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In the last years, the E-sports has been increasing in popularity and it is a huge market that is growing very fast. All the big computers companies are aware of this and therefore now their gaming laptop. This type of laptops are made especially for games, it has incredible graphics, big screens, memory ram and processors able to support all the needs of the latest games in the market.

In these times with the increase of popularity of E-sports who doesn’t want to play and enjoy the best video games. We all want to play like a professional player. We like to relax and just have fun playing. There are some people that like games like Dota 2, LOL (League of Legends), Others would rather Fortnite, Counter-Strike Global Offensive. If you are more into sports maybe Fifa, PES, NBA2k, Formula 1, or if you enjoy the type of historic games as Assassin creed, God of war, Prince of Persia, Far cry, etc. I could never end the list of great video games that are out there but there is something that we all need to play this amazing video games? We need a great gaming laptop.

Gaming Laptop

A gaming laptop is something that we all want to have. We can see all the professional players of e-sports and we just want to have one of our own. To be able to experience gaming all the games we like and play it with excellent graphics and enjoy it. Well now it is possible, maybe when you hear gaming laptop you think, that those laptops are way too expensive, but it’s not entirely true. We can find a good laptop that allows us to play like a pro and also affordable for our budget. There is no need to look very much to find a great gaming laptop that covers our needs and expectations.


10- Acer Aspire 1 A114-32-C1YA


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Acer Aspire 1 A114-32-C1YA is such a good laptop for gaming. It has an excellent 14″ Full HD with Widescreen LED blacklit Display, an Intel Celeron dual core processor, 4 GB of RAM DDR4. A great improvement on this laptop is its battery life its amazing If we valuate the balance between quality-price this laptop is incredible.

We will be able to play almost every game on this laptop and enjoy it very much, it would be an excellent choice.

9- Dell I3565-A453BLK-Pus Laptop


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Dell I3565-A453BLK-Pus Laptop has so much potential. This is a 7th generation processor laptop so it is very good. It has an AMD processor which its excellent to run video games. Also it has an integrated AMD Radeon R4 graphics. 4 GB of RAM DDR4L. With its great screen of 15.6″ we will easily find our-self playing with this beautiful laptop.

This type of laptops with integrated graphics are very good, especially with AMD because AMD is aiming to have a better performance with video games.

8- Acer Aspire E 15


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Acer made a great improvement on this laptop from the Aspire 1 A114-32-C1YA, especially on the screen. Now it is 15.6″ Full HD. Acer Aspire E 15 has an amazing 8th generation processor Intel Core i3. This allows to be able to play way better since the processor has a better capacity and it has the Intel option to Turbo, which means the processor works at full potential, tho it is not recommendable to have it on Turbo mode always but this will allow having better quality to run apps and video games. Also, Acer Aspire E 15 made a good improvement with the memory ram and has an incredible 6 GB of RAM DDR3.

7- Dell Latitude E5440 14in HD Business Laptop computer


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This is a certified refurbished laptop. Many people have the grown idea on refurbished laptops but they may be wrong. Companies take full responsibility on giving a good support to this refurbished laptops to sell it in excellent conditions as a new one and refurbished laptop are sell at a cheaper cost than a new one and most companies sell it with guaranty so you can get it a proof that you will receive an excellent laptop in optimal conditions.

Dell Latitude E5440. This laptop is excellent in so many ways, it has a great Intel Core i7-4600U processor and also an integrated Intel graphics of 32 MB. But the main quality of this laptop is the amazing memory ram it has, It is an 8 GB RAM DDR3. To run heavy video games it is essential to have great memory rams like this laptop.

6-Dell Inspiron 15.6″ Led Laptop


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As you can see in the image of the screen in the laptop, this laptop was made to play video games. With an amazing AMD A6-9200 accelerated processor and 4GB of memory ram DDR4, in addition it has an integrated AMD Radeon graphics which it is special to makes video games run at full capacity.

The quality of AMD A6-9200 processor is very good because it was made thinking about gaming, that is why this laptop is so special to run video games. You will feel like a pro playing in this great laptop.

5- Lenovo 320-15 Gaming Laptop


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Lenovo 320-15 is such an incredible laptop. It has a powerful processor as it is AMD A12-9720P 2.7Ghz and ca be turbo to up to 3.3Ghz to perform in another level, even tho it is not recommendable to have it always in turbo mode. Lenovo 320-15 also has 8 GB of memory ram of DDR4 and it could be expandable to 16 GB.

The capacity of Lenovo 320-15 processor and memory ram makes it a perfect match if what you are looking for its play video games. It’s almost unbelievable the performance of this laptop on video games. Lenovo 320-15 its able to run the most incredible games as LOL (League of Legends) Dota 2, Fortnite, etc; and run it at optimal capacity.

4- Premium Dell Inspiron 15.6″ HD Display Gaming Laptop


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This laptop has an incredible performance capacity because it has a 7th generation AMD processor Dual core A6-9220. Also it has a beautiful screen 15.6″ HD witch it is excellent for gaming and the memory ram its 4 GB of DDR4.

The power of the processor AMD of 7th generation its ideal to play video games. You will be able to play so many games in this laptop.

3- High-Performance HP 15.6″ Laptop PC


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HP has really good laptops, and this one its one of my favorite. It has a great AMD processor A6-7310 Quad core. And has a 15.6″ screen that works perfectly for gaming. It has 4GB of memory ram of DDR3L. The battery life of this laptop its amazing, and this is very important since when we are going to play we probably will do it for several hours.

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2- Lenovo IdeaPad 110


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Lenovo Ideapad 110 it is a great laptop, especially for gaming since it has an integrated AMD Radeon R4 and it is perfect to help the performance of video games. Lenovo Ideapad 110 has a good processor AMD A6-7310. It has 4 GB of memory ram and a great HDD of 500 GB.

With this types of screen as the Lenovo IdeaPad 110 a 15.6″ HD screen, you will be able to enjoy the experience of gaming all your favorite games as you never had before.

1- Dell 15.6″ Gaming Laptop, AMD A6-9220


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If we are looking for a great laptop under our budget, this is a great choice. This laptop has an AMD A6-9220 processor with an integrated AMD Radeon R4 graphics. 4 GB of memory ram of DDR4L and an amazing 15.6″ HD screen. This Dell laptop has so much potential for gaming, as we mentioned before in the balance of quality-price it would be a really good choice.

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As conclusion, if you are a lover of video games or do you like a specific game and want to play it and enjoy it in optimal conditions you need a gaming laptop and as you can see above gaming laptops are not always that much expensive, in the list we mentioned above you could find a good one that matches your needs. and don’t overcome your budget. We hope you will find an excellent gaming laptop in this list and then the sky is the limit with it. You will be able to play all those games you had always dream to play. Call your friends and have the best time playing online, having fun, meeting new people.

At the end, that is all that matters, being able to have an amazing experience playing with one of this gaming laptops, you won’t regret to get one of it, as all of them are incredible and especially for gaming. Hope you enjoy it.

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