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Doggy doors are convenient

They let your dog go in and out when they want without disturbing you at the wrong time. With one of the top 10 best dog door automatic locks in 2021, you can make sure those doggy doors are not a security risk.

Keep your dog happy while making sure your home and personal items are safe and sound. There is a healthy compromise and these automatic dog door locks provide it for you.  Also, they should be not too difficult to install.

Go with the best to make sure you have some peace of mind.

List of Top 10 Best Dog Door Automatic Locks In 2021 – Reviews

#10. PetSafe New Wall Entry Dog Door Automatic Locks

10. PetSafe New Wall Entry Dog Door

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Protect your home by using this wall installed a dog door. It keeps people away from reaching your security locks and opening your back door when you are not home. Plus, they are easy to install and come with step by step instructions.

There is more good news. These doors will work in a variety of wall construction materials. Then they telescope to match the width of your wall. If they are not long enough extensions are available.

On top of that the approx. 10 by 16 opening is made for large dogs, although smaller ones can use it safely as well.

Key Features
  • Electronic SmartDoor
  • Lifestyle Innovations for Nearly 30 Years
  • Product Experts Help
  • Designed for Pets Up to 100 Pounds
  • Control Your Pet’s Access
  • Large opening
  • Works in a variety of walls
  • Easy to install
  • Flap not on a hinge

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#9. Namsan Magnetic Automatic Lock

9. Namsan Magnetic Automatic Lock

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Install this automatic dog door lock in a glass or screen door and give your dog the freedom it needs. Plus, the magnetic lock makes sure that uninvited guests do not get inside when you are not around.

Made from tough ABS plastic, this door lock should not warp or grow brittle when the weather turns cold. Installation is quick and easy as the two halves snap together over the screen. Then cut the screen to open the door for your beloved pet.

Also, you can lock the door when you want your pet to stay on one side or the other.

Key Features
  • Durable and Unique Paw Style Design
  • Magnetic Flap Closures
  • Fixation with Screws
  • Upgrade Slide Lock
  • Easy Install
  • Simple to install
  • Uses magnets for opening and locking
  • Should not warp
  • May be a bit hard to snap together

#8. High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

8. High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

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The door on this doggy door slides up and down. Once it comes down it needs the electronic device attached to your dog’s collar to activate it. A motor powers the device to make sure it slides smoothly and quickly each way.

In addition to that, your dog has to directly approach the door for it to open for him or her. With 4 modes to choose from you can control your dog’s entry or exit at a push of a button.

A dead bolt lock makes sure no one enters when you are away. Plus, you have an airtight seal keeping the elements outside.

Key Features
  • Easy Installation
  • Maximum Dog Size Up to 100 lbs
  • Motor Driven Vertically-Sliding Door is Activated
  • Full Access or Closed & Locked
  • Automatic Deadbolt Locking Makes for a High-Security Pet Door
  • Motor driven access
  • Extra dead bolt lock
  • Airtight seal for comfort
  • Inferior manufacturing

#7. OWNPETS Pet Screen Door – Dog Door Automatic Locks

7. OWNPETS Pet Screen Door

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This 14 by 12-inch magnetic dog door installs in minutes over your screen door. Its larger size lets a variety of dogs enter and exit at their will. Then the magnetic automatically closes the door so you are not exposed to any of the elements that generally enter when the door is open.

While the door snaps into place you should use a few screws as reinforcement to make sure this ABS plastic door stays where you want it. Then its dead bolt lock, you can make sure no one else enters your home through the dog door.

Key Features
  • Lockable Door Bolt
  • Easy to Install & Use
  • Sturdy & Durable
  • Anti-UV
  • Durable enough to prevent Pets Bite
  • Magnetic closure for easy use
  • Dead bolt lock for security
  • Made of tough ABS plastic
  • Not made for all sizes of dogs

#6. Solo Pet Doors Automatic Electronic Dog Door

6. Solo Pet Doors Automatic Electronic Dog Door

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Gravity helps the door close and it does it slowly so there is no banging or damage done to the door. Plus, a dog collar sensor allows your dog to open the door when he or she needs to go out for a quick break then back in again to be with the family.

For added security, there is a way to keep the door locked when you are not home. Just slide it into place and your home’s security is top level again. The sensor is magnetic and does not need any batteries to operate it. Also, it is waterproof so it shouldn’t malfunction in the rain.

Key Features
  • Completely safe for your pet
  • Original Manufacturer for 25 Years! Completely Automatic
  • Comes in 10 Different Sizes
  • Free Pet Tag Sensor
  • Securely Locked
  • Waterproof
  • no batteries needed
  • gravity closure for safety
  • it may malfunction

#5. CATOOP Pet Dog Cat Screen Door

5. CATOOP Pet Dog Cat Screen Door

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Dogs or cats can learn to use this magnetic dog door with a little coaxing. After they learn it is their friend your pets should go in and out with ease. On top of that, it snaps into place to make installation simple and easy to do.  Just cut the screen after getting it snapped together.

Once that is done you have a convenient dog door that comes with a slide lock. This slide lock protects your home from unauthorized entry by other pets or humans. Made from tough ABS plastic, any size of dog should fit through these do doors without hassle.

Key Features
  • Suitable for all Door
  • Automatic Close & Lockable
  • Easy to Install & Durable
  • Protection Against UV Light, Wind, Rain
  • easy to install
  • uses magnets to help open and close the door
  • slide locks to keep you and your family safe
  • May warp in the sun

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#4. SUCCESS Dog Screen Door

4. SUCCESS Dog Screen Door

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Versatile location options allow you to place this dog door in screen doors, paneled glass doors and other thin locations. This door will let your dog go in and out whenever they want while letting you concentrate on what you are doing.

Magnetics close and lock the door after your pet leaves or enters your home. Plus, the reinforced frame makes it hard to break or remove without the right tools. The two pieces glue together to form a solid bond then you cut the screen out to make sure there is an opening.

A hanging hinge keeps the door durable and hard to break.

Key Features
  • Size & Suitable for
  • Automatic Two-Way Magnetic Lock
  • Durable & Practical Design
  • Easy to Install
  • 100% Money-Back Guaranteed
  • A hanging hinge
  • Easy to install with glue
  • Magnetic door closure
  • Hard to understand instructions

#3. CEESC Dog Door for Sliding Screen Door

3. CEESC Dog Door for Sliding Screen Door

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This is a new and improved 3rd generation dog door lock which seeks to rectify previous inferior properties. Your pet should not be hurt going in and out of this door and the interior frame should not be as fragile as it once was.

The 16 by 12-inch opening should provide more room for your pet as they go through this door. Then the hanging hinge design makes it easier for your pet to move as the travel through the opening.

A magnet keeps the doors aligned and closed when not in use. This should keep the elements out as well.

Key Features
  • Upgraded Version
  • Universal for Pets
  • Hanging Type
  • Magnet Align
  • 2-Way Tab Control
  • Magnetic closures hold door closed
  • Large opening for all dogs
  • Safe and easy to use
  • May still be a it fragile

#2. LESYPET Dog Screen Door

2. LESYPET Dog Screen Door

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A padded frame protects your treasured pet while they go in and out of your home. Scratches and cuts should be a thing of the past once you install this dog door for your pet. A hanging hinge makes sure your pet does not have a difficult time opening the door.

In addition to that, the 12 by 16-inch opening size should be enough for most dog sizes. After your dog gets through the door a magnetic lock keeps it closed until your dog returns to use it again.

For additional security, two tabs slide into place and lock the door so no one can use it, even your dog.

Key Features
  • Slippy Surface
  • Safe Lock
  • Size Reference
  • Strong Joint Shaft
  • Easy to Use
  • Magnetic Close
  • Secure locking methods
  • Padded interior frame
  • Easy to open and close
  • Some missing parts

#1. Ideal Pet Products E-Z Pass Electronic Pet Door

1. Ideal Pet Products E-Z Pass Electronic Pet Door

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This traditional styled doggy door fits most door thicknesses between 1 ¼ to 1 ¾ inch. After you get it installed the door operates electronically. Only your dog can use this door because of the collar sensor it wears. All others are kept out.

Then the 7 by 9-inch flap is said to be unbreakable and it should last you a long time. The small opening is for small dogs only up to 25 pounds in size. A rechargeable battery pack is available, but it is sold separately from this product.

With a lock out slide, you should be able to keep your home protected when you are not there.

Key Features
  • Durable Plastic Frame
  • Radio Frequency ID
  • Suitable for Small Dogs Up to 25 lbs
  • Easy Installation
  • Frequency Set Automatically
  • A lock out slide
  • Radio controlled entry
  • Made from tough plastic
  • Locking mechanism issues


Having a pet is a very enjoyable experience. Dogs give you so much love and affection that it is natural for you to give them one of the top 10 best dog door automatic locks in 2021. These doors let your pet come and go as they please.

That feature benefits you as you do not have to stop what you are doing and open the door for your pet. Plus, they should be easy to install and large enough for most dog sizes. Go with the best to treat your dog just right.

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