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Being a parent entails much more than paying for school fees, food, clothes, and medical attention. Parenthood is perfected by having sharing fun moments with your kids. That can only be done during summertime when they are home for the holidays. What surprises do you intend to give your children? Make their days happy by purchasing inflatable pool slides!

Have you heard of these products that can transform your backyard into a mini water pack? For a refreshing and active summer, the package comes with properties like water sprayer that attaches to the garden hose to make the slides wet. Ranging in different features and prices, the products will give you a platform from which you can select only what suits your pocket and preference.

For your information, if you have more than one kid, you can purchase a package that can cater for multiple numbers of kids at once! For an incisive report, here is a list of ten pool centers for you!

List of Top 10 Best Inflatable Pool Slides for Kids In 2022 Reviews

10. Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center, for Ages 2+

10. Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center, Inflatable Pool Slides

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What is the age range of your children? If they are between two and seven years of age, we have a secret for you! Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable for ages 2+ is a perfect inflatable pool slides for your kids.

Key Features
  • The pool play center comes in the following measurements, 117-by-76-by-53-Inch giving your child overwhelming moments of happiness.
  • With four inflatable rings, that is, water sprayer, water slide, ring toss game, and wading pool, your children are guaranteed endless moments of fun.
  • During summer times, the water sprayer that is attached to the garden hose will help keep your loving kids cool.
  • The item has a water capacity of 77 gallons thereby giving your kids a secure-based-fun platform. For the lovers of ball games, the product comes with six play balls; therefore, toss ball game or ball roller game are made livelier.
  • The item has a shipping weight of 16.62 pounds plus it comes in the following dimensions, 16x16x5.5 inches.

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9. Intex Water Slide, Inflatable Play Center, for Ages 6+

9. Intex Water Slide, Inflatable Play Center, Inflatable Pool Slides

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These inflatable pool slides comes with 131″ x 81″ x 46″ inches measurements and can cater for kids starting from 6 years and above.

Key Features
  • The item will leave your children wishing summer was a bit longer! With 5 air chambers, strong 20 Gauge vinyl, and 6 heavy-duty handles, you will have a memory to keep. For a full blast experience, attach the garden hose to the sprayers to wet the slide surfaces.
  • Remember, the product has a base that features fun wave graphics. Also, the product has a repair patch to keep fun going on and on.
  • The slides come with different weight but have a maximum weight limit of 176 lb. Plus it has 10’11″L x 6’9″ W x 3’10” H dimensions. If you are splashing fun, then this is what you deserve!

8. Intex Cabin Island with Slide & Removable Sides, Inflatable Play Center

8. Intex Cabin Island with Slide & Removable Sides, Inflatable Play Center

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The 110″ x 68″ x 48″ inches inflatable pool slides come as a package loaded with fun for ages 9+

Key Features
  • Be sure of an exciting day at the pool with this inspectable item. The pool slide has a slide float design plus you can remove the noodle side for extra fun. To make you more comfortable, the equipment has a landing pad and 6 heavy-duty handles.
  • Presence of the detachable slides makes the pool slide offer unique and quality services. Presence of 15 gauge vinyl in the island and the slides makes the whole equipment durable. Plus, it has a 10 gauge vinyl for noodles and sunshade.
  • Don’t worry in case of any default in the product because it comes with a repair Patch to make your work easier. Also, the item comes in various weight, though it’s maximum weight is 220 lbs.

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7. Swimline Super Slide Inflatable Pool Toy – Inflatable Pool Slides

7. Swimline Super Slide Inflatable Pool Toy

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These inflatable pool slides have a larger size to ensure your kids have maximum hours of pool fun.

Key Features
  • The presence of the heavy gauge vinyl makes the item more durable at the same time easy to set up.
  • The slide experiences stability on the waters because of its weighted water base and a garden hose spout which once connected to the sprayers it makes the slide slippery for an additional bounce.
  • With a sliding measurement of 99-inchandndash;68-inchandndash;49-inch, which adds up to 150-pound weight capacity, the slide will make your children have awesome, endless moments. The item offers for a slide-feet-first only.

6. Intex Candy Zone Inflatable Play Center, for Ages 2+

6. Intex Candy Zone Inflatable Play Center, Inflatable Pool Slides

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These inflatable pool slides are a perfect play center for summer. Availability of water sprayer that attaches to the garden hose helps in keeping your kids cool.

Key Features
  • The product comes with 2 lollipops, 6 balls, waterslide, and rails for rolling the balls down. For safety and durability, it comes with a landing mat for extra padding.
  • Recommended for kids ages 2-10 years.

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5. Intex Dinoland Inflatable Play Center, Inflatable Pool Slides

5. Intex Dinoland Inflatable Play Center, Inflatable Pool Slides

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The Intex Dinoland Inflatable pool slides of 131in X 90in X 44in, will cater for your children as young as two years and above.

Surprise them with a mini water park this summer for an overwhelming experience. This play center has a prehistoric or dinosaur theme with a four-in-one play center games for the ultimate happiness of your kids.

Key Features
  • The safety of your children is highly valued that is why the item has a slide landing mat with extra padding. Therefore, your child is fully secured from harmful accidental falls. The play center also has a drain plug in the pool floor that is convenient for making cleaning easy. Plus the package entails games, that is, volcanic ball roller, a play center with 6 beautiful plastic 3 1/8″ Fun Balls and a repair patch.
  • The different games like ball toss and ring toss make use of Dino hoops and fun balls, come as part of the package and help improve your kid’s focus.
  • For maximum fun, soft slide- water slide and splash wading pool are near a movable built-in Dino arch sprayer that is attached to the garden hose.
  • The product has an approximate inflated size of 131 in L x 90 in W x 44 in H (3.3 m x 2.3 m x 1.1 m) and a maximum weight capacity of 178 lbs, therefore, easy to translocation. For safety plus fun moments, the item has water carrying capacity of 280 L or 75 gallons, a wall height of 6 in plus it has a maximum water depth mark on the pool wall.

4. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer

4. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer

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These inflatable pool slides offers your kids a golden opportunity to climb the center wall. Children find it adventurous by going up to the top of this robust water slide bounce house and racing down the 2 slides into the splash pool.
The package is made of durable material, your kids can enjoy the splash race over and over again. Its colorful nature makes it attractive to kids.

The Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable slide is well-designed making it perfect for multiple kids to play different games at once. With the package, your kids will get cool as they indulge themselves in a little body exercise.

The beautiful design will also give you a chance to monitor what your kids are doing. With the outside inflatable water bouncer, the two slides that lead to a wide splash pool have sprayer hoods that help keep the sliding surface slippery making the whole process beautiful.

Key Features
  • As they climb up the center inflatable rock wall, a surprise dump bucket will pour water on them which makes it more enjoyable.
    Remember, the inflation blower continuously run while your kids are playing. Keep the inflatable firmly anchored in place. 4 kids can use the slide at the same time.
  • The package has a maximum combined weight of 350 lbs and 144 L x 144 W x 101 H in size.
  • It comes with different accessories like:
    A repair kit
    4 blower stakes
    A storage bag
    6 bouncer stakes
    A heavy-duty blower with GFCI plug.
  • The polyester inflatable fabric bounce has a 90-day Limited Warranty. That is from the day of purchase. Whereas the blower has a 1-year limited warranty from the purchase date.
  • The instruction booklet that comes with the package is used as a reference while setting up, taking care and maintaining this outdoor product.

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3. Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Inflatable Pool Slides

3. Little Tikes Slam 'n Curve Slide, inflatable pool slides

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The Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve inflatable pool slides will perfect your backyard from its amazing climbing wall, large wading pool area, and curved slides.

The product is spacious enough for multiple kids to use at ago. Plus you can easily fold it for storage. Therefore, making the item a super way to keep your kids cool and active during summer times.

Key Features
  • Children love the adventurous moments of sliding down the climbing wall and landing in the splash pool’s cool waters. Due to its durability, your kids will experience the happy moments on this bouncer year after year until they go beyond the recommended age.
  • Inflatable basketball hoop and ball is included in the roomy splash pool. You only need to step-down in the sidewall when you want to enter or exit the bouncer. The blower runs continuously as your children play immediately after firmly anchoring inflatable in place.
  • The product comes with a heavy-duty GFCI plugged stakes blower. Stakes to anchor bouncer.
  • The challenging inflatable rock wall will lead your children to a slippery slide that has a gentle curve at its edge for a sensational experience as your children rides down into the refreshingly cool water pool. The inflatable pool slide can cater to maximumly 4 kids at ago.
  • The product has a maximum weight of 350 lbs and a size of 168″ L x 108″ W x 84″H
  • It comes with the following accessories:
    A storage bag
    4 stakes for blower
    A repair kit
    A heavy-duty GFCI plug blower
    Inflatable basketball
    6 stakes for the bouncer
  • 1-year Limited Warranty on a blower and 90-day limited warranty for the inflatable.
  • Comes with an instruction booklet set-up, maintenance, storage, and care reference.

2. BANZAI 35543 Plummet Falls Adventure Slide Inflatable Water Park

2. BANZAI 35543 Plummet Falls Adventure Slide Inflatable Water Park - Inflatable Pool Slides

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The fun that comes as your children try to beat the “fill ‘N’ Spill water bucket as they race down the plummet falls adventure slide is unmeasurable. Additionally, all the product inflates in less than 2 minutes as a result of the continuous airflow blower.

This inflatable pool slides boost of its durability and long-lasting strength due to its heavy-duty dura-tech construction.

Key Features
  • It is a 14ft 5in L x 9ft 6in W x 8ft H inflatable water park size. It inflates in less than 3 minutes plus the presence of GFCI motor blower ensures safety and convenience on the bouncer.
  • The product has a cushiony slide, heavy-duty dura-tech construction and a climbing wall making it a safe-durable-fun based package. It is easy to attach the water sprayer on the garden hose. Recommended for kids of ages between 5-12.

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1. Intex Surf ‘N Inflatable Pool Slides Inflatable Play Center, for Ages 6+

1. Intex Surf 'N Slide Inflatable Play Center, Inflatable Pool Slides

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Surprise your children this summer with an Intex Surf ‘N Slide Inflatable Play Center of, 174″ x 66″ x 64″ inches. Loaded with 2 heavy-duty handles surf riders, the inflatable pool slides will offer your 6+ kids endless moments of fun. Also, children starting from three years of age can also enjoy the goodness that comes with the product.

Key Features
  • In order to to make the slide surface wet, attach the garden hose to the sprayers. The product has an underneath landing mat that provides for extra padding giving your children maximum comfort.
  • The item comes in different weights, however, the maximum weight is 176-pound. For repair, the product comes with its repair patch to make work easier for you.


Surprise your kids with one of the inflatable pool slides to make their summer cool and active.

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