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If you want to enhance the beauty of your room, you need to opt for a crystal chandelier. It could be even better if you opt for an LED crystal chandelier as it looks gorgeous in the dark. There are beautiful designs of LED crystal chandeliers available to choose from to revamp the outlook of your room, whether it is your bedroom, dining room, and any room for that matter. Moreover, there are modern and vintage LED crystal chandeliers available to pick from. Check out the top 10 best LED crystal chandeliers to choose from with modern features and exquisite designs.

List of Top 10 Best LED Crystal Chandeliers in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. MEEROSEE LED Chandelier – Adjustable Stainless Steel Cable 4 Rings Chandelier

10. MEEROSEE LED Chandelier - Adjustable Stainless Steel Cable 4 Rings Chandelier

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The customizable LED crystal chandelier allows users to change the height of the rings and angles. Therefore, the pendant also sets asymmetrically to make it look more like an abstract piece of light. Moreover, you can change the color temperature of the cool white light from 6000 to 6500K. This fixture looks good in your living space, bedroom, and dining space, and hall room.

The mirror-effect of the stainless-steel rims also makes the chandelier resistant to scratches. Furthermore, you can adjust the hanging height from 11.8 to 47.2-inch of this lighting fixture. The system also comes with super-bright and fire-retardant K9 crystals.

  • Top grade, crystal, and stainless steel.
  • Characterized by modern crystal chandeliers.
  • Height is adjustable with maximum hanging.
  • There is no cons at all.

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#9. GDNS LED Crystal Chandelier – Stainless Steel Crystal Pendant Lighting LED

9. GDNS LED Crystal Chandelier - Stainless Steel Crystal Pendant Lighting LED

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This unique crystal Chandelier looks extremely distinctive and visually-striking firework design. The modern structure of this lighting system also makes it look perfect for any contemporary room décor. Moreover, this ceiling light simply enhances the vibes of any party. So, you can use this lighting fixture to decorate your living room, bedroom, dining space, and other spaces.

The natural white light of this chandelier is also adjustable from 4000 to 4200K. Furthermore, you can simply use this lighting system with most of the domestic 110-volt power sources. The length of the steel sling is adjustable up to 59-inch. This light has 8 pieces of G4 LED bulbs.

  • Included with 8 pieces LED bulbs.
  • Adjustable as per your need.
  • Elegant, modern design for home décor.
  • Replacing the lights is tough.

#8. Saint Mossi Chandelier – Crystal Raindrop Chandelier Lighting Flush Mount LED

8. Saint Mossi Chandelier - Crystal Raindrop Chandelier Lighting Flush Mount LED

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This classic chandelier replicates the design of classic models. The raindrop crystal-designed ceiling light also requires 6 E12 LED bulbs. Moreover, the K9 crystals add shine to this lighting system. You can effortlessly use and install this system in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, hall room, and other spaces. This 28-inch wide chandelier looks great on any ceiling.

The mirror-effect chrome surface of this lighting fixture also offers resistance against scratching. Furthermore, raindrop-shaped high-quality crystals come with high-class reflective properties. So, you can simply use cool white LED beads to make this lighting system look ultra-bright. The assembly of this light is also lesser time-consuming.

  • Lighting is compatible with Led bulbs.
  • Installation is secure and fairly easy.
  • Takes just a few minutes to light up.
  • The instructions are not clear.

#7. Dixun LED Crystal Chandelier – Adjustable Stainless Steel Pendant Light

7. Dixun LED Crystal Chandelier - Adjustable Stainless Steel Pendant Light

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The DIY LED crystal chandelier comes with multi-layer rings to give an abstract and sophisticated look to the fixture. The ceiling light also matches the decorations of a living room, bedroom, hotel, office, dining room, staircase, and more. Moreover, the K9 crystals have clear texture to reflect and deliver ultra-bright light.

This pendant-style lighting fixture also comes with stainless-steel mirror-polished base and rims. Furthermore, the chandelier allows you to adjust the color temperature of 4500 to 6000K. The contemporary design of this fixture easily blends with any room décor. You can also adjust the height of this ceiling light from 11.8 to 47.2-inch.

  • Space fits like bedroom, living room.
  • Material is crystal and stainless steel.
  • Hanging made maximum and adaptable.
  • The installation process is not easy.

#6. Saint Mossi Crystal Raindrop Chandelier

6. Saint Mossi Crystal Raindrop Chandelier

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Compatible with 9 E12 LED bulbs, this jaw-dropping LED crystal chandelier looks very classy and bright. The crystal raindrop chandelier also comes with reflective K9 crystals to reflect light to the brightest. Moreover, with the diameter of 20-inch, this lighting system makes your ceiling look completed, and the room looks well-decorated.

You can also use this chandelier in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and dining space. Furthermore, the bright stainless-steel base and rims compliment the crystals. Therefore, the chandelier looks stunning and vivid. The steel parts of this fixture also come with polished mirror finish to prevent the appearances of scratching.

  • Chandelier lighting compatible with LED bulb.
  • Wrapped in securely for easy installation.
  • Brightens your room in minutes.
  • There is no drawback at all.

#5. ANTILISHA Modern Crystal Chandelier

5. ANTILISHA Modern Crystal Chandelier

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Suitable for both low and high ceilings, this luxurious LED crystal chandelier comes in a visually appealing design. This pendant-style crystal ceiling light also comes with 3 different sizes of crystal rims. Moreover, the DIY lighting fixture allows you to adjust the height of each ring according to your requirements.

The mirror steel rims at base and rings also reflect the light along with the crystals. Furthermore, the 3-tier circular shape of this chandelier supports a mix-shaped circular design to match the modern room décor. You can adjust the color temperature from 6000 to 6500K. The energy-efficient light system works with the 110 to 120-volt power sources.

  • DIY unique shape.
  • Has a build-in LED light source.
  • Comes with a long adjustable cable.
  • There is no negative point.

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#4. Bestier Crystal Raindrop Drum Chandelier – LED Ceiling Light Fixture Lamp

4. Bestier Crystal Raindrop Drum Chandelier - LED Ceiling Light Fixture Lamp

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This decorative and classy LED crystal chandelier makes every bedroom exceptionally attractive and sober. The ceiling light comes with a diameter of 16-inch to fit the ceiling space of any large hall room or dining space. Moreover, the fade-resistant chandelier does not lose its glossiness even after long-term use. The flush mount LED light comes with a shiny crystal tube to make your décor shine.

The raindrop drum chandelier is also never out of style and looks perfect for every occasion. Furthermore, the lighting fixture works with different kinds of bulbs. From halogen, LED to energy-saving bulbs, this chandelier simply runs with 6 E12 bulbs.

  • Perfect for dining, living room, bathroom.
  • Attributes bulbs that are energy saving.
  • Compatible with many kinds of bulbs.
  • There is no cons to point out.

#3. KAI Crystal LED Chandelier – 30W 120LM/W 120LEDs

3. KAI Crystal Chandelier - 30W 120LM/W 120LEDs

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This remote-controllable LED crystal chandelier comes with adjustable color temperature to match the vibes of parties accordingly. The chrome-plated stainless-steel base of this light also makes this system look more durable and classy. Moreover, you can simply adjust the brightness of this chandelier as per your demands. The remote controller of this system works from 98-feet away from the ceiling light.

The chandelier also comes with 120 pieces of LED beads. Furthermore, this system allows you to control the color temperature from 3000 to 6000K. The K9 crystal of this lighting system also reflects the light evenly to deliver an ultra-bright illumination.

  • Create favorite ambience by remote control.
  • Comes with dimmable and CCT changing.
  • Command the light when you’re in bed.
  • The installation process is slightly complicated.

#2. Modern Crystal Chandelier by Siljoy – Cool White LED Light Fixture

2. Modern Crystal Chandelier by Siljoy - Cool White LED Light Fixture

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The lighting galaxy pattern includes small to large rings with an LED lighting system to offer a starry galactic appearance. The DIY lighting fixture also comes with crystal pendant design to make parties glowing and warm. Moreover, this LED crystal chandelier comes with transparent and super-bright K9 crystals. This exquisite lighting fixture looks more attractive with cool light LED bulbs.

The best color temperature range for this ceiling light also starts from 5000 to 6000K. Furthermore, the ceiling base of this chandelier comes with a diameter of 12-inch. You can conveniently adjust the height of every ring. The reflecting crystals with cool LED light also create a romantic vibe in your room.

  • Includes lighting features, flush mount lamp.
  • Each ring’s height is adjustable.
  • Polished chrome stainless steel rings.
  • The lights are not strong.

#1. Horisun LED Crystal Chandelier – Modern Crystal Raindrop Pendant Lamp

1. Horisun Crystal Chandelier - Modern Crystal Raindrop Pendant Lamp

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Derived from pure glass and crystal material, the LED crystal chandelier looks pristine and glossy. The metal housing also extends the lifespan of this lighting system. Moreover, with the help of all-required hardware, this chandelier offers hassle-free installation against any ceiling. This crystal light runs with AC power supply from 110 to 130-volt.

The daylight white LED light system also has the color temperature of dimmable 4000K. Furthermore, this system can illuminate an area from 215 to 322-square feet. The 1980-lumens chandelier comes with LED bulbs. The droplight can save up to 85% of the electricity bill. This dimmable light has fully-bright, darkening, and lights-off state to match the ambiance of your room.

  • Using expedience for saving living cost.
  • LED lamp beads saves electric bills.
  • Feel the warmth in your bedroom.
  • The packaging could be better.

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Buying Guide for LED Crystal Chandeliers

Check out the following list of main points while you opt for an LED crystal chandelier.

Chandelier Size:

All the time, chandeliers come with different diameters to fit different room sizes. The diameters of 9 to 12-inch are perfect for small rooms. You can go for up to 28-inch diameter for medium rooms. For large rooms, you have to look for bigger chandeliers.

Power Consumption:

Most of the times, the LED crystal Chandeliers are categorized into 2 different categories; these are:

  • Low Voltage

Generally, a low voltage fixture runs at 10 to 24-volt power supplies. However, these models are new on the list and often come with a transformer, low-voltage fixture, or power pack. These lighting fixtures are very power-conserving, simple to install, and support varieties of bulbs. But, for these lights, you always need to look for low voltage equipment.

  • High Voltage

With the power consumption of 120-Volts, these models come with limited compatibility with bulb types. The designs of these chandeliers generally reveal the presence of bulbs which may not look desirable. Nevertheless, these models are lower cost fixtures.

Chandelier Styles:

Based on the finishes, trimmings, and styles, the chandeliers are categorized into 5 major types; these are:

  • Transitional

Somehow, the transitional models are the combination of traditional and modern chandeliers. Equipped with some elegantly curved frames, sleek lines, lighting details, and decorative ornaments, these lighting fixtures are the ideal choices for the redecorators.

  • Traditional

By inheriting the features of vintage European aesthetic, these fixtures are full of decorative ornaments and timeless motifs. The appearance of these traditional chandeliers brings back the authenticity of antique chandeliers. These lighting fixtures may include some nonfunctional components, like candle tubes and candle cups.

  • Rustic

With organic textures and shapes, these rustic chandeliers perfectly depict the vibes of countryside houses. Most of the cases, these chandeliers come with the constructions of metal, wood, or antlers.

  • Industrial

By evoking the urban culture, these chandeliers usually consist of reclaimed motifs, painted metals, and timeless bulbs.

  • Modern

Suitable for most of the modern room decorations, these chandeliers are gaining popularity for their versatile and time-appropriate designs. You can also install these lighting fixtures in your dining space, living rooms, and more.


The reason for choosing an LED chandelier is brightness and durability. The greater the brightness, the better will be the beauty of the crystal highlighted. Moreover, there are different types of chandeliers available to pick from as per your preference and budget. The buying guide will help you to choose a better product within your budget. Furthermore, the LED crystal chandeliers are economical and more beautiful than the traditional crystal chandeliers.

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