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Greetings to all of the organizers out there, have you ever felt annoyed on how low the light displays on your party, night shows or shooting videos? I know how irritating it is to just not enough lights to illuminate your massive event or on your work.

That’s why this article is specially designed for those professional users, car fixers, campers, party planners, or having a show at your school, workplace, etc.

That said, in this article, we are introducing to you the LED work lights that could brighten up your stage or your shooting place into a whole level, where the place is filled with a brightness enhancing your motivation in working.

It is cheap, easy to assemble, energy-saving and easy to re-lamp again when the lamp runs out. This article will go through details about reviewing each of the top 9 LED Work Lights.

List of the Best Portable LED Work Lights Buying Guide

9. Rechargeable Waterproof Portable LED Flood Lights for Outdoor Camping by OTYTY

9. Rechargeable Waterproof Portable LED Flood Lights for Outdoor Camping by OTYTY
Get it now on Starting off from our list is this OTYTY brand that is one of the illuminations is brightening your stage, your hiking spot, putting at both sides of your shop or even having a pool or barbeque party at your house, this is perfect for you.

This work lights come with a refilled battery that allows you to use it for a long period of time due to its high capacity in storing the power. On top that, it can act as a power bank that allows you to charge your phone or tablets by inserting the cable into the USB socket at remote places.

Moreover, it has certified for an IP65 that can stand for a splash and harsh water resistantly, so you don’t have to worry about rains dropping anymore. OTYTY is designed to be cable-free, semicircle adjustments stand, easing your way in displaying the light wherever you want to.

It has equipped with the power that saves up to 80 percent of energy consumption and also the light is strong, big-flash and durable. It comes with 3 various designs that each design comes with 3 different colors, gray, orange, and pink.

8. Rechargeable Best Portable LED Work Lights with Magnetic Base by Coquimbo

8. Rechargeable Best Portable LED Work Lights with Magnetic Base by Coquimbo
Get it now on Coquimbo offers 3 various work lights sizes for you to choose, but for this review, I’m going to go with the medium size Coquimbo that comes with special features. Firstly, this light allows the user to rotate a full circle, which is really easy to illuminate with various positions.

It is also highly recommended for the repair garage, hikers, campers and home. Moving on to its material, the main made material of the handle is made out of hard plastic rubber, that is carefully designed for a lost-lasting usage and can stand strongly on any conditions.

The case on top of the lights is made out of aluminum for heat resistance and gives extra durability for the light battery as well. Moreover, Coquimbo comes with 5 light adjustments for you to adjust for different usage. This light is light and portable and they are providing a 1-year warranty.

7. LED Work Light, Waterproof Flood Lights with Stand for Workshop by Onforu

7. LED Work Light, Waterproof Flood Lights with Stand for Workshop by Onforu
Get it now on If you are on a medium budget and want to seek for a high-quality work light, this one is for you. First of all, Onforu comes with a sturdy light stand that could stand with a high-stability and also it can be adjusted both upright up to 180degree and parallel up to 360 degrees, which is the perfect angle to just customize you light reflection at any angle you want to. Also, the interior design of the light is like a slump that is great for heat resistance attached to the high-quality glass that could stand for both heat and anti-fogginess resistance.

This Onfuro work light is certified as I65 water resistance, solving your worries with the dust-free, which also great for constructing places. The light is a superb illumination that could bright up to the angle of 120 degrees and it is adjustable with the 2 different modes in customizing your own level of brightness as well.

Not to mention that this light is not cordless but it is equipped with the long cable that allows you to set up the light at your desired positions.

6. Dual Head LED Work Light with Adjustable Metal Telescoping Tripod by PowerSmith

 6. Dual Head LED Work Light with Adjustable Metal Telescoping Tripod by PowerSmith
Get it now on This is for those who are having sufficient space to place a work light as one of the decorations. It comes with a tall adjustable stand that allows you to adjust your own desired height. Talking about the light power, it is strong and highly-reflective that comes with 2 lights one on each side, covered with tempered glass.

The main point that catches my heart is its massive durability, it can last up to almost 6 years, which is a superb long period of time.

Moreover, it comes with 9 feet cable that allows you to place it anywhere you want to, even if it is far from the socket. It has proven that it is water-resistant, can stand even on rainy days. They are providing a 2 years warranty for all of the purchasers.

5. LED Work Light with Magnetic Stand by Hallomall:

5. LED Work Light with Magnetic Stand by Hallomall:
Get it now on Hallomall is another LED work light that is made out of high-quality materials such as the metal at the handle and stands bar and plastic. Just like the first LED work light, the battery is made to be re-energized which you can charge it again when the light goes off. Also, it comes with double USB holes easy for you to charge your device on the remote areas, where there is no electricity provided.

Apart from this, this light is equipped with the magnet to give you extra stability, when putting it on the stand. It is easy to install, easy to take carry and it is light.

Moreover, there are 3 modes for you to select in using different conditions and it has certified as an IPX5 that has a strong system in water resistance and dustproof as well. It comes in 3 different colors, black, yellow and green.

4. Portable LED Work Light, Rechargeable Waterproof Flood Light by Ustopfire

4. Portable LED Work Light, Rechargeable Waterproof Flood Light by Ustopfire
Get it now on Ustopfire is great for those who are on a low budget but still wanting to have a good quality LED work light that lasts for a pretty long time. This is great any outdoor usage because it has attached with the IP65 system that could stand for even cold, sunny and rainy days, which is pretty resistant and durable for a low price like this.

It has various versatility in using, you can hang it on the top of your tent for climbers, attach it onto the wall or place it on the magnetic surface, they all work fine and great.

In addition, this light can also act as a power bank for sharing the power capacity into your electronic devices, such as smartphones for emergency usage. This light provides an adjustable light brightness to illuminate your place with 3 different modes and there is also a 30 days refund available in purchasing this light.

3. Lumen LED Work Light Stand and Large Adjustable Metal Hook by PowerSmith

3. Lumen LED Work Light Stand and Large Adjustable Metal Hook by PowerSmith
Get it now on This is also great for those who have small cash in hand but still seeking for a good LED work light and now this is perfect for you, it is even cheaper than the previous ones. The frame of the light stand is made out of metal polished with black and sleek color on top for stain-free and the frame of the light is made by a strong plastic that gives an extra resistance for both heat and coldness.

Although it doesn’t include with the light modes, this light illuminates perfectly strong onto your desired positions. It comes with a long cord that allows you to place it anywhere you want to and the light is designed to be adjustable up to 360degree angle.

It comes with a 2 years warranty, which you can never complain about a cheap price but the warranty is still provided when it comes to PowerSmith.

2. Waterproof Portable Flood Lights, LED Work Light by Ustellar

2. Waterproof Portable Flood Lights, LED Work Light by Ustellar
Get it now on If you are looking for a super long cable, attached with the LED work light Ustellar is for you. The materials are made out of high-quality metal, tempered glass along with the matte finish look that makes it look even extra on the design. The interior design inside the tempered glass is inclined in absorbing the heat and saving the light consuming as well.

Equally important, the cable of this light is up to 16.5 feet, as I know that it is light that has the longest cord of all in this review. It is equipped with an IP65 that stands for water splash and rainy days toughly well and it comes with 2 different light modes.

1. 60W LED Work Lights by Olafus

1. 60W LED Work Lights by Olafus
Get it now on Last but not least, Olafus 60W comes with a handlebar and a stand that is made out of metal which is tough and durable, brushed with yellow color and black giving a cute and classic look. This light is provided with the IP65 water resistance for extra durability and long-lasting for any conditions, even on cold or hot weather it still works fine.

Also, the lamp is adjustable to any angle you want to and the cable is pretty long and strong. Moreover, this light comes with 2 modes for you to adjust and the illumination life is up to 13years of usage, which is super duper durable and strong beam as well. The best part is that Olafus provides a 5 years warranty.


To sum up, having an LED light at each of your houses is crucial for occasional usages, and it works well for minors, hikers, jewel makers, constructors, or mechanics for daily usage. It helps brighten up your workplace for a better look in working and easing your way in seeking or fixing or making your project into better footage and outcome. There are so many other LED lights that have launched the market, and we are just picking the top 9 which are best of best. The choice is yours.

Buying Guide:

After having some feedback for the insufficient way of decision making, we found out that buyers or users want to find out about how to choose the right product for the right work. This buying guide is written to give you extra information on how to choose the right LED work light to put at your place:

2 Packs Lights:

It is recommended to find the LED work lights that come in a set or it attaches together to assemble in one, it doesn’t only make your place brighter but also the usage of this is a lot more useful than the 1 pack if the light has a high power I wouldn’t complain much, but for the price I don’t know it is that different.

Cordless/ Long Cord:

If possible, it is recommended to find a work light that is cordless; or if the cord is equipped you should find for longer for a better place in positioning.

USB Cable:

The USB cable is highly recommended for especially hikers and campers, because of course on the top of the mountain, there is no electricity. So, it is a good idea to find a light that includes a USB socket.

Angle Adjustments:

It is crucial for the lamp head the have high flexibility at least 90degree for angle positioning.


This is a “must” feature on every LED light; the rate of the waterproof resistance should be at least IP55 for outdoor usage.


Every product that you purchase should come with a warranty provided to ensure that there is a responsibility in putting on sale and if there are any defects, they should send another one.

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