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Dirty messy floors are not an issue, concrete floors do get dirty and messy from time to time. One way to keep them clean and looking their best is to use one of the top 11 best floor scrapers in 2020. These top floor scrapers handle the tough jobs so you do not have to waste a lot of time cleaning up.

Plus, they should be made from durable construction materials making the scrapers long-lasting. With the top floor scrapers helping you out, getting your floors clean is not going to be a dirty job.

With their power design manual labor is not going to be hard on your muscles. To find out which ones are the top 11 best just continue to read our review. It has the information you need. Then continue on to read our buyer’s guide so you can know how to find the right one for you.

List of Our Best Floor Scrapers Reviews

11. Zerone Air Scraper

11. Air Scraper, 42 Inches Pneumatic Scraper Long Reach Steel Scraper with 2100RPM

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Floor scraping has been taken to another level. To use this top floor scraper all you do is attach the air hose and squeeze the trigger. The device will do the rest. Of course, you will need to learn how to aim it properly so you do not damage your floors.

Also, made from steel, this floor scraper can give you about 2100 rpms of power to get the nastiest stubborn objects off your floor. The steel should resist rust and corrosion making sure you do not have to buy another one any time soon.

The 4-inch wide blade should be wide enough to handle most construction leftovers. Plus, the blade is strong enough to remove old tiles that need replacing and updating. No matter how you use it this is a powerful tool that makes your life a little easier.

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10. Red Devil 2107 Short Handle Heavy Duty Floor

10. Red Devil 2107 Short Handle Heavy Duty Floor, Scraper, Silver

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There is nothing wrong with manual labor. It can build character in your new employees and teach them how to work hard. This top floor scraper needs manual arm power to make sure glue, tiles, and other items are lifted off and removed.

Once you get going the foam handle should keep your hands nice and comfortable. The cold hard steel is kept away from your hands by the foam making sure you do not suffer any injuries.

After you get the hang of it, you can maneuver that 4 inch steel blade like a pro and make your floor scraping job go by a little faster. When you wear the blade down, all you need to do is remove it and replace it with a new one. That is convenience at its best.

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9. Monkey King Bar Sds Max Bits Floor Scraper

9. Monkey King Bar Sds Max Bits Floor Scraper

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When you are cleaning up tough flooring materials or glue, you need a tough floor scraper to get the job done right. 4 nuts and bolts hold the blade in place while making easy to replace one that has worn out.

On top of that, you get a steel handle that works hard to get those construction materials out of your way permanently. Which each stroke the 6 inch blades lets the floor know who is boss. The blade should cut through tough materials like they weren’t even there

In addition, replacement blades are not hard to come by. The tool should also be anti rust making sure that it looks good every time you pull it out of its storage spot. The 25 inch handle should be enough leverage to get the job done just right.

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8. Kraft Tool GG023 Floor/Form Scraper

8. Kraft Tool GG023 Floor,Form Scraper, 36-Inch

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Cut a wide path for you and your co-workers. Once you pull out this top floor scraper you can clear a 36 inch path in no time at all. The extra-wide blade should be powerful enough to handle the most difficult flooring around.

Plus, you have a long handle that gives you the leverage you need to pry up those tiles etc. and get that job done fast. The sharp blade is both durable and strong. The glue holding those tiles won’t know what hit them

Also, the reinforced blade should not bend as you work. The supports are strong and give the blades the strength they need to tackle any tough floor scraping job. This is a handy tool to have when you have a lot of floors to get cleaned up and ready for new tile.

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7. Mudder Razor Blade Tile Scraper

7. 4 Inch Razor Blade Tile Scraper Floor Wall Scraper Razor Blade Scraper with 10 Pieces Replacement Razor Blades

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Glue, drywall mud and even old tiles can present a challenge when left unattended for too long a period of time. That is why this top floor scraper is needed. It cleans up those hard to clean messes and enjoys doing it.

In this set, you get 2 scrappers and 10 blades. That means you will not have to purchase more if a blade wears out. The razor style scraper should last for a long time while using its 4 inch width to do a fine job for you.

Also, you can use this scraper on your walls. That old wallpaper should come off without too much hassle when these scrapers are put to work. Flexibility, versatility and lots of spar blades are the reasons why this is a top floor scraper for you.

The approx. 12 inch handle should provide you with enough of a grip to keep working for hours.

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6. Floor scrapers Deluxe 4 Inch Blade Flooring Scraper

6. Floor scrapers Deluxe 4 Inch Blade Flooring Scraper 12 Inch

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A long handle on a floor scraper is what you need when you have lots of scraping to get done. This long handled device, 18 inches, make sure your back and arms are not stressed or strained. Its soft rubber-like handle protects your hands and keeps them comfortable as you work.

In addition, 10 blades to use before you have to think about getting any more. Those extra blades are sturdily made of tough metal and they should last a long time. Plus, they are not that hard to insert into the foot of the scraper.

With the metal shaft, tough tile and other flooring material should come off without that much of an effort. having the right tool for the job ensures that your chores get done before you know it. They also make you feel like you did some constructive work that day.

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5. Bosch SDS-max Floor Scraper

5. Bosch 6 In. x 25 In. SDS-max Floor Scraper Hammer Steel HS1918

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Glue and other flooring and wall materials can be tough. But to successfully remove those objects you need something tougher to use. Meet the toughest floor scraper around, ts 2 by 25 inch size not only gives you proper blade width but enough leverage as well.

It won’t be long once this tool gets going that your scraping task will be done. 4 bolts are all that need to be loosened to replace the blade once it gets too dull to sharpen again.

This top floor scraper only works with an SDS hammer but once the two are combined all flooring materials need to watch out. They won’t be in their current position for very long.

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4. Firecore FS18625 6-in Wide Tile Removal Bit

4. Firecore FS18625 6-in Wide Tile Removal Bit, SDS Max Heavy Duty Floor Scraper

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Once this floor scraper has been combined with its hammer, all flooring material needs to watch out. It won’t be long before they are lifted up and removed to a new location. This is a tough floor scraper that does its job very well.

Its 6 inch blade width carves out a new path for the new flooring to follow. Then with a 25 inch shaft, your back should not have to bend over that far to use it. You stay healthier while your flooring gets renovated.

4 bolts and nuts handle the security issue. The blade remains fixed and in place all throughout your floor scraping activities. That is a floor scraper you want helping you out. It makes your job a lot easier and better

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3. 4-in Wide THINSET REMOVAL BIT, Floor Scraper, SDS Plus!

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Made from forged tempered steel your floor scraping duty won’t last that long. This is a tough floor scraper that is designed to give a beating without breaking on you. Once you have this scraper set up, your floors should be free from old materials in a flash.

3 bolts hold the blade securely in place so you do not have to worry while you work. Your concentration will be on what you are doing making the job fly by faster. The 4 inch wide blade handles a lot of old materials that just aren’t wanted anymore.

With a 10 inch shaft, you should still get a lot of leverage and top angles when removing the old materials. This floor scraper is a professional tool for professionals.

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2. 6-in Wide Tile & THINSET REMOVAL BIT, Floor Scraper, SDS Max

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It is no crime top employ a top floor scraper like this model. This is a tough tool that makes sure your floor scraping job gets done just right. With a 6 inch blade, your work should go by faster as you cover more territory with fewer passes.

A 25 inch metal shaft provides the strength and durability you need to tackle those tough spots that refuse to let go of the floor. The forged temper steel is as strong as it looks good.

Whether you are removing thin-set or tile doesn’t matter. This floor scraper treats all flooring materials the same. As something that has to be pried up quickly with no fooling around. When you want a professional job done, you use the tool that does a professional job.

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1. Warner 5″ Heavy Duty Floor Scraper

1. Heavy Duty Floor Scraper

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When you want to take it a little easier on your body and back, reach for this floor scraper. Its 48 inch long handle makes sure you can scrape the floor well without hurting your back or arms.

On top of that, you have a 5 inch blade to cut down the number of times you need to swing this scraper into action. You shouldn’t get tired any time soon. When the blade goes too dull, replacements are not far away. There are two that you can use.

Also, you can use this top floor scraper on your walls. Remove stubborn wallpaper etc., and get the job done nice and fast. The long leverage should loosen up all the materials you want to be removed. That makes this a great tool to have around.

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Our buying guide

Finding one of the top 11 best floor scrapers in 2020 is not going to be that tough. That is because you are following the upcoming tips that guide you to the best tools possible.

1. brand- whether you like brand names or not, the floor scrapers made by top brand names are usually very good tools to use. The company has a big reputation to protect.

2. price- you want to make sure you do not overspend. Top tools are not always the most expensive on the tool shelf.

3. material- tough steel is the best. That metal can handle very hard to remove flooring material and make it go quickly. Anything less than steel is not a good idea.

4. blade- this will depend on the quality of the blade. Wide blades are really good if you have room to maneuver them. 6 or 4 inch blades are probably the best. They work in any sized area and still do a good job.

5. handle- longer is always better because you can get more leverage with along handle. You can also get better angles to make your work a little easier to do

Scraping floors is not only a tough job it can be an extremely boring one. That is why you want to get it over quickly. One of the top 12 best floor scrapers in 2020 will help you do just that.

They make sure you do not spend a lot of time on scraping floors. Plus, they are tough and durable capable of handling a variety of scraping jobs.

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