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From single to double door,  glass door refrigerators with mini-fridge design suits most of your needs. You can store beverages or wines in both commercial and residential places. Most of the models are very compact in size while accommodating enough pieces of cans and bottles effectively. These refrigerators are very stylish with a transparent front door and blend with any contemporary room décor. The glass door refrigerators models are perfect for showcasing your vintage wine collection and beverages. Check out the top 10 best glass door refrigerators with mini-fridge design in 2021.


10 Kalamera Beverage Cooler and Fridge


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This space-saving 24-inch mini-fridge comes with a compact size to fit most of the tight spaces. The stand-alone design of this unit also makes it suitable to place in your kitchen, restaurant, office room, and more other places. Moreover, with the help of inbuilt memory function, the freezer automatically goes to the preset functions after power retrieval. This glass door refrigerator with mini-fridge design comes along with an inbuilt blue light to have quicker access to the drinks in the dark.

The stainless-steel material construction also makes this unit very much durable. Furthermore, the refrigerator is spacious enough to accommodate up to 154 cans of soda and beer. The whisper-quiet compressor makes the freezer work without generating any loud noise. This unit comes along with five removable and adjustable racks.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Features smart digital screens for more convenience.
  •  Large capacity and comes with a safety lock.
  •  New and improved cooling mechanism.

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9 Phiestina Beverage Cooler Air-Cooled Refrigerator


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This stand-alone compact and sleek mini-fridge come with a huge capacity to accommodate up to 106 beer cans. The stainless-steel material construction of this freezer also makes it extremely durable and stylish. Moreover, the front door comes with the construction of high-quality and see-through glass. So, you can see the beverage collections easily from the outside. You can adjust the temperature from 38 to 50-degree Fahrenheit.

The unit also comes along with a side-mounted door handle for convenient opening and closing. Furthermore, the cooler compressor works almost without making any noise, and the energy-efficient unit comes with proper air circulation. The interior blue LED light of this refrigerator allows you to access the cans and wine bottles even in the dark.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Includes six totally adaptable and detachable shelves.
  •  It comes with unique air circulation technology.
  •  Highly efficient compressor for long time use.

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8 Danby Can Beverage Center


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With the loading capacity of 3.3-cubic feet, this mini-fridge is able to accommodate up to 120 cans of beer. This refrigerator is also very much power-saving and allows you to use it to preserve your beverages for a longer time. Moreover, the cooling unit comes with a mechanical thermostat, so you can change the temperature from 43 to 57-degree Fahrenheit.

The freestanding unit also comes with four rubber feet to keep the freezer in the proper place. Furthermore, the blue interior LED light makes the cans and bottles visible for everyone even in the dark. The side-mounted door handle comes along with a lockable system to keep your drinks safe for strangers. The tempered glass door is robust enough to last for a long time.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Sturdy structure made of durable stainless steel.
  •  Superior quality material construction.
  •  It comes with three convenient wire racks.

7 NewAir Beverage Cooler Built-in Glass Door Refrigerator


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This mini-fridge comes with a sleek and elegant stainless-steel material with a polished finish. The compact refrigerator is also able to maintain an ideal temperature for beer, soda, and wine. Moreover, the transparent glass door with minimal steel frame makes it easier to see your collection without even opening the door. The dual-zone freezer has two separate compartments to accommodate 22 wine bottles and 70 beer cans.

The triple-paned insulating glass of the door also maintains the proper temperature every time. Furthermore, the split shelf configuration of this unit allows you to store bottles of different sizes. The light blue interior LED light allows you to see the bottles clearly from the outside. This unit has whisper-quiet compressor cooling for placing almost everywhere.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  High-quality stainless steel construction.
  •  The Supreme compressor provides a quiet function.
  •  LED display with more storage space.

6 Phiestina Built-In Dual Zone Cooler


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This multi-functional dual-zone mini-fridge comes along with inbuilt wine cellars. The French-door with double storing space also accommodates both the cans of beer, soda, and wine. Moreover, the double doors of the freezer let you open separately without accessing the other door. The unit comes along with adjustable racks, so you organize them as per your need. With the help of a dual-zone temperature controller, you can individually control the chambers of wine and beer.

The freestanding design of this mini-fridge also blends with any room décor. Furthermore, the tempered glass is strong enough to last for longer. With the help of interior and soft blue LED light, you can have easier access to your beverages without turning on your room’s light.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Unique double zone structure.
  •  Advanced compressor for high performance.
  •  Adjustable shelves that actually maximizes space.

5 Whynter Beverage Glass Door Refrigerator


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Equipped with an internal fan, this mini-fridge stays cool for a longer time and operates without generating heat. This freezer also comes with a reversible door, so you can open this door on both the left and right sides. Moreover, a stainless-steel door frame leaves a sleek finish to match any contemporary décor. The freezer can accommodate up to 120 standard-sized beer cans.

You can also control the temperature of the cooling system from high 30 to low 60-degree Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the stand-alone design makes this freezer suitable to place almost everywhere. The refrigerator comes along with a soft LED interior light, so you can easily reach your beverages even in the dark. This energy-saving freezer comes with a fan to circulate the cool air in each corner of the unit.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Inbuilt fan spreads the temperature evenly.
  •  High-quality stainless steel construction.
  •  Attractive and stylish design.

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4 NewAir Freestanding Beverage Cooler


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With an attractive polished black finish on the stainless-steel body, the glass door refrigerators are suitable to place almost everywhere. The cooling system of this unit also comes with the range starting from 34 to 64-degree Fahrenheit. Moreover, the freezer is perfect for keeping soda and beer in a properly chilled condition. The cooler comes with a huge capacity to store up to 126 pieces of soda cans.

The black finish of this refrigerator also mostly suits the decoration of the living room, office, restaurant, kitchen, RV and more. Furthermore, the front door comes with a see-through glass, and it is lockable, so you can keep your beverages safe from the trespassers. The adjustable chrome racks of this unit allow you to organize the storage space accordingly.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Spacious design with removable racks.
  •  Durable design for long time use.
  •  Advanced cooling technology for quick cooling.

3 Kalamera Glass Door refrigerator Beverage Cooler


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The sleek and compact glass door refrigerators for beverages come with the construction of stainless-steel material. The front glass door refrigerators also make your beverage collection visible to everyone. Moreover, the right-hinge door with a sleek door-handle lets you open it with ease. The LED blue interior light helps you to reach your favorite beverage even in the dark. This freezer has a digital control panel with touch-button operations, so you can adjust and see the temperature easily.

The cooling system also has a temperature memory function, so it automatically goes to the preset temperature after power retrieval. Furthermore, the six removable racks allow you to adjust the storage space accordingly. Generally, this refrigerator holds up to 96 cans of beverages. The compressor comes with noiseless operation within the temperature range of 38 to 50-degree Fahrenheit.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Reversible door for more convenience.
  •  It comes with a safety lock for full protection.
  •  Blue LED lights in the interior for an attractive look.

2 NewAir Beverage Cooler and Glass Door Refrigerators


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This Glass door refrigerator with mini-fridge design comes along with a transparent glass door for a quick view and easy access to the beverages. This freezer also comes with a storage capacity of 126 beverage cans. Moreover, the stand-alone design makes this unit suitable to place almost everywhere. So, the cooling system of this freezer can reach the chilly temperature of 34-degree Fahrenheit.

With the operational noise level of 35-dB, this refrigerator also works without any mechanical noise. Furthermore, this cooler comes along with durable five chrome metal racks to hold the cans or bottles with no difficulty. This 3.4-cubic foot refrigerator comes with stylish stainless-steel metal construction with a polished finish. The minimalist yet spacious freezer is perfect for storing wine, soda or beer cans or bottles.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Spacious design for convenient storage.
  •  Temperature can be set according to the need.
  •  Low temperature for frosty drinks.

1 hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler


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With the capacity of 120 cans, this glass door refrigerators come with an auto-defrosting function to keep drinks in perfect condition. The freezer also comes with a capacity of 3.2-cubic feet. Moreover, the stainless-steel body and frame of this unit makes this refrigerator looks extremely stylish. The freezer comes along with three adjustable chrome shelves, so you can adjust the storage space accordingly.

This 120-volt power-saving unit also has a left-hinge see-through door, so you can see your beverages without opening the door. Furthermore, the freezer accommodates 60 bottles of white or red wine. The vertical chiller comes with a compressor and a memory function to automatically retain the temperature for your beverages. So, you can easily use this refrigerator in your RV, apartment, dorm room, restaurant, office, and kitchen.

Reasons To Buy –

  •  Simple to use temperature control technology.
  •  Inbuilt fan to distribute the temperature evenly.
  •  The classic and sleek design suits any home decor.

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Buying Guide For Glass Door Refrigerators –

The following list contains the important parameters while buying glass door refrigerators with mini-fridge design.

The capacity of Glass Door refrigerators:

This is the most important feature that you need to keep in mind while buying glass door refrigerators. As it is in a mini-fridge design, you must make sure that it comes in a compact design. The bigger size can consume more power and increase your electricity bills. Select the appropriate size and go for the one that suits your needs. It is usually in liters, and you can select the one that has a capacity of almost 50L.

Freezing Option of Glass Door Refrigerators:

Mini fridges that come with freezing options will be an ideal buy. It will let you store frozen items and can be perfect for making ice. Some may not include a freezer, which can be a disadvantage. If you really like to have frozen items, then this will let you have convenience. It will also be perfect for storing ice creams and select the one that can freeze in a quick time.

Size of Glass Door Refrigerators:

A mini freezer must be in a compact design. It must allow you to save space and allow you to take it anywhere you want. Look for the one that comes in a lightweight design so that you can easily move it from one place to another. In addition to this, you can see if it allows you to remove the trays so that you can clean it hassle-free. This will also let you have custom storing experience, and you can store bottles of different sizes.

Energy Consumption of Glass Door Refrigerators:

With low power consumption, you can easily store in your electricity bills. This can depend upon the various features that can increase power consumption. Even though it can come in small sizes, it can consume more power than large refrigerators. Check the energy rating as well as other features to reduce the power bills. See the different types of cooling features as well as the inverter compressor.

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If you have a shop where you sell beverages and wines, you must have glass door refrigerators so that your customers can see your collection. At the same time, it will be easy for you to spot a specific beverage instantly. Besides, they have dedicated space to accommodate a large number of can perfectly. So, our team has done an excellent job of choosing the best glass door refrigerators with different capacities.

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