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Get your floors rejuvenated, it all starts by using the right stripper. Not the female kind but the floor kind that strips off old finish so you can apply the new. One of the top 10 best floor strippers in 2021 will tackle that job for you.

These top strippers make sure your old looking floors lose that bad look. Plus, they clean out the old finish thoroughly so you can freely apply the new and not miss a spot. Once you are done stripping, your floors will begin to take on a new life.

To find out more about these top strippers, just continue to read our review. It is filled with the information you need to make a good decision about which one you should use.

Then to find that perfect stripper just continue on reading through our buyer’s guide. It will have additional information guiding you to getting the right product for your old floors. Having perfect floors is only a few minutes reading time away

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10. Zep Commercial Floor Stripper

10. Zep Commercial Floor Stripper, Unscented, 1 gal

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When you have a lot of floors to strip you could call the professionals and get the job done at an expensive cost. There is another, better way for you to go. This top floor stripper works on a lot of hard floors. From no wax to vinyl to concrete and rubber, this stripper gets the done cheaper than a professional.

Its 1-gallon size makes about 5 to 9 gallons of a stripper for you to use. That means you do not have to use a lot to get your floors free from the old finish. Once on your floors, it works hard to remove that old finish or even that wax build-up. No matter what your floors are in good hands

On top of all that, this easy to use stripper does not foam that much. You should be able to see what you are doing at all times.

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9. Simoniz Release Floor Wax Stripper

9. Simoniz Release Floor Wax Stripper Non-Ammoniated Stronger Than Z-Strip or Ultra Line 1 Gallon

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You want the dirt and grime stripped off your floors? This is the stripper to handle that tough job. Not only does it lift off dirt and grime, it takes care of acrylic finishes, wax jobs, stains, scuff marks, and even food.

This tough all-round stripper goes n easy and using floor polishing machines and black pads, your stripping duty will be over before you know it. Also, you do not have to use a lot to get the job done right.

Anywhere from 8 to 32 ounces is all you are going to need to strip your floors and make them like new again. What is also the good news is that you do not have to scrub the floors after you put the stripper on. That should save you some time and work. It works on concrete floors as well to make sure your buildings are totally covered.

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8. Tough Guy Floor Stripper

8. Floor Stripper, Size 1 gal., Bottle

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We need to begin with a warning. This and all other strippers on this list will be hazardous to your sight if you get any in your eyes. Make sure to wear protective goggles so you can prevent eye damage.

Now that that is done, this is a top stripper that makes sure your floors are not remaining in bad condition. Once you get it on your floors the old finish should come right off. This should save you lots of effort as floor stripping has never been easy.

When you use it, dilute 1 part stripper to 4 parts water. After that is done, you should have no problem cleaning up your floors and getting them ready for the new finish. 1 gallon should produce about 5 gallons of stripper every time. It is tough so you do not have to be.

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7. Sustainable Earth 815054#82 Floor Care Floor Stripper

7. Sustainable Earth 815054#82 Floor Care Floor Stripper (Seb820001-B-Cc)

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You won’t have to hold your nose when working with this top stripper. The low odor formula makes sure your nose is not offended by any foul smell. That fact alone makes this a great stripper to use.

After you get it on your floor all traditional floor finishes should be stripped clean. That includes zinc and non zinc finishes as well. Your floors should not be able to resist once this stripper goes to work. Your job should be a lot easier and leave you time to watch your favorite programs.

One gallon needs 5 gallons of water leaving you with 6 gallons to work with. If your floors do not need that much then adjust accordingly. Your floors will look better after you use one of the top strippers on them. You can be proud of your home or business again.

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6. JaniLink Bulldozer II No-Rinse Floor Stripper

6. JaniLink Bulldozer II No-Rinse Floor Stripper GAL

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Speed is the name of the game. You have better things to do with your time so choose to use this top floor stripper on your dirty floors. It works fast and needs no-rinse time to get it out of your way. Your floor duty should save you some time.

In addition, you only use a little to get a lot done. The 1 to 16 dilution ration should have your floors clean while not having you use all of the strippers. That should save you a little money as well.

With its low foam formula and marble stripping capability your floors have a powerful ally in keeping them nice and clean. The concentrated formula knows how to get to the root of your dirt problem and get the job done like a professional. That is the type of worker you want helping you out.

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5. Armstrong New Beginning Floor Cleaner and Stripper

5. Armstrong New Beginning Floor Cleaner and Stripper

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It may only contain a half gallon of stripper fluid but that is all you should need on most floors. Once you get the stripper ready just pour it on and spread it out. Its extra strength formula goes right to work stripping your old finish and getting the floor ready for the new.

Then when you have a no-wax vinyl floor this is the stuff you want to call on to get that flooring material clean. This formula works g=hard so your home or office can always look good.

The wide mouth should prevent any spilling or splashing as you pour the liquid into the water. Once that is done you can go to work and make your floors look like new. When you want newer looking floors you cal on this floor stripper to get the job done.

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4. Zep Heavy-Duty Floor Stripper

4. Zep Heavy-Duty Floor Stripper 128 Ounce ZULFFS128 (Pack of 2) Pro Formula

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2 gallons are always better than one. Especially when you have more floor space to strip than you really want to do. Once you get this stripper to your home or place of business, you can mix it with a little water and get to work right away.

After you have diluted it make sure not to use it on marble, natural stone or wood floors. It is made for all the rest not just those three. Also, once on your floors, it should dissolve old polish and wax with ease. Your floors will be on their way to looking their best in years.

Then when you power this bottle of stripper into water you should get about 5 to 9 gallons of cleaner in return. A little goes a long way and that is what you want from a top stripper.

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3. Eco Clean Solutions Ultimate Floor Finish & Wax Stripper

3. Ultimate Floor Finish & Wax Stripper Remover Non Corrosive Concentrated - 1 Gallon

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Non-corrosive, non-ammoniated, non-hazardous. Those are some of the best words any floor cleaner can hear. That means that this product is safe to use while being strong enough to clean your floors. On top of that, it works on almost any floor type except wood.

Once on your floors this concentrated product moves fast. Your old wax and other stains should disappear in minutes. Plus, its commercial-grade formula doesn’t take no for an answer. Those old finishes are removed. It is also a safe product to use.

Use different amounts of concentrate when you have light, medium and hard floors to clean and strip. Even though it is safe to use make sure to wear the proper protective cleaning equipment possible. It is always best to be safe than sorry. Just be careful to follow the instructions to a T.

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2. Armstrong New Beginning Floor Cleaner and Stripper

2. Armstrong World 325124 Armstrong New Beginning Floor Cleaner and Stripper 32OZ

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Some floors need an extra-strength stripper to get all the gunk off. This is the formula that they may need. Once you get it diluted to specs, you should be good to go and your floors should be well taken care of.

That heavy wax build-up should also disappear leaving you with nothing but pure floor to work with once again. This formula should also work on no-wax vinyl floors with ease. Just read the label carefully.

When trying t on floors you are not sure of, make sure to do a corner so you do not ruin your whole floor if it doesn’t work. Plus, you can put it in a spray bottle and clean it up with a nice stiff brush. Your floors should sparkle once again if you do it right. Just have enough supplies on hand to finish the job correctly.

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1. Trewax Professional – Bes Floor Strippers

1. Trewax Professional Floor Stripper, 1 Gallon

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When it says concentrated you do not want to use a lot. Not without enough water that is. Once you get the dilution ration right, your floors should have their old wax removed almost instantly.

In addition, this top floor stripper is easy to use. Just pour it on, wipe it off and that old wax should be gone. Don’t forget to rinse your floors afterward. The key to stripping your floors is in reading and understanding the label and directions.

With a gallon size, you should be able to cover most of your floors as long as they are not unfinished wood, laminate, cork or marble. After this step, you can put your sealer and finish on to make your floors stand out above everything else. This easy to use product should make your floors show their true selves.

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Our Buying Guide

With plenty of strippers on the market it may be confusing as to which one is the best to use.they all have their strengths but if you want to get to the best of the best just keep reading our buying guide:

  • brands- match up the brand names from above to the product you are looking for. If they don’t match, keep searching. You do not want to use an inferior product
  • price- the cost of these products is minimal. But you do not want to spend money needlessly either. Get the price that fits your budget or look for a sale to save
  • ease of use- you do not want to spend a lot of time stripping floors. It just isn’t fun. The strippers mentioned above are easy to use and do not take up a lot of your time.
  •  size- larger is always better especially if they are concentrated formulas. The more you have the more floor space you can cover. Plus, there is nothing wrong with s=storing the extra till the next time you do your floors.
  •  concentrated- this is the best form to get your stripper in. That way you use a little and save a lot of money. It doesn’t normally take a lot of strippers to get your floors ready for a new finish.

Stripping is not always easy to do. Some times it can be back-breaking. That is why you should try one of the top 10 best floor strippers in 2021. These strippers are easy to use, they do not overwork your body and some do not require rinsing. You save time and effort when you use them. Just be careful when you use them.

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