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In today’s world, Using of security cameras has become a necessity with the rise in the rate of burglary cases. Not only for security, but you can also use such cameras for surveillance on your caretaker, nanny, pets, babies, and likewise. The security cameras have come a long way, and there are smart security cameras available now, which sync with your smart devices seamlessly. The smart security cameras can be operated with voice assistants Alexa. Check out such top 10 best smart security cameras with Alexa support below.

List of Top 10 Best Smart Security Cameras with Alexa In 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. Amcrest Smart WiFi Security Cameras with Alexa

10. Amcrest Smart WiFi Security Cameras with Alexa

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This security camera is able to capture videos at the resolution of 1080p with a frame rate of 30/seconds. The wireless camera also works with a voice assistant like Alexa. Moreover, the camera with inbuilt IR LED lights can capture footages in the dark within the range of 32-feet. The device is compatible with most of the popular Operating Systems.

At any conditions, the device also captures the videos at 1080p resolution without compromise the quality. Furthermore, the unit offers an extra-wide 90-degree viewing angle. Even, this camera supports remote-controllable panning and tilting. The security camera is suitable for indoor surveillance purposes.

  • High performance and records at 30 fps.
  • IR LED for capturing night footage.
  • Remote control for smooth operation.
  • The app takes away extra battery life.

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#9. Nest Indoor Security Camera

9. Nest Indoor Security Camera

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Compatible with Alexa, this security camera lets you stream live footages and motion clips. The stylish-looking surveillance camera is also suitable to use at any indoor space. Moreover, with a supported application, you can easily operate the device as well. The 2-way audio function lets you communicate with the surveilled person or pet.

The plain and wide base of the camera also allows you to install it on various surfaces, like table, wall, and ceiling. Furthermore, you can easily connect this unit to a tripod by removing it from the base. The inbuilt magnet of the camera sticks to any metallic surface.

  • Attractive look and wide application.
  • Audio function for hassle-free communication.
  • Easy installation with built-in magnet.
  • The live video becomes somewhat distorted when zoomed.

#8. Arlo 1080p Smart Security Cameras with Alexa

8. Arlo 1080p Smart Security Cameras with Alexa

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This set comes along with three security cameras and is suitable for any indoor surveillance purposes. The system also supports cloud storage for hassle-free backup of the footages. Moreover, the whole set is compatible to work with Alexa. With the help of the 2-way audio system, you can communicate with any person under surveillance.

These cameras are also able to capture videos at the resolution of 1080p. Furthermore, the wired setup makes the system looks more authentic, and it supports a stable connection in any situation. The wide base of the camera makes the installation procedure easier. The entire setup stands for durability.

  • Complete set and stable connection.
  • Improved durability and supports cloud storage.
  • Easy communication with the 2-way audio system.
  • The product is relatively expensive.

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#7. Canary Flex HD Security Camera

7. Canary Flex HD Security Camera

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This kit includes three surveillance cameras that easily work with most of the voice assistants like Alexa. With the help of three adjustable magnetic bases, the cameras also allow you to install it on walls. Moreover, the magnetic surfaces keep the units at an upright position. The Auto-Intelligence program of the system detects motions and starts capturing footage.

You can also use this system for both indoor and outdoor surveillance purposes. Furthermore, the devices support automatic arming and disarming functions. The AI function is able to detect persons and sends alert automatically if this system finds something unusual. The one-touch emergency services send danger alerts to the local police station.

  • One-touch emergency services for user advantage.
  • Complete kit and wide application.
  • Auto-Intelligence program for motion detection.
  • The average rating is slightly low.

#6. Blink Smart Security Cameras with Alexa

6. Blink Smart Security Cameras with Alexa

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This security camera set consists of three cameras and a siren for complete safety in an emergency condition. The system also allows you to store footages directly to the cloud storage. So, you do not need to connect any wires to run the operation. Moreover, the system flawlessly works with Alexa. With the help of two lithium AA batteries, you can easily run the cameras without any wire.

The set is also compatible with most of the Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Furthermore, the motion-detection technology of these cameras automatically starts recording when it senses some movement in front of the cameras.

  • Siren and set of three cameras.
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems.
  • Powerful battery and easy setup.
  • The recording in the dark is not very clear.

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#5. Wyze Indoor Smart Home Camera

5. Wyze Indoor Smart Home Camera

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This dome security camera offers two different resolutions of 720p and 1080p. At 720p resolution, the camera also can take the footages for 168-hours. On the other hand, the camera captures videos for 48-hours at the resolution of 1080p. Moreover, the device can click up to 4200 images with a 16MP lens.

This device also comes along with a 32GB micro-SD card. Furthermore, the device comes with the panning option of 360-degree and tilting option of 93-degree angles. The camera comes with the updated programming to work with Alexa. The 2-way audio camera lets you have interactive communication to anyone under surveillance.

  • Custom functionality for user advantage.
  • Micro SD card and 360-degree panning.
  • Easy communication with two-way audio.
  • The installation is slightly difficult.

#4. Arlo Pro 2 Smart Security Cameras with Alexa

4. Arlo Pro 2 Smart Security Cameras with Alexa

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This updated surveillance camera set comes along with three surveillance cameras and a siren for safety. The set is also able to provide proper security to your private properties and professional workspaces. Moreover, the whole system supports wireless operation and supports a stress-free setup. This entire set up can cover an area up to 2500-square feet.

This upgraded system also works with several voice assistant-enabled devices. Furthermore, the system majorly works with Alexa, google assistant, Echo Show, and Fire TV. The cameras capture crystal-clear videos at the resolution of 1080p. Equipped with 850nm infrared LED lights, the cameras can capture the IR cut-off filter footage within the range of 25-feet.

  • Safety siren for user advantage.
  • LED lights and voice assistant.
  • Easy setup and wide coverage.
  • The recording is for a short time only.

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#3. All-new Blink XT2 Smart Security Camera

3. All-new Blink XT2 Smart Security Camera

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This set consists of three 2-way security cameras, so you can have a conversation with anyone under the surveillance. The sleek design of the units also allows you to easily use it to protect your private spaces. Moreover, all of these cameras make better compatibility with voice-assistant Alexa. You can easily arm or disarm the system by using any Alexa-operated device.

You can also stream live videos and motion clips. Furthermore, the devices are able to capture videos at the resolution of 1080p. Furthermore, these cameras come along with inbuilt infrared LED lights to capture footages clearly even in the dark.

  • Sleek design and LED lights.
  • Complete set and easy conversation.
  • Clear footage with infrared LEDs.
  • The average rating is quite low.

#2. Amcrest UltraHD WiFi Camera

2. Amcrest UltraHD WiFi Camera

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This security dome camera is very much flexible and works with several Operating Systems without any hassle. You can also control the camera with a supported application from your smartphones, laptops, tablets, and so on. Moreover, this device is able to capture Full-HD 1080p videos at the frame rate of 15/sec. The motion-detection technology is very much sensitive, so it can track the subjects with precision.

This camera is also compatible with the voice assistant Alexa. Furthermore, the unit stores all the footages at cloud storage with proper privacy and security. The inbuilt infrared lights capture crystal-clear videos up to the distance of 32-feet in the dark.

  • Wide compatibility and flexible operation.
  • Full-HD videos and motion detection technology.
  • Records from up to 32 feet.
  • The wide view lens distorts the perspective.

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#1. Smart Security Cameras with Alexa by M MORVELLI

1. Smart Security Cameras with Alexa by M MORVELLI

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This dome surveillance camera works smoothly with most of the Android and iOS-operated devices. The updated unit also comes with a program to support voice-controlled operation by Alexa. Moreover, from smartphones, tablets to PCs, you can monitor footages from any supported device. With the help of a 2.0MP lens, the camera can capture videos at 1080p resolution.

The camera also supports the panning and tilting up to 355 and 155-degree angles. Furthermore, the infrared LED lights offer clear visibility of the footages even in the dark. You can extend the memory of the security up to 64GB. The 110-volt camera easily connects with the Wi-Fi network with 2.4-GHz frequencies.

  • Wide compatibility and high resolution.
  • Easy connectivity and supports pan and tilt.
  • Clear footage with infrared LED.
  • There is no cons at all.

Buying Guide for Smart Security Cameras with Alexa

The following list contains important parameters while you buy Smart Security Cameras with Alexa.

Night Vision:

A smart security camera that comes with infrared LED illumination will let you use it safely at night. This is an important feature as most unwanted activities happen at night. You can see if it has the ability to adjust automatically in low light conditions for delivering optimum performance. See if it comes with a wide aperture that absorbs the light and lets you see the actual footage with ease.

Features: For better results, look for the one that comes zoom, pan, and tilt features. The feature of the digital zoom will let you see clearly, and you must see if it has more pixels. Tilt and the pan feature will let you have better convenience compared to a static camera. See if it allows you to tilt or pan with remote control.


For better images, look for the one that supports HD or ultra-HD videos. Some modern security cameras have the ability to support 2K or 4K resolution. However, the same feature can cost more, and you can get it according to your advantage. Check if it comes with the feature of motion detection that can capture when there is any motion or sound.

Communication and Storage:

If you are looking to have effective two-way communication, then make sure that it comes with a built-in microphone for having a two-way conversation. Intercom feature will be an ideal consideration, and you can see if the microphone has the ability to reduce background noise. For improved storage, look for the one that comes with extendable memory. You can also see if it supports Cloud-based storage.


Some high-end devices have the ability to send alerts instantly for your safety. Some can send push notification like email. In addition to this, make sure that it comes in an easy to install design and allows you to mount it both indoors and outdoors. If it comes in wireless design, then you don’t have to worry about setting up.

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While buying a smart security camera, you should check all the parameters you generally check when you buy any security or surveillance camera. In addition, you have to check the compatibility of the camera with smart assistants. If you are buying such a product for the first time, the buying guide will be extremely useful to understand and select the best product from the list.

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