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There are various types of coffee tables available, and for every home, there is always a need for a coffee table, especially for the sitting room. Out of all the types, the wooden coffee tables are the best. Even though wooden items give a retro feeling, it is the best you can get when it comes to the coffee table. There are also modern wood coffee tables available to choose from. They are available in different sizes and shapes, and the following list contains the top 10 best wood coffee tables to choose from.

List of Top 10 Best Wood Coffee Tables In 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. Nathan James Felix Modern Coffee Table Wood

10. Nathan James Felix Modern Coffee Table Wood

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With a heavy-duty metal frame, the wood coffee table offers ultimate durability. The black polished finish of the metal frame also goes well with the rich wood lamination of this center-piece. Moreover, the table approximately takes about half an hour for assembly. This tabletop can take the load of the gears up to 99-lbs.

The tabletop with the finest wooden texture and tray edge also protects gears from falling down. Furthermore, inspired by the construction of mid-century tables, this living room furniture includes a side vegan-leather basket. The practical angular dimension of this table helps you to store books, magazines, and other items.

  • Premium quality material for long lasting effect.
  • Multipurpose and easy installation.
  • Unique dynamic design with extra storage capacity.
  • The quality could have been better.

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#9. WELLAND Rustic Round Wooden Coffee Table

9. WELLAND Rustic Round Wooden Coffee Table

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The antique round-shaped wooden coffee table with unique metal hairpin legs helps you to attract the eyes of guests. Derived from solid old-dating elmwood, the vintage-style table also has a prolonged lifespan. Moreover, from the living room to different living spaces, this center-piece looks classy at any space.

The rustic warm wooden finish of this table also makes this furniture look exceptionally beautiful. Furthermore, the natural texture of this center-piece makes it suitable to use a decorative piece for your visitors. This round-shaped table looks great with potted plants or vases with flowers. The thick tabletop withstands up to 200-pounds of weight.

  • Robust top quality material for longevity.
  • Multiple uses with improved design.
  • Spacious with several optional shapes and designs.
  • It is slightly difficult to assemble.

#8. Tangkula Lift Top Coffee Table

8. Tangkula Lift Top Coffee Table

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This multi-functional and strategically designed wood coffee table saves a lot of space in your living room. The modern minimalist center-piece with lifting tabletop also offers storage space under the tabletop. This table also has divided storage design for storing books, magazines, and other knickknacks. Furthermore, the furniture is a well-match for your living room, office, store, and sturdy room.

Made from sturdy chipboard and metal frame, this coffee table also stands for durability. This centerpiece has 3 divided lower shelves to maintain the functionality of this furniture. The lifting mechanism of the tabletop provides hidden storage space for your additional items.

  • High-class material for strength and durability.
  • Improved classic design with elating top.
  • Easy installation with ample space for storage.
  • The instructions are not clear.

#7. Krei Hejmo Solid Wood Coffee Table

7. Krei Hejmo Solid Wood Coffee Table

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If simplicity is the key to modern décor, then this wood coffee table is the center-piece you wish to look for. The timeless rectangular shape of this table, along with angular wooden legs, evokes the classiness of this furniture. Moreover, this table is also easy to put together and works flawlessly as a side table for any living space.

The tabletop can withstand up to 80-lbs of weight. Furthermore, the natural wood finish with rounded corners makes this center-piece look both elegant and practical. Originated from pure rubberwood, the furniture has protective lacquer with a natural finish to ensure durability.

  • High-grade material for added life expectancy.
  • Multipurpose and effortless setup.
  • Dual-color option with scratch-free covering.
  • There is no such cons.

#6. Natural Wood Coffee Cocktail Table by Anya & Niki

6. Natural Wood Coffee Cocktail Table by Anya & Niki

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With a far above the ground aesthetic value, the natural wood coffee table complements any modern room décor. The natural teak wood center-piece also looks more like an art piece in your room. Moreover, each of these tables has its own unique cut and shape. So, this furniture basically has the looks of an unfinished and arty coffee table.

This table simply adds another dimension to your workspace as well as home. The self-balancing table comes with noteworthy hairpin-style metal legs. Furthermore, the contemporary design of this cocktail table is suitable for serving a few drinks or coffee to your guests.

  • Finest quality material for stability and durability.
  • Improved design and easy assembling structure.
  • Unique anti-scratch coating for longer life.
  • The packaging could be better.

#5. Rectangular Coffee Table by Elenens

5. Rectangular Coffee Table by Elenens

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The regular construction of the wood coffee table simply merges with the decoration of any contemporary room décor. This minimalist center-piece also provides ample space for storing a few knickknacks, like books, magazines, and more. Furthermore, the sturdy wood board and simple metal construction make this table remarkably long-lasting.

The complication-free design of this living room furniture also offers a simple assembly. Furthermore, the regular rectangular structure delivers enough working space for the users. The lower shelf has enough space to keep your magazines, books, and other items in an organized manner. This coffee table also has stain-resistant tabletop and rustproof feet.

  • High quality material for a long lasting experience.
  • Enhanced design with added storage capacity.
  • Anti-scratch and spill-proof coating.
  • It is rather on the shorter side.

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#4. WLIVE Wood Coffee Table

4. WLIVE Wood Coffee Table

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The ergonomic elevating structure of this wood coffee table includes a design to match the requirements of busy lifestyles. Derived from a high-quality wooden board and metal frame, this living room furniture also has exceptional longevity. Moreover, the lifting tabletop allows you to work on your laptop or read a book at your required heights.

The tabletop has a left drawer with a sliding option. Therefore, you can keep pens, supplies, books, magazines close to your hands. Furthermore, the smooth and noiseless lifting mechanism offers a shake-free working space. The workbench provides a stable working area for everyone. This table has a water-resistant surface to extend the durability.

  • Finest quality material for sturdiness and stability.
  • Superior design, extra spacious with lifting top.
  • Waxy coating for scratch-free and spill-proof experience.
  • The moving parts are not ergonomic.

#3. Harper&Bright Designs Solid Wood Coffee Table

3. Harper&Bright Designs Solid Wood Coffee Table

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This pioneering design of the coffee table adds an individual style-statement to your interior living space décor. The combined construction of medium-density natural fiberboard and metal wheels with riveted joints elongates the life-expectancy of this table. Moreover, this living room furniture is also usable as an end table, cocktail table, and wood coffee table.

The fiberboard construction makes this table resistant to water, scratches, and simple to clean. The rustic brown finish with black metal wheels recalls the color scheme of the vintage eras. So, this table works more like a decorative piece in your room. The wheels make the movement easy from one place to another.

  • Premium quality material for life long experience.
  • Dynamic traditional design and multipurpose.
  • Non-scratchable and spill-proof finish.
  • There is no cons at all.

#2. Industrial Coffee Table by Bonzy Home

2. Industrial Coffee Table by Bonzy Home

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With a hint of vintage style coffee table, this wood coffee table brings back the essence of vintage lifestyles. The practicality and minimalist appeal also make this living room furniture best for modern lifestyles. Furthermore, the particleboard construction with metal framing transforms this table into highly durable furniture of your home.

The spacious tabletop and lower shelf also enhance the functionality and storage space of this unit. Moreover, the rustic mid-century finish, along with temperature-resistant function, converts this table into a well-designed piece of furniture. The lower shelf is the perfect place for stacking magazines, books, and more other things.

  • High-grade material for strength and stability.
  • Improved dynamic design with extra load capacity.
  • Easy installable rust proof with finest coating.
  • There is no negative point.

#1. Rustic Coffee Table by Coavas

1. Rustic Coffee Table by Coavas

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With a just-right structural combination of wooden shelves and metal frame, this wood coffee table looks super-classy. The space-saving construction with functional storage space of the table provides a relaxing coffee time every morning. This 2-tier living room furniture makes the organization of newspapers and magazines convenient for your room.

The side-storage metal wire cage of this table is also ideal for storing remotes, bottles, smartphones, and more. Moreover, the rustic finish leaves a vintage touch to the construction of this table. The spacious lower shelf can hold a few stuff to make your living room clutter-free. Furthermore, this furniture offers simple wipe-cleaning with a damp cloth.

  • Sturdy, high-class material for longevity.
  • Dynamic improved design and spacious.
  • Lightweight with anti-rust coating.
  • The assembling part is slightly difficult.

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Buying Guide for Wood Coffee Tables

Here is the list of the three main points to keep in mind when you buy a wood coffee table.


The size of the wood coffee tables differs from one living space to another. There are 3 things that work like guiding stars while picking up a cocktail table; these are- 1. The length of the table should not exceed the 2/3 length of your sofa. 2. For perfect usability and from an aesthetic view, the height of a coffee table has to be shorter or equal to the height of your sofa. 3.

It is better to keep 2 feet of clearance on each side of the sofa. Therefore, measuring your sofa will ultimately help you to pick the best end table for your living room. However, if you want to utilize your cocktail table while standing and working on something, then you should look for a taller one. Even some short-heightened tables allow you to sit on the floor while working on it. So, the purpose also influences the size of the table you want to look for.


Available in countless and ergonomic designs and shapes, the wood coffee tables let you select your desired shape. For instance, the rectangular-shaped furniture is never out of style and adds another dimension to a large living space. On the other hand, picking a round or oval-shaped table is perfect for a tight room space. Even the round-shaped ones are the ideal choice for a group of people of gathering.

The square-shaped tables help you to maintain a unifying seating arrangement. A square table looks fabulous in a gallery-shaped hall room. Some of the coffee tables come with lifting mechanism for easy height adjustment of the tabletops.

Feet and Support:

If you want to spend a lot of time over your coffee, then choosing a table with a recessed support system helps you to sit comfortably. To avoid stumbling around your table, you can look for a center-piece with sliding recessed legs. A tabletop must accommodate a certain weight.


There are different styles of wood coffee tables available that you can place whenever you want. There are modern as well as the traditional retro wood tables. Besides, there are many factors you got to check when you buy a wood coffee table. That is why the buying guide is there for your assistance, and you should go through all the different products before choosing one from your home or office.

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