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If your kid finds it difficult to fall into sleep naturally, there are a few things you need to get correct. There are kid weighted blankets available that do have some weight, and this weight helps the kids to get to sleep easily. They are soft, comfortable, and it keeps the interior warm in the cold weather.

The materials are skin-friendly and breathable so that there is no skin irritation or allergy. It is a must-have for kids to sleep peacefully and grow naturally. Check out the top 10 best kid weighted blankets below.

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List Of Top 10 Best Kid Weighted Blankets in 2021

10. Hefty Petz Weighted Blankets

Hefty Petz Weighted

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Kids like sleeping on the colorful bed sheets with soft blankets. Do you want to gift your kid something unique this birthday? You can pick this little kid blanket for your champ. It includes soft material called velboa that does not spoil after washing or due to moisture. Apart from that, this material is also gentle on the skin of children.

In addition to that, this blanket is 64 inches long to keep the legs of the kid in a safe position.

Moreover, it is easy to carry this blanket to any place in travel bags or backpacks. The blanket is easy to clean and also store in any part of the home.

Reasons To Buy

  • Does not spoil after washing.
  • Easy to clean, carry, and store.
  • Gentle on the skin of children.

9. Quility Kids Weighted Blankets

Quility Premium Kids

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This is the perfect blanket for kids with a weight of 90 to 120 lbs. It comes in various sizes for different ages. Apart from that, pure cotton gives a cool feeling to your children, even in the hottest summers. It does not cause skin allergies or infections. Besides that, the nice stitching work also makes this blanket more durable for long term use.

Further, this blanket comes with a removable cover. You can wash the cover and blanket in cold water or in the machine. It also gives relaxation to the body of children during sleep. They will wake up fresh in the morning. Additionally, the proper length keeps your little champs warm.

Reasons To Buy

  • Pure cotton material construction.
  • Does not cause skin allergies or infection.
  • Sturdy stitching and cover included for durability.

8. Weighted Evolution Weighted Blankets

Weighted Evolution

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Traditional blankets cause skin allergies and itchiness. This is one of the best blankets for kids who love sleep. It contains skin-friendly and breathable materials. They do not cause skin infection, itchiness, and redness. Besides that, this blanket is comfortable to carry from one place to another.

In addition to that, this soft blanket gives deep sleep to the kids. It is long enough to cover the feet and toes of the children. Furthermore, it is a good gift for kids on birthdays, New Year, and Christmas. You can also wash this blanket in cold water or in the washing machine. Your kids will simply like to sleep and rest with this blanket.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comfortable and easy portability.
  • Easy to wash in a washing machine.
  • Skin-friendly and breathable material.

7. LBRO2M Weighted Blanket

 LBRO2M Weighted Blanket

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Kids complain of itchiness, especially during the summer season. This is because cheap quality blankets can affect the skin of children in a bad way. Unlike traditional blankets, this is a superior quality blanket for small ones. It comes with breathable and soft material that causes no skin infection, itchiness, or redness.

In addition to that, the elegant design will make your kids feel fresh. The proper length of this blanket also keeps the toes and feet of your kids in a safe way. Moreover, this is one of the best blankets you can carry while going on family trips and tours. It is simple to wash the blanket with detergent and hot or cold water.

Reasons To Buy

  • Breathable and soft material construction.
  • Aristocrat design and colors.
  • Quality does not degrade after washes.

6. Huggaroo Weighted Throw Blanket

Huggaroo Weighted

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This is a cute blanket for kids of any age. It contains rich quality material that does not harm your skin in any way. This blanket does not cause skin allergies or infection. Besides that, the skin-friendly material keeps the body of your kids warm in cold weather. It is suitable for every skin type.

Further, this blanket is also easy to place on a sofa, bed, or couch. Moreover, it is simple to pack this blanket in travel bags or luggage. It is better than ordinary blankets that cause discomfort to the skin of the kids. Your children will get nice support in the back due to the thick material.

Reasons To Buy

  • Premium-quality material for sensitive skin.
  • Skin-friendly material and comfortably warm.
  • Can use it everywhere like the sofa, bed, and couch.

5. WONAP Cooling Weighted Blanket

 WONAP Cooling

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Made from high-quality bamboo viscose, this blanket will make your kids feel comfortable on the bed. It contains skin-friendly fabric that does not cause skin infection or itchiness. Besides that, the blanket contains glass beads that give comfort to the kids’ body especially the neck and back.

This blanket is also available in different sizes for kids of different ages. Further, it gives relaxing sleep to the kids of more than 6 hours. You can carry this soft blanket in the cars or on flights while traveling on trips and picnics. It is also easy to wash this blanket with hot or cold water or in the washing machine.

Reasons To Buy

  • High-quality bamboo viscose material.
  • Super soft and skin-friendly fabric.
  • Contains glass beads for additional comfort.

4. Homde Weighted Blanket

Homde Weighted Blanket

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This is the stunning grey blanket for the kids. It comes with a square patterned design that provides comfort to the body. Besides that, the soft and skin-friendly material is safe for the children. It does not cause a burning sensation, itchiness, or redness. The removable cover also makes it easy for you to carry this blanket to any place.

In addition to that, this blanket is a good gift for kids on festivals, birthdays, and other occasions.

Moreover, it is very simple to wash this blanket in the washing machine or in hot water. It relaxes the body of kids and reduces body pain and strain. There is also no doubt that your kids can sleep well with this blanket.

Reasons To Buy

  • Does not cause itchiness or redness.
  • Simple to wash and reduces body strain.
  • Does not wrinkle easily.

3. YnM Weighted Blanket

YnM Weighted Blanket 3

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Do you care for your kids? You can now gift them a beautiful blanket with amazing design and pattern. This is a unique blanket for kids who love sleep. It contains breathable fabric that causes no side effects or skin allergies. Besides that, this blanket is designed by TopNotch designers. It has premium quality stitching work.

In addition to that, this blanket is durable and easily washable in the washing machine. It gives relaxation to the muscles, toes, hands, and legs. The long length of the blanket also protects the toes and legs of the children. You can even take this blanket in the bags while going for family tours, trips, and outdoor picnics.

Reasons To Buy

  • Beautiful design and pattern.
  • Breathable fabric and no skin allergies.
  • Premium quality stitching for durability.

2. Weighted Blanket for Kids by FORTIVO

Weighted Blanket for Kids

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Having an artistic design and bold colors, this blanket will give comfort to the body of kids. It is made of soft and breathable materials that do not cause skin allergies. Your kids will get proper sleep of more than 7 hours with this blanket. Besides that, it is easy to clean this blanket.

Further, the material of this blanket keeps it in proper shape. Whether it is summer or winter, your kids will love to sleep with this blanket. Apart from that, it comes with a cover that you can remove for washing. It is also safe for long term use and causes no side effects like muscle pain or leg pain.

Reasons To Buy

  • Artistic design and awesome color.
  • Soft and breathable material construction.
  • Stays in proper shape even after washing.

1. Aricove Weighted Blanket for Kids

Aricove Cooling Weighted

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Does your kid love to sleep for long hours? You can now help them get a deep sleep on this cozy blanket. It contains superior grade bamboo viscose fabric that does not cause skin allergies. Apart from that, this material does not produce sweat in the body or skin irritation. You can wash this blanket with cold water or in the machine.

Further, the size of the blanket can cover the full body of your kid. Moreover, it protects your child from cold weather. The square patterns provide extra comfort to your kids while sleeping or resting on the bed. Additionally, you can carry this blanket during trips, tours, and picnics.

Reasons To Buy

  • Square patterns for additional comfort.
  • No sweating or skin irritation.
  • Superior-grade bamboo viscose fabric.


The kid weighted blankets vary in weight from 4 to 12 pounds, and the design is such that they distribute the pressure across the body perfectly. It eases out the pain in the body, anxiety in the mind as well as helps in healing insomnia and stress, and other such issues that hamper sleep quality.

For kids, it is important highly for them to get proper sleep for all-round development of the body and grow up as per expectation. There are different types of kid weighted blankets to choose from as per your choice.

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