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If you are an amateur golfer, you can take help of the modern-day gadgets to perfect your shot and be less dependent on the manual instruments such as markers and landmarks in a golf field. One such device is a golf rangefinder which helps you to find the range and help you decide the power and the drive you need to take to hit the spot. Apart from amateurs, even the professional golfers are using the device for more accuracy. Check out the top 10 best golf rangefinders below.

List of Top 10 Best Golf Rangefinders In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. Bushnell Golf Laser Rangefinders

10. Bushnell Golf Laser Rangefinder

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This golf range finder with laser technology triggers the vibration when the laser point is fixed on the flags. With the help of 5-time stronger and accurate magnification, this device helps you to measure distance up to 1000-yards. Moreover, the device comes along with an extra-long eye relief of 21mm. With the help of a fast-focus system, you can easily focus on the target even if you are wearing your spectacles.

The multi-coated lens of this rangefinder also offers a crystal-clear view on the target or flagpoles. Furthermore, this device comes along with a protective skin. The equipment offers ranging accuracy up to 1-yard. With the help of class 1 laser, this rangefinder delivers 0.5mW of average power output.

  • Full set including carrying case.
  • A long eye for easy use.
  • Powerful laser and high accuracy.
  • There is no such drawback.

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#9. Callaway Golf Laser Rangefinder

9. Callaway Golf Laser Rangefinder

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This golf range finder comes along with the slope measurement system. So, this system helps you to hit perfect shots on both uphill and downhill. With the help of slope mode, you can also measure the angles of inclination and declination. Moreover, this device comes with 6-time more powerful magnification. So, you can accurately measure the angle up to the distance of 1000-yards.

The device also can provide measurement with the accuracy rate of +/-1-yard. Furthermore, the scan functionality of this laser rangefinder helps you to obtain the distances of multiple targets simultaneously. The pin acquisition technology lets you have an accurate pin-up within the distance of 300-yards.

  • Easy incline due to slope function.
  • Pin Acquisition technology and easy calculation of distance.
  • Notification feature and 6x magnification.
  • There is no cons to point out.

#8. PEAKPULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder

8. PEAKPULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder

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This laser golf range finder comes along with slope-switch technology. Therefore, you can precisely measure the distance for perfect shots in golf. This equipment also comes with a pin-seeker easily points out and targets on the flag. So, you can hit a perfect shot even with shaky hands. Moreover, this device comes along with a measuring range from 6 to 400-yards.

The toggle slope-switch also helps you to use this rangefinder for any legal golf tournament. Furthermore, the golf rangefinder comes with a fast focus system. So, you can simply and instantly adjust the focus point even if you are wearing your spectacles.

  • Adjustable distance for user advantage.
  • High performance and crystal clear optics.
  • Easy toggle and high accuracy.
  • It is slightly blurry.

#7. Laser Rangefinder by TACKLIFE

7. Laser Range Finder by TACKLIFE

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With a maximum measuring range of 900-yard, this golf range finder comes with 7-time more accurate magnification. This device is also suitable for several outdoor activities, like golfing, hiking, hunting, and more. Moreover, the machine has a 750-mAh rechargeable lithium battery. So, you can measure accurately over 3000-times with a single charge by using this device.

With the help of multi-layered optics, this rangefinder also offers better visibility for accurate target finding. Furthermore, this water-resistant device comes in a convenient carrying case and wrist strap for better transportability. This highly-efficient golf rangefinder can measure straight-line distance, horizontal distance, angle distance, and vertical height measuring.

  • USB slot for easy recharging.
  • Clear image and high magnification.
  • Carrying case and portable design.
  • There is no negative point.

#6. TecTecTec Golf Rangefinder

6. TecTecTec Golf Rangefinder

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This lightweight golf range finder comes with a maximum measuring range of 540-yards. The laser technology of this device also offers continuous scanning. So, you can have a précised measurement every time. Moreover, with the help scan mode, this rangefinder is able to deliver quickly multiple readings. This tournament legal device promotes +/-1 meter and over 5000 actuation.

With the help of multi-layered optics, the rangefinder also offers perfect measurements of the distance. Furthermore, the water-resistant material construction makes this device remarkably durable. The laser binocular is suitable for hunting, golf, and other outdoor adventures. The rangefinder comes along with pin-sensor technology.

  • Water-resistant housing for superior performance.
  • Battery meter and multi-layered optics.
  • Full set and easy to use.
  • It may not be quite accurate.

#5. Precision Pro Golf Rangefinder

5. Precision Pro Golf Rangefinder

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This golf range finder comes with the construction of heavy-duty waterproof material construction. The device also offers 6-time more precise magnification to deliver accurate measurements every time. Moreover, the equipment comes with a maximum measuring range of 400-yards. With the help of slope mode, this device automatically calculates the angles for both up and downhill shots.

The crystal-clear optics of this device also helps the golfers to play confidently even with shaky hands. Furthermore, you can simply turn off the slope mode function for legal golf tournament play. The pulse vibration technology of this machine ensures that there is no obstruction between the targets and shots.

  • Allows turning the slope technology.
  • Wide coverage and water-resistant design.
  • High performance and easy to use.
  • It is not consistent in accuracy.

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#4. Wosports Golf Rangefinders

4. Wosports Golf Rangefinder

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With the help of 6-time more accurate magnification, this golf range finder comes with a maximum measuring range of 650-yards. The functional battery cover design of this unit also prevents the battery from missing. Moreover, the device comes with speed and fog modes. So, you can measure the accurate distance and aim targets in any situation.

This device also comes along with a flag-lock with a vibration system. Therefore, the rangefinder vibrates by locking the flagpoles. Furthermore, this equipment precisely aims flagpole up to the distance of 180-yards. With the help of flagpole and range modes, the device helps you to identify the flagsticks with precision.

  • Attractive design and multiple modes.
  • High accuracy for outstanding performance.
  • Enhanced accuracy and flag lock.
  • There is no cons at all.

#3. Gogogo Laser Rangefinder

3. Gogogo Laser Rangefinder

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This golf range finder also works well as a hunting rangefinder. The best feature of this equipment is that it continues scanning in slope mode. Moreover, with the help of an angle-range compensation system, this rangefinder delivers correct angle-compensated distance for the up and downhill shots. The device lets you turn off the slope mode anytime.

This rangefinder also comes along with the multi-coated optic lens. Therefore, the lens efficiently decreases the light reflections. Furthermore, the diopter of this unit is adjustable to deliver ultra-clear focus on the display. The measuring range of this device starts from 5 to 650-yards. This unit comes with pin-seeking and flagpole-locking systems.

  • Reduces light for better transmission.
  • Speed measurement and high coverage.
  • Compact design and low battery indicator.
  • It does get dirty quickly.

#2. AOFAR Golf Rangefinder

2. AOFAR Golf Rangefinder

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Derived from high-grade and waterproof material, this golf range finder makes essential measuring equipment for golf. By using the rangefinder, you can also simply measure the yards from 5 to 600-yards. Moreover, the anti-skid rubber coating with a starry paint pattern makes this equipment resistant to dust and harsh environmental elements.

The HD camera of this rangefinder also comes with 6-time more accurate magnification for better aiming. Furthermore, with the minimum scan distance of 30-meters, this unit scans the objects from far to near format. This précised golf rangefinder helps you to measure the flag distance and allows you to lock on the closest targets.

  • Unique design and high performance.
  • Resistant to water and dust.
  • Complete accessories and digital display.
  • It is a relatively slow device.

#1. SUAOKI Golf Rangefinders

1. SUAOKI Golf Range Finder

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With the help of 656-yards measuring range, this golf range finder efficiently improves the shots of the golfers. The handy and lightweight equipment also comes with a diopter adjustment knob. So, both short and far-sighted people can use this rangefinder without using spectacles. Moreover, with the help of 6-times more powerful magnification, this equipment offers unfailing accuracy within 1-yard.

This rangefinder also helps you to measure accurately the fixed points, like hazard, green, and the flag. Furthermore, this unit lets you measure horizontal distance, fog, correct golf distance, speed mode, and more. The distance measuring unit comes with switchable units, like m/s and km/h.

  • Multiple features for user convenience.
  • Easy carrying due to the lightweight structure.
  • High accuracy and diopter adjuster.
  • The average rating is low.

Buying Guide for Golf Rangefinders

The following factors are what you need to check while buying golf rangefinders.

Easy to Use:

Look for a golf rangefinder that comes in an easy to use design. The digital screen will let you use it hassle-free and make easy calculations. It can cover a specific area, and you need to get the one according to your requirements. Select the one that comes in a portable design.

Build Up:

If you are looking for a golf rangefinder that lasts longer, then see if it comes in a durable construction. It has to be strong enough that makes it deliver better performance. Look for the one that is resistant to water and dust, and you can even see if it comes in a portable design.


The magnification can vary from model to model and can go up to 10 times. However, you can go for the one that has a minimum of 6 x magnification.

Slope Technology:

The slope technology or adaptive slope is an important consideration while buying golf rangefinders. This helps you to target the distance, and you can use it according to the rules of the tournament. Some models will also allow you to turn it off.


This is very important as accuracy determines the overall performance. It has to be accurate enough, and if it is defective, then it is not worth buying.


From the many different features, you can see if it comes with First Target Priority, Pin Seeker, and PinHunter. There are also other features like maximum and minimum range as well as pulse vibration technology that let you make the most from the device.


With a golf range finder, you can eliminate the guesswork and wasting time searching for landmarks, markers, and others to spot where the pin is. You can shoot the yardage to the pin easily with a golf rangefinder. The popularity of the device is booming among golfers of different levels of experience, and if you are buying one for the first time, the buying guide will be highly useful.

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