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Athletic gear needs a home, there is always a place specially made for different items. For athletic gear, it is the traditional gym bag. With one of the top 13 best gym bags in 2022, you can provide a safe home for your athletic clothing and gear.

These top gym bags are sturdy, well built and very durable. They should be able to handle your sweaty clothes without batting an eye. Plus, they are easy to carry and have enough pockets for you to stay organized. With different carry options, you can give your hands and shoulders a break when moving from place to place.

List of Our Best Gym Bag Reviews

13. Gym Maniac GM 3-Way Gym Bag

13. Gym Maniac GM 3-Way Gym Bag - Workout, Sport, Travel, Weekend and Overnight Duffle

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Gym bags may be made for athletic wear but they can serve other purposes as well. This 3 in 1 gym bag can handle all your trips to the gym, area or playing field. Then when not doing that, you can use it for travel needs or for hiking.

In addition, you get a bag made from waterproof polyester. This makes sure rain and splashing water do not soak your clothes or harm other stored items. Also, there is a shoe pocket so they do not smell up the rest of the bag when not in use.

This bag is able to hold about 3 liters of clothing and other gymnastic items. The easy to carry handles help get your things to the gym. Then when you go hiking, use the padded shoulder straps to get your things to where you are going.

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12. ADKX Gym Duffle Bag

12. Gym Duffle Bag Dry Wet Separated Gym Bag Sport Duffle Bag

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This all pink gym bag is perfect for those women who like to maintain their girlish figures. With easy to carry handles they can get to the gym with ease. A shoulder strap is also included so you have multiple ways to carry your things.

A separate shoe pouch makes sure dirty shoes do not get the rest of your clothes dirty. Measuring about 19 by 9 by 10 inches in size you can get a lot of gym clothes and other items inside this top gym bag. On top of that, this bag should be water and scratch proof.

Then when your clothes or towels are wet, you have a wet storage compartment built-in. Your clothes stay separated so you have less cleaning to do. The versatility of this bag is unmatched and it works with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

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11. Mouteenoo Gym Bag 40L Sports Travel Duffel Bag

11. Mouteenoo Gym Bag 40L Sports Travel Duffel Bag for Men and Women

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Either gender will find this 40liter gym bag useful for their athletic activities. Its large size makes sure you can carry just about everything you need. The padded shoulder strap keeps your shoulders from getting sore or tired when you carry your clothes.

Also, there is a wet compartment and a place to stick to your shoes. The bag’s 20by 11 by 11 inch size makes sure you have plenty of storage space. There are enough pockets to hold little items like keys, cellphones and so on.

Made from Nylon materials, this back should be tough, durable and last you a long time under normal use. Nylon thread is used to reinforce the seams so that they do not rip at the wrong time. The lightweight back should be easy to carry all the time.

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10. Sportsnews Sports Gym Bag

10. Sports Gym Bag with Wet Pocket & Shoes Compartment

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Don’t let the light green pastel color fool you,. This is not an ordinary gym bag that falls apart very quickly. Besides its easy t use handles and shoulder straps, this bag has 2 pockets for water bottles.

Along with that, there is a shoe pouch to keep your footwear when they are not being used. With 7 colors to choose which you can get a more manly or feminine color if you do not like pale green. Then its 38 liter capacity holds a lot of items safe for you.

A waterproof pocket makes sure your wet things do not transfer the moisture to your dry things. Then with 3 carrying options, you have a lot of ways to transport your gym or other clothes to wherever it is you are going.

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9. AmazonBasics Gym and Overnight Travel Bag

9. AmazonBasics Lightweight Durable Sports Duffel Gym and Overnight Travel Bag

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Having a bright green gym bag is one way to make sure you do not lose it in a crowd. But if you do not like that color there are about 7 more colors you can choose from. Padded hand grips and the shoulder strap makes sure your body does not get extra sore carrying your athletic wear.

The large interior makes sure you have lots of room inside to carry everything you need with you. A mesh pocket inside handles key, wallet and cell phone carrying duties. Two end pockets hold your used clothing or shoes so that they do not give their odor, etc., to your other clothing inside.

This approx. 20 by 10 by 12 inch bag should have enough room for you to work out in comfort. Made from 100% polyester.

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8. WolfWarriorX Gym Bag

8. WolfWarriorX Gym Bag for Men Tactical Duffle Bag Military Travel Work Out Bags

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Keep your gear organized and easily accessed. This top gym bag has enough pockets to make sure you have a place for everything. With its 21 by 10 by 13 inch size you should be able to get about 69 liters of clothing, etc., inside this gym bag.

On top of that, 4 main pouches handle all your dirty gym clothes when you are done for the day. A padded shoulder strap and two handles make transportation simple and easy to do.

Heavy-duty zippers keep your items safe and secure inside the water resistant construction materials. Plus, its versatility allows you to use this for all those activities you need to change clothes to participate in. Rubberized feet should not scratch yours or anyone’s floors or benches. Fit what you need inside as this top gym bag has the room to spare.

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7. Canway Sports Gym Bag

7. Canway Sports Gym Bag, Travel Duffel bag with Wet Pocket & Shoes Compartment

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When you want to upgrade your gym look and really be stylish, this is the gym bag for you. Its overall look is classy and well maintained. With 5 colors to choose from you can match your athletic wardrobe with ease.

Plus, the 20 by 10 by 10 inch gym bag holds up to 45 liters of your activewear without trying that hard. The polyester fabric is water and scratch proof making it one tough bag even though it looks so good. A built-in key ring holds your keys while you are busy.

After you are finished, this gym bag has a special place for shoes and wet towels. You stay organized and your things stay neat and clean. 2 side pockets make sure smaller items do not get lost. Standard handles and shoulder strap is part of the ensemble.

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6. Venture Pal Packable Sports Gym Bag

6. Packable Sports Gym Bag with Wet Pocket & Shoes Compartment Travel Duffel Bag

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Purple is a unique color. It makes you stand out even in low light conditions. But if you do not like that color there are 5 more you can choose to use. With its approx. 20 by 12 by 11 inch size, you should have no trouble filling the bag with your athletic equipment.

On top of that, there are 8 separate pockets you can use to make sure you find what you need quickly. 2 mesh side pockets hold your water bottles for you. Tough zippers handle the daily opening and closings like a champ.

With water proof materials your contents should be safe from a variety of ailments. When empty this top gym bag weighs roughly 1 pound. Not bad for a bag that can hold more than 10 times its weight in gold.

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5. MarsBro Water Resistant Gym Weekender Duffel Bag

5. MarsBro Water Resistant Sports Gym Travel Weekender Duffel Bag with Shoe Compartment

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This gym bag looks so good you won’t be embarrassed to be seen with it when you go away for the weekend. Its good looks not only comes in this greyish color, but it also comes in 8 more. That allows you to match your outfits with its color scheme.

In addition, this top bag can hold just about anything you need to carry with you. It has the pockets and the style to make sure all your contents are safe and secure. The adjustable shoulder strap keeps the bag comfortable while you carry it to your next destination.

Then a shoe compartment lets you keep your clothes and other items clean and odor-free. It is a very versatile bag to use.

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4. Kuston Sports Gym Bag

4. Kuston Sports Gym Bag with Shoes Compartment Travel Duffel Bag for Men and Women

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Here is a 20 by 10 by 10 inch approx. Gym bag you should not leave home without. Its tough construction material is durable and does a bang-up job holding your items. With its solid gray conservative look, you can tell everyone your serious about your athletic participation.

The oxford fabric is waterproof, scratch resistant as well as breathable. That is a good combination to have rolled up into one gym bag. When you need to go away for a short trip, this is a handy bag to use top pack your things,.It doe snot take up a lot of space in the trunk of your car.

There is a separate shoe compartment to keep them away from your other items.

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3. Focus Gear Ultimate Gym Bag

3. The Durable Crowdsource Designed Duffel Bag with 10 Optimal Compartments

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With pouches for your water bottles, you can stay hydrated even when in the middle of a tough game or match. Once your play is over, you can pull your dry items out of the various pockets and get ready for your evening escapades.

Also, there are 10 pockets in all. Many hold your smaller items so they do not get lost during your workout. Reinforced stitching keeps the bag from coming apart on you. It s a tough bag that handles your athletic wear like a professional.

2 wet pockets make sure your used items do not spoil any dry contents. Having clean clothes is a must. 2 handles and 1 shoulder strap provide the carrying options.

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2. Everest unisex-adult Gym Bag

2. Everest unisex-adult Gym Bag With Wet Pocket ,Red, One Size

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Show your teammates and the opposition that you mean business. This red and black gym bag makes sure everyone can see how seriously you take the competition. A padded water bottle holder lets you hydrate yourself throughout the game.

Plus, you have about 32 liters of room in this approx., 18 by 11 by 10 inch gym bag. All your gear should be able to fit inside with ease. The handy side pocket holds your shoes or wet towels without letting them influence your other items.

The 50 inch adjustable shoulder strap allows you to find your comfort sweet spot when carrying this bag over your shoulder. Durable zippers keep your items from falling out when you accidentally tip this bag over.

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1. Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bag

1. Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bag

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This tough and durable gym bag come sin more colors than you can shake a stick at. That is good news as that will be your toughest decision when it comes to using this bag. Also, you can match your outfits with ease by selecting the best color of them all.

On top of that, this polyester bag holds about 42 liters of clothing and gear at one time. Its 21 by 10 by 11 inch size also has room for a large number of pockets to hold your things while you go and have a great time.

Traditional carry options are also a part of this bag’s make up. Protect your gear and your dry clothes by using this bag everywhere you need to change.

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Athletic competitions and workouts can be fun. They can also be very healthy for you, One way to ease any stress you may feel is to use one of the top 13 best gym bags in 2022.

These bags are well made and your stress should go down once you realize your things are safe and secure inside. These bags will serve you well and help you stay very organized. they also look good and keep you in the fashion in-crowd.

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