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Woodworking can be fun and rewarding. And using a router is one of the ways to make your wood creations stand out from the crowd. To make that work even better, you need one of the top 10 best router tables in 2021.

These router tables let you use your hands to manipulate the wood around the router and its blade. That way you get a great decorative finish that will astound your family and friends. When you want to do the best work of your life, you go with the best router table to help you.

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List Of Top 10 Best Router Tables in 2021

10. Bench Dog Tools Cast Iron Router Tables

Bench Dog Tools

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Cast iron is a great durable metal. It makes everything stronger and lasts a lot longer. That is why having cast iron on this router table makes sense. You get to do great decorative work on a table that should last you a lifetime.

In addition to that, a pro fence guide helps you maneuver your project into the position that you need it in to get that fine cut. With an 8 ¼ by 11 ¾ opening, your router should fit this table extension with ease.

Plus, a plastic see-through top guide lets you see what you are doing without blocking your view. Mounting hardware is included so you can attach this router table to your table saw easily.

9. Craftsman Router and Router Tables Combo

Craftsman Router

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The good news is that the router comes with the table. Armed with the name and reputation of Craftsman, your router and router table should be top quality and produce great results for you.

Besides the router, you get all the accessories you need to make top quality wood products that are attractive and solid. You have a fence, a 90-degree slide, and a lot more. Your new router attaches underneath the table and comes with the Craftsman fit.

The whole unit weighs roughly about 25 pounds, give or take a pound or two. This weight helps keep the table stable, and steady for those intricate cuts you need to make. Then the plastic legs are sturdy, well-built, and strong enough to keep the table stable as you work.

8. Bosch RA1141 Benchtop Router Tables

Bosch RA1141 Benchtop

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If you need to, you can bolt this table in place to your workbench to make sure it does not move while you work. In addition to that, the long legs give you height and other positive factors to make your work easier on your back.

On top of that, an adjustable fence gives you lots of location options when cutting a new design into your wood project. A 45-degree slide (or 90 degree), makes sure you get your angles correct. With a clear plastic eye guard, you can work while still seeing what you are doing.

Then the blue color scheme makes this router table attractive and a good addition to your workshop. Onboard storage makes sure that your router bits and other small pieces do not get lost.

7. Bosch Benchtop Router Tables RA1181

Bosch Benchtop Router

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A safety switch is guarded by a plastic cover to make sure you do not get hurt by accidental starts. Also, you can get your project ready before turning the power on. With the adjustable fence, no project is too big for this 27 by 18-inch router tabletop.

With those features working for you, your projects should turn out nice. Plus, to help you the 6-foot power cord lets you locate this table where you have plenty of elbow room. A dust collection system makes sure you do not make a mess not get any dust in your eyes while you work.

It is possible to mount this router table to your workbench. Mounting hardware is included with your purchase to hold most Bosch routers.

6. Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

Bench Top Router Table

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The bright blue coloring on this router table should have you alert and ready for action. Once the color wakes you up, you should be able to get a lot of router work completed on this 24 by 16-inch router table.

Plus, the heavy-duty metal stand should hold enough weight so you can get the toughest of projects completed without hassle. Its wide stance and rubber feet make sure the table remains nice and stable.

Precision plate levelers make sure your router fits comfortably as well as snugly. The adjustable fence and clear blue eye guard makes sure you get the area you need to work with without putting your eyes at risk of harm. A dust collection system helps keep the particles away from your face.

5. Skil Router Table

Skil RAS900 Router

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Look and work like a pro when you employ this router table to help you get your tasks done. This top-quality router table comes with 2 feather boards to help guide your work.  In addition to that, you get an adjustable fence to make sure your project doesn’t slip halfway through the process.

Also, the metal legs can be bolted down for added stability. The legs are strong enough and durable enough to handle your workload without complaint.  Once you have set this table up, you can use the top of the legs to hold your small bits and tools, so they do not get misplaced.

A bit guide makes sure you can get the bit to the height you need it at. Then the safety switch makes sure you are not injured by an accidental start.

4. Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table

Bosch Cabinet Style

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When you use professional equipment then you can produce professional results that will make your partner proud. This Bosch router table is the professional equipment you need to make top quality router cuts.

With the approx. 5 by 25-inch fence tall wood projects and long ones are no match for this router table. A 6-foot power cord makes sure you have enough room away from the wall to work your professional router magic.

2 dust collection ports whisk away any wood sawdust that comes flying off your project while you work. Your eyes will be safe, and you should be able to see what you are doing with ease. Then 2 feather boards reduce kickback and attach to the fence easily. The mounting plate is pre-drilled and fits different routers.

3. New Ryobi Universal Router Table

 New Ryobi Universal

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Get precise router cuts with ease. Once you start using all the accessories that come with this router table your designs will be second to none. After you use the 45-degree slide your angle cuts will be better than ever.

Then the adjustable fence makes sure your project doesn’t slide away from you. On top of that, one feather board helps to keep kickbacks to a minimum. In addition, the clear eye guard protects your eyes while you keep them on what you are doing. You can work without fear knowing you have built-in eye protection.

Sturdy metal legs are angled to make sure this router table provides the stability you need while you work. Your concentration should not be disturbed by a wobbly table.

2. JESSEM Mast-R-Lift Excel II Router Table


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Your back should get a little bit of a break with this tall router table at your service. Its 32 by 24-inch tabletop comes with a spinning handle that is easy to adjust as you work. On top of that, leg leveler feet make sure you work on a level surface.

Also, you get an adjustable fence that works with you, not against you. With a steel frame instability should be a thing of the past. Everything about this router table spells a great work table for your projects.

For best results, you may want to use a Porter Cable router, but adapters are available to help you fit other routers you may already own.

1. Kreg Router Tables

Kreg PRS1045

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This top of the line router table comes with everything you need except the router. With the adjustable height steel frame, you can place this table at a variety of heights to accommodate your stature and work situation.

4 lockable castor wheels are also included. These help your table move freely when you need to relocate. Then they stay in one spot when you need a steady table to work on. In addition to that, you get multiple mounting plates to fit a wide assortment of routers.

There are just too many accessories included in this kit to list here. Suffice it to say, it is a top-quality router table that helps you produce great work.


Producing highly decorative pieces of wood takes skill and a great router table. Sure, you can work for a free hand, but you may make more mistakes. That is why it is so important to use one of the top 10 best router tables in 2021.

You make fewer mistakes while producing some fantastic looking wood pieces. Be a pro and use one of the top router tables so you can make the work you are proud of.

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