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The thrill of biking with friends is not just in going for long rides but in staying in touch. The invention of motorcycle Bluetooth headsets solved this problem as bikers can communicate with their fellow bikers without the need to remove helmets.

The headsets use an intercom system and a short-range wireless technology to transmit signals between users. They are also equipped with voice prompts to allow users to operate the device hands-free. This is an essential feature as it enables the biker to focus on riding the bike and keep his hands on the handlebars.

Also, the devices allow users to connect to several other headsets, so if you are riding as a group, you are sure to keep in touch within a range of 500-1000 yards. What’s more, the headsets have different installation methods. Most devices use a 3M double-sided tape to attach the device to the helmet while others clamp the intercom into place. Here’s a review of 10 motorcycle Bluetooth headsets;

Table of the Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets Reviews

10-Sena SMH-10 Bluetooth Headset

Sena SMH10D-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom

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This headset is the epitome of modern headset technology. It is fitted with only one button called the Phone Button, which controls most of the functions when connected to a cellphone.

Next, is its impressive long-range intercom feature of up to 900 meters. This is a bonus for riders who love traveling and racing in groups. You will also love its 3.0 Bluetooth connectivity that allows users to share music, make calls, and engage in a four-way conversation.

Sena MH10 also boasts an advanced Noise control feature that cancels out background noise for users to make noise-free calls. And with its GPS prompts, you won’t wander off to unknown terrain.


  • Long battery life (lasts 8-13 hours)
  • Remains compact even after taking off the helmet
  • Can be used with half and full helmets
  • Equipped with a jog dial that remembers volume levels of other pairs

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9-Baile 1000M Helmet Bluetooth Communication Systems

1000M Helmet Bluetooth Communication Systems Ski Helmet Headphones Bluetooth Intercom Walkie-Talkie for Snow Mobile

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The headset has a hands-free communication feature to help users make and take calls, choose radio stations, select music files, access GPS functions, and enjoy quick and stable Bluetooth connectivity. What’s more, the headset has an impressive battery life supporting six hours of intercom use and 10 hours of talk time when connected to the cellphone.

The headset is also equipped with a CSR Bluetooth chip that supports DSP echo and noise cancellation technology. The feature also enhances voice clarity. Also, the headset supports an intercom connection of 800-1000 meters between two bikes and a cell phone range of up to 10 meters. Additionally, the headset comes with an all-silica gel waterproof casing that keeping it dry when riding in the rain.


  • Long intercom range (800-1000 meters)
  • Waterproof casing
  • Echo-cancellation features
  • Long battery life

8-Yaconob BT S3 Motorcycle Headset

Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Radio Intercom Wireless Interphone to 2-3 Riders

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If looking for a headset that supports a long intercom range, then Yaconob Bluetooth headset is the device to use. this full-duplex intercom headset has a long straight line barrier of 800-1000M and remains connected even when riding at a speed of 80-120 km/hr.

Once you connect the Bluetooth feature, you can reject, answer, and hang up the phone and redial the last number. It is also compatible with walkie-talkies, MP3, mobile devices, and GPS. Also, the headset is equipped with DSP noise reduction and wind noise processing features to enhance noise clarity even when riding at a high speed. The headset also supports FM radio function and playback features if listening to a music playlist on your mobile device


  • Noise-cancellation features
  • Supports FM radio
  • Compatible with a range of devices

7-Sena MH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom (Single)

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Though a little pricey, the Sena MH10-10 headset is worth every penny. First, you will love how it quickly fits on most helmets. You just need to push the clamp between the liner and the shell and tighten a couple of hex screws. Then, insert the Velcro earpad in the ear holes in the helmet liner and tuck away the wires, and it’s ready for use.

Its controls are easy to use even when using gloved hands. There’s a side button that activates intercom connectivity and another button at the back that for phone features. Also, Sena MH10-10 allows you to connect to four users. And with an intercom range of up to 980 yards, you can talk to your buddies even when afar off.


  • You can pair with a range of Bluetooth devices
  • Operates devices based on priority (phone calls take precedence)
  • Impressive voice quality
  • Noise cancellation features

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6-FodSport BT-S2 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets

Helmet Communication System For Motorcycle & Skiing,Universal Wireless Headphone for 2-3 Riders

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The headset is designed for 2-3 riders: all the three riders can pair the device with their phones and two riders can use the intercom feature simultaneously. Also, the headset supports wireless Bluetooth music streaming as well as hands-free communication for you to enjoy music while riding and accept or reject calls.

The device is also integrated with an FM radio. Another impressive feature of this headset is its long battery life. With its 450 mAh rechargeable battery, the headset can last 8-10 hours of intercom use and 300 hours when on standby.

FodSport headset is compatible with a range of devices including a walkie-talkie and you can enjoy your cellphone music using A2DP.


  • Has integrated an FM radio
  • Supports communication even at a range of 800-1000 meters
  • Supports basic phone features (accept, reject, last number dialing)

5-Baile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset with FM Radio

Baile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset with FM Radio

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The headset supports a speed of up to 120 km/h and a maximum range of 800m during intercom use. the device is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity which eliminates fast battery life and signals interference. It achieves this by coordinating its radio with 4G devices automatically so there is no overlap and both can perform to their potential.

Also, Baile motorcycle headset does not just use regular speakers, it uses a Hi-Fi audio system which enhances sound clarity. This technology was introduced to improve recording and playback techniques with great attention being paid to playback quality. The primary objective was to create an illusion of musicians sharing space with home listeners. It is these features that gives this headset great clarity when listening to music, making or accepting calls even over a vast range.


  • Noise-canceling features
  • 4.1 Bluetooth technology
  • Hi-Fi audio system

4-Thokwok Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets

1000m Helmet Headphones for Snowmobile

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The headset is equipped with a full-duplex intercom system for easy communication in both directions simultaneously. It supports intercom communications over a vast range of 1000 meters and you can use the device with a full-face helmet.

The device is also equipped with echo suppression technology and noise cancellation features allowing users to talk uninterrupted. Thokwok headset is compatible with a range of devices including music players, mobile devices, GPS navigating devices, and tablets via its 3.0 Bluetooth connection.


  • Hands-free communication
  • Echo and noise suppression
  • Waterproof casing
  • Equipped with CSR Bluetooth chip for impressive performance

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3-Walkie-Talkie Headphone Waterproof Wireless Communication System 

Walkie-Talkie Headphone Waterproof Wireless Communication System Up to 3 Riders

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This headset is easy to fit on half-face and full-face motorcycle helmets. It uses a 3.0 version of Bluetooth connectivity along with EDR Class 1 technology which allows you to talk to two to three riders simultaneously. It is this feature that also supports high speed of 120 km/h with good communication remaining intact.

Also, its intercom mode lets users communicate at a range of 1000m. What’s more, with its DSP echo-cancellation feature you are confident to receive clear communication from your fellow riders. Its hi-fi audio system also enhances its audio feature.


  •  Can be used with half-face and full-face helmets
  • Advanced audio features (A2DP)
  • Supporting the audio-in connection
  • Equipped with AVRCP (audio video remote control profile)

2-FreedCon Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication Systems Helmet Intercom with Hard Mic Cord

Bluetooth Communication Systems Helmet Intercom with Hard Mic Cord

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A striking feature about this headset is that it offers users the choice of using a fixed or soft-wired microphone. The latter is designed for full-face helmets and the fixed microphone is for the rider using open-face helmets. The installation process is pretty easy especially if your helmet is designed to fit a headset.

The Velcro backs on the microphone and the speakers mount directly on the helmet. However, riders using helmets that are not headset-friendly may need to use sticky Velcro tapes and attach the speakers at the back of the padding of the helmet.


  • Intercom system supports three users
  • 3.0 Bluetooth connectivity
  • Intercom range of 800 meters
  • Hi-Fi stereo system

1-Helmet Intercom Motorcycle Communication System Wireless Headphone with Noise Cancellation

Helmet Intercom Motorcycle Communication System Wireless Headphone with Noise Cancellation

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This is a high-performance headset as it supports communication of up to six riders. Its intercom range is pretty impressive as it supports communication within a range of 1828 yards. What’s more, you can connect and disconnect group communication within five minutes, hassle-free. Read more about Karaoke machines.

Its 40mm HD speaker delivers crystal clear sound and is enhanced with noise-cancellation technology on both incoming and outgoing audio. Also, riders can enjoy hand-free communication thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Stable communication
  • Vast intercom range
  • Audible sound
  • Noise cancellation applies to incoming and outgoing audio

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