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Emergencies can occur at any time. That is why you need to get good fuel transfer pumps. These pumps use to transfer fuel without causing any safety problems. The best products have multiple functions and use to keep other liquid products. Each item has features that enhance the performance of the pumps.

Table of the Best Fuel Transfer Pumps Reviews

10-TERA PUMP 3rd Gen – No More Gas Can Lifting/Fuel Transfer Pumps Fitting numerous Gas Cans

TERAPUMP 3rd Gen - No More Gas Can Lifting/Fuel Transfer Pumps Fitting numerous Gas Cans (Advanced Auto-Stop Function and Flexible in and Out Take Hose)

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This item is an upgrade of a previous version. It has improvements that you will find necessary. The hose is longer than the previous one with an increase of 35 inches from 10 inches. This means that you benefit more from the product. You get to transfer fuel in a good way with no spillage. More resistant plastic use to make this product ideal. This means that it gets to be more durable than the previous Tera Pump version.


  • The power of the motor is also increased by 20 % when you compare it with what was available before.
  • With such great improvements, you are getting an item that functions in a better way.
  • The cover wet resistant to prevent any accidental spillage. It is, therefore, one of the safest choices you can get.

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9-GPI 137100- 01 EZ- 8 Fuel Transfer Pumps, 8 GPM, 12-VDC, Manual Nozzle, 10’ Hose, 15’ Power Cord

GPI 137100-01, EZ-8 Fuel Transfer Pumps, 8 GPM, 12-VDC, Manual Nozzle, 10’ Hose, 15’ Power Cord

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An easy way to have proper installation is by using this versatile product. It features a manual unleaded nozzle that has its own holder. There is an efficient and adjustable telescoping suction pipe that you can use. The item has a 10-foot hose and a 15-foot power code installed in the factory. The design is compact to allow versatile pump mounting. You are sure to get flow rates that are equivalent to the ones at the gas station. This product mounts on storage tanks permanently to give you constant use.


  • You can use it for a variety of vehicles including agricultural and automotive vehicle applications.
  • The aluminum used to make this item ensures no corrosion is possible to give you maximum safety.
  • The product works to reduce tank stress.

8-Orion Motor Tech Diesel Transfer Pump Kit 12V Volt DC Fuel Self Priming Oil 45L Per Minute with Hose

Orion Motor Tech Diesel Transfer Pumps Kit 12V Volt DC Fuel Self Priming Oil 45L Per Minute with Hose

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A product that is made specifically to last with minimal error is this particular one. It has copper wires that are extra thick to give it the right kind of durability. With such a feature you are able to significantly improve heat dissipation. This means that you ultimately get a performance that lengthens the service life of the product. The vane pump rotates and is self- priming with an on and off switch. There is also an inner bypass valve that works well to lift oil to a height of 32 feet. The base is mountable in a stable way.


  • This is an item that provides good portability to assist you while moving.
  • You get assured safety from the premium rubber used to wrap the wires.
  • Cast steel is used to make the impeller to increase durability.

7-GasTapper 12V Gasoline Transfer Pump/Siphon UTV’s

GasTapper 12V Gasoline Transfer Pumps/Siphon UTV's

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You can use this particular product in your home as it is effective. It lets you transfer 32 gallons per hour continuously without interruptions. With this option, you get a clean job done without unnecessary siphoning of gas. The item has all the required lines and fittings for moving gas. It functions well to let you transfer fuel out of many cars. This gives you constant access to fresh fuel when needed. The case is resistant to damage caused by weather making the item ideal for outdoor use.


  • It is also airtight and fume- proof with a pressure release valve. Such features make it possible for you to store it safely in your car even when it contains gas.
  • There is an LED power indicator that shows how the item functions.
  • You can also disconnect the cord if needed.

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6-Fuelworks 10305708A 12V 15GPM Fuel Transfer Pumps Kit 

Fuelworks 10305708A 12V 15GPM Fuel Transfer Pumps Kit with 14' Hose, Extensible Suction Tube and Manual Nozzle, Black

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This product offers a solution to all your industrial as well as professional fueling needs. It is suitable for flammable liquids that range from mineral spirits, diesel, and gasoline. It is rigorously tested to ensure quality performance according to set standards. The specifications allow professional use at all times. Heavy-duty cast iron is used to make the pump chamber. This shows that you are getting a safe mechanical structured product. It is thermally protected and works with a functioning bypass valve.


  • The item is explosion-proof to give you added safety when in danger.
  • The nozzle holder is lockable to prevent any leakage.
  •  It delivers gas at a reliable speed that does not take up much of your time. The duty cycle is at 30 minutes and there is also a filter screen at the inlet.

5-S&L- Winyer Battery-Operated Liquid Transfer Pump Color Black

S&L-Winyer Battery-Operated Liquid Transfer Pumps Color Black,Fuel Transfer Pump for Gasoline

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The size of this product makes it possible for the user to hold it in the hand well. It can be used for water and other non- corrosive liquids. You only need two D size batteries to start pumping fuel. It is simple to use with a high functioning push button. The push-button allows the liquid to flow or stop as needed. You can easily turn the product on when the transfer is complete. Food grade plastic is used to make this item. This means that you are getting a product that is safe to use in all circumstances.


  • The motor of the product works with low noise so as not to bother you.
  •  All joints of the item ensure that there is accurate fastness as well as sealing. With such good sealing, your fuel is left to stay inside.

4-Fill- Rite- Fuel Transfer Pumps, 1/3 hp, 20 gpm

Fuel Transfer Pumps, 1/3 hp, 20 gpm

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Rotary vane technology is used to make this item. The design is a positive displacement pump that utilizes an offset rotor. The rotor has sliding vanes that rotate on a motor shaft located inside the pump. The use of vanes means that there is an increased suction lift. You are guaranteed of no performance loss due to any vane wear. There is a self- priming ability that most people check for when making a purchase. You have a chance to enjoy the easy maintenance that will not cost you time. A consistent performance by the product is assured as it functions well.


  • The turbine meter is accurate to deliver precision at all times.
  • The level of ease that you have while using this product ensures that you are not under any strain.
  • It gives a good level of safety while in use.

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3-KATUMO Gasoline Siphon Hose, Gas Oil Water Fuel Transfer Siphon Pumps

KATUMO Gasoline Siphone Hose, Gas Oil Water Fuel Transfer Siphon Pump, Portable Widely Use Hand Fuel Pumps, Fuel Transfer Pumps with 2 Durable PVC Hoses

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Another hand pump that not complicate to use is this one right here. The rubber hand pump lets you siphon liquid in a quick way. Quality rubber use to make the item so that you are able to get the work done in a simple way. Durable PVC makes up the hose that is flexible as well as transparent. The design ensures you get something that is lightweight without any struggles. With such great features, you can ensure you are as safe as you transfer fuel.


  • This product comes in a simple style that does not need any maintenance.
  • The materials used to ensure that you have the item even in bad weather.
  • It does not break or let you down when you need it most.

2-COROTC 12V Fuel Transfer Pumps

COROTC 12V Fuel Transfer Pumps, Mini Portable Stainless Steel On/Off Switch Oil Diesel Fuel Transfer Water Pumps 12V 40mm

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Enjoy a variety of use with this pump. It is ideal for oil and diesel as well as a water container. You can also use it as a submersible fuel pump. Connecting the poles is simple with instructions that guide you. All you have to do is connect the positive pole with the red click and the negative pole with the black click. It works with good speed so that you do not have to spend time doing the same thing all the time. The shell is not easy to deform. This makes it possible by the stainless steel used to make the shell. It also means that the shell cannot rust or rot even with continuous use.


  •  It is easier to get clean diesel or water using the stainless steel filter.
  •  This item increases the quality of the liquid filter.

1-Scepeter USA- DuraMax Flo n’ Go LE Fluid Transfer Pumps and 14-Gallon Rolling Gas Can

DuraMax Flo n' Go LE Fluid Transfer Pumps and 14-Gallon Rolling Gas Can

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The build of this item makes it highly durable using resin. There also rubber attached to the item that gives it more long-lasting qualities. The style it comes in is ergonomic. The top handle design to be heavy duty. It also has extra deep base unit handles that use during transportation. If you have an outboard engine then this is the perfect product to use. The feet of the product mold in to keep keeping the tank off the floor. This feature ensures that there increase ventilation and stability. Finding Handheld GPS


  • The pump controlled at the handle to allow for automatic shutting off and restarting. You, therefore, get a clean and stress-free siphon control.
  • You can use it for recreational applications.
  • The hose is easy to disconnect

Siphoning oil or gasoline make safe with pumps that are made using good materials. There are others in this article that have proper control to avoid spillage. So some of the products are also portable to give the user an easy time.

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