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Aches and pains are common in life

The good news is that you can do something about those issues. You just need to turn to one of the top 10 best sleeping pillows for neck and back pain in 2020. These pillows are designed to help relief you of those little aches and pains that distract you from your activities.

On top of that, some have memory foam to make sure each night you go to sleep you can have the most comfortable sleeping position possible.

List of Top 10 Best Sleeping Pillows for Neck and Back Pain In 2020 Reviews

#10. EPABO Contour Memory Foam Sleeping Pillows

10. EPABO Contour Memory Foam Sleeping Pillows

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Memory foam and ergonomic design help you wake up feeling refreshed. These two elements combine to make your life a little easier to live. Plus, the breathable fabric makes sure you do not overheat as you sleep.

The hypoallergenic material lets even allergy sufferers find a little relief from aches and pains. No chemicals are used in the construction of this sleeping pillow. That is good news for those that like to have a healthy lifestyle.

Made from rayon and polyester for durability and longevity. This pillow is made to last you a long time and keep you refreshed.

  • Memory foam
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No chemical ingredients
  • May not be tall enough for all people

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#9. Milemont Memory Foam Pillow

9. Milemont Memory Foam Pillow

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Get a little better sleep each night when you choose to use this sleeping pillow for neck and back pain. It’s bamboo charcoal construction helps relief those aches and pains you feel and lets your head breathe easily.

In addition to that, the memory foam inside is very supportive while it absorbs any moisture that gathers throughout the night. It will also adjust to your pressure points so you get nothing but comfort when you lay your head down.

On top of that, this top quality pillow repels odors so your nose is not offended while you sleep. That is a good feature to have in a pillow designed to help you sleep better.

  • Bamboo and charcoal construction
  • Does not absorb odors
  • Very supportive
  • May raise your head too high

#8. UTTU Sandwich Pillow for Sleeping

8. UTTU Sandwich Pillow for Sleeping

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When you use this sandwich sleeping pillow just make sure you do not have a dream that you are eating a marshmallow. The two items are very similar in their softness and color.

Once you bring this pillow home you can adjust the height by removing the memory foam. You get the height you want when you need it. Plus, the approx. 24 by 14 by 5-inch pillow never gets hard if the weather turns cold.

Along with that the pillow is firm even after machine washing select parts. That makes this pillow easy to keep clean and keeps your work load down.

  • Easy to clean
  • Large size
  • Adjustable
  • Can sleep very hot

#7. Sweetnight Pillows for Sleeping

7. Sweetnight Pillows for Sleeping

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This 20 by 36-inch pillow brings a little comfort to your king-sized bed. Its large size should make sure you find the comfort you want every time you turn over in your sleep.

Then if it is too thick for you, you can remove some of the foam stuffing. If it is too thin, you can always put some back inside. This pillow is designed to meet your needs and comfort expectations.

Then the breathable rayon and cotton exterior lets you sleep without overheating. It is machine or hand washable for easy care. This pillow should make your life a little easier

  • Easy to adjust
  • Two covers
  • Machine washable
  • Foam may clump together

#6. Nature’s Guest Adjustable Sleeping Pillows

6. Nature's Guest Adjustable Sleeping Pillows

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The bluish highlights add a little pizzaz to your sleep time. Measuring only 24 by 16 by 5 inches in size, you can add or subtract pillow foam to find your comfort sweet spot.

On top of that, this hypoallergenic pillow uses cotton fabric and microfiber filling to protect you from your allergies. These also help relieve any aches and pains you may have.

Then the design of the pillow is best for those people who sleep on their backs or their sides. Strong support is found in the gusset edges of this pillow. That gives you a great chance of getting a better night’s rest.

  • Uses cotton fabrics
  • Gusset edges for support
  • Good for back sleepers
  • Hard to manipulate the stuffing for comfort

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#5. Royal Therapy King Memory Foam Pillow

5. Royal Therapy King Memory Foam Pillow

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This memory foam filled pillow works for all types of sleepers. Back, stomach and side positions should all find that comfort zone that works best for them. Made with bamboo, you should find even support throughout the night no matter where your hits the pillow

Also, the pillow should retain its shape no matter how long you use it. That is under normal use of course. The heat build-up is a thing of the past with this product on your bed. Plus, it hinders the growth of bacteria, germs, and mold, etc. It is safe for everyone to use.

You can also remove the middle foam layer if all three layers are not meeting your comfort needs

  • Removable foam layer
  • Fights off germs and bacteria
  • Doesn’t go flat
  • May not work for everyone

#4. Arc4life Cervical Neck Traction Pillow

4. Arc4life Cervical Neck Traction Pillow

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When you want relief from minor aches and pains, you want a good-sized pillow to handle the job. This pillow measures roughly 28 by 17 by 5 inches in size giving you lots of space to find comfort and relief.

Plus, this pillow allows for the natural curving of your spine. This feature enables to rest better when you go to bed. On top of that, the design of this pillow is made in such a way that you should feel more secure by its traction technology that is built into this product.

The polyester fiber fill ensures that this pillow should be just right. It is not to soft and not too firm. It comes in 3 sizes in case you want to make a change.

  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • Traction technology to help you sleep
  • Made just right
  • The support side may be too soft

#3. MARNUR Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain Sleeping

3. MARNUR Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain Sleeping

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This approx. 24 by 14 by a 5-inch pillow, give or take a half-inch, is designed to help you get the rest you need when you need it. Also, it is made from a combination of bamboo and polyester. One fabric is soft to the touch while the other one provides great support.

Couple that with the memory foam and you have a top-quality pillow that should meet your sleep needs. Then the skin-friendly fabric is nice to lay your head on and its breathable nature keeps your head cool.

In addition to all of that, the pillowcase comes off by unzipping the zipper. You can keep the pillowcase clean by tossing it in your washer. High and low curves on each end help all style of sleepers.

  • Skin friendly fabric
  • Very breathable for hot nights
  • Good for all types of sleepers
  • Loses its firmness quickly

#2. Coisum Cervical Sleeping Pillows

2. Coisum Cervical Sleeping Pillows

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Two horns on the higher side are there to help back sleepers with cervical issues. Then the lower side is made for side sleepers and those back sleepers without any back issues.

Then the high-quality memory foam makes sure your comfort is guaranteed night after night. Just lay back down to find the same comfortable position you had the night before. The 60 density construction keeps the memory foam in shape all the time.

Plus, you have a very breathable pillowcase. Your head should stay cool throughout the night. When the pillowcase gets dirty, just remove it and wash it in your washing machine.

  • Tough memory foam
  • Helps with cervical issues
  • Made for all sleepers
  • Good if you do not move much during the night

#1. Mugetu Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow

1. Mugetu Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow

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A temperature-regulating gel is placed inside to help you keep your cool as you sleep. Also, the pillow is well ventilated and makes sure you can breathe as you sleep. Then you can take the middle layer out if it helps to get you more comfortable.

In addition to that, you get tough memory foam whose only purpose is to help you sleep better in a more comfortable position. The cover is removable and washable. This makes keeping the pillow clean simple and easy.

Then this pillow works for all types of sleepers. You just have to personalize the contour to find that perfect comfort zone.

  • Temperature regulating gel
  • Well ventilated
  • Good memory foam
  • May have a chemical odor to it


When you have trouble sleeping it is good to know there are pillows out there that can help you. One of the top 10 best sleeping pillows for neck and back pain in 2020 may be just the ticket you need to find relief from aches and pains.

These pillows are designed with you in mind and exist to serve you. When you want relief, you turn to the best sleeping pillows on the market today. Nothing but the best will help you get the rest you need and help you wake up better than when you went to bed.

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