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A chunky knit blanket comes in fashionable design and keeps you warm. It lets you use it anywhere you want, and some can be perfect for all seasons. Chunky knit blankets are breathable and can be ideal for people who want you to have a transition in their home. It is available in multiple sizes, and there is one for each one of you. It offers you multiple options, and you can even wear them while performing different tasks. Check out the following list of the top 10 best chunky knit blankets.

Table of the Best Chunky Knit Blankets Reviews

10. Clootess Warm Soft Chunky Knit Blankets for Sofa Bed Boho Home Decor

Chunky Knit Blankets

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Crafted from chenille yarn, this chunky knit blanket feels very much soft, light in weight, and breathable. Dissimilar to original wool, this throw blanket does not shed wear and tear. Therefore, this bedding item lasts for years. Moreover, this blanket with a braided pattern makes your bedroom and living space look exceptionally classy. The handmade throw comes with temperature-regulating properties.

This bedding item also feels very much soft and does not irritate your skin. Furthermore, the hypoallergenic texture of this blanket feels gentle on the sensitive skin of your babies. The knit blanket simply turns into a pet bed. You can drape this throw over a tall chair. This blanket transforms into a throw blanket for your sofa and couch.


  • Features fabulous high quality.
  • Helps to effectively regulate body temperature.
  • Comfy and warm and multipurpose.

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9. Hearth & Crate Super Soft Chunky Knit Throw Blanket for Bed – Chunky Knit Chenille Throw Blanket

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This ultra-soft chunky knit blanket comes with chenille yarn to deliver a soft touch on your skin. The hypoallergenic yarn fabric also feels gentle on your tots’ sensitive skin. Moreover, the luxurious knitted throw is shed-proof. Therefore, this blanket stays in a well-maintained condition for years. From pet bed to lounger chair, you can use this blanket as per your needs.

The super-soft yarn blanket also makes an ideal gift for the persons, whom you care about the most. Furthermore, this large-sized 50X60-inch blanket is large enough to accommodate up to 2 persons. Unlike the traditional wool, this yarn blanket does not tear, shed, and peel. You can use this throw for your living room, bedroom, and other spaces.


  • Features 100% no-shed and hypoallergenic.
  • Large size for bed/sofa/lounge chair.
  • Get a buttery soft feel.

8. Eon Luxe Comfort Large Chunky Knit Blankets – Handmade Knit Throw Blanket

Eon Luxe Comfort Large Chunky Knit Blankets

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The polyester fabric construction makes this chunky knit blanket exceptionally durable and plush. This hand-knitted throw with braided pattern also makes your decoration look very much classy. Moreover, you can easily use this blanket for your bed, couch, sofa, and chair. The blanket simply turns into a cozy chair seat pad. The intricate vegan-friendly polyester weaving maintains proper breathability to keep sleepers cozy while sleeping.

This large-sized throw also looks luxuries in your guest room. Furthermore, you can use this blanket to drape over a tall chair. From rustic to modern room décors, this blanket suits any room décor. This throw makes a perfect sleeping spot for your pets.


  • A superb gift for all women.
  • Unique beautiful piece of the living room.
  • Features 100% polyester and handmade.

7. KRASKA Homemade Chunky Knit Blankets from Polyester Chenille Chunky Yarn –  Soft Throw Blanket for Couch

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This chunky knit blanket has its pure handmade weaving pattern to evoke the intricacy of this bedding item. From chair seat cover pad to a pet bed, this throw is also usable in several more ways. Moreover, this bedding item involves the construction of soft and plush polyester chenille yarn to deliver a soft touch. The breathable and hypoallergenic fabric construction keeps sleepers comfortable for hours.

The yarn also delivers warmth to keep you comfortable during the winter season. Furthermore, the texture of this blanket has a soft draping style. Therefore, this throw is always cuddle-ready to keep sleepers comfortable. The hypoallergenic properties feel soft to the sensitive skin of your toddlers.


  • Handcrafted 100% polyester chenille yarn.
  • Warm, stay cozy, and comfy.
  • Features a soft draping style.

6. MLMGUO Homemade Chunky Knit Blanket – Soft Knitting Throw for Bedroom Sofa Decor Super

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Made from pure and soft merino wool, this chunky knit blanket feels very much gentle on your skin. The braided blanket also looks exceptionally classy in your bedroom and living space. Moreover, the lightweight yet thick throw is a perfect cuddling partner for you and your little ones. This blanket makes an ideal present for the loved ones you care for.

The woollen texture also provides enough warmth to keep sleepers comfortable during chilly nights. Furthermore, you can use this as a blanket for bed, seat cover pad for chair, and a pet bed. The knitted texture makes your living space look more attractive to guests. You can simply cuddle on your couch by wrapping this throw around you.


  • Excellent decoration for your home.
  • Accompanies for a relaxing day.
  • Perfect gift for someone you love.

5. Zituop Chunky Knitted Throw Blanket – Heavy Cozy Warm Giant Knit Blanket

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You can simply clean this chunky knit blanket by using the dry-wash technique. Made from soft and plush yarn, this knitted blanket also comes with an intricate braided pattern. Moreover, this 50X60-inch throw comes with a beautiful hand-knitted pattern to make your decoration look complete and aesthetic. This blanket perfectly converts into a chair cover seat pad.

The temperature regulating yarn also dissipates heat to keep your body cool during summer days. Furthermore, the blanket keeps you warm during the winter seasons. You can use this blanket in your studio room, bedroom, and other spaces. You can please guests by the sophistication of this throw blanket. This blanket keeps you warm while relaxing in your patio, terrace, and other outdoor spaces.


  • Adds style, warmth, and sophistication.
  • Gives the bedroom an elegant look.
  • Fluffy merino wool alternative yarn.

4. LETTER PERFECT Handwoven Chunky Knit Throw Blanket – Chenille Chunky Yarn

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Derived from pure acrylic yarn, this chunky knit blanket comes with a soft and lightweight texture to offer comfort. The intricate weaving pattern also makes this throw look very much fashionable. So, you can use this multifunctional blanket for your bedroom, sofa, and couch. The chenille blanket becomes the best cuddle partner for everyone. You can simply wash this throw according to your needs.

The breathable texture also regulates your body temperature properly. Therefore, you can use this throw all year round. Furthermore, the braided, knitted pattern simply blends with any modern room décor. The hypoallergenic properties make this throw suitable for your toddlers. This blanket looks beautiful on beds, couches, and blanket ladders.


  • Hand-woven, unique, and wonderful gift.
  • Soft texture and great looks.
  • Goes with any décor, brightens the room.

3. VIYEAR Large White Chunky Knit Blanket

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With an exquisite braided knitting pattern, this throw blanket looks unique and delicate. The hand-knitted chunky knit blanket also looks well in your bedroom, living room, and other spots of your room. Moreover, this throw comes with a thick yet lightweight texture to offer a soft touch on your skin. The hypoallergenic fabric causes no irritation to your skin.

This rug also looks good on couches, chairs, and sofas while reading books, drinking coffees, and doing other things. Furthermore, this chunky knit blanket makes your decoration look more attractive to the eyes of visitors. This multifunctional blanket works as a pet bed, chair cover seat pad, or as a rug.


  • Ideal gift for your loved ones.
  • Versatile and perfect home décor.
  • Comes in warm and comfortable.

2. AVAFORT Luxury Knit Chunky Throw Blanket – Blanket for Bedroom Bed Chair Couch

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Inspired by the Bohemian pattern, this chunky knit blanket completely blends with contemporary room décors. This throw also comes with the construction of the pure and soft polyester fabric. Moreover, this hand-knitted throw with intricate weaving pattern makes this bedding item look quite classy. This versatile blanket is perfect for using on your bed, chair, and couch.

The fluffy throw also makes a perfect bed for your paw-friends. Furthermore, this rug makes your couching on the sofa more cuddling. This all-season throw is suitable for people of different ages. You can even utilize this decorative piece to decorate your living room, bedroom, and other spaces. This visually appealing throw makes an ideal present for your loved ones.


  • Comes in 100% polyester material.
  • Colour options and versatile size.
  • Brings good mood with visual effects.

1. Pusunas Chunky Knit Blanket Throw – Large Bulky Hand knitted Blanket

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This throw blanket matches perfectly for queen and king size beds or sofas. The super-fluffy chunky knit blanket also comes with a woven wool yarn construction. Therefore, the blanket is hypoallergenic and feels soft to your babies’ skin. Moreover, the polyester chenille yarn feels lightweight and breathable. You can use this throw blanket for your kids’ rooms. This hand-knitted throw is perfect to use all year round.

The handcrafted knitted blanket also has temperature-regulating properties. So, you can stay warm during winter and stay cool during summer days. Furthermore, from little babies to elderly people, this blanket is perfect for everyone. The heat-regulating properties of this throw let users sleep peacefully.


  • Features top-quality chenille yarn.
  • Equipped with a soft and bouncy texture.
  • Makes it bedroom accent décor piece.


While buying a chunky knit blanket, you should be checking out the size and dimension to match your requirements. There are beautiful designs of these blankets available to pick from. Therefore, you should not hurry and be patient to go through the entire list. The comfort and warmth of these chunky knit blankets are totally unmatched.

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