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In order to maintain the health of your car, you need to keep a check on it. Therefore, you need car code readers for having a timely check-up of your car. Now keep yourself away from troubles related to the car as these code readers will update you with all the information. These are compatible with almost all the cars and mostly come in a standardized format. It will help you determine the longevity of the product and thus, you can properly maintain it.

So, we have referred you to the best-rated car code readers that have all the high-end products. Having amazing functionality will meet all your demands.

 Top 10 Best OBD2 Scanner Car Code Readers Reviews

10. Autel AutoLink AL519 OBD2 Scanner EOBD Car Code Reader

Autel AutoLink AL519 OBDII EOBD CAN Code Reader Car Code scanner Diagnotsic Tool Scanner

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Autel has created a highly efficient and functional code reader. It can certainly help both regular car owners and professional mechanics alike. Firstly, it has nice rubberized protection along the sides and around the edges. As a result, it gives it quite a lot of protection against shocks, bumps, and makes it highly durable. It has large buttons that are easy to use even if you have big fingers. Next, a really nice big car code reader screen makes it is easy to read.

Marked LED lights give you a visual indication of the status of your car. It is marked with danger and ok signs so that even first-time users have no problem understanding it. You also get the option of DTC lookup. Therefore, lets you check up on the meaning of codes you get from your OBD scanning. Unlike other readers, you don’t have to rely on an extra device or the internet for this simple task

Key features:

  • You get an excellent grip with curved rubberized sides.
  • The long and robust cord lets you pass it around even to the passenger seat if you are using it with someone.
  • It comes with a carrying case that lets you transport it easily.

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9.Autel MS309 OBD2 Scanner Fault Reader

Autel MS309 Universal OBD2 Scanner Engine Fault Reader, Read Clear Codes, View Freeze Frame Data, I/M Readiness Smog Check CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool

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Autel brings to you yet another universal car code reader that is super affordable. Next, it has a minimalist design focusing on ease of use. With just 2 buttons, you would be able to switch between all the different functions and modes. Therefore, run comprehensive tests without a hick.

Instead of just doing generic maintenance you can target and spend money on specific parts that need care.

Key features:

  • It has a thickness of just 0.8-inches and would fit inside a tiny bag.
  • The Readiness Status provides you with proper information about smog and everything else.
  • Weighs just over 9 ounces and has satisfied thousands of customers.

8.KOBRA Products OBD2 Scan Tool

OBD2 Scan Tool – Clears Check Engine Lights Instantly – Diagnose Over 3000 Car Codes – Wired Car Diagnostic Scanner – Auto Scanner For All 1996+ Vehicles – OBD Scanner for Professionals

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This wired OBD2 scan tool from Kobra Products gives you valuable information for easy diagnosis of your car. Now instead of watching an orange light flash on your dashboard and thinking about the problem you might face, this scanner reads out the codes. It tells you the root cause of the problem. If your car is facing any ECU problems, then this reader will store all the DTC codes with its scan. Plus, lets you browse through them at your own leisure.

In this device, you get a huge database of more than 3000 code descriptions. It includes specific manufacturer related codes and even generic ones. The best part is that the scanning is ultra-quick. No need to bring the car to your manufacturer and waste time or money for a simple diagnosis. You can know what’s wrong within mere seconds of using this tool.

Key features:

  • The auto car code reader is compatible with all cars that are made on or after 1996.
  • Compact size lets you carry it in the car’s glove box and use it whenever or wherever you face a problem.
  • The two-button operation certainly makes it really simple and user-friendly for even amateur users.

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7. Foxwell NT201 Auto OBD2 Scanner Engine Light Car Code Reder

Foxwell NT201 Auto OBD2 Scanner Check Car Engine Light Fault Code Reader OBD II Diagnostic Scan Tool

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Foxwell always creates some of the best code readers and the NT201 is a fine example. It has 10 modes for showing all kinds of diagnostic data. And can even display live data in graphical or text format. After scanning for emission status, it gives you audio-visual feedback. Besides, it displays data in the form of colour-coded LED light indicators and a beep sound.

With the USB port, you can power up the device without the interface. Finally, even update it with the latest available software release

Key features:

  • At just around a pound, the super lightweight car code reader is easy to carry around.
  • Curved and ribbed sides for flawless grip.

6.AUTOPHIX Vehicle Code Reader OBD2 Scanner 

AUTOPHIX OBD2 OBD II Scanner Enhanced OM126P Vehicle Code Reader Auto Diagnostic Check Engine Light for All OBD II Car After 1996

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The best thing about this reader from Autophix is that unlike others it isn’t limited to its stock database. You can easily update the codes on this device via your computer or laptop. In fact, get clear easy to understand instructions in the manual for that. You also get an option that lets you set up this tool according to your requirements. Plus, can change everything from language and the beep sounds to the unit of measurement.

No need for looking up the internet or grabbing another device for checking the meaning of your codes either. It has a search feature that lets you input a code. If your car is facing that problem, then you are instantly shown the meaning of that code. The 2.4-inches bright LCD screen shows you all the information clearly. Lastly, it lets you browse and operate through the menu in a smooth fashion.

Key features:

  • Comes with a USB cable for charging up this device
  • Simple and compact car code reader design that makes it highly portable.
  • High-quality build with a thick rubber grip/bumper case around the sides.

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5. FOXWELL NT301 Professional OBD2 Scanner

FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner Professional Enhanced OBDII Diagnostic Code Reader Tool

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Foxwell is manufacturing OBD code readers for almost a decade. And this model from the brand is compatible with most cars in the American, European and Australian markets. There are several cheap OBD readers in the market that do the basics. But Foxwell’s device is class apart due to its enhanced mode test. It allows you to pinpoint further problems in specific monitored tests. This lets you pinpoint specific issues like cylinder misfires that might be looked over otherwise.

Furthermore, the accuracy is unmatched. The live data shown in this scanner is presented both in graphs as well as a text form.

Key features:

  • With one year warranty period, you don’t have to worry about any problems.
  • It perfectly works on all cars from around the world.
  • It does not require any extra batteries, draws power directly from the interface.

4.Innova Color Screen Car Code Readers Pro OBD2 Scanner

Innova Color Screen with Bluetooth 3160g Code Reader/Scan Tool with ABS, SRS, and Live Data for OBD2 Vehicles

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Innova always tries to stay true to its name and bring new innovation to its products. This reader is also one such example and has a wide vehicle coverage from cars and SUVs to pickup trucks.

Other than the usual OBD codes, you can also run a Smog test. It is color-coded and checks indicator readiness for your next road trip. You also get a trial at it online and app-based repair solutions for getting assistance on diagnostics at every level.

Key features:

  • With Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect it to your smartphone with ease.
  • Cable has an inbuilt LED light so that you can easily plug it into the port even in the dark.
  • Having 3 AA batteries, it can power up by itself.

3.Autel AL619 Autolink Car Code Readers Airbag Scan Tool

Autel AL619 Autolink Engine/ABS/SRS Auto OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader Automotive Diagnostic Tool

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One of the really awesome features of Autel is that you can review and check up on the readings at a later time even if you aren’t in your car. Other than the data link cord that connects to the OBD port of your car, this car can also draw power from a power bank via a USB cable. It also has a microSD card slot that lets you store the readings and DTC codes. So if the problem isn’t too severe, you can just take a quick scan and review it later whenever free.

The MicroSD slot helps you to update the device database with the latest codes and firmware in a hassle-free manner.

Key features:

  • No need to worry about your purchase since it is covered by a one year warranty period.
  • With just one click you can have a full check up on the emissions system.
  • Autel provides software updates for this product for a lifetime period.

2.OBDScar OS601 OBD2 Scanner Universal Fault Coder Reader

OBDScar OS601 OBD2 Scanner Universal Automotive Engine Fault Code Reader EOBD OBDII CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool

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OBDScar has made a really rugged device that will stand the test of time. It is loaded with features to help you in every way for running all kinds of diagnostic tests on your car. Plus, it has the feature of reading DTC codes as well as erasing them after you are done with fixing the issue.

Now, you can also run a Smog check, freeze-frame of data stream without any issues. Having a weight of only 11.2 ounces that you can carry it anywhere.

Key features:

  • You can read the CID, CVN, and VIN number of your car as well as switch the unit of measurement from the imperial to the metric system.
  • Wide range of compatibility with American as well as imported car models.

1.Manfiter OBD2 Scanner Reader for Automobile

Manfiter OBD2 Scanner Auto Car OBDii 2 Code Reader Diagnostic Scan Tool Check Engine Light Trouble Codes Vehicle

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Manfiter has equipped its scanner with all the updated necessary features. Plus, the build quality is a huge bargain at this price point. It can show you free frame data and emissions system test for your car’s ECU within seconds.

No need to go through 10 different steps for deciphering the code and its meaning. Just plug, scan, and read, it’s that simple. Manfiter also likes to stand behind their high quality, yet affordable product. This device is covered under a warranty period of one year, which basically makes it a steal deal

Key features:

  • Support for 5 different major languages.
  • Fast, as well as quick readings, are provided.
  • The display has a protective membrane that shields it from scratches for a long time.

To know more about the condition of your car, truck, or other vehicles, get the car code reader on sale. All the information will be provided.

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