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Warm towels are next to heaven, they just add a level of comfort that is hard to get anywhere else. One of the top 13 best towel warmers in 2020 will help you get that great feeling once again. These devices are made to warn your towels and get them ready for use.

On top of that, they fit in small places and are always ready to serve you. When you want warm towels to use, you turn to the best there is as that is how you get the best results. These towel warmers also sterilize your towels so they will be nice and healthy for you to use.

Best Towel Warmer in 2020 Reviews

13. DERMALOGIC Towel Warmer


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The brown wood grain design should go with any decor you have in your lab, office or home. It fits right in without being a distraction to you. Measuring roughly 18 by 13 by 11 inches in size, you get a towel warmer that does not take up a lot of space.

Plus, it has the capability to do a large towel warmer sized job without breaking into a sweat. Once you get this device plugged in, you should have your towels heated between 149 to 185 degrees F. More than warm enough to meet your pending needs.

A simple on and off switch delivers the power you need to get those towels they way you like it. Then the simple handle opens the door and gives you access to those towels you want to use.

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12. Zadro Ultra Large Towel Warmer

12. Zadro Ultra Large Towel Warmer, Gray

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After you bring this towel warmer home, you can select from 4 time settings. The one you will use depends on how cold or wet your towels are. You can choose between 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute warming sessions.

The 2 buttons at the to[p make is easy to operate. One button is for power and the other to set your time frame. Once you press those, just throw in your towels and let the machine handle the rest.

A solid bamboo base helps keep the machine nice and stable throughout doing its duties. Plus, you can throw in oversized towels, robes, and other articles of clothing and get them toasty warm.

In addition to that, this towel warmer will evenly heat your towels and make sure there are no cold spots. Built-In cord storage keeps the power cord out of your way.

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11. K Salon Hot Towel Warmer

11. Hot Towel Warmer Towel Cabinet for Spa

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Heat up to 24 face towels or washcloths at one time. This towel warmer has a high capacity limit so you can get a lot of items warmed up quickly. On top of that, this device will put out up to 176 degrees F so your items get dried thoroughly.

One button handles it all. Just push it in when you want to start it and it goes to its preset heat level and to work. Your towels should be dried or warmed before you know it.

In addition, the aluminum interior is designed to keep the rust away. With a 70 inch power cord, you shouldn’t have placement issues. It fits where you have space. Then its versatility is well known. It’s good for your home or a variety of businesses that use a lot of towels.

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10.Giantex Towel Warmer

10. Giantex Towel Warmer for Facials Bathroom Cabinet 16L

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The overheat protection system should keep your towels from being cooked too long or causing a fire. That is good news as this towel warmer does a great job when you have a need for lots of warm towels.

Also, the 16 liter capacity holds about 60 facial towels at one time. Of course, larger towels will not be as high in number. On top of this, this towel warmer is easy to operate and get up to speed. Press one button and you are good to go.

Then when you are in a hurry this is a plug and play model. Take it out of its box and plug it in to get it started immediately. A safety plug keeps you protected as well. Rubber feet protect your counters and keeps the machine nice and stable for constant use.

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9. ZeHuoge Electric Towel Warmer

9. Electric Towel Warmer 2 in 1 Cabinet UV Sterilizer Micro Computer Control Temperature 16L

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Protect your healthy lifestyle by using this 2 in 1 towel warmer. Not only doe sit warm your towels it sterilizes them so that they are healthy to use. Measuring about 18 by 12 by 12 inches overall, you get a competent towel warmer that does its job.

After you plug it in, the interior should hold about 30 to 40 towels depending on their size. Then once inside, this unit even distributes the heat so your items do not have cold spots.

One button and one handle are all you need to access this device’s warming prowess. Pull the handle to load up and push the button to get it started. It is always simple to use this towel warmer.

The unit reaches about 158 degrees F and a removable tray catches any dripping water.

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8. ForPro Premium Hot Towel Warmer

8. ForPro Premium Hot Towel Warmer

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Sterilize your warming towels to make sure they are germ free and ready to use. Once you use this towel warmer you may not go to any other brand. It heats up quickly, is simple to use and gets your towels nice and healthy.

30 minutes is all you need and this towel warmer reaches 180 degrees F to make sure your towels are nice and warm. Two stainless steel towel racks should not rust and a drip catching tray is easily emptied.

Its 18 by 11 by 14 inch size, approx. Handles all your towels as long as you do not try to overfill it. On top of that, the cabinet is well insulated. That means it won’t get hot and you won’t get burnt even if you use it all day long. Works for hot packs as well.

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7. AW 2 in 1 Towel Warmer

7. AW 2in1 Towel Warmer Hot Cabinet 26L Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer Tool Spa Salon Manicure Beauty

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The little window in front gives you a bird’s eye view of what is happening inside. You can check on your towels from time to time and pull them out when they are ready. The easy to use handle gets that door open quickly.

Also, you have a 26 liter capacity to fill and about 158 degrees F to use to warm your towels. Its automatic temperature control means you have nothing to worry about. One button turns it on and when you do that, you just forget about it.

Then you have a removable tray that catches drippings and protects your new towel warmer from any possible damage. Its versatility lets you use this machine in a variety of businesses that need sterilized towels. A stainless steel interior and racks keep rust from damaging your clean towels.

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6. TOA Supply Hot Towel Warmer

6. TOA Supply TOA UV Light Sterilizer Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet with Tray 2 in 1, 8S

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You cannot say too much about the sterilizing feature most of these towel warmers have. They play an important role in maintaining your health. This top towel warmer has that exact feature as well. Your towels are protected as are your friends and customers.

In addition to that, your purchase brings you a 14 by 11 by 10 inch towel warmer that heats up to about 155 degrees F. On top of that, this device is easy to use and can handle a load of towels with ease. At least 10 anyways, depending on their size.

An indicator light lets you know when it is on. Turning it on is just as simple. All you do is push the round white button and your towels are getting warm. The built-i UV lamp handles the sterilization for you.

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5. Koval Inc. Salon Spa UV Light Towel Warmer

5. Koval Inc. Salon Spa UV Light Towel Warmer Sterilizer 5 L Capacity

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Two buttons rule this towel warmer. One turns on the UV lamp while the other brings the power. Both buttons are important as they make sure your towels come out warm and sterilized.

Depending on the size of your towels, you will have different amounts of towels allowed inside this 5 liter towel warmer. Once inside, just press the buttons and you are on your way to 176 degrees F heat. Your towels should come out warm and ready for action.
Then the aluminum interior helps disperse the heat while fighting rust. Your towels should be evenly warmed without being contaminated by any foreign materials.

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4. AW Hot Towel Warmer

4. AW 2in1 UV Sterilizer 23L Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet Home Facial Skin Spa Tool Hair Beauty Salon Equipment

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23 liters of space inside this towel warmer will help you get your towel warming duties over quickly. That is the equivalent of about 50 to 60 towels. Of course, larger towels may take you a little longer to get warm and sterilized.

Once you have this device out of its box, the green highlights help spruce up your room’s decor. On top of that, you just plug it in, load her up and push the button It is a simple machine to use and won’t take a degree in rocket science to operate it.

Two stainless steel shelves help keep your towels from rust and other bacteria. Also, you can sterilize your items with the built-in sterilization feature.

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3. Salon Sundry Professional Hot Towel Warmer

3. Salon Sundry Professional Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet - Facial Spa and Salon Equipment - Black

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The all black color is nice to look at. It also sends a message that it is serious about warming your towels. No assembly is required and it has a 3 pronged safety plug to make sure you are in no danger when you use it.

After you get it where you need it to be, this device just needs to be plugged in, filled with towels and its button pushed. Then it gets right to work for you. Pull the handle and retrieve your up to 24 towel load without any hassle.

With 176 degrees F on your side, you can get those towels nice and toasty. That is what you want from a top of the line towel warmer.

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2. Elite Hot Towel CABI-Warmer

2. ELITE Hot Towel CABI-Warmer(HC-X)

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Safety is king and this towel warmer has the safety features it needs to get the job done right. With automatic temperature control, this towel warmer should not overheat. Then there are the insulated walls so your hands are protected just in case you touch the sides.

Finally, you have covered heating elements to make sure the towels do not get burned or something worse. No light bulbs are used in the construction of this towel warmer. The device works off 110 volts and gets to about 180 degrees F.

With this easy to use the machine, one handle, and one button, you can get through your towel warming chore faster than ever. Just don’t drop the towels on the floor.

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1. FantaSea Portable Towel Steamer

1. FantaSea Portable Towel Steamer FSC-87 (6 Towels)

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It may be small but that is okay. It is built for facial towels t be used on small areas of your body. Measuring approx., 8 by 10 inches in size, it won’t take up a lot of counter space while doing its job for you.

All you need is to wait for the 15 minute heat up the window to pass before you start using this machine. A 60 minute timer lets you know when the towels are ready for use.

Then this lightweight and very portable towel warmer brings 6 terry cloth towels with it. You start out with fresh new towels to use. The plastic tub and lid let you keep an eye on the towel warming process.

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Getting that warm towel feeling is so easy these days. All you have to do is invest in one of the top 13 best towel warmers in 2020. These devices are ready to warm and sterilize your towels so you or your customers can feel good the rest of the day.

That is what you want in a top towel warmer. You want warmth, freshness and the towels to be germ-free. These top machines deliver that for you. They also do not take up a lot of room either.


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