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Just came out of surgery in your leg? Well, you are bound to encounter problems moving from one place to another. Not only surgeries but often people suffer from unwanted injuries that cause restrictions in their daily movement. Now crutches are traditional support systems but when you can opt for something better, why not use it. Knee walker scooters are something that serves the best way for this purpose. It helps you move with more confidence, speed, and comfort.

Check out the shortlisted knee walker scooters’ recommendations and find the one that catches your attention the most. Every single one of them is of high quality and guarantees reliable application.

Table of the Best Knee Walker Scooters Reviews

10. ELENKER Compact & Portable Economy Steerable Knee Walker Scooters with All-Terrain Wheels

Knee Walker Scooters

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To make things easier and deal with you back as well as leg issues, one should opt to use a steerable knee walker scooter like this. Featuring an all iron frame, the scooter is pretty strong and lasts for a long time without any complaints. In addition to that, it 12-inches wheels so that one can move on any surface without any restrictions or hold-ups. This also makes it convenient to use both indoors and outdoors.

Furthermore, the disc brake assembly ensures your safety and prevents causing unnecessary accidents. Due to the presence of foam in the knee pad, it will not make the person feel tired or any sort of pain.

Key features:

  • Innovative tie-rod steering mechanism makes it easier to maneuver the scooter in every direction.
  • It offers a total weight capacity of 300 pounds and the heavy-duty construction promises risk-free usage.
  • You can carry daily items easily on the detachable cloth bag upfront.

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9. Karman Broken Leg Knee Walker with Basket and Knee Cushion

Karman Broken Leg Knee Walker with Basket and Knee Cushion

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Ease of movement for people suffering from leg injuries or sprains, now it is easier than ever for you to go anywhere. With enhanced comfort and effortless movement, this always guarantees safe movement. Talking about mobility, the scooter comes with four large-sized wheels so that you can cover larger distances more easily. Quite comfortable for your knee as well, it has a padded knee platform.

The aluminum knee platform enables the adjustment to left or right in just a matter of seconds and without causing any harm. Last but not the least; it has an offset post so that one can quickly switch from right to left knee when needed.

Key features:

  • The handle of the knee scooter is adjustable from 31-inches to 41-inches.
  • It has an easy folding mechanism so that you can travel with it when needed without any challenges.
  • The thumb release lever promotes faster folding and unfolding.

8. Roscoe Medical Knee Scooter with Basket – Knee Walker for Ankle & Foot Injuries 

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This is a knee walker scooter with a basket that is completely customizable. And you can tweak different aspects of the scooter for your optimal comfort. The handle of the scooter is adjustable and even the knee platform is easily adjustable from 17.5-inches to 22-inches. When it comes to the height of the handle, you can switch from 31-inches minimum to a maximum of 41-inches. Ideal for adults, this knee scooter can easily handle weights up to 350 pounds.

One interesting feature of this knee scooter is the offset post. Now you can conveniently switch from right to left knee and it will not even require any tools.

Key features:

  • Large and sturdy 8-inches wheels promise comfortable riding through various terrains.
  • The thumb release lever is present beneath the seat for faster usage.
  •  It is indeed folded or unfolded at your convenience.

7. BodyMed Folding Knee Walker Scooters – Broken Leg Walker – Steerable Mobility Device for Foot Or Ankle Injury

BodyMed Folding Knee Walker Scooters

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It might be that you are completely dependent on a crutch set but once you understand the benefits of a knee scooter, you are bound to change it. Steerable and easy to handle, you can maneuver easily through any obstacles, be it inside your home or outside. The smooth-rolling scooter lets you cover more distance with the least effort possible. Featuring large rubberized wheels, it effectively absorbs the shocks from rough terrains and surfaces.

Even better, it has a good weight capacity of 350 pounds. As a result, you can totally depend on the foldable knee walker scooter without risking any accidents.

Key features:

  • The lightweight frame and foldable mechanism make it completely hassle-free to travel with the scooter.
  • Always find your best comfort level because the height of the knee pad is adjustable from 17-inches to 23-inches.
  • Very secure and safe, it is designed with a lockable braking system for safe usage always.

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6. OasisSpace All Terrain Knee Scooter with Air Filled Wheels – Steerable Knee Walker for Foot Injuries Ankles Surgery

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If you are looking to get yourself a very well-built and high-quality knee scooter, you should definitely check out this. Featuring a heavy-duty lightweight frame, this will always deliver you a safe and stable usage. In addition to that, it has a quick-release folding mechanism fitted on the steering column. Very easy to fold and unfold, it comes really useful when you need to store the scooter or travel with it. A 4-inches thick very comfortable knee pad guarantees a very comfortable and shock-proof riding always.

Moreover, the scooter is not only steerable but also got FDA approval for its extraordinary features. Almost everyone and anyone can use this scooter without any issues.

Key features:

  • This portable knee walker scooter promises to endure weights up to 50-lbs.
  • Immediate and sure-stopping is always assured by the adjustable locking handbrake.
  • 12.5-inches pneumatic tires are sturdy and are used on different kinds of terrains.

5. KneeRover Store Deluxe Knee Walker Scooter for Broken Foot

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Designed with 7.5-inches non-marring wheels that will let you travel the distance, now you can take on different kinds of terrains without worrying about damages. This also guarantees zero damage to the floor. Also, when you are going the distance, you need to believe in your braking system.

The adjustable locking handbrake assembly is very responsive and immediately stops the scooter whenever you need it. For maximum comfort to your knees, the kneepad has a thick 3-inches cushioning that will always feel comfortable and relaxing.

Key features:

  • Automotive-style tie-rod steering offers ultimate stability and makes sure the front axle width is maintained even during turns.
  • The lockable knee walker scooter is easy to transport and travel with. The steering column has a quick release folding mechanism for quick folding.
  • Weighs just about 24.8 pounds but the heavy-duty construction makes it suitable for up to 350 pounds.

4. KneeRover GO Portable Compact Knee Scooter – Alternatives to Crutches

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The primary objective of a knee scooter is that it can help you move without having to go through a lot of struggle and pain. There is no need to walk on crutches and endure all the pain to your hands. Well, this scooter features a 7.5-inches PU wheel set up. These wheels are non-marking in nature and always keep the floor below protected and safe from damages. Moreover, it uses a knee pad that it both right and left knee compatible.

It has a thick 3.5-inches cushioning and the contoured shape makes you feel all the more comfortable always. Very lightweight, it just weighs about 20.4 pounds and is foldable to a compact shape so that you can work with it easily. Anyone between the height of 4-ft to 6-ft 2-inches can use this knee scooter with ultimate convenience.

Key features:

  • Quick and sure-stopping for safe usage, the drum braking system is very trustworthy.
  • The front axle is 90° rotatable, making it easier for both transport and storage.
  • Although lightweight, the high-quality body and frame make it suitable for weights up to 300 pounds.

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3. NOVA Crutch Alternative Steerable Knee Scooter

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This is a very sporty and useful knee scooter that you will love using on a day to day basis. It makes movement so easy that you will hardly feel any inability in any way. It is easily adjustable for both right and left leg compatibility. Well, this knee scooter will be your ideal companion you have an injured leg. Top marks for safety as well, this one has a locking handbrake a so that you can securely stop your scooter when needed. The patented locking handbrake system is very secure and responsive.

Always enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride because the scooter is fitted with 8-inches wheels that are safe for all-terrain. The innovative steering and frame design readily enhance the overall stability and control.

Key features:

  • You can combine a few accessories with the scooter like a cup holder, basket, and fleece cover for the knee pad.
  • The height of the handle is adjustable from 31.25-inches to 37.25-inches.
  • Weighs around 26 pounds and you can fold it for convenience of storage and portability.

2. KneeRover Economy Steerable Knee Walker Scooters Crutch Alternative with Dual Braking System in Matte

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When this is from the makers at Kneerover Store you can be sure of the quality you are getting. If you are looking for an alternative to your painful crutches, this will be really useful and convenient. Ride along to anywhere easily because the scooter features four 7.5-inches wheels. In addition to that, the steering column and handlebars are totally adjustable. As a result, you can set it in accordance with your height. The very important factor, braking is top-notch in this scooter.

It comes with a couple of adjustable locking brakes. With this, you can stop fast and precisely. Also, you can use the simple push-button parking brake when you are stationary.

Key features:

  • The quick-release folding mechanism allows for 90° rotation of the front axlemeaning easy storage and portability.
  • The cushioned knee pad delivers good support and can be adjusted for more comfort as well.
  • No worries about your bodyweight cause this can easily tackle weights up to 300 pounds.

1. ELENKER Economy Medical Knee Walker – Steerable Scooter Crutch Alternative

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This outstanding knee scooter at the top of the list is one of the finest options in the market today. Value for money and very reliable, this knee scooter has locking brakes that work even on a slope. Simply push down the lock and lock your wheels permanently to keep it complete stationery. Furthermore, you will get ergonomic handgrips that are comfortable to use and handle.

This steerable scooter is ideal for maximum weights of up to 300 pounds, making it suitable for almost anyone. Also, for ease of storage and transport, you can simply fold down the scooter into a compact and small size.

Key features:

  • The knee pad has memory foam that aids in better distribution of the pressure for more comfort.
  • Tool-free height adjustment of the knee pad is very easy to use convenience.
  • The quick-release mechanism for faster folding and unfolding.

Getting out in public places and traveling long distances with your injured leg is extremely difficult. It becomes really difficult for them to walk and crutches are not the only way left. So, get a knee walker medical scooter today and gain mobility.

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