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Do you live in an area where power outages often occur? Do you have children that get scared of the darkness? Do you love spending your time outdoors, for example, going camping or fishing? Do you like to be prepared for an emergency incident such as a hurricane, storm, or earthquake? If you do, the answer to all of these questions would be having a good understanding of what is the best rechargeable lantern before deciding to purchase one that will provide you with security during the darkness. This article would suggest the top 10 best rechargeable lanterns that would definitely give you the perfect recommendation.

List of the Best Rechargeable Lanterns

10. Brightest LED Rechargeable Lanterns USB by Blazin

10. Brightest LED Lanterns USB by Blazin
Get it now on Balzin’ Firewall will be a supplement to your electricity light with a lifetime warranty. This rechargeable lantern takes 6 to 8 hours to fully charge, and 1 charge can be used for almost 24 hours straight. When the battery is fully charged, you will see the green indicator.

If you want to extend the battery life longer, you can set it to medium, low, or SOS blinking instead of running it on the high mode. It is definitely your go-to if you love outdoor activities such as going camping or hiking. This lantern has a soft bright illumination; however, it can light up your entire room, and be able to do any activity just like an electric light.

Plus, this rechargeable lantern can be used as a power bank for your phones or tablets as well. It has a long-lasting battery life and quality even if it is a small size lantern. Thus, you can protect yourself when there is a power cut or any emergency. This Blazin’ Fireball LED Lantern will be your best emergency light.

9. Rechargeable LED Lantern for Camping by KNYG

9. Rechargeable LED Lantern for Camping by KNYG
Get it now on This lantern has a great quality choice and is in a very stylish color. It is a 6000 mAh battery that has an adjustable brightness (multiple brightness settings). It will not give you a blind moment when you accidentally stare into it. This lantern is very durable because, for a single charge, you can use it for about 10 days with no fading.

It comes with 2 options of charging either via a USB cord or plug it into a wall. With its modest size, you can easily store it and bring it with you anywhere you go. Furthermore, it is a multi-purpose lantern and suited for both indoor and outdoor. You can let it sit, hang (upside down if you prefer), or carry it around. You can as well use this lantern battery to charge your phones or tablets.

Your little children will not be afraid of the darkness anymore when there is a blackout. And if you are afraid that your children might drop it, we can assure you that this lantern will still work fine. With this lantern, you won’t be having any trouble looking for a new lantern again and no problem replacing new batteries.

8. LED Camping Lantern Rechargeable by Lighting EVER

8. LED Camping Lantern Rechargeable by Lighting EVER
Get it now on You will definitely be very pleased with the durable quality and well-designed of this rechargeable lantern. This lantern is a built-in 1800 mAh and takes 4-5 hours to fully charge. It is a 2-sided lantern and has a huge plus because it has 2 removable flashlights.

This lantern has two battery charging options, (1) insert 3 alkaline batteries as a backup or (2) charge it with the electricity. This lantern provides an excellent brightness convenient for both indoor and outdoor activities like hiking or camping as well as survival kit during an emergency like hurricane, storm, or earthquake.

It is also a water resistance lantern, so you won’t be worried that you accidentally spill or splash water on it when you ride a boat. Because of its lightweight, it makes it easy to bring it with you anywhere. Another good addition is that this lantern comes with a compass on top of it.

7. Waterproof Rechargeable Lantern Flashlight for Hurricane Emergency by LE

7. Waterproof Lantern Flashlight for Hurricane Emergency by LE
Get it now on This LE rechargeable LED camping lantern is a very high quality one because of its long battery life. It has a 3600 mAh battery that is very capable of lighting up the whole room. It comes with a USB cable that can be adjustable with 5 lighting modes. This lantern is a multi-purpose lantern usage for both outdoor and indoor.

We would say that it is a very nice option because it is easy to carry for those who enjoy outdoor activities. This lantern is waterproof, so you have no concern that your children splash water on it, plus a 2 years warranty. You are absolutely going to love this lantern.

6. Waterproof Tent Light, LED Lantern for Power Outage by EULOCA

6. Waterproof Tent Light, LED Lantern for Power Outage by EULOCA
Get it now on This LED lantern is a small size that is very easy to carry around, thus, making it become very cute in size. You will be very impressed with this product. It comes with a handle that is made very useful to carry around.

It is a terrific 4400 mAh battery with an additional flashing mode and a nice beam color. This well-made lantern comes with a two-option charging, via a USB cord or using a 3 ”D” battery. This lantern has 4 light modes and easily adjusts to a dimming level. The battery can last for about 7 hours.

To get a brighter light for a big space, you can just simply hang it upside down. If you enjoy camping or fishing, you have no worries, as this lantern is a waterproof quality. You don’t have to waste money buying a generator to prepare for darkness anymore.

5. Rechargeable and Portable USB Charger Lantern by Streamlight

5. Rechargeable and Portable USB Charger Lantern by Streamlight
Get it now on This rechargeable lantern has a variety of color options such as blue, pink, red, yellow, and coyote. The design of this lantern is very classic. You may see this similar design if you watch a magic movie like Harry Potter. This lantern comes with a portable USB charger and has a 10,400 mAh battery. It takes 7 hours for a full charge, and the battery life will last for about 16 hours.

You can use it to charge your phones or other devices. Because it is made of a reliable polymer with rubber molded, this lantern can maintain its stability even if it is put on a slippery surface. It also comes with a few different hanging options, the built-in hook (both bottom and top of this lantern), the loop of paracord, and the main bail. For a big space area, you can hang the lantern upside down for brighter lighting.

The operation is very simple. If you want to have a full brightness, press once. For a medium brightness, press and hold it for 1.5 seconds and for low brightness, just press twice. Another special feature of this lantern is that it is floatable (Waterproof from 1-2 meters depths). We are absolutely sure that it will be your go-to lantern when you plan your camping trip.

4. Tough Light LED Rechargeable Lantern

4. Tough Light LED Rechargeable Lantern
Get it now on This LED rechargeable lantern comes with 3 colors, mud, blue, and yellow. It has a 200-hour battery life after a full charge (6000 mAh battery). From this single charge, you can use this lantern for about 16 nights (50,000 hours) if you run it on a low setting mode.

This lantern can be charged by using any USB device cords. You can also charge it with your laptop or car. And if your phone or camera runs out of battery, you can use this lantern to charge them as well. This lantern is a very environmentally friendly product because it does not require any disposable batteries.

The operation is as clear as it could, simply press the button to adjust the modes (low, medium, high, flash). This lantern provides a fantastic sharp and clear bright that is very appropriate for your day-to-day activities such as working, reading, dog walking or outdoor pleasure such as camping, hiking, or fishing. It is very ideal for your vacation, and you won’t go wrong with it with its 2 years warranty plus a water and drop-proof.

3. Wsky Rechargeable Camping Lantern Flashlight

3. Wsky Rechargeable Camping Lantern Flashlight
Get it now on This Wsky camping lantern comes with 6 different settings mode with just 1 simply press to the button. It is a 3600 mAh lantern and can be used as a power bank to charge your phones or other smart devices.

This lantern is very easy to carry around that anyone can handle it even your kids because of its lightweight. It is also very durable because this lantern is water-resistant. You will have no problems anymore even if it is a rainy day. It comes with a 2-way hook, so you can hang it in any position you like.

This rechargeable lantern is water-resistant, thus making it suitable for any place and any situation, whether you want to light up your room during the blackout or emergency, bring it to bright up your camping site, or other outdoor activities. You can now enjoy doing your outdoor activities without having to worry about the darkness and dangers anymore.

2. LED Rechargeable Lanterns by EZORKAS

2. LED Rechargeable Lanterns by EZORKAS
Get it now on This EZORKAS comes with a 2-year warranty and is a very good metal portable product with a 4 lighting mode adjustment to your preference. This lantern is powered by a USB cable or inserting replaceable batteries.

This lantern will be your best emergency light when there is a power outrage or convert it to a standby power source as it has a phone or other device rechargeability. You won’t have any trouble finding the brightness to work during the blackout or when your home light is too bright during nighttime.

You can also use a lantern as a source for any of your outdoor recreations. If you need to light up a larger area such as a garden, garage, or backyard, just simply hang this lantern. This lantern is definitely worth your money because it is very durable and well-made in a water resistant quality.

1. Lantern Rugged Rechargeable by Coleman

1. Lantern Rugged Rechargeable by Coleman
Get it now on This lantern is in a dark green color. It is a highly recommended product (3 years warranty). This is a built-in rechargeable lantern that can be charged with any of the power sockets, and when the indicator button turns green, it means that the lantern is fully charged, and it can be used between 5 to 20 hours depending on what mode you set.

If you adjust it to a high setting mode, this lantern can light up for about 12 meters. You can also use a 4 D cell to power up this lantern. Moreover, this lantern has a power bank capabilities plus3 low power consumption.

It provides the best lighting experience compared with other lanterns because this lantern can give you the brightness as if it is in the daytime. Hang this lantern a bit upper to provide illumination for your room. The quality of this lantern is very durable so you don’t have to panic if you drop it. Now you can rest assured even if there is a power-cut, emergency, foggy or rain.


We hope that these various reviews of the top 10 rechargeable lanterns can provide you useful and crucial information in order to choose your surviving tool for both indoor and outdoor. We can guarantee that these lanterns will be able to provide convenience with its reliability and durability.

Buying Guides for Best Rechargeable Lanterns


How long the battery can last and whether or not the lantern provides you a USB cord to use as a power bank for your phones or other devices is one of the essential criteria. A lantern’s functionality should not only be used to provide brightness but also gives you a pleasurable feeling when you are bored.

Size and weight:

The size and weight of the lantern are also very important. If it is too big or too small, it may not be compatible to be your survival kit.

Different settings:

With different settings, the lantern will allow you to adjust its brightness level to your own preference as well as saving the battery life when you don’t necessarily need the high brightness mode.

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