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A full-size washing machine is not suitable for everyone. When you are living in a small apartment alone or with a partner, a small and portable clothes washing machine is best suited for you. It takes up limited space, and it serves the need of the individual or couple perfectly. Most importantly, you can move it around and store it in a place where it is not seen and back it back to a dedicated place for washing. Check out the top 10 best portable clothes washing machines below.

List of Top 10 Best Portable Clothes Washing Machines In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. Giantex Twin Tub Washing Machine

10. Giantex Twin Tub Washing Machine

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A washing machine is one of the most useful gadgets for homes. It does the task of washing clothes in no time. A portable washing machine is one step ahead of normal washing machines. It is easy to carry anywhere for washing different kinds of clothes.

This is a nice portable washing machine with two tubs. It includes a washer time of 15 minutes and a spin timer of 5 minutes. The washing machine has a beautiful white color and blue covers. The drainage tube will help to drain the water out of the machine. This washing machine is perfect for motorhomes, dorms, and camping.

  • Easy operation and twin tub design.
  • The powerful motor of 300 watts.
  • Compact design and efficient performance.
  • The construction could have been fragile.

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#9. Best Choice Products Twin Tub Laundry Machine

9. Best Choice Products Twin Tub Laundry Machine

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This is the robust washing machine that comes in 3 colors. You can wash clothes of 8lb. in the machine. Besides that, it can easily spin dry the clothes of 5lbs. The washing machine contains a filter net that traps hair and other dirt of the clothes. You can easily carry this lightweight machine in the cars while going for picnics or camping.

The wire of the washing machine is kept in a systematic manner. It does not make a noise like normal washing machines while washing clothes. The inner part of this portable washing machine consists of rich quality stainless steel.

  • Lightweight housing and low noise cycles.
  • Durable construction and ETL certification.
  • Fast washing for saving time.
  • The exterior does get dirty quickly.

#8. SUPER DEAL Twin Tub Washing Machine

8. SUPER DEAL Twin Tub Washing Machine

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Having two tubs, this is one of the best portable washing machines. It is small in size, and you can keep it in small places. This washing machine can only wash and spin the clothes, thereby reducing the washing time. It comes with a strong motor of 1300RPM and rotary controls.

Further, the clear window will show the full washing process of clothes. It also includes a timer that runs for about 15 minutes. You can conveniently move this tiny washing machine from one place to another. Now, you don’t have to hand wash your clothes during family trips and adventure tours.

  • Superior performance with a powerful motor.
  • Saves energy and effective performance.
  • Easy mobility due to lightweight construction.
  • The dryer is slightly loud.

#7. COSTWAY Mini Washing Machine

7. COSTWAY Mini Washing Machine

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Whether it is a family trip or camping, you can carry this compact washing machine anywhere. It has a transparent body to clearly watch the washing cycles. Apart from that, the machine comes in 3 patterns. It is the perfect washing machine for apartments, RVs, condos, and dorms.

Additionally, this washing machine has a simple operation. You have to put clothes, water, and detergent in the machine and connect the plug into the socket. The timer control will help you to adjust the time of the cycle as per your requirements. You can also see the water level and the washing cycle because of the transparent body.

  • Timer control for user advantage.
  • Compact design for saving space.
  • Easy to use and clear lid design.
  • It is quite small in size.

#6. Portable Washing Machine by Think Gizmos

6. Portable Washing Machine by Think Gizmos

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This is the mini washing machine with two tubs. You can comfortably carry it while going for business tours, camping or adventure trips. It can wash the clothes at about 3.6 kg while spin-dry about 2 kg of clothes. Apart from that, the two tubs work seamlessly during the cycles of washing and spinning.

The controls on the top of the washing machine will help you to control the functions easily. It does not make a disturbing sound to affect the sleep of your kids. The efficient inner chamber will keep the clothes dry after the washing cycle. It also includes an instruction manual.

  • Combined capacity of 5.6 kg.
  • The cycle of 15 minutes.
  • Lightweight design and full set.
  • The hoses are cheaply made.

#5. ZENY Portable Clothes Washing Machines

5. ZENY Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine

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You can wash any type of clothes in the small washing machine. It has two tubs for washing and spinning cycle. This washing machine can fit in small spaces like backyards and patios. You can take it your small or large cars while traveling to different places. The washer tub can rub for a maximum time of 15 minutes while spin tub rubs for 5 minutes.

Further, it is relaxing to move this small machine from one place to another. The durable plastic construction protects the machine from water, moisture, and sunlight. It runs on less power and reduces electricity bills.

  • Powerful performance and wide application.
  • Gravity drain for user convenience.
  • Double performance of spinning and washing.
  • The operation is slightly inconvenient.

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#4. Della Electric Top Load Washer

4. Della Electric Top Load Washer

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You can save space in your wash areas and storerooms. This is a lovely washing machine for small spaces. You can wash various types of clothes in the machine such as t-shirts, jeans, socks, and towels. It is available in 2 patterns. The precise window shows you the washing and drying cycles properly

In addition to that, the dual function helps you to spin wash and spin dry simultaneously. This portable washing machine comes in condos, RV’s and apartments. Besides that, it is a useful gadget to take while visiting picnics and camping. It is convenient to carry to any place.

  • Clear lid for easy monitoring.
  • Functional design and high performance.
  • Allows using in different locations.
  • There is no such cons.

#3. Pyle Portable Washer & Spin Dryer

3. Pyle Portable Washer & Spin Dryer

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The elegant blue color of this portable washing machine suits the background of your apartments. It comes with a top-loading system wherein you have to put detergent and water. The machine includes a drain hose and a power cord. It also comes with rotary controls.

Further, this small washing machine can wash the clothes of 33 lbs. The transparent window will show you the entire washing process. It includes a powerful motor of 120 watts. You can operate this washing machine easily without professional help. This portable washing machine fits comfortably in apartments, dorms, and other small places. You can also carry it in the cars.

  • Rotary controls for easy operation.
  • Solid motor for high performance.
  • Eliminates the need of having installation.
  • The average rating is low.

#2. KUPPET Mini Portable Washing Machine

2. KUPPET Mini Portable Washing Machine

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This is an elegant washing machine for small spaces. The purple color of the machine suits with any background. You need to add clothes, detergent, and water and let the machine work on its own. It has the capacity to wash 10lbs. of clothes. This portable washing machine your valuable time by accelerating the washing cycle.

The drainage tube of the machine will remove the dirty water during the washing cycles. You can watch the whole washing and drying process in this washing machine due to the clear body. It is a lightweight and durable washing machine for picnics and trips.

  • Quick performance for user advantage.
  • Powerful motor and timer control.
  • Easy draining system and twin tub design.
  • The hoses are on the shorter side.

#1. hOmeLabs Portable Clothes Washing Machines

1. hOmeLabs Portable Washing Machine

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The sleek design of this washing machine will make it convenient for you to move anywhere. It can wash all types of clothes such as shirts, jeans, kids’ wear, and winter wear. The two wheels at the bottom of the machine make the movement easier and better.

This portable washing machine has 5 washing cycles and different water level settings. You can choose the levels and other settings as per your need and comfort. In addition to that, it comes with an LED display for simple operations. You can keep this washing machine in bathrooms, apartments, dorms, RV’s and other small places.

  • Carry handles for easy portability.
  • Adjustable legs for improved stability.
  • Large capacity and multiple cycles.
  • There is no cons at all.

Buying Guide for Portable Clothes Washing Machine

Check out the following factors when choosing a portable clothes washing machine.

Size and Capacity:

Portable washing machines are smaller and have different capacities. You will have to get the one according to your requirements. You need to measure the size so that it fits perfectly. The size can vary from 3kg to that of 7 kg, and you can even find larger than this.


Look for the one that comes in a twin-tub design that allows you to use it for both washing and spinning. If it comes with handles and clear lids, then you can have better convenience. In addition to this, look for the one that comes in a lightweight design that allows you to take it anywhere you want.


Always go for the one that comes in an easy to use design. Look for the one that has easy controls and see if it comes with a powerful motor. You will also have to see if it operates without making any noise. Go for the one that comes with automatic operation.

Draining System:

The draining system has to be efficient enough that lets you use it hassle-free. For this, you need to see if it comes with a convenient hose and include all other accessories.


If a portable washing machine comes with multiple wash cycles, then you can select the one according to your requirements. You can even see if it has a programmable timer that lets you use it with ease. There can be many other features that let you have a convenient time while using the washing machine.


Portable clothes washing machine comes with all the features that a full-size washing machine has. It is just the difference in size and therefore, you can move it around as per your requirements. Most of these portable washing machines come with a dedicated spin dryer so that the wet clothes become dry as much as possible which is always handy. Consider the buying guide to understand the features better.

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