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A swim bag is a must for everyone heading to the pool in order to carry and bring back all the accessories comfortably. After getting out of the pool, the accessories will be wet and hence, carrying them in a regular bag is not possible. A swimming equipment bag has dedicated compartments to keep everything in an organized way. There are different types of such bags available on the market. We are listing down the top 10 best swimming equipment bags currently available online for your consideration.

List of Top 10 Best Swimming Equipment Bags In 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. Speedo Teamster Backpack

10. Speedo Teamster Backpack

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Do you love swimming? The swimmers have to carry many accessories in the bags. Apart from that, swimmers need a good quality bag to carry dirty clothes. This is one of the best swimming bags that you can buy while going for swimming and snorkeling or other water sports.

Further, this bag comes in more than 30 beautiful shades. You can wear new each day for beach fun. It contains premium quality nylon and polyester that do not harm your skin or body. The bag has a strong zip to open and close it in an easy way.

  • Zipper closure and athletic design.
  • Allows selecting from multiple sizes.
  • Dries quickly with open mesh weave.
  • There is no cons as such.

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#9. Gonex Swimming Equipment Bags

9. Gonex Swimming Equipment Bags

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If you want a rich quality swimming bag, you can choose this bag. You can now keep the wet clothes in this bag after swimming and river rafting. It comes with a separate compartment to store wet clothes. The adjustable strap makes it comfortable for the swimmers to carry this bag on the shoulders.

Additionally, this bag is perfect to carry slippers, bottle, goggles, and towels. The durable construction of this bag does not affect its quality even in the water. It is a nice gift for cousins, friends or relatives who love water sports like snorkeling, river rafting, and boating.

  • Premium quality material and attractive design.
  • Waterproof design and voltage technology.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for better comfort.
  • It does get damp.

#8. TYR Alliance Backpack

8. TYR Alliance Backpack

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Having pure polyester material, this swimming bag comes in different colors. It has 17 inches in height and 13 inches in width. The bag contains 4 exterior slips and 1 interior slip. The shoulder drop design of the bag gives you comfort while carrying it from home to the swimming pool.

In addition to that, this bag can carry wet clothes, bottles, and other accessories. It is lightweight and durable with strong straps. You can give this bag as a gift to your kids during the summer and winter season. It has skin-friendly material that does not cause skin allergies, infection or inflammation.

  • Multiple sizes availability and zipper closure.
  • Durable material and high performance.
  • Suitable for different applications.
  • There is no drawback as such.

#7. Arena Team Swim Backpack

7. Arena Team Swim Backpack

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This is a good swim backpack for swimmers and athletes. It is available in various elegant colors and designs. The bag contains 2 compartments to keep bottles, wet clothes, goggles, and other things. Apart from that, the compartments contain elastic materials for a nice grip.

In addition to that, the wider mouth of this bag can hold many accessories. It is comfortable to carry this small bag to the gym, beach, playground and other places. The front compartments of the bag come with good zippers to keep all your valuables safely. It is a perfect Christmas gift for everyone.

  • Suitable for athletes and swimmers.
  • The large size and multiple compartments.
  • Easy to use and durable construction.
  • It is a rather new product.

#6. DashSport Drawstring Bag

6. DashSport Drawstring Bag

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You can now go for swimming and scuba diving without the bulky bags. This is the lightweight and sleek swimming bag with rich quality mesh. It comes with a slim string to carry the bag on the shoulders. Apart from that, this bag is perfect to carry while going to play sports like basketball, baseball and soccer ball.

The drawstrings and seams make this bag stronger and better in construction. It has a large space to keep football and other swimming accessories. The front compartments of the bag have high-quality zippers to keep mobile phones and wallets and keys.

  • High functional and long-lasting use.
  • Zippered compartments on the front.
  • Large drawstring for easy carrying.
  • This is also a new product.

#5. Athletico Swimming Equipment Bags

5. Athletico Swimming Equipment Bags

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This is one of the amazing swim backpacks containing high-quality fabric. It is available in 4 unique colors that suit your personality. You can use this bag for swimming and as a laptop bag. It comes with a sleeve to keep your laptop safely. The bag contains a tarpaulin base to keep all the accessories dry and free of moisture.

In addition to that, the bag can hold the weight of goggles, shoes, clothes, and kickboard. It has a nice cross design on the front for a beach look. You can give this bag to your friends as a birthday gift.

  • Laptop sleeve for user advantage.
  • High-quality material and multiple colors availability.
  • Large compartment and removable storage pouch.
  • There is no cons at all.

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#4. ButterFox Swimming Equipment Bag

4. ButterFox Swimming Equipment Bag

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You will look hotter and smarter while going swimming with this bag. It contains high-quality nylon that does not wet in the water. The bag has a large capacity to keep accessories such as bottles, shoes, wet clothes and goggles. It is perfect to be used by kids as well as adults.

Further, the bag has an open weave mesh to remove the odor of wet clothes. It includes 2 separate compartments to keep wet and dry clothes. This bag is simple to carry from one place to another. You can choose any color from the 4 elegant colors and designs.

  • Portable design for easy carrying.
  • Long-lasting use with durable nylon.
  • Better ventilation with open-weave mesh.
  • It is also a relatively new product.

#3. Ananaspack Drawstring Bag

3. Ananaspack Drawstring Bag, Swimming Equipment Bags

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This is the cute little swimming bag with stunning designs. It contains rich quality polyester that resists water and sunrays. The bag is available in various colors and designs. The double-layer inside the bag makes easy for you to keep both dry and wet clothes. It comes with good quality strings to carry the bag comfortably.

Further, the inner material makes this bag durable and strong. It removes the bad odor of wet clothes. At the base, this swimming bag one compartment to keep wet shoes and slippers. You can carry this small bag while going to the gym, sports, yoga, and swimming.

  • Lightweight material and attractive design.
  • Convenient straps and water-resistant polyester.
  • Multiple pockets for small items.
  • The handles could be stronger.

#2. Start Smart DrawString Equipment Bag

2. Start Smart DrawString Swimming Equipment Bags

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Now, you will enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling more with this sleek swimming bag. It has a transparent design and a thin strap to hang on the shoulders. The high-quality mesh inside the bag helps the quick process of drying. It does not cause back or neck pain while carrying to the beach and pools.

This swimming bag is perfect for teens and adults. The large size of this bag can keep big size items of swimming in an effective manner. It contains waterproof material and does tear even after using in salt water or ocean waters. The bag contains a money-back guarantee too.

  • Dries quickly for user convenience.
  • Drawstring closure for easy access.
  • Large size and adjustable design.
  • There is no negative point.

#1. Pardao Mesh Swimming Equipment Bags

1. Pardao Mesh Swimming Equipment Bags

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You have to carry several things while going for swimming. This is an ideal bag to carry goggles, wet clothes, bottles, towels, and other things. It does not put a strain on your back. Apart from that, the bag contains premium quality materials that do not cause skin allergies or infection.

The bag has 14 pockets on the front, back and on the sides. You can keep kickboards and fins in this bag along with one towel. It is easy to take this bag in cars or cabs while going for playing water sports. The pockets of this swimming bag are rustproof as well as waterproof.

  • Waterproof pockets for better performance.
  • The large size and elegant design.
  • Wide application and easy to use.
  • The average rating is low.

Buying Guide for Swimming Equipment Bag

Check out the following points when you go through the swimming equipment bags.


The comfort is one of the most important things that you need to consider while buying swimming bag equipment. You need to see if it comes with padded straps that do not put any pressure on your shoulder. Make sure that it allows you to adjust it according to your comfort. You also need to see if it is breathable, that lets you carry it comfortably.


The size can vary accordingly and you need to see if it meets your needs. Look for the one that comes in a generous size and has the ability to accommodate different items including a laptop. However, you need to make sure that it comes in a stylish design and provides you with an athletic feel.

Materials and Construction:

There are different materials for the swimming equipment bag. You need to see if it is durable and allows you to take it anywhere you want. Always see if it has a waterproof construction that makes it perfect for taking it to the poolside. You will also have to see the overall construction and see if it lasts longer. In addition to this, you need to see if it dries quickly, which makes it a versatile product.


For better convenience, you will have to see if it comes with multiple compartments. See if it has multiple external pockets that can easily accommodate your smaller items. It must offer the durability of small parts and protect your accessories. It must not be heavy that makes it easy to carry.


If you are new to buying a swimming equipment bag to keep and carry all accessories hassle freely, you need to go through the buying guide for a proper understanding of the products. You will be able to compare them better based on the parameters and make a better buying decision. All the products are of good quality and are sure to offer you great value for money.

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