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Give your kitchen counter some space even if your kitchen counter gets crowded in a hurry. There is a way to make more room for your kitchen tasks. All you have to do is add a top 10 best microwave stands, microwave cart, microwave cabinet in 2022.

These kitchen counter alternatives let you relocate your microwave, cookbooks and other items off your kitchen counter. Once you do that, you will have more room to create your delicious mealtime favorites.
Having extra space in your kitchen is always a smart move to make. You get more freedom and less hassle as you cook or bake.

List Of Our Best Microwave Stands Review On Amazon.Com

10. VASAGLE Industrial Kitchen Baker’s Rack

 VASAGLE Industrial Kitchen Baker’s Rack

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There is no need to fear, this microwave rack is here to save the day. After you find a space for it in your kitchen, you can place up to 220 pounds of weigh ton top of it. That means your heavy cookbooks can go on the bottom shelf, the microwave in the middle and all your cooking accessories on the top or on the 6 included S hooks.

Also, the 3 16 by 24-inch approx., shelves hold much more if you need it to. Protective feet make sure your nice floors do not get scratched or damaged in any way. Its wood-grain design adds a little traditional look to your kitchen as well. Then the iron frame is both durable and strong. This shelf unit should last you a long time.

9. VASAGLE Microwave Stands

 VASAGLE Industrial Kitchen Baker’s Rack

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Talk about versatility. This 5-shelf microwave stand holds a variety of items. Plus, it has a wire basket for those kitchen gadgets that can’t hang up or fit in a drawer. With the wood grain shelves and the iron frame, you should be able to place about 175-pound son this unit with ease.

Then to hang your pot holders or pots and pans, you get 6 included S hooks with your purchase. These shelves and hooks make sure your kitchen remains organized and easy to use. Protective feet keep your floors nice and safe. On top of all that, this microwave stand is easy to assemble. It should not take you a long time to put together and fill it up. Give yourself a cooking advantage when you turn to this stand to help you out.

8. Finnhomy 4-Tiers Adjustable Kitchen Bakers Rack

 Finnhomy 14x36x61 4-Tiers Adjustable Kitchen Bakers Rack Kitchen Cart Microwave

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A place for everything and everything has its place. With 4 tiers to use, you can organize your kitchen, so it looks great. The 14 by 36 by 61 inches built into this microwave stand make sure you have the room you always wanted.
The microwave stand is made from rust-resistant materials so it should always look good throughout the years you own it. Plus, you get 6 chrome hooks to hang up your favorite mugs and other needed items. A top serving shelf is made of wood to add a little class to the unit.

In addition to all of that, this microwave stand holds about 250 pounds of kitchen appliances and supplies. Easy to assemble, rubber feet are included to keep your floors looking great.

7. HOMFA Kitchen Microwave Oven Rack

 HOMFA Kitchen Microwave Oven Rack Shelving Unit

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2 tiers may be all you need to get your kitchen looking like you want it to. This all-metal microwave rack makes sure you have the extra room to give your kitchen counter some space.

Also, the carbon steel frame holds up to 44 pounds while giving your microwave anew home. After you assemble this rack, you should be able to fit into smaller places with ease. Its compact size does not take a lot of floor space. 4 S hooks provide a little extra storage area for you.

Measuring about 21 by 13 by 23 inches in size it may be small, but it holds your microwave and a lot more. Then with its chrome-plated finish, rust should not ruin its looks for some time.

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6. Soges 3-Tier Microwave Stands

 Soges 3-Tier Kitchen Baker's Rack Utility Microwave Oven Stand Storage Cart Workstation Shelf

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This brown and white-colored microwave cart looks good. The brown shelving and white metal frame should complement any kitchen décor you have. This attractive microwave stand comes with 3 tiers to make sure you have what you need every day.

On top of that, this 35 by 16 by 33-inch microwave stand does not need a large space to place it. It fits into small corners without crowding your other appliances. A little wire basket pulls out and can hold fruit or utensils. Whatever you want to put there is up to you.

6 side hooks let you hang your larger cooking utensils with ease. They will always have a place to go with this microwave cart around. The odd level shelving is a decorative touch to spruce up your kitchen.

5. Mr IRONSTONE Vintage Kitchen Baker’s Rack

 Mr IRONSTONE Vintage Kitchen Baker's Rack Utility Storage Shelf 35.5" Microwave Stand 4-Tier+3-Tier Shelf

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Bring a little tradition and stability to your cooking area. This wood and metal microwave cabinet brings a reminder of days gone by while adding a great look to your kitchen. Protective feet keep this microwave stand a welcomed guest in your home.

Also, measuring approx. 36 by 16 by 52 inches in size, you get 6 shelves to place your microwave and other needed kitchen utensils and appliances. 10 hooks make sure you never run out of space for larger items. Plus, the wire basket pulls out adding a little extra storage room for smaller items.

Be careful about the amount of weight you put on top of this microwave stand. It is made from MDF wood and weight capacities fluctuate.

4. LANGRIA 3 Tier Microwave Stands

 LANGRIA 3 Tier Microwave Stand Storage Rack

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Just call it stretch. This tall and thin microwave stand is not that wide, but it is tall. You should be able to conveniently place your microwave in a very easy to access spot. Then your other needed items can fill the other spaces with ease.

A moveable arm holds about 4 hooks and you can adjust it to make sure it is in the best possible spot for you. On top of that, you get 4 leveling feet just in case your kitchen floor is uneven. Your microwave is safe on top of this rack.

Then the metal construction material is strong and durable It should hold about 130 pounds without complaint. 4 shelves hold everything you want around the microwave.

3. Whitmor Supreme Microwave Cart

 Whitmor Supreme Microwave Cart

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Roll your microwave where you want it. When not in use, the heavy-duty caster wheels roll your microwave back to where you keep it. Then when you do need it, roll it out and lock the wheels so the microwave stays put.

In addition to that, you get 3 shelves to use on this metal microwave cart. The middle shelf slides out for better access to your cooking items. With chrome plating, this microwave cart looks good no matter how long you own it. Finally, the approx. 16 by 22 by 35-inch size comes with a wood cutting board on top. Prepare your food and cook it without taking a lot of steps. No tools are required in assembling this unit.

2. AmazonBasics Wire Storage Shelves Rack

 AmazonBasics 4-Tier Wire Storage Shelves Rack

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The metal wire is a great construction material for a good microwave stand. It is durable, good looking and very strong. You can get 350pounds per shelf on this rack to a total of 1400. That is very strong indeed.

Coming in at about 36 by 14 by 52 inches in size, you can get a lot of items, including your microwave, on this stand. The extra storage space allows you to clear up your c=kitchen counters and make them easier to use.

Then to add to your convenience, the four protective feet adjust. That means you can have everything on this stand level even when your floor is not. The wire shelf can adjust in 1-inch increments giving you lots of flexibility.

1. AmazonBasics 3-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit

 AmazonBasics 3-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit on Wheels

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Being able to put up to 73 pounds on each shelf is a godsend. With a total of 370-pound weight capacity, you can get your microwave and lots of other heavy objects store safely on this microwave stand. Storing heavy cookbooks is not a problem.

As you assemble this stand, you can put the shelves almost anywhere you need them. The shelf adjusts in 1-inch increments and you can set it all up without tools. Rubber feet ensure that your floors do not get harmed all the time you own this microwave stand.

Measuring 23.2 by 13.4 by 32.75 inches in size, there should be lots of room for you and your things on this microwave stand. It also fits into small spaces for better kitchen space use.

Some final words

Getting the space in the kitchen you need is not hard. One of the top 10 best microwave stands, microwave cart, microwave cabinet in 2022 will handle that task with ease. These top stands bring the room so you can stay better organized and cook or bake a lot easier.

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