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Many people prefer different ways of highlighting their decor. Using a wood candle holder will not only create unique decor but also lets you have a pleasant feel. It is available in different shapes and sizes and can be ideal for different occasions. There are different types of wood candle holders, and it offers you multiple advantages. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be perfect for having a romantic candlelight dinner. It is highly functional and lets you display your lighting space. Here is the list of the top 10 best wood candle holders to choose from.


10 IMAX Kanan Wood Candle Holders

Kanan Wood Candleholders [Set of 5] - Mango Wood, Iron, Distressed Finish - Candle Stand for 3 in. Pillar Candles. Home Decor Accent- BEST WOOD CANDLE HOLDERS

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Here is a wood candle holder that is made of handcrafted mango wood. This also has iron, and it has neutral colors so that it can easily blend with your home decor. This is available in a set of five and has a distressed finish. Additionally, the product is available in versatile design as you can easily use it in dinner parties, restaurants, and home.

This will add a statement of style and offer a country touch to your room. Moreover, it includes candle stands of different sizes and has a pillar of 3 inches. The product does not require any assembling and provides you a tasteful choice. Furthermore, this is from a popular brand, and it does not come with any replica.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Multifunctional design for user comfort.
  • Broad stable base for enhanced stability.
  • Sturdy material for long-lasting experience.


9 Deco Wood Candle Holder

Deco 79 Candle Stands Wood Candle Holder Pair, 6 by 5-Inch

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If you are looking for a wood candle holder that has attractiveness as well as durability, then this is the right one for you. This is available in a set of 2, and it has a shabby brown color which gives it a rustic appearance. Moreover, it is composed of high quality wood and is exceptionally durable.

You can easily use it anywhere you want and have a better advantage. This is in a size of 6 x 5 x 5 inches and can be ideal for traditional themed settings. Furthermore, it comes with a round wooden bobeche along with a tiered base that includes scalloped details. Additionally, it has wide applications and offers a nice dining area accent.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Multi-purpose creation for blissful environment.
  • Durable material for life-long experience.
  • Non-slip stable base for improved stability.


8 Napa Gift Wine Barrel Wood Candle Holder

Wine Barrel Candle Holder Hand Made from Vintage Napa Wine Barrels

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The handcrafted wood candle holder comes in a wine barrel design and is very durable. This is composed of vintage Napa wine barrels and is in a unique appearance. It creates a striking appearance and gives it an attractive look due to the three-stage construction. Additionally, it has perfect sanding, staining, and sealing that makes it last longer. It also comes with UV protection and can easily blend with your home furniture.

Moreover, this has five holes that can create a stunning display with the tea lights. It is in a perfect size and creates a wonderful atmosphere, especially when you are having candlelight dinner. Furthermore, this will add a wonderful ambiance in any setting and lets you create wonderful moments.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Unique exotic creation for a beautiful home.
  • Multifunctional design for a delightful experience.
  • Premium quality wood for added life potency.


7 Raphael Rozen Mango Tree Wood Candle Holders

Raphael Rozen Natural Mango Tree Wooden Candle Holders, Metal Tray on top Black Velvet pad on Bottom,Set of Two

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With the ability to provide you a decorative touch in any room, here is a wood candle holder that gives you the advantage to use it for a wide range of applications. This can perfect for meditation, wedding, aromatherapy, spa, and other events. Furthermore, this is composed of high-quality mango wood and is in a unique design. It gives the advantage to use it for a long time as this comes with exquisite craftsmanship. It is one of the best wood candle holders.

Additionally, it has easy maintenance, and you can wipe it with a soft dry cloth. This includes intricate details so that there will be a unique furnishing accent. Moreover, it can be ideal for displaying your wax or pillar candles and keeps your candles in place due to the metal plate. It makes sure there will be better stability and protection due to the bottom pads.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Easy weight design with a superior sturdy base.
  • Versatile creation for user comfort.
  •  Ergonomic design for a comfortable experience.


6 Hosley High Wood Candle Holder

Hosley 8 Inch High Wood Candle Holder for Pillar Wax Candles Flameless Candle. Distress Finish Candleholder. Ideal Gift for Wedding Party Home Spa Reiki Aromatherapy Candle Gardens

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Offering you multiple benefits, here is a wood candle holder that can perfectly go with your home and office decor. This will easily blend with any decor and has high-quality construction so that you can use it for a long time. Moreover, it can be perfect for special occasions including weddings and parties, and you can also use it for spa and aromatherapy.

It has a neutral carbon footprint and offers you a vintage feel. Furthermore, this is very lightweight and serves as a perfect gift for anyone. It adds a nice touch to your home and features a distressed look. Additionally, this looks great and is in a unique shape.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Environment-friendly construction for user satisfaction.
  • Highly durable material with a smooth silky finish.
  • Featherweight creation with a unique coating for longevity.


5 TCS Custom Woodworks Wood Candle Holder

Rustic Wood Candlestick Candle Holder

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Are you looking for a wood candle holder that offers you a traditional feel? This one has a rustic looking appearance and comes with rough saw marks. It lets you have a pleasant and natural feel as this includes tool marks. The product has a simple appearance and has high-quality construction so that there will be enhanced longevity. Additionally, this comes un-sanded and unfinished, and you can even paint it or distress it to create your own personal effect.

With this, you will be able to add a touch of nature to your home decor as this is in a classical design. Moreover, it does not come with any replica and offers you multiple advantages. Furthermore, this can be perfect for different settings and is in a unique size and shape.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Eco-friendly creation for user comfort.
  • Sturdy construction for improved durability.
  • Multi-functional design superior satisfaction.


4 Stonebriar Antique Wooden Pillar Candle Holder

Stonebriar Antique White Wooden Pillar Candle Holder, Vintage Seaside Pillar Stand for Dining Table Centerpiece, Coffee Table, Mantel, Or Any Table Top, Medium

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With the ability to last for a long time, this wood candle holder comes in a unique design. This creates a decorative appearance as it has a white sponge pillar stand. Additionally, it comes in a lightly distressed design so that there can be a vintage feel. It gives you the advantage of using it as a decorative piece and can go with any home decor.

Furthermore, this is also suitable for different occasions including weddings and parties. The product lets you select from multiple sizes and match it with your preference. This is in antique design and has 100% wood. Moreover, it makes a perfect gift to anyone and creates a wonderful accent in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and dining room.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Multidimensional construction for consumer comfort.
  • Multi-purpose creation for added beautifulness.
  • Sturdy creation for long-lasting experience.


3 LocalBeavers Wood Candle Holders

Wood Candle Holders | Wall Mount Rustic Candleholders | Floating Shelves | Wallmounted Pillar Candle Sconce | Hanging Shelf | Farmhouse Wall Decor | Large Wooden Handmade Sconces

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For people who are looking to have a unique way of displaying their candles, this one can be the right product. It comes in a wall-mount design so that you can utilize your space. Furthermore, this wood candle holder can be perfect for different occasions, and you can keep it anywhere you want.

This adds an elegant chic wall sconce and offers you multiple possibilities. Moreover, the product has high quality construction and creates an excellent entry statement. This also comes at an affordable value and is very lightweight. Additionally, it does not disappoint you when it comes to performance and can be a perfect item for your bathroom, living room, and bedroom.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Easy wall-mountable design for user comfort.
  • Environment-friendly creation for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Broader base for enhanced stability.


2 IMAX Mason Natural Wood Candle Holders

IMAX Mason Natural Wash Wood Candleholders - Set of 5 Vintage Candle Stands - Home Decor Accessory

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Available in a set of five, this wood candle holder comes in multiple sizes. This is highly decorative and offers an appealing vintage style to any home decor. It has a natural wash wooden finish and comes with alluring construction. Additionally, this is a unique design and does not have any replica.

The product comes in a multipurpose design so that you can easily use it for lighting indoor and outdoor spaces. It creates an illuminating ambiance as this has a rustic outlook. Moreover, it comes with easy maintenance and is exceptionally durable. This is composed of superior quality mango wood and includes iron. Furthermore, it offers you multiple advantages and adds a perfect texture to any environment. It is clearly one of the best wood candle holders.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Multi-functional design for user comfort.
  • Premium class material for enhanced durability.
  • Effortlessly maintainable design for user satisfaction.


1 Deco Wood Candle Holder

Deco 79 51536 Wood Candle Holder (Set of 3)

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This one comes in a set of three of varied sizes, and it has a cute appearance. The wood candle holder has a stylish appearance and is composed of high quality mango wood. It also comes with round iron so that there will be durable performance. Additionally, this is a handcrafted product and lets you use it safely. It comes in a natural brown color and includes rounded silhouettes.

It delivers reliable performance and makes sure that your candles remain securely in place. Moreover, it lets you have a vintage feel due to the distressed finish. The product is highly decorative, and you can even have it if you are a candle holder enthusiast. Furthermore, it creates a perfect ambiance for any room and offers an earthly touch.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Smooth silky creation for beautiful home decor.
  • Nature-friendly creation for enhanced comfort.
  • Sturdy anti-slip design for safety.


Buying Guide For Wood Candle Holder –

Check out the following parameters when buying.


Wood candle holders are composed of different types of woods. Mango wood is an ideal choice and lets you use it for a long time. You will have to make sure that it comes with better durability and creates a perfect ambiance in any setting. It must hold the candle securely so that there will be reliable performance.


You will have to know your usage and then make your purchase. Go for the one that easily blends with any setting and offers you a better advantage. It has to be easy to use and make sure there will be reliable performance. Some of it can also come with a metal base so that there will be improved stability.

Design and Size:

There are different designs as well as sizes of wood candle holders like stand or tea light holders. Getting the right one is always a user preference. Always make sure that it allows you to highlight your lighting effect in a modern and traditional way. Look for the one that can be ideal for different settings.


It also comes in different styles and appearances. You can have a different range of colors as it can either have dye or paint treatment. If it has a rustic appearance then you can have a vintage feel. There are also others that come with a distressed look or have dark or pale shades.


Go for the one that lets you have easy maintenance. You can see if it allows you to clean it conveniently by using a soft dry cloth.


Conclusion –

There is a craze for wooden candle holders, even though there is no shortage of candleholders of different materials. This is because the wood candle holders do give a vibe of vintage and retro. Therefore, these go well with certain room décor, and you can also showcase them proudly. There are different types of wood candle holders available, and you should check all before buying a set.


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