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Are you looking for foldable table which is convenient for using? Are you bored with the idea of using any table that cannot save space in your house? – Best drop leaf tables in 2020 might be your right choice to select. Review now.

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14 Homelegance Duval Counter Height Dinning Table

14. Homelegance Duval 60 x 42 Two-Tone Counter Height Dining Table

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Homelegance Duval dining table is a quality product in 2020. Because of its multiple functions, it is the best-selling product.

Homelegance Duval is made with wood and acacia veneer, and finished in two-tone. The material is made for durability. You might use this conveniently since the 4 ball bearing dovetail drawers and 2 fixed open shelves are very beneficial to everyday use. Apart from this, the 4 legs are strong so that it could bear to particular weight. The shape of this table is rectangular with the length of 42” x 60” inches long and the height is 36” long. We believe that the product will make you satisfied. Indeed, it can fit your activities such as family dining time, small party, and so on.

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13 Furinno FNAJ-11072 Boyate Folding Table

13. Furinno FNAJ-11072 Boyate Special Simple Folding Table, Walnut

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Furinno FNAJ-11072 Boyate folding table is a drop leaf table like other tables in 2020. This table is easy to fold since the construction is carefully designed from standard manufacturing. You will get many choices from using this table. The table has many functions of folding, so you need to understand how all pieces are folded so that you use in the right way.

This kind of table is good to use. It is made of CARB compliant composite wood which is durable to use. The table is applicable to most purposes such as kitchen, self-study, home décor, and so on. You might choose the right dimension to fit your desire such as 28.94-inch H x 35.43-inch L x 23.6-inch.

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12 Catskill Craftsmen Fold-A-way Butcher Block Table

If you want a quality table with durability, you can choose this Catskill Craftsmen brand. The table of simple design and construction, but the quality is fantastic.

Catskill Craftsmen is made of North-eastern hardwood in the Catskill Mountains, made from solid wood and from the USA. This table is like two drop leaf that combine together in a set. You might use one side or both at the same time as you like. In using this one, you will not so worry about quality because it is resistant for a lifetime use. It can bear to every season and rainy day. But you need to make sure that you do not leave this table under every weather or outside every day; otherwise, the quality will decline. Moreover, you can choose this table with suitable size such as 24” by the wide top surface and 30” of its height.

11 King’s Brand 3 Pc. White Finish Wood Drop Table

11. King's Brand 3 Pc. White Finish Wood Drop Down Table & 2 Stools

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King’s Brand is a quality table. It has rectangular shape that is applicable for several people sitting together at the same time.

This brand table is popular for many years. The body as well as legs of this set of table is in white colour. The more special fact from this table is that the top surface is of marble material, making this accessory a good look, and you will feel good after you use this stuff. The quality of marble is durability and resistance even though you slid something on it, it still remains as ordinary as the first time use. Moreover, this table has one side leaf that is foldable when you use it. Indeed, this set of table comes with two top-marble stools, making this set a nice look and comfortable in your special time.

You may use this pretty table for meal, study, small meeting with friends, and so on.

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10 Ashley Furniture Signature Design Drop Table

10. Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Hammis Dining Room Table - Drop Leaf Table - Dark Brown

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Ashley drop leaf table is a valuable mini table that can fit your favourite. It is made in black colour and the construction is indispensable as well.

Ashley drop leaf table is one of best home accessories in 2020. It is made of veneers, wood and engineered wood with hinged extension leaves. The quality is marvellous as well. This accessory gives you reliability since it is designed and manufactured by Ashley furniture industries. The trusted source for stylish furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories and mattresses. Thus the quality can guarantee for you.

For this kind of table, you might have it for your dinner, small party, self-study, home décor, and so forth. Fulfil you day with Ashley and you will enjoy the day so much.

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9 Rivet Federal Mid-Century Drop Leaf Table

9. Rivet Federal Mid-Century Modern Drop Leaf Dining Kitchen Table, Walnut Wood

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This wooden table is very popular in this modern time. It is foldable and durable to every season. Easy to install and easy to use is Rivet table.

Supplied with tough legs, it becomes popular in 2020 because of its rich walnut veneer and tapered legs. The beautiful table top is attached to the legs with a handsome y-shaped joint. Moreover, you might have this table for the sake of yours such as for dinning purpose, home décor, group meeting, study, and many other activities.

This table is 99 pounds. The dimensions are 32 x 52 x 30 inches as you can check more within the picture or description.

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8 Peach Tree 3-Piece Table Dinning Set

8. Peach Tree 3-Piece Table Dining Set Home Kitchen Furniture Wooden Rolling Kitchen Trolley Cart Island Foldable Table Drop Leaf, Breakfast Bar

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Peach dinning set is your best choice for your dinning time with lovely people. Because it is pretty and easy to move, many customers like to use for their everyday activities.

It is made of quality material. The solid hardwood construction has a natural finish that easily blends into any decor, painting treatment for moisture-proof. Moreover, this table is sturdy and durable, light and easy assembly. One benefit from this product is that it has two spacious drawers with knobs for storage, which could give you enough capacity to store something there. And the two chairs could put in the bottom of the wooden table so that you can move the set easily. Apart from this, the table is foldable. One side of the table-top of this chair is foldable, which is creative and flexible for daily usage. Multiple functions will bring you convenience for a lifetime.

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7 International Concepts T58-36SDP Square Table

7. International Concepts T58-36SDP Square Dual Drop Leaf Dining Table

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T58-36SDP square table is easy to use. It has drop leaf for both side of the table. The table looks simple, but it provides great use.

It is made of solid wood construction for long lasting durability. The butcher block top surface standard height for chairs distance from top to bottom apron is 2 1/2″. The product comes only with table, so you should choose appropriate chairs by yourself. Moreover, this table might be the best chair for décor. You can also use it for dinning, family reunion, and so on. Start your day with this kind of table and you will get good feeling from what you are sitting.

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6 Zenvida 5 Piece Pub Dinning Set Drop Leaf Table

6. Zenvida 5 Piece Pub Dining Set Drop Leaf Bar Height Kitchen Table with 4 Stools

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Zenvida 5 Piece pub dinning set drop leaf table has complicated design, but it is durable and good to use. The legs are great for resistance and strong for bearing heavy weight.

This table is a result of steel and MDF construction. This product might fit your preference since the set is provided with one table and 4 stools that are comfortable to have a sit. You might select the right size of this table. Its dimensions are 34.75″ high, the table top is 31.5″ x 31.5″. Thus it can be used for most places such as kitchen, dining room, great for entertaining, group meeting, and other favourable places. It is foldable and convenient because it can be parted to only one side. You might enjoy the one side folding part as you like.

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5 Winsome Wood Taylor 5-Pc Set Drop Leaf Table

5. Winsome Wood Taylor 5-Pc Set Drop Leaf Table W, 4 Folding Chairs

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One of best-selling tables in 2020 is Winsome. Winsome is great and look nice to use and accompany. You will like this table so much.

Winsome Wood Taylor 5-Pc leaf table is a leaf double set. It means that this table is like two-part table which you can fold one side down if you like to use only one side. At the same time, the foldability is great as well since it is applied with smooth lock and peddle. One specialty out of other products is that it has drawer which you can something there. The table itself is made of quality material and the frame is made of solid wood. But wait! This set of product comes with chairs that fit the design of table. Moreover, this table is applicable to most places such as home supplies, office supplies, and so on.

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4 Damen Round Pedestal Drop Leaf Table

4. Damen Round Pedestal Drop Leaf Table Natural Brown and White

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Damen Round Pedestal Drop leaf table is one of best-selling product in 2020. It has great design and good look. People buy this type of table from year to year.

This table is durable and resistant. It is made of Asian hardwood and Asian tropical wood. Thus the quality is very useful and valuable. The colour is natural brown and white as you can see from the picture. Its design is like drop leaf that the foldable part is only one side. You could choose this table with the right capacity. It can bear the weight up to 300lbs. The height is 30” and others are 40” x 40”. Its weight is 15.5 pounds. Where can you put this table? – It can be settled in your room, the living room, or for self-study or work. Also, you might use it for a small party with family or friends. Please note that this set of product comes only with table. Read instruction before using.

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3 Haotian Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table

3. Haotian Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table, Folding Kitchen & Dining Table Desk

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Haotian Wall-Mounted drop-leaf table is a new design product in 2020. It is not like other table that come with legs. This table needs to be supplied with the wall, but it saves space since it can be folded.

The design of foldable makes it simple for the user to purchase. It can be folded down and out of the way when not needed. It is made of wood and the colour is white. The mounting hardware is included. You may choose this table for dimension such as width 60cm, depth 40cm, and thickness 14mm. Also, you can use this for self-study, work, dinner or lunch, decoration, and so on. Please note that you should read instruction before using because it has limited capacity to bear a particular weight.

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2 Casual Home Drop Leaf Breakfast Cart Table

2. Casual Home Drop Leaf Breakfast Cart with 2 Stools-Red

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Casual Home Drop Leaf breakfast cart table is beautiful and attractive in 2020. Customers purchase a lot from year to year. Since the design is three pieces, it is space saving.

This table is constructed with solid wood for increased durability and longevity with light and easy assembly. Because of these facts, it becomes best-selling product. This table is different from other tables since it has lockable wheels for stability and mobility. Thus you could move this table anywhere you like. The product comes as set as it includes one table and two stools with integrated stool nesting storage design that make this product very attractive and comfortable to use.

You might select the right dimensions. The table is 33 inches high x 29.75 inches wide x 32 inches deep. The stool is 21 inches high x 11.50 inches wide x 11.50 inches deep. The table’s weight is 39.85 pounds.

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1 3-piece Dinning Set with Drop Leaf Beige

1. 3-piece Dining Set with Drop Leaf Beige and Natural

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3-piece Dinning Set with drop leaf beige is a very attractive table in 2020. It is applicable for most purposes and activities.

This table is of three pieces that you can fold up and down when using. The design is for size that you prefer as big or small. It is made of 100% polyester. It is also an Asian tropical wood, Asian hardwood, and fabric that guarantee for lifetime use. This product comes with a set of one table and two chairs. The top surface is 89cm wide and the height is 74cm. This is small so that you can be easy to use this chair as you want to move or carry anywhere.

You may use this table for dinner, group meeting, home supply as decoration, and so on.

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These tables are quality tables, so they will give you reliability in using any item. The foldability is your preference. Purchase one now.

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