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Sleeping positions vary from person to person. By far, the healthiest one is sleeping on your back as it allows your spine to properly align and does not force imbalance pressure on some specific part of your body. The bad news is it is almost impossible to change your habitual position. However, if you are a born side sleeper it does not necessarily mean you cannot have a healthy sleep. These top 10 pillows are designed especially for side sleepers in order to allow them to stick to their habit and stay healthy at the same time.

List of the

10. Eden Adjustable Pillow by Coop Home Goods

10. Eden Adjustable Pillow by Coop Home Goods
Get it now on This pillow is a product of the USA. It is a CertiPUR-US pillow with adjustable microfiber and memory foam fillings, so you can customize it to fit your need. Its cover has a composition of bamboo fiber, ultra fabric, and polyester which has the ability to ward off the dust and mite making you feel refreshed after waking up and also help to improve your respiratory system.

This brand also promised to offer a full refund providing you are not satisfied within 100 nights.

9. Memory Foam Pillow Support Side Back Stomach Sleepers by Milemont

9. Memory Foam Pillow Support Side Back Stomach Sleepers by Milemont
Get it now on Pillow from Milemont will definitely transform your sleep for the better. This premium quality pillow is not only good for the side sleepers but also for the stomach sleepers. The memory foam with the combination of high-density foam is best in aligning your neck and head posture. The materials used also proved to be harmless by CertiPUR-US.

The pillowcase is hypoallergenic and breathable allowing you to sleep very comfortably. This product also comes with a 10 years warranty.

8. Gel Pillow Good for Side and Back Sleeper by SORMAG

8. Gel Pillow Good for Side and Back Sleeper by SORMAG
Get it now on This is another hotel-quality pillow from SORMAG. This brand is well-known for using most premium materials such as poly gel fiber and cotton imported from Germany for both fillings and cover. its three-point curve works really great in balancing your head, neck, and shoulders.

Its special feature is the fluffy effect created by the trace molecules fiber. It also has a very simple care instruction as the cover is machine washable, so you can just let your washing machine do the dirty job.

7. Pillow for Side Sleepers with Contoured Support by Duro-Med

7. Side Sleeper Body Pillow with Contoured Support by Duro-Med
Get it now on When it comes to unique design, there is no other pillow that can beat this one from Duro-Med. This is a game-changer for those who love to cradle. Traditionally, we used to have separate hugging pillows but now Duro-Med has invented this 2 in 1 pillow just for you.

The fillings are made of tender but firm polyester which helps to smooth you down during the sleep. Additionally, it will not trouble you to do manual washing as it can also be cleaned by the washing machine.

6. Orthopedic Pillow for Side Sleepers, Back, Stomach by CushionCare

6. Orthopedic Pillow for Side, Back, Stomach Sleepers by CushionCare
Get it now on CushionCare offers you a high-tech foam pillow. This pillow is specially designed to fight against all the factors that keep you away from getting a restful night. The design is also one of a kind as it comes with a cervical curve to support your neck.

Along with the temperature sensitive fillings, your pressure point will be soothed allowing you to feel at ease. Additionally, it also plays a role as a snoring remedy for those who have snoring issues.

5. Hypoallergenic Pillow for Side Sleepers by SEPOVEDA

5. Hypoallergenic Pillow for Side and Back Sleeper by SEPOVEDA
Get it now on Another cervical pillow goes to SEPOVEDA bed pillows. This one is suitable not only for side sleepers but for all sleeping positions. Its breathability makes it an ideal pillow for summer as it is made of 100% polyester with the poly gel-filled inside making a great combination. What is appealing is it comes with a zipper for you to adjust and customize the height that is perfect for your neck.

4. Orthopedic Contour Pillow Support for Back by Milemont

4. Orthopedic Contour Pillow Support for Back by Milemont
Get it now on This pillow from Milemont is a real deal for side sleepers. Its cover is made of 35% tencel and 65% polyester filled by CertiPUR-US memory foam inside which makes it a pro pain reliever.

Aside from this, the material is very versatile and will adjust perfectly to the pressure of your head and neck once you place it on it. The material is resistant to stain and fade so you do not have to worry about getting them on the pillow.

3. Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow for side sleeper by UTTU

3. Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow for side sleeper by UTTU
Get it now on For maximum relaxation, you can never go wrong with this orthopedic pillow from UTTU. The material used is high quality foam which will last very long and will change its gentleness even in cold seasons. The cover is made of bamboo fabric and 60% polyester which makes it a very cooling and refreshing pillow. For cleaning, just remove the cover and toss it in the washing machine and you are good to go.

2. Maternity Body Pillow U Shaped by QUEEN ROSE

2. Maternity Body Pillow U Shaped by QUEEN ROSE
Get it now on If you are looking for a U-shaped pillow, then look no further. This pillow from Queen Rose is designed specifically for women during their maternity period to help them to sleep better but if you are not pregnant you can also buy this one. It is made of fluffy polyester fiber filling covered by 100% soft velvet which is also highly recommended for those who are recovering from surgery.

1. Side Sleeper Pillow with Arm Support by Sleep Yoga

1. Side Sleeper Pillow with Arm Support by Sleep Yoga
Get it now on Last but not least we have another creative pillow from Sleep Yoga. Side sleepers sleep on one side of their arm which adds pressure to only one side and it is really bad for blood circulation. Sleep Yoga has designed a pillow with space for you to rest your arm comfortably while side sleeping. This pillow is made from the cotton fill and Coolmax cover for a breathable and peaceful sleep.

Buying Guide:


There is no best pillow that is good for everyone. It is important to know what material suit you if you need a breathable and cooling material then go for shredded foam or polyester


An adjustable pillow is a very creative idea as it allows us to customize our own pillow as our preferred height might change daily.


It is easier to change the pillow than changing your sleeping position. To achieve a healthy lifestyle, you can start off with a small decision such as changing your old pillow to a new one that can provide more pros than cons to your health.

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