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A heated blanket lets you stay warm and comfortable during harsh conditions. If it comes in a cordless design, then you can have better flexibility and use it from anywhere you want. It is ideal for cold winter months, and you can use it safely as it prevents heating. Cordless heated blankets are also portable and give you the option to choose from multiple sizes. With it, you will be able to enjoy your favorite game as it comes with a lightweight battery pack. Check out the following list of the top 10 best cordless heated blankets.


10 Beautyrest Sherpa Cordless Heated Blanket

Beautyrest Sherpa

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This super-soft cordless heated blanket has the construction of microfiber fabric. You can also wash this blanket by using your washing machine in the slow-agitation cycle. Moreover, this throw blanket delivers a plush touch to your body. This poncho-style throw makes your couching time and leisure time happy and cozy. The controller comes along with a detachable 6-feet long power cord.

The controller also lets you adjust the heat up to 3 different levels. Furthermore, the controller brings you 2-hours of automatic shut-off function. The 2-prong plug works with most of the 110 to 120-volt wall outlets. This blanket has the U-shape to offer a cozy wrap around your body. You can wash this plush and skin-friendly blanket by using lukewarm water.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Multi-colour design for consumer comfort.
  • Easy weight and maintainable design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Versatile design for comfortable experience.


9 MaxKare Cordless Heated Blanket


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This cordless heated blanket comes along with a 9.8-feet long power cord. This electric throw also comes with a measurement of 50X60-inch. Moreover, the cuddling soft and plush texture of this blanket lets you have a comfortable touch on your skin. One side of this blanket has the construction of velvety Sherpa fabric. The other side of this heated blanket comes with buttery smooth flannel fabric.

The sleek heat controller also consists of an LCD screen. Furthermore, you can adjust the heat settings up to 3 different levels. You can conveniently attach or detach the controller and cord according to your needs. The blanket is easily machine-washable. So, you can maintain hygiene while using this throw. The controller comes with 3-hours of automatic shut-off function.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Dynamic, adaptable construction for user comfort.
  • Advanced safety features for comfortable experience.
  • Hypoallergenic material for added safety.


8 Convenient Gadgets & Gifts Cordless Heated Blanket

Convenient Gadgets & Gifts Cordless Heated Blanket

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This cordless heated blanket involves the construction of ultra-soft velvety velour fabric. The shawl also comes along with a functional heating pad. Moreover, this lap blanket comes with the measurements of 31X17-inch. This heated blanket is an ideal alternative to your office desk heaters. This ultra-soft includes a surrounded heating pad. Therefore, this blanket offers effective heat distribution to improve your blood circulation.

This USB-powered heating system also lets you power up the heating function by using your USB-enabled devices. Furthermore, this throw comes along with a pair of USB cables to offer equal heat distribution throughout it. The cord comes with a length of 48-inch. The ultra-soft lap blanket is perfect for sleeping on couches, beds, and sleeping chairs.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Multi-purpose design for superior comfort.
  • Premium quality material for long-lasting experience.
  • Flexible design for comfortable experience.


7 MaxKare Cordless Heated Blanket

MaxKare Cordless Heated Blanket

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This electric blanket comes with the construction of heat-retaining, fluffy and cozy Sherpa, and flannel fabric. Therefore, you can also enjoy the softness and breathability of this cordless heated blanket. Moreover, this throw blanket makes cleaning easier with a washing machine. The heating wires offer uniform heat distribution. For safety, the blanket comes with overheating protection. This electric blanket comes with a 3-level heat adjustment function.

Therefore, you can also simply adjust the temperature from 90 to 107-degree Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the power cord and controller are both easily detachable. Therefore, you can keep it clean for years. The soft flannel fabric of this throw feels soft and comfortable to your skin. The heating function of this blanket comes with an 8-hour automatic shut-off function for safety.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Enhanced broad construction for superior comfort.
  • Easy operation and maintainable design.
  • Highly versatile design for enhanced satisfaction.


6 Sunbeam Channeled Cordless Heated Blanket

Sunbeam Channeled

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Crafted with soft microfiber polyester fabric, this cordless heated blanket feels ultra-soft and ultra-light. The channeled velvet fabric also gives the proper warmth and softness to your skin. Moreover, the electric blanket is easily machine-washable. For safety, this blanket has a heat controller with an automatic shut-off function. This function includes a timer to set the shut-off function up to 10-hours.

This widely-adjustable controller also allows you to adjust the heat settings up to 10 different levels. Furthermore, the controller comes with a thin and long power cord. Even, you can easily attach and detach the controller from this twin-size throw blanket. You can enjoy the therapeutic warm to improve the blood circulation around your chocked body parts. This blanket offers uniform heat distribution.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Space-saving and cost-efficient design for comfort.
  • Customizable settings for added satisfaction.
  • Adaptable design for comfortable and warm experience.


5 Homde Cordless Heated Blanket


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This cordless heated blanket comes along with a powerful and user-friendly controller. The LED screen of this controller also lets you see the current temperature and timer. Moreover, the blanket comes with a 3-level heat setting to choose form. The controller has an energy-efficient 4-hour automatic shut-off function. With the help of a 10-feet long power cord, this controller does not cause any discomfort while sleeping.

The blanket also comes with 3-layer construction. Furthermore, the outer layers of this throw have the construction of Sherpa fabric and flannel face. This super-soft, warm, and skid-friendly heated blanket delivers plush touch to everyone’s skin. You can adjust the temperature of this blanket from 90 to 110-degree Fahrenheit. This electric blanket is easily machine washable. It is one of the best cordless heated blankets.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Dynamic safety control functions for user comfort.
  • Easy maintainable and storable design for longevity.
  • Multi-functional design for enhanced performance.


4 Hyde Lane Premium Cordless Heated Blanket

Hyde Lane Premium Cordless Heated Blanket

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With a luxuriously soft and breathable texture, this cordless heated blanket keeps you naturally warm. The soft and skin-friendly faux fur coating of this throw also retains the warmth for a very long time. With the dimensions of 50X60-inch, this blanket offers a snug feeling while resting on the bed, couch, and chair. Moreover, the therapeutic warm function maintains proper blood circulation in your body.

Therefore, you can also use this blanket for easing joint and muscle pain. Furthermore, the microfiber woven fiber traps down the heat for a long time and saves excessive power consumption. This plush and lightweight heated blanket helps people to get rid of stress. You can even use this throw after a post-surgery injury to have a quick recovery.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Color-variant composition for consumer satisfaction.
  • Multiple-benefit configuration for enhanced comfort.
  • Highly economical design for comfortable experience.

3 MaxKare Polar Fleece Cordless Heated Blanket

MaxKare Polar Fleece

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This cordless heated blanket comes with the construction of ultra-soft and breathable polar fleece fabric. The stretchy texture of this blanket also gives a snug feeling when you wrap it around your body. Moreover, this lightweight throw is a perfect partner for snuggling on your sofa, couch, and bed. This large-sized heated blanket comes with hypoallergenic and skin-friendly texture to keep your cozy.

You can also use your washing machine to keep this blanket clean and well-maintained. Furthermore, this throw is just the right thing for keeping your warm both in indoor and outdoor spaces. The hydrophobic construction feels soft, breathable, and comfortable for years. The heat controller lets you adjust the heat settings up to 4 different levels accordingly.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Effortlessly operable configuration for user comfort.
  • Flexible configuration for effective performance.
  • Customized controls for precise efficacy.


2 Serta Reversible Cordless Heated Blanket

Serta Reversible

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The reversible design of this cordless heated blanket has a fleece layer and a Sherpa fabric layer. The throw also comes with 5 different preset heat settings. So, you can have a customizable heat function as per your comfort level. Moreover, the soft, warm yet breathable polyester fabric of this blanket gives a plush touch to your skin. The Sherpa lining retains the warmth for a long time. Overall, it is one of the best cordless heated blankets.

The uniform heat retention function also makes this throw extremely comfortable for sleepers. Furthermore, with the measurement of 50X60-inch, this heated blanket makes it a perfect companion for your bed. The controller comes with an 8.5-feet long cord to make your sleep comfortable and clutter-freely. This machine-washable throw blanket has 4-hours of automatic shut-off function.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Multiple color combinations for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Advanced quality fabric for added comfort.
  • Premium grade material for long-lasting experience.


1 Electric Cordless Heated Blanket by Degrees of Comfort

Electric by Degrees of Comfort

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Never let the cold bed spoil your sleep at chilly winter nights. Not only this cordless heated blanket helps you to sleep comfortably but also alleviates joint pain. Moreover, this full-size throw does not emit any harmful electromagnetic radiation. So, you can sleep comfortably by wrapping this blanket around your body. The energy-efficient heating function cuts down the excessive surges in your electricity bills.

The insulated cord of this controller also lets you sleep safely and without the risks of accidental burns. Furthermore, the controller includes 20 different heat settings to choose from. You can adjust the time of heating function from 1 to 10-hours with an increment of one hour. The super-soft, warm, and plush microfiber fabric construction makes this blanket very cozy.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Multi-color cum dimension design for comfort.
  • Hypo-allergenic material for enhanced safety.
  • Personalized configuration for superior control.


Buying Guide For Cordless Heated Blanket

Check out the following parameters while selecting.


Cordless heated blankets are composed of different types of materials, and you will have to see if it offers superior performance. Some of the common types of materials are fleece, fur, and polyester. You will also find the one that has a blend of multiple fabrics. In addition to this, you will have to see if it comes with easy maintenance.


It is available in multiple sizes, and you will have to get the one according to your requirements. However, make sure that it comes in a large size so that it can cover you completely. If you want it for your child, get it in a perfect size that does not drag on the floor.


You can see if it offers perfect warmth. It must come with a powerful battery, and you will have to see if it is safe to use. Apart from this, consider the one that can heat up quickly. You will also have to see if it can deliver efficient performance. It must have the power of at least 100 watts so that there can be reliable performance.

Customization and Comfort:

To make sure there will be exceptional comfort, you will have to get a cordless heated blanket that lets you choose from multiple temperature levels. It must allow you to adjust the temperature according to your preference, and you will have to see if it lets you have easy controls. See if it prevents overheating and regulates the heat. The one that comes with a timer feature will let you save power and make sure there will be peace of mind.

Conclusion –

A heated blanket is a necessity when you are living in a cold country, especially during winter. Similarly, it is essential when you visit hilly areas when cold temperature prevails. There are different types of these heated blankets available to pick from, and there is no doubt that the cordless ones are the best. Check all the different cordless heated blankets and pick the perfect one for you.

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