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If you are one of those mothers who understand the importance of breastfeeding your baby then the breast milk storage bags are very helpful to you. Breast milk cannot be stored in ziplock bags since that is not safe for your baby. That’s why you need to opt for breast milk storage bags. Manufactured from special quality materials, these bags help you to store breast milk beforehand to cater to your baby’s feeding routine.

So which products qualify to be safe for your infant and hassle-free for the mother at the same time? The breast milk storage bag review will help to find an ideal product. You do not have to waste any time or effort behind this.

Top 10 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags for Pumping and Feeding Reviews

10. Lansinoh Breast milk Storage Bags

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 100 Count (1 Pack of 100 Bags), Milk Freezer Bags for Long Term Breastfeeding Storage

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Lansinoh manufactures and sells milk storage bags which are super strong. The bag includes a double zipper seal to prevent leakage and augmented double-sealed side closures for ultimate protection. Pump straight into this breast milk storage bags for comfort, ease and reduced waste. It can be stand or lay flat for compact storage.

The pack also incorporates easy write-on labels for more convenient use. Furthermore, the product is designed in a way that it can lay flat for fast freezing and thawing. It also protects the vitamins and nutrients of breast milk.

Key Features:

  • The product offers 50 counts of bags along with 2 pump adapters. Hence, it provides a complete package for easy storage of breast milk.
  • It is ideal for storing, freezing and protecting breastmilk. They come pre-sterilized along with a double zipper seal to stop and check leakage.
  • The pre-sterilized breast milk storage bag ensures safe storage. Besides, it is BPA and BPS free.

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9. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags 50 counts

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags (50 Count of Bags with 2 Pump Adapters), Milk Freezer Bags for Long Term Breastfeeding Storage, Pump Directly into Bags, Nursing Essentials

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These milk freezer bags by Lansinoh are perfect for long term breast milk storage. Lansinoh desires that every mom to have an excellent experience with their products. Therefore, moms on the go can safely bottle the milk throughout the day and bring it back home to freeze for long term storage.

These bags are great for freezer storage as they store flat so that it does not take up a lot of space in the freezer. Most importantly, the bags are flexible and are stored flat or standing up to ensure it does not take excessive space in the freezer.

Key Features:

  • The product is built super strong. The bags incorporate a double zipper seal to prevent leakage.
  •  The bags are pre-sterilized for safe storage. It is also BPA and BPS free so that it does not alter the nutrients of the milk.
  • Moms can pump directly into this universal breast milk storage bags. It is compatible with all other major breast pump brands.

8. Mommy’s Precious Breastmilk Bags Breastfeeding Storage Bags

110 Count Breastmilk Storage Bags 8 Oz 235 ml Breastfeeding Freezer Storage Container Bags

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Mommy’s Precious aims to ensure that the bags do not leak and waste away that precious liquid. They understand the value of the milk and how hard it is to lose that precious breast milk. The bags also have a gusseted bottom, making one-handed controls a breeze.

Safety of the baby is their upmost concern while planning these breast milk storage bags. Plus, the tear area has a perforated line. This makes it more comfortable to tear open and it always tears in a straight line. Finally, the breast milk storage freezer bags also have a double lock design to prevent leakage.

Key Features:

  • They measure the weight of milk when they design these bags to assure the measuring lines are accurate. The lines are 95% accurate to ensure proper storage of the breast milk.
  • These are free from BPA & Phthalate for assured safety of your baby. It is also pre-sterilized for ease of use.
  • Comes with accurate measurements so that the baby gets the exact amount of breast milk intended.

7. Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags

Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags, 100 Count, Ready to Use Breastmilk Bags for Breastfeeding, Self Standing Bag, Space Saving Flat Profile, Hygienically Pre-Sealed

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Keeping the breast milk safe and banking it for future use helps to keep your baby healthy. This is why Medela brings these double-zipper breast milk storage bags which are hygienically sealed. In fact, these harmlessly store breast milk and are stored in the freezer or are used when travelling. These ready to use breast milk storage bags are constructed from enduring, double-layer material with a built-in dual zipper seal to keep your breast milk safely and reliably.

Finally, it comes with are sealable transport pouch that keeps unused bags organized and clean. This is a bonus they have added.

Key Features:

  • The storage bags are self-standing. It also comes with a wide write-on area, so that you can document the date and other crucial information for safer storage and use.
  • Can store 6 ounces of milk. However, the bags feature a lay-flat profile for space-saving storage.
  • Are hygienically pre-sealed to prevent leakage of the precious milk.

6. Dr. Brown’s Breastmilk Storage Bags

Dr. Brown's 100 Piece Breastmilk Storage Bags

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These storage bags embrace an extra-durable design so that it works overtime. The additional exterior trim is used to cushion in case of dropping. It is extremely easy to use. You just need to tear away the perforated top and delicately pull apart the zip closures.

Double zip seals seize the air out while the super-thick material ensures the breast milk stays fresh. The bags are BPA free. Also, the package options include 25, 50 or 100 bags. Individual bags can store 6oz/180ml of breast milk.

Key Features:

  • The gusseted bottom holds the bag upright. It ensures that the bag stays in place. The perforated top makes it easy to open.
  •  Features easy-to-read labelling to attach the freshness date and baby’s name when they go out or to the daycare.
  • The bags are absolutely ideal and safe for freezer storage. It can be kept flat to save freezer space.

5. Bonafide Baby Breast Storage Breastmilk Storage Bags for Baby

Breastmilk Storage Bags - 110 Bag Count - BPA and BPS-Free - Nontoxic Marker Included

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The product comes with more bags than the standard 50 and 100 count alternatives accompanying with a free non-toxic marker for more relaxed freshness tracking. The company ensures delivering value while not cutting on quality and safety. That’s why the bags were developed by a mom for moms.

Each bag has enhanced freezer-safe assurance with polished double seals to prevent leaks. The best thing about these bags is that they feature superior leak protection. With improved double zip seal and upgraded freezer burn resistant, they offer safe & cooler storage.

Key Features:

  • The bags are BPA, BPS-free and CPSIA compliant latex-free and have been pre-sterilized. Unlike some other major brands, they also come with a safety seal at the top of each bag for your baby’s safety.
  • A proper date tab comes with each bag in order to aid simple & proper labelling of each pouch. It also comes with a non-toxic pen to eliminate possible toxic contamination.

4. GLAND Easy Pour Breast milk Storage bags

GLAND Breastmilk Storage Bags Easy Pour Spout 100 Count, Pre-Sterilized BPA Free Ready to Use Double Zipper Seal Bags

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GLAND milk storage bags are ingenious since they have a pour spout on the left side for smoother transfers to nursing bottles since every drop of breast milk counts. Moreover, they come with an easy-to-use perforated tear-off top, both for hygiene and better user experience.

We know the needs of a baby are different in different stages. Thus, 8 oz is enough to adjust the volume.

Key Features:

  • The Double zipper-lock guarantees secure leak-proof. The compact breast milk storage bags and enduring plastic aids to keep the milk fresh during freezing and thawing processes.
  • Keeps milk warmer and safe. You can directly thaw it by putting it in the warmer. You can also pump breast milk straight into bags for fast, easy breast milk storage.
  • The bag is BPA BPS free, CPSIA compliant latex-free and pre-sterilized for immediate use is 100% freezer safe.

3. Unimom Self Staning Breast milk Storage Bag

Unimom 100 Breastmilk Storage Bags - 8oz – Zip-Top Leak Proof Closure - Self Standing, BPA Free, Pre Sterilized - Graduated Measurement Markings – Easy Tear for Pouring

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The bags are super thick, long-lasting and flexible so you won’t have to worry about leaks or spills. It comes with a dual-layer of plastic and a double zip locking seal at the top. So you don’t need to shift to another bag or bottle to heat it up. The easy-tear design delivers a simple, easy to pour into a bottle without spilling or wasting even a tiny drop.

Besides, the bags are compatible with most pump brands. You can connect the adapters to the expression set and pump directly into bags for fast, easy breast milk storage.

Key Features:

  • The durable plastic will certainly not leak. These are reusable and re-sealable bags. Thus, you can easily use them to store and preserve healthy food and nutritious breast milk.
  • The head of the bag rips off easily so you can pour into a bottle easily without the milk spilling out the sides or making a mess. Pump, store and feed with ease.
  •  All Unimom products are 100% safe for you and your babies to protect your newborn from harmful chemicals like phthalate, bisphenol A (BPA) and lead.

2. Medela Pump ad Save Breast Milk Bags Breastmilk Freezer Bags

Medela Pump & Save Breast Milk Storage Bags, 20 Count Pack, Breastmilk Freezer Bags, Pour or Pump Directly into Bags with Included Easy Connect Adaptors

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Medela’s prime focus is breastfeeding by helping moms to successfully breastfeed their babies and to do so for as long as they choose. Reaching this goal responsibly is at the heart of everything the company do. The package contains 20 counts with 2 adapters. It is compatible with all Medela breast pumps. It is easy to connect the adapter and connects directly to the breast shield.

Most importantly, a protective oxygen wall protects the important components of your breast milk. This ensures your baby gains all the nutrients he or she needs, no matter when they take their bottle.

Key Features:

  • The easy to connect adaptors and innovative no-spill, no-leak design further enhanced by a zipper top guarantee zero leakage. The stand-up bottom is ideal for refrigerator and/or freezer storage.
  • The bags do not contain BPA. So no need to worry, you can pour, pump and store with the peace of mind.

1.Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouch for Pumping

Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouch

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Kiinde Twist Pouches consolidate the leak-proof toughness of a bottle with the price and convenience of a disposable milk storage bag. It enables you to collect, store, prepare and feed using a single pouch. This innovative product eliminates the messy and risky transfer of milk.

The pouches twist-lock onto pumps from all major brands. These single-use pouches and caps are recyclable after use.

Key Features:

  • Active latch nipples ease the transition between bottle and breast. The variations in texture encourage a deep, natural latch.
  • Having a secure threaded cap eliminates the risk of leakage. The product is completely leak-proof.
  • The surface of the bags is highly visible for easy labelling. Bags are pre-sterilized as well.

Breast milk is important for the proper growth of your baby. So, keep the milk ready beforehand for feeding your baby timely with the breast milk storage bags. Choose the right one from above and ensure proper health for your baby.

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