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Do you need a clock to keep track of time when you’re working, studying or training? Well here are the ten most high-quality large digital wall clocks out there in the market. Not only do they inform you of the time, but they can also function as your timer and alarm as well. Now, let’s see what these guys have to offer:

List Of Our Best Large Digital Wall Clocks Review On Amazon.Com

#10. West Ocean Large Digital Wall Clock

#10. West Ocean Large Digital Wall Clock

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West Ocean digital clock comes with an LED screen that will display your time in 6” tall vivid-red digits. By connecting the clock to your Wifi, it will have auto-synchronization to ensure accurate real-time display at all times. But, not only does it provide real-time, it comes with alarm and countdown settings as well. The countdown and timer can be set in 3 different ways. These include second: millisecond, minute: second, and hour: minute. You can set it from 1 to 99 digits. It can function as an alarm as well, allowing you to set it ringing at a certain date. Not to mention, it is built with a G sensor, capable of rotating automatically in any direction you would want.

As for its control system, it comes with two options for you to go with. You can either program countdowns, timers and alarms via a web browser in your smartphone or computer. Or you can adjust them from an infrared remote controller provided. Moreover, there are two installation options available with wall-mounting keyholes and an integrated tripod mounting hole.

#9. TXL Digital Clock Large Digital Wall Clock with LED

#9. TXL Digital Clock Large Digital Wall Clock with LED

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TXL digital clock’s LCD screen is capable of displaying the time in oversized 4.4” bold font; clear enough even at a distance of 15 meters will still be visible. It does not only provide a time display, but it shows the date, month and even temperature as well. You can set it to date only, the temperature only, or even have them both take turns display every 5 seconds. The time display can be adjusted to either 12 or 24-hour format, while the temperature display can also be set to determine Fahrenheit or Celsius.

It functions with no ticking sound, suitable for school, library, or other public facilities. Not only that, but it also features a timer function that’s capable of counting down from 30 hours. Added to this, you can also set alarms in this clock that will ascend loud sounds when it’s time. Not to mention, it has hourly chime as well to notify you when an hour passes.

It is powered by 4 AA batteries, with one backup cell battery included. It can easily be mounted on the wall, so the next time you want to check what time it is, you won’t have to pick up your phone.

#8. WallarGe Adjustable Large Digital Wall Clock

#8. WallarGe Adjustable Large Digital Wall Clock

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WallarGe digital clock is built with a large display that will present the time in clear and bold font. It shows not only the accurate time, but it provides you with other information as well. This includes the date, month and day simultaneously. In addition, thanks to the Swiss SHTC3 detection sensors, it will inform you of the temperature and humidity in high precision. You can either have it display in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Moreover, it can also function as a timer, applicable to baking, studies or sports activities that may require time-tracking. It can also work as your every alarm clock as well, allowing you to set the date and time for it to ring. With this multi-functional clock, you’ll be able to keep track of time efficiently, and will not miss any more important meetings.

It operates on three AA batteries which are included along with the package. And once they are inserted, you’ll be able to set the time zone. And to top it off, it has a memory battery in case of a power shortage. This will allow the clock to remain inaccurate time and date when the power is restored.

#7. CHKOSDA Large Digital Wall Clock with RC

#7. CHKOSDA Large Digital Wall Clock with RC

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CHKOSDA digital clock will inform you of the time in 6” red LED digits, bright enough for you to read the time easily even from across the room. However, the brightness can be adjusted in 8 different levels. As for its exterior, it comes in frameless and built in a super-thin design, making it almost identical to a touch-screen phone. It is constructed out of ABS plastic with a circuit board and an LED module for its display. The time can be adjusted to 12 or 24-hour format, whichever you are more used to.

Additionally, there is a countdown feature that can count up to 365 days, and a stopwatch function that can be set up to 24 hours. It is possible to set alarms in this clock as well. Furthermore, the clock has AC power, making it energy-saving for long usage.

There is a remote controller for easy adjustments. It has two hanging holes for convenient wall-mounting and stand-back support for standing on a desk. It has a long USB cable that can be plugged to your computers, power bank or an adaptor. Capping it off, there are a button cell CR2032 for backup time setting.

#6. UMEXUS Adjustable Large Digital Wall Clocks with Snooze

#6. UMEXUS Adjustable Digital Clock with Snooze

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UMEXUS digital clock is designed with a large display that presents the time in oversized readable digits, large enough even from a long distance will still be visible. It will inform you of the date, month, year, what day it is, and even the temperature as well. It is optional, allowing you to adjust the time to function in 12 or 24-hour format and the temperature to either Fahrenheit or Celsius display. In addition, there’s an alarm feature with snooze that will go off for 5 minutes. It’s an ideal clock for both students and workers, helping you wake up on time.

This one requires 2 AA batteries to perform. It can be mounted on the wall easily, or stand on the table stably without needing support. As such, it can either function as a wall clock at your home or a desk clock at your office to keep track of time.  Plus, the clock is also perfect to install in your kitchen, to set timers for your baking or cooking.

#5. Marathon Large Digital Wall Clocks with LCD

#5. Marathon Large Digital Wall Clock with LCD

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Marathon digital clock provides a 7.5” high-contrast LCD display. This Large Digital Wall Clock is 9” wide and 6.5” tall. It presents the time in large digits, making it possible for you to read from the opposite side of the room. It has a bold designer-styled bezel that gives the clock its stylishness, while also keeping that classic feel. As for its feature, it comes with an alarm with a snooze function that can easily be set. You can use it as your waking-up alarm clock at your bedside. At the back of the clock is the control setting. And in order to match your room suitably, it has 5 different colours for you to choose from. It includes black, graphite grey, mirrored finish, white and wood tone.

It is powered by 2 AA batteries, which will be provided along with the package, so you don’t have to spend more money. Moreover, there is a keyhole behind the clock, allowing you to mount it on the wall conveniently. But if you wish to put it on your desk, it has a sturdy fold-out stand that you can set up for it to stand independently.

#4. Marathon 4” Large Digital Wall Clocks

#4. Marathon 4” Large Digital Wall Clock

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If you like the previous Marathon digital clock, here’s another one for you, but comes at a slimmer size. This Large Digital Wall Clock has a width of 9.4” and a height of 6.1”. It has a large 4” high-contrast screen that can display in 5 different languages, including English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. It comes with a sleek contemporary design with a brushed steel finish. With this clock, you’ll be informed of the time, date, month, day, and temperature as well. You can adjust the temperature to be determined in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

And as for the time, it can function in 12 or 24-hour format. What’s more, it features radio frequencies transmitted from NIST’s Colorado atomic clock. There are 8 time zones for you to choose from, such as PST, MST, CST, EST, AST, NST, HST and AKST. Added to this, it provides you with an option to activate or deactivate daylight savings time.

There will be 2 AA batteries included in the package to power the clock. It can be hanged on a wall easily or be placed on a table by folding its sturdy fold-out stand.

#3. Marathon Large Digital Wall Clocks with Temperature

#3. Marathon Digital Clock with Temperature

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Here comes another digital clock from Marathon. This one comes in a bigger size compared to the other two. With a width of 14.5” and a height of 9”, this clock features a wide-angle legible display with high-contrast ratio. It shows the time in 4.5” digits, making it possible for you to see even from afar. The time can be set to 12 or 24 hours format. In addition to the time, it displays the date, month and day. It also shows the temperature and humidity.

You can set the temperature to Celsius or Fahrenheit. On the front bottom of the clock features three control buttons for alarm, snooze, and mode options. Added to this, there are 4 time zones for you to pick from, such as Eastern, Pacific, Mountain, and Central. And just like the previous product, this one also has radio frequencies and it allows you to either turn the daylight savings time function on or off as you please.

At the back of the clock has a battery compartment for 2 AA batteries. It also comes with a stand for placing on the tabletop.

#2. HeQiao Large Digital Wall Clocks with Calendar

#2. HeQiao Digital Clock with Calendar

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HeQiao digital clock is built with an oversized LCD display that will show your time in large crystal-clear digits. You can have it operate in either 12 or 24-hour format. It functions silently with no ticking sound that will distract you from working like other clocks do. It presents a full calendar with year, month, day and date informed. Furthermore, it also performs as a temp clock that can show the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, whichever you choose for it to be determined.

Not only that, but it can work as an alarm clock with snooze, so you can have short naps without having to worry about oversleeping. As for its look, it comes in with 6 different designs, black/silver, elegant silver, ivory white, night black, normal silver, and silver/black, giving you the options to choose whichever that matches your room the most.

2 AAA batteries are needed for the clock to operate. And to make sure you won’t have any difficulties with the clock, there’s a user manual that will be provided in the package.

#1. La Crosse Technology Clock with Kick-out Stand

#1. La Crosse Technology Clock with Kick-out Stand

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La Crosse Technology digital clock is a multi-functional product that you should have at your home. This Large Digital Wall Clock is made of durable plastic. It features the time, calendar date with abbreviated weekday, and the room temperature.  It comes with an LCD screen that displays the time in 1.75” digit and the temperature in 0.75”. The time can be set to standard 12-hour format or the military 24 hours one. As for the temperature readings, you can have it Fahrenheit or Celsius. In addition, it has an alarm feature that will display a ‘bowtie’ symbol next to the minutes when it is set. Along with the alarm, it has a snooze function that will go off for 5 minutes, dragging you out of bed and preventing you from going to work late.

It performs on 1 AA Alkaline battery. There is a keyhole built in the clock, allowing you to hang it on your wall easily with no tools needed. But if you want to place it on a table, you can do so by setting up the kick-out leg stand.

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Buying Guides

  • Size

It’s important that you look at its size before anything else. See if it’s the size you want and whether it’ll fit in wherever you want to place it at your home.

  • Features

Another factor to look at is its features. Features that you should look for are definitely the alarm and timer, as they will come in handy in your everyday activity. You’ll be notified and alarmed so you won’t miss anything.

  • Mounting capability

The final thing to make sure of is its mounting capability. Whether you’re hanging it on your wall or placing it on a desktop, it must have a keyhole or a stand-in order to accomplish that. So it’s a good idea to see its mounting capability.


With one of these large digital wall clocks, you’ll be getting a watch, a calendar, a timer and an alarm all in one. Now that’s what I called hitting four birds with one stone. So, with all the information about the products and buying guides offered above, we hope you will find the clock that can meet your needs.

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