 60 inch size makes sure you can easily fit underneath its no static build up borders. 18 colors gives you a chance to be decorative and creative.

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16. Eddie Bauer Fair Isle Sherpa Cozy Throw

Eddie Bauer Fair

The red, white and blue color scheme lets you be patriotic as well as warm on those cool evenings when you have nothing to do. Once you snuggle underneath this top throw blanket you can relax, watch tv, read and more in total comfort.

On top of that, you have 50 by 70 inches of room to get warm. Plus, when your children are cold, there is enough room for two or three of them to get cozy on those long car trips. The machine washable blanket is reversible.

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15. PAVILIA Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket

PAVILIA Buffalo Check

The check design never goes out of style. That is because it goes with any decor you have in your home. After you get this throw blanket home you have 50 by 60 inches of comfort and warmth waiting for you to use.

There is a larger size available as well, making those cold evenings a welcome excuse to cuddle up underneath this blanket. Keep it clean by using cold water in the washer and low heat in your dryer.

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14. PAVILIA Flannel Fleece Ombre Throw Blanket

PAVILIA Flannel Fleece

The good thing about throw blankets is that they come in such great colors and designs. They look like you spent thousands of dollars when you only spent a few bucks. This 50 by 60 inch throw blanket is decorative as well as nice and warm.

Its design makes sure you stay comfortable throughout the evening and night. It adds an extra layer of warmth so you never get uncomfortable when the temperature dips. Made from microfiber so it should be safe for allergy sufferers to use.

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13. Home Fashion Designs Premium Reversible Plush Blanket

Home Fashion Designs

Having two sides to use makes it even easier to get comfortable underneath this throw blanket. You do not have to worry about which side to use or waste time turning it over. Your comfort is never delayed by using the wrong side.

On top of that, you have velvet and fleece fabric to keep you nice and warm. The 4 by 5 foot size makes sure you are fully covered with room enough left over to add a special someone. Its great for RV camping nights as well.

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12. Kingole Flannel Fleece Microfiber Throw Blanket

 Kingole Flannel Fleece

14 is double 7 which makes the number of colors this throw blanket comes in double perfect. That perfection is also seen in its polyester microfiber construction fabric. The blanket is woven together to make the ultimate throw blanket.

In addition, you are getting 90 by 90 inches of cozy comfort. It works great anywhere you go. Camping, RV, or just your bedroom. This top throw blanket is always ready to give you warmth and comfort. It is also anti pill, anti fade and anti wrinkle.

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11. Pinzon Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Pinzon Faux Fur

The faux fur fabric brings an air of luxury and wealth to your humble home. This fabric makes any room look better even though it is made from durable polyester. Plus, its coloring adds a sophisticated touch to your room’s look.

If that wasn’t enough, the blanket measures 63 by 87 inches so it is large enough to add to your bed when it gets really cold in your room. This blanket is nothing but comfort.

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10. AmazonBasics Soft Micromink Sherpa Blanket*

AmazonBasics Soft

Cool weather happens all year round. That is what makes owning this top throw blanket so important. It works no matter what season it is in your region. You can rely on it to keep you and your family nice and warm all the time.

Once it is in your home, this wrinkle resistant blanket also resists gathering pet hair and lint. The double layering makes sure the cold doe snot get through to your body. It does a great job.

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9. Genteele Sherpa Throw Blanket

Genteele Sherpa Throw

Once you open the package containing this throw blanket, you have a 50 by 60 inch piece of fabric designed to make your evenings wonderful. Curl up with some hot chocolate and watch your favorite movie while staying nice and warm underneath.

Also, the color is not supposed to fade, and the fabric is not supposed to pill or shed even if washed many times. It is a reversible blanket that keeps you warm no matter which side you use.

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8. Exclusivo Mezcla Soft Flannel Throw Blanket

Exclusivo Mezcla

One look at the deep gorgeous colors that this 50 by 60 inch throw blanket come sin and you will be whisked away to luxurious spots. Those colors add to the cozy nature this throw blanket possesses.

On top of that, you get the soft feel of flannel, fleece and velvet to caress your skin every time you adjust your position. There should be no shrinking, fading or unraveling when you finished washing and drying it in your machines.

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7. BOURINA Throw Blanket

BOURINA Throw Blanket

With 12 colors to choose from, the hardest decision you have to make is which color you should bring home. Each color of this throw blanket provide the same comfort, warmth and cozy feeling.

The fringe on this 50 by 60 inch throw blanket adds a nice decorative look to it and your room. It is easy to keep clean if you use your washing machine,. Just keep it away from pets as it i not made for their use.

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6. Pinzon Velvet Plush Blanket

 Pinzon Velvet Plush

This warm and soft throw blanket should fit your twin beds with ease. But in case yo do not have twin beds, it will work anywhere you go. It folds up small and is easy to pack in your car or RV.

Its 66 by 90 inch size allows for more than one person to experience its cozy benefits on those nights that are too cold to go out. Made from polyester, the blanket should be nice and durable under normal use.

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5. Chanasya Shaggy Longfur Faux Fur Throw Blanket

 Chanasya Shaggy

The shaggy look doe snot look good on hair and beards but it is the perfect look for some throw blankets like this one. Its furry style makes this blanket very soft and warm. Once on your furniture you should see an exotic look take shape.

Measuring 65 by 50 inches in size, this blanket is still machine washable and can be dried in the dryer on low heat. The 100% microfiber should withstand repeated washings and stay in top shape all the time.

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4. Chanasya Fuzzy Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Chanasya Fuzzy

There is nothing wrong with having fur on your body. Animal fur served the pioneers for decades keeping them warm. But this throw blanket uses faux fur to make sure your cold body gets warm and very cozy underneath.

With about 24 colors to choose from, there should not be a problem in finding one that makes your home look better than ever. They all work well when the weather cools. Follow the included cleaning instructions to keep this 70 by 60 inch throw blanket soft.

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3. BEDSURE Sherpa Fleece Plush Throw Blanket


There is nothing like a nice plush, soft and comfortable throw blanket on a cold day. Just toss it over your body, grab your hot chocolate and let the blanket warm you up as you relax from the stress of the day.

Made from microfiber, just about anyone should be able to use this 50 by 60 inch throw blanket to warm themselves. The fabric should not bunch, fade, or stain. More than enough colors to choose from.

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2. AmazonBasics Reversible Microfiber Comforter Blanket

AmazonBasics Reversible

This nice and thick throw blanket brings new meaning to soft and comfortable, as well as getting cozy. Once on your bed it provides an extra layer of protection from the cold. Plus, it works well directly covering your body.

On top of that you have 63 by 90 inches to crawl under to escape the cool temperatures that come each evening. The reversible feature comes with 2 different colors to brighten your room when you switch sides. It is easy to care for and maintain.

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1. Bedsure Fleece Blanket

Bedsure Fleece Blanket

Pink is certainly a bright and lively color but if you do not like that color shade then there are 19 more you can choose from. Then with 60 by 80 inches to use, you can stay nice and comfortable every time you use this throw blanket

Cold evenings are not a threat any more. The microfiber fabric makes sure everyone stays warm and away from the cold. Like other microfiber blankets this one should not fade, bunch or lose its shape.

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Some final words

Cool Spring, Fall and winter evenings can be cold and very uncomfortable. What keeps those cold nights from ruining your evening plans is one of the top 20 best throw blankets in 2020.

These blankets are soft, comfortable and make sure the cold stays away all night long. They come in a variety of sizes, all big enough to allow an extra person underneath so your cozy time gets even better.

These blankets are made to last and look good in your home as well.

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