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It uses to be you could sit inside the engine compartment and work on your car’s motor. But technology has changed all that and now you need one of the top 10 best system diagnostic scan tools in 2021 to help you find the problem.

These top diagnostic tools come with all the buttons and cables you need to scan your motor and see what is wrong. Without them, you may be lost as technology has changed the engine immensely.

To fix your car these days you have to go high tech.

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List Of Top 10 Best System Diagnostic Scan Tool in 2021

10. LAUNCH X431 V+ Full Systems Diagnostic Scan Tool


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No matter what kind of car you own, this system’s diagnostic scan tool should be able to scan the motor and let you know if you have a problem. With 11 special functions that scan should not take a long time to make sure your engine is running right.

In addition to that, this scan tool handles 68 car brands and over 200 car models. Its Bluetooth capability lets you do the work without wires. This wireless design allow s you to be just about anywhere around the car and find out what is not working properly

Then the bi-directional control lets you conduct specific tests to make sure those systems are up and running in top shape.

9. LAUNCH X431 V PRO Auto Full System Diagnostic Tool


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The tough plastic carrying case that comes with your purchase, allows you to safely store this diagnostic scan tool when not in use. Once you need it, you know where to find it and put this scan tool to good use.

Besides checking different car brands and models, you can run brake, oil, battery, and other tests or reset them. These functions are all done through the touchscreen which handles 93 car brands and over 10,000 car models.

With its 8-hour battery life, you can work for hours to make sure your car is ready for your wife and family to use. Plus, you can download more key software to make sure your scan tool is up to date. The one key update button does it all for you.

8. Autel Scanner MaxiPRO MP808 Diagnostic Tool

 Autel Scanner MaxiPRO

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Touchscreen access is easy and convenient to use when you are in a hurry. You should not be delayed as you hit the right buttons while you do your engine testing work. On top of that, you get 4 display modes to make sure your results are accurate.

In addition to the touchscreen, you can check multiple systems, like the body, chassis, electronics, and more. To make sure your car is running just right. A 4 1/2 hour run time should be plenty of time to get your systems checked and diagnosed.

With its wide compatibility range, there should not be a car or car brand, within reason, that this scan tool can’t diagnosis. 18 service functions are there to serve you and make sure your car is safe to drive.

7. Autel MS906TS Diagnostic System

Autel MS906TS

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Technology and government regulations have made car repair quite complicated. There are devices and connections that were not present in a car 40 years ago. It takes a master mechanic to diagnose difficulties and this scan tool is a master.

The touchscreen lets you access all the features on this tool with ease and without slowing you down. On top of that, its wireless capability comes with complete TPMS ability. There is no need for a second device to help you out.

With the TPMS antenna triggering all sensors your diagnostic work should be done quickly. This device works on American, European and Asian vehicles. That gives you plenty of versatility and allows you to fix your car with ease.

6. Autel Maxisys MS906 Automotive Diagnostic Scanner Scan Tool

Autel Maxisys MS906

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This is an upgraded model over the DS708 and DS808. That means you get better diagnostic capability, better results, easier to access features, and a lot more functions. In addition to that, your diagnostic work is all done through a touchscreen.

A single update button makes sure that you can keep this device current and using all the new technological upgrades available. After you set this device up, you get auto VIN technology for vehicle identification plus access to a variety of systems including ABS and SAS.

With over 80 car brand compatibility, your diagnostic range should know few boundaries. One-touch of your finger gets you the scan tool you need to thoroughly work on your car or your friend’s cars.

5. Autel Maxisys Pro MK908P

Autel Maxisys Pro

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Even if you have a complicated engine under the hood of your car, this diagnostic tool should handle any routine maintenance you need to do. Plus, it should check all your car’s systems to make sure they are in perfect running order.

Then the hardware on this device gives you lots of options with 64 GB of memory and a 10-inch touchscreen as part of those options. On top of that, a programming device lets you stay current with all the updated software available to help you work.

Then with its over 80 car brand compatibility, no car is out of your reach when trouble occurs. A DIY person can use this diagnostic scan tool with ease.

4. Autel (Maxisys Pro) MK908P Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool

Autel (Maxisys Pro) MK908P

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Working on your car can be relaxing, rewarding, and even enjoyable One way to make sure it stays that way with today’s complicated engine designs is to turn to this scan tool to help you.

There is more good news. This device comes with all the accessories you need. They are stored in the multi-door plastic carrying case that protects each piece of equipment when not needed.

A remote is included to help you work when you are not near this scan tool. While technology makes engines more complicated, it is also working to help you work on them a lot easier. That means you can still enjoy working on your car’s engine and feel a little satisfaction when you get the job done right.

3. Autel MaxiSys Pro MK908P Automotive Diagnostic Tool

Autel MaxiSys Pro MK908P

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Being able to fix BMWs and Mercedes Benzs makes you a very versatile mechanic. It also makes you a person everyone wants to come to when they need help. This scan tool handles a lot of cars making sure you can fix yours with ease.

On top of that, you get a touchscreen that is easy to use,. One press of your finger and you can check a variety of systems without getting your hands dirty. Then, you can run different resets, update the software, and more.

Plus, its wifi capability lets you print your data so you have a hard copy for your records. Complicated engines are no longer a challenge with this tool helping you out.

2. LAUNCH X431 V PRO Bi-Directional Scan Tool


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To work on over 150 car brands and 10,000 car models, all you have to do is open the handy carrying case and turn this scan tool on. Soon, you can evaluate the different engines to make sure there are no problems anywhere.

Then you do not even have to speak English to use it. This scan tool speaks about 24 different languages so almost anyone can access its features and get the help they need. All the tests and reset features are only a slight tap away.

After you are done with your repair work, you can put this device back into its handy protective case and store it safely until the next time you need to use it.

1. Autel MP808K Diagnostic Scan Tool

Autel MP808K Diagnostic Scan

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Car engine work is not going to be an arduous task anymore. Not once you open the carrying case that houses this device. Inside, you get all the cables you need to check all the systems on a variety of car models and brands.

Once you connect those cables, you can read your results on the large 7-inch touchscreen. Just dial in what test, etc., you want and wait for the result to appear in clear letters and numerals. Those results appear in 1025 by 600p quality.

With a user-friendly interface and VIN technology, you can identify a car quickly. This scan tool is all about making your car maintenance a lot simpler and easier to do. It has the features and functions you need to fix your car fast.


There is really nothing bad you can say about a device that helps you work on your car’s complicated engine better. One of the top 10 best system diagnostic scan tools in 2021 is that device.

These scan tools come with all the features and functions you need to check yours and a lot of cars’ systems. That should give you a lot of peace of mind knowing you can track down the problem and get it fixed inexpensively.

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