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If you are a makeup lover or makeup artist, I believe that you can agree with me that traveling with makeup isn’t an easy task. However, thanks to makeup trains cases that make this task easy. These cases provide the perfect spot to store your makeup and makeup tools to ensure easy access and portability. The only challenge that arises when it comes to buying such a case is the variety of makeup train cases available on the market.

The range of choices can make investing in a high-quality makeup case challenging and confusing. For that reason, you ought to know the best choices available for you to pick from, the reason I recommend that you buy the best makeup trains cases reviewed in this article. Before picking these products, we paid much consideration to durability, style, portability, ease-of-organization, and capacity. Therefore, buy one of the reviewed products and be sure to have invested your money in a high-quality makeup train case.

Table of the Best Makeup Train Cases Reviews

10-SHANY Essential Pro Makeup Train Cases

SHANY Essential Pro Makeup Train Case with Shoulder Strap and Locks

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Ideal for makeup accessories, Shany Makeup Train Case is a perfect storage solution for beauty supplies, nail polish, and cosmetic brushes. The case is suitable for traveling or displaying makeup. It is made using solid aluminum and features non-toxic ABS plastic to enhance durability. The interior includes a dust-proof fabric to protect stored accessories against scratches and enhance ease of maintenance.

Once you open the case, it reveals a total of four expanded storage trays, to guarantee easy organization. The case includes two latches with key locks to guarantee the safety of the stored items. On the bottom, it features a bigger storage section for easy organization of larger items such as hair styling tools. The case comes with comfortable shoulder straps which means that you can get it when looking for a makeup train case that is easy to carry.

Special features

  • Drawers extend to guarantee easy access to your items.
  • Three dividers ensure easy organization of makeup.
  • The case comes in a variety of colors and prints.
  • Protective foam interior protect stored items from scratches.

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9-Makeup Train Case Professional Adjustable by Joligrace 

Makeup Train Case Professional Adjustable

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Are you a homeowner, student, professional makeup artist, nail artist, dancer, or model looking for a stylish way to store your make up? If yes, you will want to give a try to this makeup case. It features an XL size with different compartments for easy organization. Furthermore, the tray includes six trays designed to be adjusted to different lengths based on the size of the makeups.

Because of the safe lock, you can be sure to store all make up safely to protect it against spillage. Furthermore, the makeup case comes with a heavy-duty strap that enhances portability when you want to move from one place to another. You can use the bottom compartment to store larger items, thanks to the deep size of the compartment. Furthermore, the makeup case can withstand a long time of use since it features a durable aluminum frame and reinforced corners.

Special features

  • The latch can lock with keys for privacy.
  • The case comes with two luggage locks and two matching keys.
  • An adjustable tray includes dividers for easy organization.

8-Travel Makeup Cosmetic Case Organizer Portable Artist Storage Bag

Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case Makeup Cosmetic Case Organizer Portable Artist Storage Bag

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A perfect choice for a journey make up bag is Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case. Made of high-quality oxford, this is one of the best choices when looking for a durable makeup case. Furthermore, the case features a nylon lining. This plus the spill-proof, shock-proof, water-proof, and anti-wear interiors assure you of carrying your cosmetics anywhere with an assurance of safety. The interior features several compartments and makeup brush slots. Hence, you can expect to keep your makeup and makeup tools neat and tidy. Better, the compartments are adjustable. Because of this, you can customize the case to suit your needs. Besides using the makeup bag to store cosmetics, you can use it to store a camera, electronics, toiletries, jewelry, and shaving kits assuring you of getting a versatile makeup bag.

Special features

  • The wide handle makes it easy to carry.
  • High-quality material and fine workmanship guarantee strength.
  • A two-way zipper ensures safety.

7-Rosmax Travel Makeup Case Portable Organizer with Mirror

Rosmax Travel Makeup Case,Portable Organizer Makeup Bag Cosmetic Train Case with Mirror

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This is a multi-functional makeup case. Whether you are looking for a bag to store hairbrushes, shampoo, nail polish, eye shadow, lipstick, electronics, toiletries, or essential oils, you can be sure to have made the right decision after buying Rosmax Travel Makeup Case. Made using high-quality Oxford fabric, it is a perfect choice for a makeup case that is designed to last. Asides that, the case features a nylon lining. This plus the anti-wear, spill-proof, and shock-resistant interiors protect the stored items against scratches assuring you of the safety of your makeup.

The case is a perfect choice for an easy-to-maintain makeup bag. The reason is smooth and waterproof PVC. Better, it is a great choice for a makeup case that is designed to ensure the safety of your items. The reason is the hidden zipper pocket designed to store valuables and the zipper closures that conceal the stored items. The main compartment includes adjustable padded dividers so that you can organize the stored items. Also, there is a makeup brushes’ holder featuring a plastic cover to ensure easy storage of the makeup brushes.

Special features

  • The makeup case fits well in a suitcase.
  • It hangs in all sorts of places.
  • Six adjustable EVA dividers guarantee easy organization.

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6-Frenessa Makeup Train Case Large Portable Cosmetic Case

Frenessa Makeup Train Case 12 inch Large Portable Cosmetic Case

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The Frenessa Makeup Train Case is a durable case featuring a reinforced grade-A aluminum frame. Also, it features an extendable cantilever 6-tiers tray structure. The structure along a spacious bottom offers sufficient space so that you can get enough area to store different accessories. You can use the case to store different products including makeup brushes, lipsticks, essential oils, nail polish, and eyeliners. The reason is the flexible and spacious storage. Also, there is a large bottom space that is suited for a palette and travel-size bottles. Because of the black stereoscopic pattern, this is an elegant makeup train case. Better, the case features a unique white spots’ lining making it perfect for girls and women.

Special features

  • The case features stain-proof plastic films on the case bottom and tray bottom.
  • The lockable design guarantees safety and enhances privacy.
  • A convenient handle enhances portability.

5-Portable Makeup Case Aluminum Organizer Jewelry Cosmetic Box

Portable Makeup Train Case,Aluminum Makeup Organizer Jewelry Cosmetic Box

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As one of the best makeup trains cases, this is a large-capacity makeup case that features two extendable trays. The trays allow for the viewing of all cosmetics at once and the storage of more cosmetics. What’s more, the case features a spacious bottom. In it, you can get more room for storage so that you can use it to store large-size bottles. The divided sections are another plus of the case. Because of these, you can organize a range of accessories to keep all necessities neat and easily accessible. The case is made using aluminum frames and reinforced corners to enhance strength. Each corner is protected using plastic and metal to enhance sturdiness and durability.

Special features

  • A full-size mirror lets you view your makeup application.
  • A comfortable and non-slip carry handle makes it more portable.
  • Lockable front clasp and two keys for privacy and security.

4-Professional Portable Makeup Lockable Cosmetic Organizer Storage 

Ovonni Professional Portable Makeup Train Case, Artist Lockable Aluminum Cosmetic Organizer Storage Box

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An ideal travel companion for beauty lovers and makeup artists is Ovonni Makeup Train Case. Designed for easy organization, it features 15 compartments for easy storage of beauty supplies, makeup brushes, eye shadows, and lipsticks. Better, the case features side storage trays and deep compartments. These include adjustable and removable dividers so that you can adjust the size of the compartments depending on what you want to store. You can get this model when looking for a durable makeup case. The reason is the sturdy aluminum frame and chrome-plated reinforced corners. Furthermore, the case features an MDF exterior and PU interior so that it can last for years.

Special features

  • Ergonomic handle and detachable shoulder strap enhance portability.
  • Two latches and keys let you secure your accessories.
  • Gloss finish and chic look make it stylish.
  • Four pre-installed glides reduce wear from daily use.

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 3-Yaheetech 4 in 1 Rolling Makeup Train Case

Yaheetech 4 in 1 Rolling Makeup Train Case

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A perfect makeup storage solution for cosmetologists and makeup artists is Yaheetech 4-in-1 Rolling Makeup Train Case. Featuring a versatile design, you can transform it into a 3-in-1 makeup case or 2-in-1 case once you remove the middle drawers. Better, the case is highly portable. The reason is its high-quality 360° swivel wheels designed to ensure effortless and quiet rolling and the convenient carrying handle on the top. The case includes four accordion-style side trays designed to secure small items.

Furthermore, it features a foam-lining to guarantee the safety of delicate items. You can take advantage of the included dividers to ensure easy organization of the stored items. Better, there is a no-division spacious bottom compartment that lets you store big bottles, flat irons, mannequin heads, and other large items. The makeup train case comes with a free makeup brush bag featuring four small pockets and ten brush holders.

Special features

  • Detachable wheels remove easily and conveniently for replacement.
  • A hexagonal telescopic rod ensures easy adjustment of the length.
  • Handle features a soft plastic gripping area to enhance comfort.
  • Metal safety latches lock easily to keep items safe and secure.

2-MONSTINA Makeup Train Cases Professional Travel Makeup Bag

MONSTINA Makeup Train Cases Professional Travel Makeup Bag Cosmetic Cases Organizer Portable Storage Bag

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Whether you are looking for an electronic bag, tote bag, or train case, you can be sure to have made the right decision after purchasing Monstina Makeup Train Case. Portable and easy to carry, the case is lightweight and equipped with a hand strap so that you can take it anywhere at any time. Asides that, the case is easy to organize. The reason is the adjustable dividers and customizable compartments that provide room to store different-sized accessories. The train case is made using high-quality oxford cloth to enhance strength. The adjustable dividers feature a padded design which means that you should never worry about them having to damage delicate accessories.

Special features

  • Separable segments help to keep items tidy and orderly.
  • The brush holder features a plastic cover to keep brushes neat and tidy.
  • Black foamed nylon lining protects delicate items from damage.

1-Docolor Makeup Train Cases Multi-Functional Professional Portable Bag

Docolor Makeup Train Case Multi Functional Professional Portable Makeup Bag

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A must-have cosmetics’ case when you want to ensure easy organization of makeup brushes, shampoo, eyeshadow, nail art products, lipstick, travel accessories, and jewelry is Docolor Makeup Train Case. Made using high-quality Oxford fabric, you can get it when looking for a durable makeup case. Furthermore, there is a waterproof nylon lining assuring you of getting a makeup case that is easy to clean.

The bag features large-capacity storage with multiple compartments for easy makeup organization. Further, it includes separable sections and segments to keep items tidy and orderly. Because of the included brush slots, you can use it to store makeup brushes. Furthermore, the case is designed with dual zippers and a magnetic tape closure to enhance the security and safety of stored items.

Special features

  • The solid frame enhances durability.
  • Two-way zipper offers easy access to stored items.
  • Plastic cover protects makeup brushes from dirt and dust.
  • Adjustable straps maximize portability.


Finding a perfect makeup train cases has more to do than picking your favorite color and style. The case you pick must match your needs in terms of the ability to withstand daily use, provide sufficient space for all makeup and make tools, and ensure easy access to such accessories. So, buy one of the reviewed products paying close attention to your preferences and be sure to have settled for the best product on the market.

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