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Umbrellas are a necessity they can block the heat of the sun, keep the rain and snow off you as you walk to your next destination. But where to put them when they are not needed. The solution is to use one of the top 20 best umbrella holders in 2020.

These umbrella holders can be unique or standard looking. But they all do a great job of giving a storage spot for umbrellas when not needed.

List of Our Best Umbrella Holders Review On Amazon.Com

20. Country Stump Vintage Farmhouse Umbrella Holders

 Country Stump 🌳 Vintage Farmhouse Umbrella Stand

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Give your home the look of the old west with this wood stump umbrella holder. Not only will it hold a few umbrellas but you can get your walking sticks and canes inside to make sure they do not clutter your home.

Standing 32 by 11 inches in size, it does not take a lot of room. Made from ceramic cement composite construction material, this umbrella holder should last you a long time. Once in place, it provides you with a great way to be organized.

19. SONGMICS Metal Umbrella Stand

 SONGMICS Metal Umbrella Stand

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Go a little post-modern when you want to keep your umbrellas in one spot. This metal umbrella stand has vented sides to make sure your umbrellas dry quickly. Also, a rust-resistant paint helps keep it good looking all the time, even after years of use.

Plus, you can get up to 10 umbrellas inside with ease. Measuring 16 by 11 inches approx., the metal umbrella stand comes with 4 protective feet to make sure your floors remain unscratched. Wet or dry umbrellas are always welcomed inside this stand.

18. Mango Steam Tall Round Umbrella Holders

 Mango Steam Tall Round Umbrella Holder 21.75 Inches Tall

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Add a decorative piece to your home that serves a very practical purpose. This approx., 22 by 8-inch umbrella stand not only looks good, but it also holds enough umbrellas to keep your home looking great.

Its cut out design lets a lot of airflow through drying your umbrellas before mold or rust hit. Along with umbrellas, you can store canes, fire pokers, and other long thin items. This umbrella stand does not take up a lot of room and it is very easy to use. It adds a little decorative touch at the same time.

17. Hearth & Crate Umbrella Holders

 Hearth & Crate Umbrella Holder

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This contemporary styled umbrella stand should show how artistic you can be with normal household items. Not only is it discreet at 12 by 9 by 4 inches approx., but it also holds a variety of items including your wet umbrellas.
Made with waterproof materials, you can put wet umbrellas inside without worry. Since it is not made of metal, you do not have to be concerned about rust. What you get is a good looking umbrella stand that blends in all the time. 4 adhesive feet stick this stand to your floor so it does not move.

16. MyGift Entryway Umbrella Stand

 MyGift Entryway Freestanding Black Metal Long Umbrella

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It is a simple design for those people who like simple things. The shorter shelf is for those umbrellas that fold up nice and small and fit in your purse. The lower shelf holds longer umbrellas and keeps them from dripping over your clean floors.

Two support bars separate umbrellas when you place them on this stand. That way they can dry faster and be ready for the next time you go out in bad weather. 4 feet keep your floor protected from the metal construction material.

15. Domett Umbrella Holders

 Domett Umbrella Holder,

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If you like modern art but can’t afford it, you can still bring a piece home by purchasing this unique umbrella stand. It probably belongs to an art museum but you get to have it adorn your home with its special look.

After you find the right spot for it, the approx. 19 by 6 by 6-inch umbrella stand holds about 6 umbrellas at a time. A metal hook provides you with placement options in case you do not have the floor space.

14. MyGift Freestanding Metal Tall Umbrella Stand

 MyGift 21.5-Inch Freestanding Metal Tall

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If you are not sure what it is, don’t worry. The umbrella stand will tell you what it is used for. This approx. 21 by 7 by 7 umbrella stand holds enough umbrellas to keep your home neat and clean.

Plus, its small size lets you fit it anywhere near your doors so wet umbrellas do not waste your day of cleaning. Made from metal, this stand should be sturdy, stable and still. Its a nice casual piece for those who like the casual look in their home.

13. Mind Reader Mini Umbrella Stand

 Mind Reader UMBHWIRE-WHT Mini

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Umbrella stands should not be noticed. When they should be seen is when you enter your home and look for it to put your umbrella away. Other than that, they should remain out of sight quietly doing their job.

This umbrella stand will blend right in with its simple look and function. It is practical yet not overpowering. It is a great addition to your home because it knows how to do its job well. Then the solid bottom makes sure water doe snot reach your floors any time soon.

12. Best Choice Products Modern Umbrella Stand

 Best Choice Products Entryway Modern Spherical Metal

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Then again, some umbrella stands need and like the attention, they get when their look is a little more artistic. This umbrella stand will contribute to your home’s overall look while holding long and folding umbrellas.

Its special feature, besides its look, is that it has a plastic drainage flooring to make sure wet umbrellas do not ruin your floors. Measuring about 19 by 8 inches in size you should get enough umbrellas inside to give your home that nice clean look. Protective feet also guard your floors.

11. NEX Umbrella Holders

 NEX Umbrella Stand Rack Metal

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The nice color scheme on this umbrella stand has it looking like an art piece. But in reality, it’s metal construction holds umbrellas, canes and other slender items with ease. The drip tray inside helps catch all the dripping water when the umbrella is wet.

Also, you get 2 hooks to hold folding umbrellas. The vented design lets the airflow to facilitate drying and keep your umbrellas from getting moldy. Overall the umbrella stand measures 19 by 6 by 6 inches approx. There should be room in your entryway for this small handy item.

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10. Amzdeal Umbrella Holders

 Umbrellas Stand Indoor Umbrella Rack for Office

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There is no question what this rectangle box does. It has pictures of umbrellas all over it so you can use it without doubt or confusion. The approx. 7 by 7 by 22-inch umbrella stand holds a lot of umbrellas when not needed.

Plus, 2 hooks are included so you can hang dry your folding umbrellas without dropping them to the bottom of the stand. Then the umbrella cutouts let the airflow through freely. This helps your wet umbrellas to dry quickly and keeps the rust away.

9. AILELAN Umbrella Stand

 AILELAN Umbrella Stand Rack for Entryway

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There may not be a lot of people in your home at this time. That is why this nice-looking umbrella stand holds only 3 umbrellas. It fits with your current lifestyle and gives you a nice place to place your umbrellas.

The ABS plastic resin resists water and comes with a water drip tray that should be easy to clean and get dry. Wet umbrellas are not a problem anymore. Not with this cute umbrella stand on the job.

8. Red Co. Modern Umbrella Rack

 Hang or Stand Wide Modern Umbrella Rack

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It may look like a skyscraper under construction but in its real life, it holds different styled umbrellas for you. Lots of vented slots make sure your umbrellas avoid an encounter with mold and mildew.

Also, you can hang folding umbrellas inside or let your longer ones stand up while waiting to be used again. This umbrella stand measures about 17 by 12 by 4 giving you lots of space for all your family’s umbrellas. Protective feet keep the scratches away.

7. Mango Steam Pluvian Soakstone Umbrella Stand

 Mango Steam Pluvian Soakstone

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The wire construction may not look strong and durable but umbrellas do not weigh that much. This metal umbrella stand is strong enough to hold a variety of umbrellas making sure they do not dirty your floor.

A soapstone tray on the bottom absorbs the dripping water for you so you do not need to bring the rags out to protect your floors. The 18 by 6-inch circular umbrella stand handles its duty with grace and charm.

6. Mind Reader Umbrella Holders

 Mind Reader for Canes

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The mesh design that comes with this umbrella stand makes sure the air flows quickly and freely. Your guests’ umbrellas should dry quickly and be ready for the rainy day when it is time for them to leave.

The wire feet give this stand a 3 point stability system making sure it does not tip over. Also, the approx. 21 by 9-inch size holds enough umbrellas so you can a few people over at the same time. Entertaining friends does not have to be a messy affair.

5. SONGMICS Metal Umbrella Stand

 SONGMICS Metal Umbrella Stand Rack

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If you are unfortunate enough to have to walk with a cane this umbrella stand will hold it for you while you putter away around your home. It will have your cane and umbrellas ready when you need to go out for errands, etc.

Made from metal this 19 by 6 by 6-inch umbrella stand has 2 hooks for a variety of items. Also, it contains a plastic water tray to keep the water inside the stand where it belongs. No mess no fuss and a good looking umbrella stand

3. SONGMICS Square Metal Umbrella Holders

 SONGMICS Square Metal

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Umbrella stands are understated pieces of furniture that can make a positive design contribution to your home. Like this one, they can be decorative and enhance the look you want to see every day.

This decorative look doe snot detracts from its practical purpose of holding umbrellas. Plus, it allows the air to flow through for quick drying. A plastic tray catches the dripping water. That relieves you of any mopping up duties on a very rainy day. Measures 19 by 6 by 6 inches overall and holds a number of umbrellas for you.

2. SONGMICS Metal Umbrella Holders


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With approx. 19 by 8 inches to work with you can keep your umbrellas in one place. This helps you know where they are when you need to go out in the rain. Not wasting time looking for an umbrella gets you to where you are going faster.

Then this cute umbrella stand with raindrops and umbrella cutouts keeps air moving fast-drying your wet umbrellas quickly. A plastic tray collects the dripping water for you so again this device saves you some time. 2 hooks hold folding umbrellas with ease.

1. SONGMICS Umbrella Stand Rack

 SONGMICS Umbrella Stand Rack- Umbrella Holders

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It can be a comforting thought to come home on a rainy day and have this umbrella stand waiting for you. Your floors stay clean and you know where your umbrella is at all times. The 19 by 8 inch approx. Umbrella stand holds a few umbrellas to keep your home free from clutter.

Also, the removable plastic tray helps you empty the dripping water before it becomes a problem. That little help can go a long way. With enough vents for airflow, your umbrellas should dry quickly. When the kids are little, this stand can hold their long and slender toys when they mess up the living room.

Some final words

Rain can be good and it can be bad. When the rainwater gets inside and messes up your clean floors then it is not a good thing. That is why you need one of the top 20 best umbrella stands in 2020.

These stands work hard at keeping the rainwater away from your floors while letting your umbrellas dry fast. Killing two birds with one stone is always a good thing. In addition to that, these umbrella stands are durable, good looking and make decorative contributions to your home.

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