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Winter is upon us, and that means snow. With its heavenly white color and cool fresh feeling on our bodies, snow is a beautiful and big part of the season. But it also comes with its disadvantages. It often blocks roads and sidewalks as well as driveways. With all these blockages, a tool is needed to clear these paths. In this article, ten of the best snow shovels are going to be reviewed in detail.

Table of the Best Snow Shovels Reviews

10-Snow Joe Shovelution 18-inch strain-reducing Snow Shovels

Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

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Possibly, the first snow shovels of its kind with a slogan of shovel smarter not harder. Its whole intention is to reduce back pain and strain caused by the strenuous work of lifting the snow off the ground. It claims to reduce the pain and stress by 30%. And how does it achieve this? Through its key features

Shovel section: This part of the tool made up of durable material, Polypropylene, which is a shatter-resistant material, meaning that the blade does not easily break or crack. Polypropylene is a strong material that is able to the borough through the snow to pick up the snow and throw it away, clearing your path.

Handle part: This is where the magic happens. The Snow Joe shovel has a spring-assisted handle which eases the strain. The handles help you pick up snow, but you do not have to bend all the way leading to a backache, the springs expand to help you borough through the snow with ease and contracts back to its original size when you throw the snow away.

Ergonomic style: Anything ergonomic helps to reduce strain. Ergonomic equipment is human-friendly and this snow shovel in no exception. It improves the user’s posture while eliminating the urge to bend.

Snow Joe has a two-year warranty from the day you purchase it and is available in two colors, that is red and blue. The shovel reduces the chances of injury by enabling you to use your upper body to do the heavy lifting while your lower body is given leverage. Put, the shovel works as a fulcrum.


  • The shovel reduces strain and injury
  • spring handle
  • a two-year warranty
  • is easy to use
  • human-friendly
  • durable and strong

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9-Suncast Snow Shovel with Ergonomic Shaped Handle And Wear Strip

Suncast SC3250 18-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo with Ergonomic Shaped Handle And Wear Strip

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This snow shovel made up of two parts, the shovel itself and the pusher. The snow shovel is ideal for easy lifting while the pusher does not require any lifting; you only need to push the snow to get it out the way. Together, the combination is ideal for any type of snow excavation. Its key features include the following:

Combination of two features: It comes with a pusher and a shovel part. The shovel part is short to increase the chances of lifting the snow. The pusher part is longer and curved to remove snow without lifting it off the ground.

Ergonomic handle: This type of handle reduces the stress of bending which causes injuries and back strain. It works as a fulcrum.

Galvanized steel: This means that the snow shovel does not easily rust because of the protective layer covering the actual metal part. Since snow frozen water, the chances of metal rusting are high, you need the protection that the Suncast gives.

Large surface area: The blade section covers an area of 18 inches by 12 inches meaning that a lot of snow scooped at one go.

The company that manufactures the Suncast snow shovel also offers a wide variety of other tools and proper storage facilities.


  • Human-friendly because of the ergonomic handles
  • A combination of two tools making it good for any type of snow removal
  • Large blade area
  • It reduces the chance of rusting

8-Lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel Camping and Outdoor Activities

Lifeline 4004 Red One Size Aluminum Sport Utility

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As the name suggests, this snow shovel made from aluminum, which is very light and durable. The shovel is also coated with a powder that makes the six colors it comes in brighter every time it is used. The shovel comes in olive (dark green color), blue, black, red, orange, and yellow. It also has a detachable feature. This shovel is ideal for any outdoor activity, places it in the back of your car, and be prepared for anything.

Aluminum: It is made of aluminum, meaning that it is lightweight. It weighs as little as 1.3 pounds (0.59kg), making it ideal for taking everywhere with. The material also makes it incredibly durable and does not rust easily.

Detachable features: The shovel detaches easily into three parts, making it easy to store and highly portable. The small part can even fit in your bag pack and help you to lose weight when you are hiking.

Vivid colors: The shovel does not need to be dull; the six colors provided by the lifeline Aluminum sport utility shovel encourage shoveling and make the exercise more exciting.

Every lifeline aluminum shovel tested with the lifeline company, so the products are high quality and assure the best performance.


  • Detachable parts
  • Six bright colors
  • Lab-tested by the company before being released
  • Made from a lightweight material
  • They are highly portable and durable
  • easily stored.

7-Garant Yukon Steel Blade D-Grip Snow Pusher

Garant YSP30DU Yukon 30-Inch Steel Blade D-Grip Snow Pusher

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Snow pushers clear away snow without having to lift the shovel; the Garant snow pusher is no exception. The massive blade that measures 30 inches helps you shovel as much snow as possible at one time.

Steel parts: It made of some steel parts that make it stronger and durable to push more snow.

Massive blade: The blade measures 30 inches to push a lot of snow at one time.

Hardwood handle: The shovel equipped with a hardwood handle to help it absorb more shock

D-grip handles: It accommodates anyone, even when you are wearing gloves. The grip does not allow you to slip when using the pusher.


  • Has a large base
  • Gripped handle
  • Steel parts

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6-Micbox Snow Shovels with adjustable aluminum handle

Micbox Snow Shovel with 52'' Adjustable Aluminum Handle

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This is a massive shovel with a 52-inch adjustable handle and a 16-inch base. It is ideal for snow removal on driveways and camping. Micbox Shovel is also flexible, meaning that the parts can be detached from the source. It made from aluminum.

D-Shaped handles: This reduces back strain and injuries. The shape of the handle is a good prevention of accidents.

Detachable parts: This means that the shovel can form two parts. The shorter part can be easily stored and carried while the longer part prevents back strain.

Aluminum parts: The shovel is made up of aluminum, meaning that it is highly durable and does not rust easily, making it easy to store and maintain.


  • Perfect length preventing back pain
  • Made of a non-rusting and light material
  • Has ergonomic handle
  • Large base

5-True Temper Snow Shovel/Pusher with Ergonomic D-Grip Steel Handle 

True Temper 1603400 Poly Snow Shovel/Pusher with Ergonomic D-Grip Steel Handle

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This is a double shovel that has both a shovel and a pusher. It both shovels and pushes snow. It has a nylon strap that prevents a tear.  The shovel part has an 18-inch base that is large enough to pick up snow and throw it out.

Combination: It made up of a shovel to pick up snow and a pusher to push snow from the ground clearing a path.

Nylon wear strip: It has a nylon strap that extends the life of true temper and prevents a tear. Ergonomic handle: It is human-friendly, which prevents injuries and back pains and strains. D- grip handle: Fitted with a grip, which decreases the chances of slipping, and the user can use it with gloves.


  • Has a nylon wear strip
  • It has a D-grip handle
  • Combination of a shovel and a pusher

4- Detachable Plastic Snow Shovel with Aluminum Edge Blade

Detachable Plastic Snow Shovel with D-Grip Handle and Aluminum Edge Blade

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This is a plastic detachable snow shovel. This shovel has an aluminum edge blade. It is suitable for gardening and camping. It has a D- grip handle.

Detachable parts: The parts are easily detached, making them portable and can be fitted into care for camping trips. This feature also makes it easily stored.

Plastic material: Plastic material makes the shovel light and easy to carry and use. Shovel scrapper: They used to scrape off the snow on the windows of cars and houses. Polypropylene material: The scoop and handle made of durable polypropylene material.


  • Detachable parts
  • Lightweight material
  • Easily stored
  • Durable material

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3-Movtotop Folding Shovel Digging Snow with Adjustable Aluminum Handle

Folding Shovel for Digging Snow with 47.2" Adjustable Aluminum Handle

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This is a detachable shovel with an ergonomic handle. It is a folding shovel and is ideal for camping and driveway snow excavation.

Detachable parts: It can be easily split into three parts. The smallest part can be fitted into your bag; the longest one can be used during shoveling to reduce the strain of bending too low.

Large base: The large that measures 16 inches is efficient for shoveling a lot of snow at one time. Aluminum head: The head of the shovel made up of aluminum, meaning it does not rust easily and is light to carry. Ergonomic handle: This is user-friendly since it is easy to use and reduces the chance of getting injuries and back pains and strains.


  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Has detachable parts

2-Rouenok Compact Snow Shovel with Adjustable Handle

Compact Snow Shovel with Adjustable Aluminum Handle

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This is a detachable snow shovel that has an aluminum handle and edge blade. It is a heavy-duty shovel that is suitable for outdoor activities and emergency snow excavation.

Detachable parts: It divided into two parts. The small part can even be fitted into your bag, the longer part is used to make snow shoveling easier for the user who does not need to bend and strain a lot.

Aluminum part: The handle and the edge blade are made up of aluminum making it light and durable. The aluminum also prevents and discourages rusting which makes it easy to store and maintain.

Large base: The size of the base makes it easy to scoop a large amount of snow and throw it away.


  • lightweight
  • made up of a durable material
  • reduces back pains and injuries
  • detachable parts

1-Orbit 80053 24-inch pusher snow shovels with plastic edge

Orbit 80053 24-In. Pusher Snow Shovel with Plastic Edge

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This snow shovel is combined with two functions and has a plastic edge. It both shovels snow and also pushes snow away. Steel shaft: The strong steel material enables the shovel to pick up even the toughest and heaviest snow build up.

made up of polypropylene: This is a strong material that serves for a long time. It is a sturdy, durable material that can be or service for years.

D- ring handle: Offers support even if you are wearing gloves Plastic edge: This is perfect when scrapping snow off wood surfaces


  • Combination of a shovel and a pusher
  • d-grip handle
  • plastic edge
  • Easy to use
  • It is effective in pushing and shoveling snow

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