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That’s a close shave

There are about 2 times that statement is made. One is when someone survived a risky situation. The other is when a man gets a nice facial shave. One of the top 10 best electric shavers and trimmer for men in 2022 will give any man a close shave.

That is what you want your man to have. An electric shaver that gets all the hair off leaving nothing but soft to the touch good looking skin.

List of Top 10 Best Electric Shavers and Trimmer for Men In 2022 Reviews

#10. Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver for Men

10. Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver for Men

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One feature that helps this electric shaver stand out is its 5 shaving modes. No matter what type of skin you have, this shaver adjusts to your face. Plus, you get a waterproof device that can be used in a variety of places.

On top of those features, there is the intelligence response system that automatically makes adjustments to fit the contours of your face. With its four shaving elements, your close shave just got closer.

Finally, the precision trimmer is easy to use and reaches those hard to reach places without hurting your face. Being clean cut gets you further than alternatives. A good electric shaver keeps the feminine eye on you

  • 4 shaving elements
  • Automatic facial adjustment system
  • 5 shaving modes
  • Battery may leak

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#9. Panasonic Electric Shaver and Trimmer for Men

9. Panasonic Electric Shaver and Trimmer for Men

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Panasonic, a little ahead of their time. And they try to be with their digital battery indicator in the handle. One glance tells you how much power you have left. Then the sonic vibration cleaning system making sure your razor is always clean.

In addition to that, this wet or dry shaver works in or out of the shower. With a pop-up trimmer, you can cut all your facial hair with ease. Combine that with the 3 super sharp cutting blades and you get a close shave every time.

That is not all. The pivoting head makes sure no spot on your face is left uncut. No mess means less time shaving and more time with your favorite gal.

  • Floating heads
  • 3 sharp cutting blades
  • Digital battery life indicator
  • Needs to be wet to get close shave

#8. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver

8. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver

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The unique feature found on this electric shaver is its self-sharpening blades. That is a nice function to have as it tells you a close shave is just a power button push away. Also, without a cord, you have complete freedom of movement.

The flex blades move in 4 directions independently of each to make sure all areas of your face receive a nice close shave. Its automatic adjustment system works with every face no matter how it looks.

Then with one touch, the head opens for easy cleaning. After you charge the battery you get 35 minutes of shaving time. Look good no matter where you go.

  • Easy to charge & 35 minutes shaving
  • Independent movement of the blades
  • 4 sided direction flex head system
  • No brush to clean the blades

#7. SweetLF 3D Rechargeable IPX7 Electric Shaver

7. SweetLF 3D Rechargeable IPX7 Electric Shaver

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1 hour of charging time brings you about 30 shaves or 120 minutes of shave time, whichever comes first. Then with 5 indicator lights, you can see how much battery power you have left.

After you get this shaver out of its box, 4 direction floating heads and 3 rotary system make sure your facial hair cannot hide. You can remove all the unwanted hairs you want with this electric shaver and trimmer.

Then you can use this waterproof shaver in or out of the shower. It works wet or dry so you can always be clean shaven and attractive to the ladies. That is a good way to live.

  • 120 minutes of shave time
  • 4 directional blades that shave everything
  • Pop trimmer & one touch open
  • Blades need to move a bit faster

#6. Phisco Electric Shaver Razor for Men

6. Phisco Electric Shaver Razor for Men

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Only 2 minutes are needed when you need a quick shave. Get rid of that 5 o’clock shadow in a hurry. Then for longer shaves, 1 hour is needed for 120 minutes or 30 shaves. You are covered no matter which way you choose to go.

After you charge up, the battery life indicator light counts down till the power is gone. One look lets you know how much time you have left. Then the easy to grip handle makes sure your hand does not get tired as you clean up your face.

Waterproof, pop up trimmer, wet or dry application complete this great electric shaver package.

  • Easy grip handle
  • 2 minute quick charge
  • Easy to use pop up trimmer
  • Heads not as flexible as they could be

#5. Venyn 4 In 1 Richor Rotatory Electric Shaver

5. Venyn 4 In 1 Richor Rotatory Electric Shaver

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4 features allow you to complete your grooming quickly. Switch from shaver to nose hair trimmer to beard brush to trimmer head quickly. No matter what you need done this electric shaver can do it.

Plus, you get 60 minutes of shaving time with only a few minutes of a quick charge. Then you can use this as a wet or dry shaver. Either method gets your face clean and a very close comfortable shave. 3 floating heads handle all the dirty work for you.

Also, the cordless feature makes sure you have the freedom you need to move your arms to the right position for a safe shaving experience.

  • Interchangeable heads for total grooming
  • 60 minutes after quick charge
  • Freedom of movement
  • Power button is located in the wrong place

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#4. Roziapro Electric Shaver Razor for Men

4. Roziapro Electric Shaver Razor for Men

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What is better than 4 in 1 electric shaver? A 5 in 1 that is what. This top-quality electric shaver gives you 5 grooming options using one power source. Its comfortable handle is easy on your hands and lets you make head changes quickly.

On top of that, the digital countdown timer keeps track of your power supply. Recharge when it gets close to zero. Along with that, you get 3 floating heads that automatically follow your facial features.

This wet or dry shaver lets you wash away the cut hair in the shower. A tap sign tells you when it is time to clean the heads.

  • Tap cleaning sign indicator light
  • 5 in 1 grooming
  • 3 floating heads
  • May not shave closely enough

#3. Aesfee Electric Shavers for Men

3. Aesfee Electric Shaver for Men

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Power up through the included USB charging cable. Once you have done that, you get 60 minutes of shaving time to look great for your hot date. Then use this electric shaver anywhere you want. It has a waterproof body.

Another great feature is its travel lock. Select that to prevent unauthorized use when you are on the road. This locking system makes sure your razor remains power up. 5 indicator lights remind you of cleaning time and other important issues you need to be wary of.

One button turns it on or off for you for easy use.

  • Travel lock system
  • 5 indicator lights
  • USB cable for charging
  • Floating heads too far apart

#2. MAX-T Men’s Electric Shaver

2. MAX-T Men's Electric Shaver

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Sensitive skin owners should be able to use this painless and hypoallergenic electric shaver without issue. Its 3 rotary heads float to handle the contours of your face while the 4 direction cutting enables those blades to get all the facial hair.

On top of that, this waterproof razor comes with a travel lock that takes about 3 seconds to employ. No accidental startups while you are in charge. Use wet or dry. Either option makes sure your face is soft to the feminine touch.

  • Easy to use
  • Travel lock system built-in
  • Powerful motor
  • Small USB plug very fragile

#1. Adhope Electric Shavers for Men

1. Adhope Electric Shavers for Men

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One nice feature built into this electric shaver is its anti-pinch function. You should get a smooth pain free shave every time you use this shaver. Plus, you get the same travel lock system to make sure your razor never turns on by accident.

In addition to that, the 3 floating heads make sure they leave no part of your face unshaven. It’s wet or dry application and no power cord lets you shave where you want when you want.

A digital battery life indicator reminds you of how much power you have left.

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Anti-pinch feature
  • 2 hour fast charging
  • Motor may not be powerful enough


Getting a close shave is important to most men. They want to look their best all the time. For those men there is one of the top 10 best electric shavers and trimmer for men in 2022. These shavers have the features, the style and the accessories to make sure you look well-groomed all the time.

That is what you want in a top-quality shaver. Also, the power-up fast and remove the cord so you can move as you please and shave wherever you want. To get a clean close shave, you always go with the best.

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