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The reception section is extremely important for any business or commercial place. It is the reception desk that always draws instant attention. There are various types of reception desks available in terms of sizes and designs. Depending on your budget and space available, you have to make your choice accordingly. Our team has done an extremely great job spotting the best reception desks based on various buying parameters. The following is the list of the top 10 best reception desks in 2021 for you.


10 Esquire Glass Top Reception Desks by NBF Signature Series



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The reception desks come with a mahogany lamination finish to evoke the utmost sophistication of your office lobby. The silver accents and kick-plates also make this furniture look exceptionally classy. Moreover, the thickened glass countertop comes with a floating design to add another dimension to the desk. With the help of two grommet holes, this desk makes the wire management hassle-free.

The top layer of this desk also offers exceptional protection against scratching. Furthermore, this furniture supports easy cleaning and maintenance. The desk is able to hold the polished look for years to sustain the professional appearance. The curved and large working area of this desk lets you work with convenience. You can even decorate the glass countertop with small plants.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Laminate construction with silver accents.
  • Attractive look and functional design.
  • Safe for using and wire management.


9 LED Illuminated Curved Reception Desks by DIR


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The curved reception desks come with a pre-assembled design to save a lot of time during installation. The glossy surface of this office and home furniture also helps you to easily place in the office lobby or hotel reception. Moreover, with the help of a three-piece combination, the desk easily fits any smaller space. This desk comes with storage cabinets with shelves.

You can also store your valuables in the lockable drawers of this furniture. Furthermore, with the help of a larger counter surface, the desk makes the payment or transaction processes convenient. This furniture comes with an inbuilt LED lighting system to illuminate the desk-space. The desk easily blends with the décors of spa or salon receptions. The polished design makes this furniture extremely classy.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Affordable price and durable construction.
  • Side storage for user advantage.
  • No assembling and high-gloss finishing.

8 Esquire Glass Top Reception Desk by NBF Signature Series


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The simple yet elegant reception desk comes with the construction of polished driftwood. This furniture also arrives in pre-assembled condition, so you do not have to invest further time for installation. Moreover, the thick and transparent glass floating countertop makes an ideal place to decorate the desk. The silver accents and the kick-plates make the desk look elegant.

This office and room furniture also comes with a pair of grommet holes, so you can proficiently manage the wires. Furthermore, the desk comes with scratchproof material construction and lasts for years. You can easily maintain a professional appearance by simply cleaning it regularly. The mahogany finish adds shine to the desk. The spacious desk-space of this furniture makes your work convenient.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Floating top glass for an attractive look.
  • Long-lasting use and wire management.
  • Eliminates the need for assembling.

7 Linea Italia Curved Reception Desk


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The plain white lamination of this reception desk brings out the soberness of the construction. The curved-style desk also matches with most of the hotel and office receptions. Moreover, the single-panel design of this office furniture is suitable for the lobbies with tight space. The interior desk space comes with a depth of 20-inch. The wire routing notch helps you to keep the desk clutter-free.

The self-edging on the white laminating finish also makes this desk look classy. Furthermore, the furniture lets you build up a perfect professional atmosphere. The silver-painted and powder-coated steel frame makes this desk exceptionally durable. This easy-to-assemble desk is ideal to use in any school, hospitals, and more other spaces. The robust furniture easily handles the work pressure of any busy workspace.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Allows selecting from multiple colors.
  • Space-saving design for user advantage.
  • Better depth and wide application.

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6 Reception Desks by DIR


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This reception desk with a polished finish mostly blends with the decoration of the corporate office lobby or hotel reception. The furniture also comes with a distinctive curved design to deliver a unique hint of sophistication. Moreover, the wooden material construction with a glossy black finish easily catches the eyes. The silver paint finish elevates the classiness of the desk.

This functional desk also comes with a curved working area with enough space for hassle-free working. Furthermore, the slide-out keyboard tray helps you to work and store the keyboard with ease. With the help of a lockable drawer, you can keep your confidential belongings safe from the hands of intruders. The LED light fixtures let you illuminate the large working area.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Wooden design for an attractive look.
  • Two colors option and saves space.
  • Allows using in different settings.

5 Linea Italia Curved Reception Desk


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From contemporary office lobby to a stylish saloon, the reception desk fits most of the institutional structure. The wooden furniture also comes with thermo-fused mocha lamination finishing with self-edged design. Moreover, the interior desk of this furniture has a depth of 20-inch. The desk is suitable for any tight space. With the help of the top acrylic panel, the furniture offers enough illumination while maintaining your privacy.

The desk is also perfect for the receptionists and secretaries. Furthermore, the desk easily blends with the professional-looking quiet atmosphere. The large working area lets you work with comfort. You can set a monitor for convenient working. The simple design of the desk is suitable to use in school, hotel, and hospital, and so on.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Functional design and professional look.
  • Long-lasting use with the top acrylic panel.
  • Wire routing notch and easy setup.

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4 DFS Reception Desk Shell


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The compact and simple design of this reception desk looks very much sober at any office or hotel. The commercial-grade lamination with pure espresso-tinted finish also makes this furniture look extremely classy. Moreover, the front accent allows you to emboss your company or office logo. The raised countertop of the front desk lets you place any decorative piece or information accordingly.

The desk shell is also suitable to place a monitor up to 15-inch. Furthermore, the side panels of this furniture offer resistance against water stain and scratches. The thick scratchproof lamination comes with 3mm of PVC edge banding to retain the glossiness of the desk. The grommet hole of the office and home furniture allows you to manage the wires conveniently.

Reasons To Buy –

  • The large size and professional design.
  • Sturdy construction for long-lasting use.
  • Easy maintenance and resistant to scratches.

3 Modern Gloss White Reception Desk by GW FURNITURE


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The small yet functional reception desk mostly fits the contemporary décors of office or residential places. The sleek and glossy finish of this furniture also makes it look sophisticated and easily blend with the atmosphere of busy workspace. Moreover, the countertop of this desk involves the construction of man-crafted pure white marble. The office and room furniture make an ideal desk for any salon.

The cutout for wire-management also lets you keep the working area clutter-free. Furthermore, two separate and roomy drawers help you to keep your valuables in an organized manner. The space-saving design of this furniture fits in any tight corner of the desk. The drawers of this furniture come with a locking mechanism for the safety of your valuables.

Reasons To Buy –

  • The solid surface of durable marble.
  • Attractive look and space-saving design.
  • Easy installation for user advantage.

2 Reception Desk by DIR


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The timeless look of this reception desk comes with a pre-assembled design to save your time from the stressing installation process. This office and home furniture with a beautiful finish also makes it suitable to place in your salon, spa, and studio-room. Moreover, the wooden construction of the furniture stands for durability. The distinctive and sober cream color of the desk makes it look classy.

The furniture also comes along with an illuminating front panel. Furthermore, with the help of LED lights, you can keep the front desk eliminated. The delicate silver wooden-craved detailing adds a hint of style to the furniture. This desk includes a lockable drawer to keep your valuable documents safe from strangers. The slide-out keyboard tray and a large working surface make the desk incredibly practical.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Wheels for easy portability.
  • Wooden construction and storage space.
  • Keyboard slide-out for user convenience.

1 OFM Marque Series Reception Station


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The ergonomic design of this reception desk comes with a single unit construction. This furniture also comes with a unique curved wooden construction to make your room décor look fulfilled. Moreover, the assembly of office furniture is tool-less. The gear includes a highly-functional 19.75-inch deep desk, so you can conveniently keep all the important documents in an organized way.

The leveling guides also help you to place this desk properly on even or uneven surfaces. Furthermore, the powder-coated steel frame of the desk makes it extremely durable, rust, and corrosion-resistant. With the help of thermo-fused melamine finish, the furniture looks extremely distinctive. The integrated wire-management cutouts help you to keep your desk space clutter-free. This desk comes with a unique walnut color with a polished texture.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Complete set and easy assembling.
  • Self-leveling design and attractive look.
  • Wire management for a clean look.

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Buying Guide For Reception Desks –

Check out the following points while going through reception desks.

Size and Shape:

Reception desks can come in different sizes and shapes, and you can select the one according to your requirements. However, you need to measure the area properly and then make your buy. If you have limited space, then get the one that comes in a space-saving design. L-shaped design is space-saving and provides ample top space. For an attractive look, you can even look for the one that comes in a curved or U-shaped design. You must always measure the area properly so that you don’t have to make any adjustments or compromise with the design. Consider the one that comes with an aluminum frame.

Materials and Construction:

For long-lasting use, you need to make sure if the reception desk has a sturdy construction. Look for the one that is made of heavy-duty materials and has an attractive look. The different types of materials are metal, wood, and laminate. Metal can be very long-lasting, but it is very heavy, and you will have to make a lot of effort to move it. Real wood is a popular choice and comes in attractive designs. It is also affordable and can be durable. Laminate is very durable and delivers superior performance. In addition to this, you need to see if it comes with a tempered glass top.

Storage and Functionality:

Always get a reception desk that comes in an easy to install design. Look for the one that lets you have more storage options. With it, you can have better functionality as it lets you store important files and documents. Some can even come with cable management that gives a clean look when you place your computer. Some will let you expand it according to your requirements and include lockable drawers or shelves. In addition to this, you need to see if it lets you have comfort when you use it.

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Conclusion –

There are many awesome-looking reception desks available in the market, but their quality is cheap, and the durability is low. Therefore, to make things transparent and more convenient for you, we have provided a brief buying guide so that you understand the products better. You can compare them and understand which is better for your needs and buy accordingly.

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