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There are times when you would have wished that your dog can swim so that you can take it with you in the water. There is a solution to keep your wish alive, and it is through a life jacket. With a life jacket, your dog can stay floated and even try to swim just like your kids. In fact, your dogs can jump in your swimming pool and take a bath and have fun with full safety. The following list contains the top best dog life jackets available that our team has put together for you.

Table of the Best Dog Life Jackets Reviews

10. Outward Hound Granby Splash Large Dog Life Jackets

Dog Life Jackets

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This large-sized dog life jacket comes with the construction of the extremely waterproof and rip-stop fabric. The float coat is also flexible enough to let your pets move freely by wearing it. Moreover, the front neck float helps your paw-friends to keep their heads above water while floating. The hook-n-loop closure around the neck and belly areas of the jacket securely holds your dog’s body for safety.

With the help of a pair of grab handles, the life jacket also makes rescuing easier for owners. Furthermore, the neoprene fabric construction of this float vest feels soft, breathable, and waterproof. The side padded panels of this float coat increase the buoyancy for your pet’s safety.


  • It makes floating easier for pets.
  • Feels ultra-light and comfortable.
  • The Velcro closure straps are wider.

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9. Vivaglory Ripstop Dog Life Jackets – Reflective & Adjustable Preserver Vest 

Vivaglory Ripstop Dog Life Jackets - Reflective & Adjustable Preserver Vest 

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The bright yellow color increases the visibility of this dog life jacket from a very long distance. With the help of a strong grab handle, this coat also helps you to easily lift your dogs from water. Moreover, the D-ring hook allows you to easily attach a leash to this jacket. The reflective trims ensure the safety of this float coat.

You can also adjust the straps of this jacket also make a custom fit for most of the small dogs. Furthermore, the thick padding helps your jacket to stay afloat even in the waves. The quick-release buckles make removal or wearing hassle-free for owners. The Velcro closure on the belly and neck keeps the jacket properly fastened.


  • The Velcro system is pretty reliable.
  • It comes with an inbuilt grab handle.
  • It offers higher buoyancy in water.

8. RUFFWEAR Float Coat Dog Life Jackets for Swimming

RUFFWEAR - Float Coat Dog Life Jackets for Swimming

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This dog life jacket comes along with reflective trims. Therefore, this coat also keeps your dogs visible even in low light conditions for ultimate safety. Moreover, the telescopic neck closure of this float coat helps owners to adjust the tightness pet’s comfort levels. The integrated light loop easily accommodates a beacon light.

The clip-on buckles of the jacket also help you to easily attach and detach the straps. Furthermore, the strategically-placed closed-cell foam panels let your dogs stay floated at any condition. The rescue handle helps you to lift your pets instantly in case of an emergency. This waterproof jacket is suitable for several water sports, like rafting, boating, surfing, kayaking, and more.


  • Easily holds a beacon light.
  • Has closed-cell foam padding.
  • Offers hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.

7. Vivaglory Dog Life Jackets – Pet Safety Vest for Dogs

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Made from high-quality 600D oxford fabric, this dog life jacket offers ultimate protection against water. The oxford fabric is also resistant to ripping to make this jacket exceptional durable. Moreover, the front float design of this vest helps your dog to keep his head up while swimming. You can even easily detach the front float accordingly.

With the help of high-density padding, the jacket also helps your pets to stay afloat on water. Furthermore, the reflective trims keep your pets visible in low light conditions. The strong grab handle allows owners to lift your pets any time you want. This jacket has adjustable straps, and quick-release buckles offer a custom fit for dogs.


  • The fastening system is comfortable.
  • The reflective trims are extremely visible.
  • It does not offer excessive pressure on dogs’ necks.

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6. Outward Hound Dawson Dog Life Jacket

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With an ultra-vivid color, this dog life jacket keeps your paw-friends always visible for safety. The reinforced stitching of this float vest also makes it exceptionally long-lasting. Moreover, the side foam panels of this jacket provide ultimate buoyancy to make the paw-friends float confidently. The cold weather coat offers a custom fit for most of the medium-sized dogs.

The adjustable belts and quick-release buckles also make this jacket comfortable for both pets and owners. Furthermore, the waterproof and breathable vest lets your dog walk and swim both cozily. The rescue handle is strong enough that you can instantly lift your dog from the water. The neoprene fabric construction offers enough warmth to your pets.


  • Ideal for cold water locations.
  • It offers perfect buoyancy in water.
  • Available in ultra-bright, visible color.

5. Paws Aboard Dog Life Vest for Swimming and Boating

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Aided with reflective strips, this dog life jacket offers ultimate protection to your dogs in water. The vibrant color of this float vest also keeps your dog visible in the water at any condition. Moreover, the jacket comes with the construction of heavy-duty, quick-drying, and breathable neoprene fabric. This lightweight vest feels soft, breathable, and flexible to your pet’s skin.

The jacket also never slows down your pet’s movement in the water. Furthermore, the adjustable straps, along with quick-release buckles, make removal and putting on easier for owners. The top rescue handle of this vest easily tows your pets from water. The D-ring on the jacket lets you attach dog leashes without any difficulty.


  • Has an inbuilt rescue handle.
  • Suitable for oversized dog breeds.
  • It comes in a loud color for better visibility.

4. Paws Aboard Pet Life Jacket for Dogs

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The pink polka dot design of this life jacket keeps your paw friends highly visible amid waves. This float vest also offers a custom fit for most of the small puppies and double-extra small dog breeds. Moreover, the stylish silhouette makes this dog life jacket look pretty classy. The reflective strips do not let your pooch go out of your sight.

The marine-grade neoprene fabric construction also makes this float vest extremely waterproof. Furthermore, the construction makes drainage faster and convenient. The breathable, lightweight, and soft neoprene fabric of this life jacket does not suffocate your canine friends. The flexible life-saving vest helps your paw-friends to move comfortably.


  • Includes reflective strips for safety.
  • Looks pretty distinctive and easily noticeable.
  • Has high-quality, waterproof neoprene fabric construction.

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3. Queenmore Float Dog Life Jacket – Ripstop Life Vest for Small, Middle, Large Dogs

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This dog life jacket has the construction of premium-quality oxford fabric. The polyethylene foam also feels soft and comfortable on your dog’s skin. Moreover, the life jacket offers resistance against water and keeps your paw friends floating in any condition. Suitable for a wide variety of water sport activities, dogs stay safe and comfortable in the water.

The adjustable nylon straps also offer custom fit around your pet’s neck and belly. Furthermore, the front float design enhances your dog’s buoyancy in water. The grabbing handle of this jacket helps owners to keep their pets out of the water with ease. The breathable inner mesh lining of this vest keeps your pets breathable during adventures.


  • Includes a sturdy D-ring for leashes.
  • It offers custom fitting for small dogs.
  • The nylon straps are tear-resistant.

2. ASENKU Dog Life Jacket Ripstop Pet Floatation Vest Saver Swimsuit Preserver for Water Safety

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Crafted with high-grade polyester-oxford nylon, the exterior of this dog life jacket offers higher resistance against water. Your dog will also feel breathable and comfortable with the help of a plush, pearl cotton foam inner layer. Moreover, this dog swim vest is warm enough to keep your paw friends cozy in cold weather. With proper drainage, this coat easily and quickly dries and offers resistance against ripping.

The shark-fin design also keeps your dog visible on the water. Furthermore, the adjustable belts and Velcro straps offer a snug-fitting for your small-sized dog breeds or puppies. The belts include quick-release buckles for easy putting on and removal. The under-chin front float design helps your pets to keep their heads above water in rough conditions.


  • The soft pearl cotton inner layer.
  • Unique under-chin front float design.
  • It offers faster drying and good drainage.

1. Avanigo Dog Life Jacket Shark Dog Swimming Vest

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Keep your paw friends both safe and ready for water adventures, by gifting them this fog life jacket. This float coat vest also offers a custom fit for most of the medium to large-sized dog breeds. Moreover, the cute shark fin on the back of this vest lets your dogs visible on the water. With the help of the fastening system, the jacket offers a snug fit around the neck and belly of your pets.

This jacket is also safe for various adventures, like kayaking, fishing, boating, surfing, or simply swimming. Furthermore, the adjustable straps and quick-release buckles let you adjust the fitting for your dog’s comfort. You can easily attach a leash with the help of a D-ring.


  • Feels light, soft, and breathable.
  • Ideal for tough water adventures.
  • Includes a shark-fin style design on the back.


There are a few factors that you have to keep in mind while buying a dog life jacket. First of all, you have to make sure that life jackets should fit your dog perfectly. The second factor is the buoyancy and the ease of putting the jacket on the dog. It is better to opt for a bright colored life jacket as dogs will love it, and it will be easily visible. Considering all such factors, we have chosen the life jackets for you.

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