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Want to get a good night’s rest

Getting a good night of sleep may not always be that easy to do. But with one of the top 10 best Queen mattress gel memory foam in 2020, a good night’s rest is possible. Just place one on your bed and get ready to feel the comfort.

On top of that these top queen sized mattresses are very durable and should last you for years under normal use. With their memory foam feature, you do not have to search for your comfort sweet spot night after night. It is there waiting for you.

Our Queen mattress gel memory foam review

List Of Top 10 Best Queen Mattress Gel Memory Foam in 2020

10. Rivet Queen Mattress

Rivet Queen Mattress

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The cover on this mattress is one of the best. It is made from celliant ingredients to make sure your body gets more oxygen throughout the night. This extra boost helps your body rejuvenate and give you more energy the next day.

Plus, the American made memory foam helps distribute the weight to ensure that you are sleeping in total comfort. Then the top Luracor layer gives your spine enough support to stay aligned and very healthy. It also helps relieve pressure points that may give a you a little pain and stiffness the next morning.

Once you have tried this 3 layer Queen mattress you may not want to return to your old one. You get a 100 night free trial to make sure you are totally satisfied with the comfort and your results.

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9. Zinus 12 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam

Zinus 12 Inch Gel-Infused

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Green tea has a lot of healthy characteristics. Here it combines with castor oil to make sure that your new Queen sized mattress does not soak in any foul odors while you sleep. The pair also fight off any harmful bacteria as well.

In addition to that, this knitted hypoallergenic mattress comes with memory foam. The memory foam works hard to distribute the weight while providing you with ultimate.

The 2 inches of gel memory foam works with the 3 inches of comfort foam and the 3 1/2 inches of air flow foam to make sure you get breathability, good cool air flow and comfort roll;ed into one. The firm mattress also provides your body with a lot of support.

8. Le Confort Queen Size Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Le Confort 10 Inch

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Once you place this new queen size mattress on your bed, you get 12 inches of instant comfort. HD foam construction material combines with the gel memory foam layer to make sure your comfort is not sacrificed.

You still get good support throughout the night making your sleep a lot better. A fire resistant design makes sure you can sleep soundly knowing you have great fire protection. Pressure relief and breathability are also components of this top of the line mattress.

After this mattress arrives at your door, let it sit for about 8 hours to recover its normal size and shape. There are no firm sides to this mattress but it does measure 80 by 60 inches in size.

7. Layla Sleep Copper Infused Memory Foam Queen Mattress

Layla Sleep Copper

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Copper is used with the other construction materials in this mattress to make sure you do not overheat as you sleep. On top of that, you get a comfort choice. One side comes with a medium firmness while the other a firm setting. You can sleep better knowing you picked the right side for you.

In addition to that, the thermal gel cover helps whisk away any heat that comes during the night. You sleep cooler and more comfortably by remaining cooler longer. Plus, you can put this mattress on a box spring, solid foundation and other surfaces and still get great comfort.

No matter which side you use, yo should feel the soft to the touch cover helping you relax as you go to sleep.

6. GhostBed Mattress-Queen Gel Memory Foam-Mattress

GhostBed Mattress

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In those summer nights when the temperature stays high and you have no air conditioning, this cooling mattress should be for you. Its cooling gel helps to make sure you do not over heat as you sleep.

Also,  the 3 layers give you a total of 11 inches of comfort. From its airflow foam to its memory gel foam to its high density foam, you are not lacking for anything. Comfort and support are a simple purchase away.

After you place this mattress on your bed, you get a 100 nights to experience the floating on air feel that comes with this queen sized mattress. Your back should feel better in the morning and your pressure points should be ready to go when you get up.

5. Supremus GrandBreeze Mattress

Supremus GrandBreeze

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Technology has fun upgrading different items. Now it has taken the queen sized mattress and made it even better than ever. Technology has combined 2 inches of gel memory foam, 2 inches of premium memory foam with 2 inches of airflow foam and 6 inches of dual ventilation foam to give you the ultimate queen mattress.

Each layer makes sure they do their part to bring you the best in comfort, the best in support and the best in looks. The included washable cover comes off when you pull the zipper open. This feature helps keep the mattress germ and bacteria free.

Also, once you purchase this queen sized mattress, you get 2 matching pillows to make your sleep even more comfortable.

4. Sleep Innovations Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress

 Sleep Innovations

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In the old wild west days you were lucky to get a pallet and a little straw to sleep on. Now the modern world has upgraded the mattress and taken it to new heights. This queen mattress with gel memory foam makes sure you do not feel anything underneath you when you sleep.

Its 12 inches of comfort gives you a medium firmness that is not harsh on your body. Also, you get pressure point relief to make sure your body is well relaxed when you wake up in the morning. On top of that, the quilted cover brings you optimum comfort levels that no other mattress rivals.

With all the components put together in one package, you get a good night’s sleep that is fully supportive.

3. LUCID Medium-Plush Memory Foam Mattress

 LUCID 14 Inch Medium

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What does this mattress have that the others do not? An extra 2 to 3 inches of padding and comfort. Once you lay your eyes on this 14 inch queen mattress you may not look at any other model.

With its two memory foam layers and 1 inch of bamboo charcoal memory foam you get comfort, durability, odorless and a supportive mattress. Plus, the medium plush feel is soft to your body’s touch allowing you to sleep more peacefully.

In addition to that, its form fitting style allows you to sleep easier knowing your pressure points are not going to be stressed. A top quality air flow system makes sure you stay cool and do not overheat.

2. Sweetnight Queen Size Mattress

Queen Mattress

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Do you remember the princess you got a sore back because she slept on a pea? Well you won’t have that trouble once you lay on this medium from queen mattress with gel memory foam. There is so much padding included in this mattresses construction you could sleep on a rock and not know it.

After you lay on this mattress you get gel memory foam distributing the weight and providing you with form fitting comfort. On top of that, the airflow foam makes sure the air circulates throughout the night to keep you nice and cool.

The high density foam provides that needed support to make sure your body is ready for its wake up call.

1. Sweetnight Queen Mattress

Sweetnight Queen Mattress

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Sleeping Beauty may not have woken up when her Prince Charming gave her that kiss if she was laid on this 10 inch Queen mattress. The comfort this mattress brings to your home is second to none and will have your sleeping beauty sleeping like never before.

With back pain relief and motion isolation qualities, your body will not have it so god. Your sleep should be a lot better once you put this gel memory foam mattress on your bed frame.

The cover is made from a rayon/cotton mix that fights off stains and mold and mildew causing odors. Nothing should disturb your sleeping beauty after you make the switch to this top of the line mattress.

Some final words

Getting a good night sleep i snot for fairy tales. You can achieve  it too once you use one of the top 10 best queen mattress gel memory foam in 2020. These top mattresses are designed to give you the ultimate in comfort and rest.

When it comes to your and your family\s sleep time, nothing but the best should do. You get thick foam padding, special features and more t make your sleep better than it has been. They also last you a long time as well.

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