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The importance of the storefront sign to every store can no longer be overemphasized. They have become the easiest way to announce when a store is open or closed. Some stores also utilize it to announce discounts and tips.  2021 have seen a lot of interesting designs, from wooden to electronic designs. Latest addition this year is the LED display signs.

We have collected a list of our top ten LED signs to give your customers a deserving welcome. Sometimes, signs are much louder than voice. Make it even louder with these classic LED designs.

Here is our collection of top 10 LED signs reviews


10. AGPTEK Lit up Erasable Neon LED Message Letters Board

AGPtEK 16-Inch x 12-Inch Flashing Illuminated Erasable Neon LED Message Writing Board Bundle with Fluorescent Pens, Remote Control, USB Controller, Eraser Cloth- TOP 10 BEST LED SIGNS REVIEWS IN 2022

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Looking for a classy way to display your handwritten message? This 16-inch x 12-inch display board is designed to light up your messages even in the dark. Part of these product’s accessories are:

  • USB controller
  • A Remote control
  • Fluorescent pens
  • 1 Metal chain for hanging the board securely
  • 1 Soft washable erase cloth and
  • A power adapter

This product is designed with up to date LED technology that enables you to select between seven different colors of light to illuminate your handwritten texts. This is definitely a smart way to usher in your customers or inform them about today’s special meal. This product is designed with restaurants in mind.

This product is classy with an aluminum frame finish. Cleaning the board is very easy—all it requires is a wet erase cloth. The fun part of this board is the fact that you can select either one color or all seven colors flashing simultaneously in cycles. The LED life span of this product is approximately 100,000 hours.

The power requirements for this product is DC12V-1A or AC110-240V.

9. LED sign by USA LED


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Are you looking for a cool way to make your messages even more attractive? The LED sign by USA LED is definitely the product you need. This product offers you the opportunity to tailor your message to make them more attractive to customers. This product is designed for outdoor purpose. This LED sign comes with 99 preprogrammed signs, icons, messages, videos, graphics, and symbols.

This 78” X15” product comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and 3 years warranty on factory labor. Included in the package of this product are:

  • Hanging wire
  • Remote control
  • Control manual

Some of the special features you will enjoy when you purchase this product includes:

  • Special characters
  • A functional real-time clock and date display
  • 8 different fonts to select from
  • Animated and still icons
  • Adjustable brightness controls
  • The ability to create and save up to 100 messages for easy display
  • Adjustable display speed
  • Low energy consumption—input power required to operate is AC110Vwith an energy consumption of 40w⁓80w
  • Realistic neon tubing effect
  • Create a message in multiple languages
  • Ten different options for brightness customization and
  • Stopwatch for auto turn off time setting.

What’s even more? You can select from ten different transition effects to display your work. This is one product that is definitely worth your money.

8. RGY LED sign

Leadleds 40x6.3 Inches RGY Tri-Color (Red, Green, Amber) LED Display Board with Temperature Display, USB Programmable Scrolling Message for Business, Store, Advertising- TOP 10 BEST LED SIGNS REVIEWS IN 2022

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Are you looking for a cool way to display your message? This Tri-color LED board offers you the opportunity to do just that. If you are looking for a user-friendly device, this is your best pick the software is designed to work seamlessly with the windows system (does not support Mac OS).

Some of the features of this LED display board include:

  • Multi-languages selection
  • Customizable texts, numbers, pictures, and symbols
  • Save up to 200 custom messages
  • Supports up to 40 different animated effects to suit your style

The signal input of this device is via a USB cable. There is no need for long data lines to store messages. Messages can be saved in the box for a very long time except you decide to reprogram message.

This product is good for both businesses, shops, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, banks, airports and other kinds of businesses. This L40 x H 6.3 inches product offers 16×128 pixel resolution for a clear display even at night. It also comes with lifetime technical support when you buy from the authorized channels.

7. CXGuangDian 4411 LED SIGNS

CXGuangDian 4411 Red LED Name Display Scrolling Text Message-Name Card tag Sign Advertising Board Rechargable programmable led tag- TOP 10 BEST LED SIGNS REVIEWS IN 2022

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This is a perfect product fit for a name tag display. This product is quite portable and measures only 93mm X 30mm and weigh only 100g including the pack size. The CXGuangDian comes in red with a brightness of 800CD.

One fun aspect of this LED display board is that it supports all world languages. It also supports six different type of text formatting and two graphics formats. It can display a maximum of 800 different western characters and a maximum of 530 Asian characters.

Some of the basic features you will enjoy when you buy this product includes:
Ability to choose what display style you love—snow, hold, move left, move right, move up, move down flicker, flashing, spread and a host of others. They are a total of 28 different actions in number.

The software page features Chinese language, Arabic, English, Japanese, Korea, and Germany. It offers 3 levels of brightness adjustment which are 33%, 66%, and 100%.

It comes with a 240mAh 3.7V Lithium Polymer battery with a charging time of 2 to 3 hours. When fully charged, this product can continue working for 6 to 12 hours. This depends on the kind of brightness you choose for it.

It also offers 6 levels of speed adjustment and requires a USB connection to PC for editing. This product does not require a driver to work.

6. The KUKUU neon light display lamp

Neon Signs, Neon Light Sign Led Neon Lamp, Wall Sign Art Decorative Signs Lights, Neon Words for Home Bedroom Room Decor Bar Beer Office for Party Holiday Wedding Decoration Sign-TOP 10 BEST LED SIGNS REVIEWS IN 2022

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If you’re looking for a true neon light display, this product is the real deal. A well-finished product intended for decorative purposes. The major components of this material are designed from high-quality glass tubes and acrylic panels instead of the traditional LEDs. Part of its design is also the most advanced electrode structure which helps to reduce the level of power consumption and improves the life span of the product.

The KUKUU neon light lamp can last beyond 100,000 working hours. This product is low-voltage design therefore, it can work for long hours without getting hot. The risk of glass breaking and fluid leaking out is very low.

The size of this product is 14.5 x 5.5 inches making it a very portable device. It is a very bright product which is also not glaring to your eyes. This product requires 100-240V and is very easy to set up. Is comes already mounted on a transparent acrylic plate and does not require reinstallation.

The durable chain contained in the product package makes it easy to hang the product with just a single screw. All that is required is to push the ON/OFF switch to start using this product.

5. The DS LED sign

programmable LED sign 40 inch x 8 inch outdoor P10 RGB full color SMD led scrolling display message board Perfect solution for advertising- TOP 10 BEST LED SIGNS REVIEWS IN 2022

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If you are hoping for a display board that is way above average, this programmable LED sign will do just that. The DS LED sign supports full RGB colors with the scrolling display functionalities. This product is definitely a product of technology and style. This is one product that is designed with SMD technology.

This product is finished with a strong aluminum case and is designed to work with Windows operating system. The Dots density of this product is P10 it also has a display resolution of 96 x 16 dots.

The DS LED sign is designed to support texts, temperature display, time and even company logo. There are over a hundred messages and logos that are supported by this product.

The product size is 40 x 8 inches making it an ideal size for a clear and legible display.

The DS LED sign is designed to support different languages which include English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese. This product is covered in a waterproof case which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

This product’s software is designed to integrate perfectly with the Windows operating system.

This product accessory includes:

  • Mounting holders (2)
  • U Disk (1)
  • English print instruction manual
  • A USB containing programming software

4. The CX-P6 from CXGuangDian

CX-P6 full-color indoor led sign and usb programmable rolling information LED display- TOP 10 BEST LED SIGNS REVIEWS IN 2022

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This is one product that gives you the opportunity to order your own custom made size. The CX-P6 is a large display programmable led display board measuring 40 X 9 inches. This product also comes in an alternative size of 39 x 8 inches. The brightness and display speed of this product can be adjusted to suit your desire. The size of the letters, as well as the fonts, are also adjustable. This product is nicely finished with an aluminum alloy casing with black custom color.

The default functions of this product are the date, time and text display. Temperature is an alternative function you can switch to. If you have any of the Windows version from Windows XP to Windows 10 then you are good to go with this product.

The brightness of this product is 2000CD with up to 7 tube chip colors. The CX-P6 is finished with waterproof material (IP20) for outdoor and indoor use.

This is one product you will buy is you are looking forward to cutting down on energy consumption.

Contained in this product packaging include:

  • The signal connecting cable
  • 1 connection tube
  • An English manual on how to use the product.
  • An installation bracket for professional installation
  • Free software in a USB drive.

3. The 2Xhome with the classy LED SIGNS

2xhome Open Sign High Visible Bright 4 Colors Big Chip Led Moving Flashing Animated Neon Sign Motion Light On Off Switch Button Chain Business Cafe Bar Pub- TOP 10 BEST LED SIGNS REVIEWS IN 2022

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When it comes to standing out, this product is unique in many ways. First, it is designed to utilize a circular animated movement that is very appealing to look at and secondly it also utilizes a flashing effect as it moves in circular motion. This kind of appearance can be very appealing to look at.  Some of these product features you will definitely love are:

  • The Size: L19” X W10” X H1” which makes it an ultra-slim product.
  • It is also a lightweight product which makes portability and installation easy.
  • No need to spend money on batteries. This product is plug-n-play and designed for only indoor use.
  • Designed to keep working for up to 100,000 hours
  • Very bright and attractive design
  • An ON/OFF switch for easy control of the device.
  • The package also includes a metal chain for hanging the device.

This product is very convenient and safe to use. Just hang it under any window and you are good to go.

2. The E-Onsale L30 LED Neon Light

LED Neon Light Open Sign With Animation On-off and Power On-Off two Switchs for Business By E Onsale (Blue + Red)- TOP 10 BEST LED SIGNS REVIEWS IN 2022

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 Your business needs all the exposure that is required. That is how you let your customers know you’re out for business. This Blue and Red LED display board will give you just that exposure. The E-Onsale LED display light is an innovative two switch design. An ON/OFF switch and an animation switch. These product LEDs are designed for low energy consumption even with all its brightness. This product weighs 1.92 pounds and measures 20.8 X 10.5 X 2 inches when packed.

The glow of this display light will definitely amaze you. This product is also easy to install and operate.

1.    The E-Onsale B30 Jumbo Display Neon Light

Jumbo 24 inch x 13 inch LED Neon Sign with Motion -Open (Red-Blue) B30-TOP 10 BEST LED SIGNS REVIEWS IN 2022

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Our Number one on the list is the E-Onsale B30 for its size and performance. This massive product measures 24” X 13”. Next, The B30 also displays two colors Blue and Red. It comes in oval designs and weighs only 2.6 pounds.

The B30 is designed for outdoor display with very bright LED lamps.

The innovative design of this product makes it less energy consuming and highly effective.

The size of this product makes it easy to spot from a distance. There is no need for programming, this product works right out of the box. All you require is just plug to a power socket and are good to go.

The E-Onsale B30 is designed with two switched, the ON/OFF switch and the Animation switch. The animation switch helps you control the animation speed. Last but not the least, It also helps you decide whether to play animated effects or not.

Conclusion- LED SIGNS

With our top ten selection, you can now tell your customers that you mean business. Explore the different options and pick one that best defines your business. It pays to always stand out and be different.


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