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When a baby is born to someone you know, when you go to see the baby for the first time or various other occasions, you must carry a baby toy gift set. A typical kid toy set contains different types of items based on a theme for a kid to play with and derive fun. There are kids toy gift sets available based on the age of the baby as well as gender. Check out the top 10 best kids toy gift sets that you can buy based on the occasions to put a smile on the face of the baby.

List of Top 10 Best Kids Toy Gift Sets In 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party

10. LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Kids Toy Gift Sets

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Kids love to party with their little friends. You can now give this beautiful party set to your kids. It is a nice tea party set that comes in 6 stunning colors. Your kids will enjoy making tea in this teapot along with 7 melodious songs. This set will boost the motor skills of your toddlers.

Further, the set includes 6 cake pieces of different colors. The teapot comes with a lid on the top that you can open to see the mirror. Your kids will learn vocabulary and numbers and many other skills. They will share and how to remain patient in a few situations.

  • Ten-piece set with attractive LED.
  • Teapot design with musical sounds.
  • It helps in teaching counting and manners.
  • There is no cons at all.

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#9. VTech Leapfrog Ice Cream Cart

9. VTech Leapfrog Ice Cream Cart Kids Toy Gift Sets

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Ice cream and kids have special connections. This ice cream cart is particularly designed for growing kids. It comes with toppings, ice cream cones, scooper, and other accessories. Kids will learn how to handle an ice cream stall with this kit. Besides that, it also boosts memory skills.

In addition to that, the set contains 10 songs that give more entertainment to toddlers. The kids will learn how to put everything in proper order. They will also learn mathematics and counting skills. The colorful toppings and flavors will help the kids to learn motor skills in an easy way.

  • Magic scooper with the attractive combination.
  • Playful phrases for fast learning.
  • Easy to play and animal cards.
  • There is no drawback to write about.

#8. Melissa & Doug Pull Back Vehicles

8. Melissa & Doug Pull Back Vehicles

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This set comes with 4 vehicles. It includes a family car, a school bus, and a police car and fire truck. Your children will learn motor skills with this set. Further, this set will teach toddlers how to run vehicles using less pressure. The bright colors and beautiful design on the set will entertain the kids while learning different skills.

Additionally, the kids will learn how to communicate with elders. Playing with this set makes kids more talented in the future. They will gain much valuable information with this vehicle set. It is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give our kids on birthdays or Christmas.

  • Set of four vehicles.
  • It helps in the skill development of babies.
  • A padded case and safe for use.
  • There is no negative point to talk about.

#7. VTech Drill and Learn Toolbox

7. VTech Drill and Learn Toolbox Kids Toy Gift Sets

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Motor skills play an important role in the growth and development of kids. This toolbox comes with hammer, tray and toy drills which help your kids to develop mechanic and motor skills. Further, the set comes with cards that give knowledge to the children about colors and numbers.

This toolbox runs on 2 AA batteries. It also contains buttons which play nice songs. Your children will learn motor skills and listen to songs. They will learn how to use drilling machines and other tools such as nails and hammer. This set is created from toddlers of ages 2 to 5 years.

  • Complete set and storage box.
  • Easy to use and light-up buttons.
  • Runs with AA batteries.
  • The design could have been better.

#6. iPlay, iLearn Unique Gift Set

6. iPlay, iLearn Unique Kids Toy Gift Sets

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Learning will now turn into fun with this set. It consists of 10 colorful pieces that help the kids to learn important skills at every stage of development. These pieces will improve hand coordination skills. The toddlers will know how to use their eyes in learning.

Further, the children have to use fingers in arranging the shapes of this set. It is a good gift you can give your children on festivals, birthday and other occasions. These tools will develop critical thinking and teamwork in toddlers. They will simply love to play with these amazing and colorful tools anytime and anywhere.

  • Suitable for assisting motor skills.
  • Multiple sounds full set.
  • High-quality material and safe for use.
  • There are just too many items.

#5. Click N’ Play 8Piece Kids Toy Gift Sets

5. Click N' Play 8Piece Kids Toy Gift Sets

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Pink is the favorite color of girls. This small pink kit will drive little girls mad. It comes with comb, lipstick and other daily accessories that a girl uses at home or office. The pink purse has 2 large handles to give the comfort of carrying to the small girls. They can take this purse anywhere.

These tools are durable and do not get damaged by rainwater, sunrays, dust or now. It is lightweight and kids won’t get any difficulty to carry it to any place. This kit develops the imaginary, motor and cognitive skills of the toddlers at an early age.

  • Complete set for a little girl.
  • Assists in the development of cognitive skills.
  • Pink purse with carrying handles.
  • The batteries are not included.

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#4. ToyVelt Kids Toy Gift Sets

4. ToyVelt Kids Toy Gift Sets

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If your children want to become golf players, this small golf kit will help them a lot. This golf set has 2 wheels, 3 special balls and 3 golf clubs of beautiful shapes. You can now enjoy playing golf with your son or daughter in the summer holidays with this set.

It contains skin-friendly materials that do not cause side effects or skin allergies in the kids. Further, the set contains lightweight golf sticks to provide comfort to the toddlers. It is comfortable to carry this golf set in cars while going for vacations, holidays and family picnics or any place.

  • Helps in mental and physical development.
  • Complete golf set for physical activity.
  • Safe for using and colorful design.
  • The plastic quality could have been better.

#3. Ehome Toddler Musical Instruments

3. Ehome Toddler Musical Instruments

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Music is loved by adults as well as kids. If your kids love dancing to some nice tunes, you can gift this set on their birthdays. This musical set comes with 22 musical toys that will teach your kids how to tap, shake and dance on songs. Besides that, the kids also learn to play various musical instruments.

It is important for the kids to study the musical notes right from childhood in order to become musicians. This musical set will help the toddlers to identify the musical notes and tunes effectively. The small bag will make it easy for you to store the instruments while going on trips.

  • Non-toxic material for user safety.
  • Musical instruments and high performance.
  • Easy storage and maintenance.
  • The items are quite small in size.

#2. WISHTIME Rattle Teether Baby Toys

2. WISHTIME Rattle Teether Baby Toys

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Mommies always worry during the growth stage of their kids. This rattle set includes 10 pieces of toys for babies of 3 to 10 months. It contains safe materials and does not cause negative effects in the body of growing babies. This rattle set is safe to use for boys and girls.

This kit comes with funny sounds that increase the fun of your kids. They will become more attentive with the amazing design of this rattle set. Your babies will enjoy chewing, spinning, playing and grabbing these toys anytime. It is one of the superb gifts for toddlers and newborn babies.

  • Food-grade plastic for safe operation.
  • Durable construction and attractive colors.
  • Easy to use and full set.
  • The material could have been better.

#1. LeapFrog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket

1. LeapFrog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket

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Your kids will now carry this pretty picnic basket when you take them for a picnic. It consists of 15 colorful pieces that your children want in picnics. This kit comes with forks, cups, tablecloths, and plates. The exquisite colors will attract the kids more and more while going on trips.

In addition to that, it is a lightweight and durable toy set. Your kids can carry this set easily to any place. The cute pink bag conveniently stores all the items in a proper way. This set will enhance the skills of color identification in toddlers and babies with some fun.

  • Brightly colored for an attractive look.
  • Helps in the recognition of shape and color.
  • Easy to use and attractive basket.
  • There is no cons at all.

Buying Guide for Kids Toy Gift

Check out the following points while you buy a Kids toy gift.


You must always choose safe toys and avoid the ones that can be risky. Look for the one that is made of safe materials and is non-toxic. See if it is free from BPA and other chemicals that make it safe for use. In addition to this, you must also see if it is at-home safety. Wrappings and other plastic bags can lead to suffocation or choking, so you must carefully look at this consideration. Do not select the one that has sharp edges and see if it creates a safe environment. You must also see that it lets you clean it easy to get rid of bacteria and germs.

Full Set:

If a kid’s toy gift set comes in a full set, then you can make your baby make happy. Go for the one that comes in colorful prints and patterns that makes your little one grab it. Some of it can come with LED lights and music that create a perfect environment and makes your kids happy. Go for the one that encourages exploration.


Select a kid’s toy gift set according to the age of your little one. Some babies may require teething toys that lets them overcome teething problems. It has to be suitable for your child, and you need to get the right one. See if it suitable for both boys and girls and it must come with a storage box so that you don’t lose or misplace the toys.

Learning Skills:

The most important thing that you need to consider is learning skills. Most of it helps in the mental and physical development of your little one. Always see if it has the ability to spark the ability of your baby. Modern technology has greatly contributed to the development of motor skills and cognitive skills.


Newborn babies or infants love to engage themselves playing with various types of toys. Based on various themes, there are different types of kids toy gift sets available that have multiple toys in one place. They are perfect for gifting the parents on various occasions. If you are confused about which one to buy, check the buying guide and then compare for a better purchasing decision.

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