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Instead of buying different items involved in badminton separately, you should always opt for a complete badminton set. A complete set comes with racquets, shuttlecock, and net as well as poles. Apart from that, there are certain sets with which you can play volleyball and other games other than badminton. It is ideal for parents to buy a complete set for their kids and carrying them while going for a vacation. Check out the top 10 best complete badminton sets below.

List of Top 10 Best Complete Badminton Sets In 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. Baden Volleyball Badminton Combo Set

10. Baden Volleyball Badminton Combo Set

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This complete badminton set comes along with standard-sized nylon volleyball and a needle storage handle. With the help of adjustable steel poles, the badminton net also supports stress-free installation. Moreover, the set comes along with 2 pairs of badminton racquets and 3 pieces of shuttlecocks. The carrying case of the entire set makes it exceptionally travel-friendly.

The carrying case also comes with the construction of heavy-duty and weather-resistant material. Furthermore, this set lets you play volleyball and badminton matches as per your wish. So, this multi-purpose game set makes your every outing full-filled. You can simply use the carrying case as a storage bag.

  • Easy setup due to adjustable steel poles.
  • Long-lasting use to the durable construction.
  • Full set and waterproof edges.
  • The ball does not stay inflated for long.

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#9. EastPoint Sports Badminton Net Set

9. EastPoint Sports Badminton Net Set

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This complete badminton set has 2 pairs of badminton racquets and 2 pieces of shuttlecocks. You will also get a badminton net with foldable design. So, you can carry this entire set along with almost everywhere. Moreover, the inbuilt base of the net stand easily stands and balances on any surface. The badminton stand comes with the dimensions of 15X5-feet.

The weatherproof material construction of the rackets, shuttlecocks and net stand also makes the set exceptionally durable. Furthermore, you can play badminton matches in your garden, lawn, backyard, park, beach, and other spots. The compact base neatly holds all components of the set.

  • Complete set for user advantage.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Large net and hassle-free assembling.
  • The ratings are relatively low.

#8. Franklin Sports Badminton Set

8. Franklin Sports Badminton Set

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This professional-style complete badminton set is suitable for single, double to mixed double badminton matches. Therefore, by using this set four players can easily play at once. The set also comes along with a pair of nylon shuttlecocks. Moreover, the rackets involve the construction of aluminum material. So, you can have a comfortable grip over the rackets.

This classic game set also comes with a steel pole, 6 stakes and ropes to support easy pole assembly. Furthermore, with the help of a deluxe bag, you can carry the entire set with you wherever you go. So, you can play badminton matches on beaches, backyards, parks and other indoor and outdoor places.

  • Full set for easy assembling.
  • Wide application and durable construction.
  • Ideal for people of all ages.
  • The items could have been sturdier.

#7. Zume Games Portable Badminton Set

7. Zume Games Portable Badminton Set

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Suitable for up to four players, this complete badminton set comes along with 4 pieces of full-length racquets. Apart from that, you will get 2 pieces of yellow nylon shuttlecocks with cork tips. Moreover, the classic game set is suitable for the kids above 6 years old. Therefore, adults can play single, double or mixed double badminton games by using this set.

With the help of a simple carrying case, you can also carry the entire set along with you. So, you can enjoy instant badminton matches at your lawn, park, backyard, garden and other spaces. The freestanding base easily installs on any surface with no tool.

  • Portable design and freestanding base.
  • Carrying case for easy storage.
  • Tool-free setup for user advantage.
  • The items are not quite premium.

#6. Park & Sun Sports Badminton Net System

6. Park & Sun Sports Badminton Net System

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This complete badminton set comes along with 2 pairs of badminton racquets and 3 pieces of nylon shuttlecocks. The set also includes 3-piece steel poles, so you can install the pole up to the length of 30-inch. The ground stakes help you to install the badminton net on any ground with ease. The aluminum racquets are very much light in weight.

The nylon-blended net of this set also comes along with a one inch top and bottom tapes. Furthermore, to offer uniform net tension, the set comes with side sleeves and reinforced corners. Therefore, you can use the net for playing volleyball, soccer, pickleball and other ball games.

  • Steel pole with push-button locking.
  • Aluminum rackets for long-lasting use.
  • Easy carrying due to polyester bag.
  • It is a relatively new product.

#5. Pro Impact Badminton Sets

5. Pro Impact Badminton Set

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With the help of a stylish and compact carrying case, this complete badminton set offers hassle-free transportability. The set also comes along with 2 pairs of racquets. So, you can play single, double and mixed double badminton with your playmates. Moreover, the classic game set is suitable for both kids and adults. The properly-weighted shuttlecocks let you play with comfort.

The set also comes along with 3 pairs of high-quality and well-knitted feather shuttlecocks. Furthermore, the aluminum head with steel shaft of the racquets helps you to have properly balanced swings. Therefore, you can simply improve your hand-n-eye coordination and speed during playing badminton.

  • Wide application and shuttlecocks.
  • Steel shaft for enhanced durability.
  • Complete set and lightweight construction.
  • The quality could have been better.

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#4. Yonex Badminton Combo Set

4. Yonex Badminton Combo Set

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This complete badminton set consists of a pair of classic racquets. With the construction of lightweight aluminum material, these racquets also last for years. Moreover, you can simply use this classic game set for practicing or improving your badminton skills. The set comes along with a pack of 6 pieces of nylon shuttlecocks.

These shuttlecocks are also durable than the feather shuttlecocks. Furthermore, the rubber-wrapped handles of the racquets offer a comfortable and anti-slip grip while playing. The slim shaft of the racquets helps you to improve your aerodynamic skills. This badminton set is suitable to play in your backyard, park, lawn, and other outdoor spaces.

  • A popular brand and lightweight design.
  • Set of two and high performance.
  • Suitable for professional tournaments.
  • There are a few reviews available.

#3. Speedminton Fun Set

3. Speedminton Fun Set

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This complete badminton set makes an ideal replacement for the boring spike ball, beach ball or other games. The new-style night play game set also includes one innovative heli-speeder. This heli-speeder is a perfect alternative to the traditional shuttlecocks. Moreover, the set comes along with 2 pieces of heli-speeders. The heli is wind stable up to 4-Bft.

You will also get a pair of rackets with high-quality yet lightweight aluminum material. Furthermore, the speed-lights of the shuttlecocks help you to play even in the dark for 3-hours. You can play smoothly with the help of larger sweet spots of the rackets.

  • Innovative design and high performance.
  • Speed lights for user advantage.
  • Full set and wide application.
  • It is relatively small.

#2. GSE Games & Sports Expert Badminton Set

2. GSE Games & Sports Expert Badminton Set

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Suitable for several outdoor sports, like park, lawn, beach or backyard, this complete badminton set is appropriate for everyone. This set also has one scoring clamp, net stands with net and 4 pieces of 2 differently-colored racquets. Moreover, the nylon carry bag helps you to carry this entire set along with your almost everywhere.

This badminton set also comes along with 3 pieces of long-lasting nylon shuttlecocks. Furthermore, the racquets involve the construction of nylon-strung tempered steel material. Therefore, these racquets are very much durable and rustproof. The pole locking system comes with simple push-button operation for easy assembly and disassembly.

  • Easy setup due to the locking system.
  • Steel rackets for long-lasting use.
  • Guide rope system and steel poles.
  • The average rating is low.

#1. Bogalen Badminton Sets

1. Bogalen Badminton Set

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This complete badminton set comes along with 3 pieces of nylon shuttlecocks to offer durability. Comes in a compact carrying case, this kit also consists of 2 pairs of badminton racquets. Moreover, you will get a height-adjustable 1-feet long net stand. Therefore, this badminton set is very much travel-friendly. The net stand involves the construction of rustproof and color-coated steel material.

The versatile net stand also allows you to play several ball and net games, like soccer, volleyball, tennis or pickleball. Furthermore, the racquets with a slim shaft and ultra-light frames help you to develop your aerodynamic or high-speed skills.

  • Durable construction and resistant to rust.
  • Hassle-free setup and multiple sizes availability.
  • Easy portability due to carrying bag.
  • The racquets could have been better.

Buying Guide for Complete Badminton Sets

Check out the following list of the factors when you buy a complete badminton set.


The size of badminton rackets can vary accordingly. You will have to get the one that goes with people of all ages. Look for the one that comes in a portable design so that you can take it anywhere you want.


This is one of the most important things that you will have to keep in mind while buying a badminton set. The construction has to be durable enough that makes it last longer. Some of it can have steel handles and aluminum body that makes it very durable. You will also have to see other items and see if it is resistant to rust.

Complete Set:

A badminton set must come with all the important accessories that let you enjoy the game from anywhere you want. You can also see if it comes with a convenient carrying bag that lets you take them anywhere you want.


Always go for the one that comes with a simple setup. For this, you need to see if the steel poles have a locking mechanism that allows hassle-free setup. Some of it many not require assembling allowing you to start the game instantly. Consider the stability and see if it has tool-less assembling.


The most important thing that you need to see is the shaft flexibility. See the overall weight of the racket that lets you use it for professional play. The other things that you need to consider are balance point, string tension, and handgrip. In a racket, you need to see the stiffness.


We have listed the best complete badminton sets, and some of them are very versatile as you can play different games with them. There are different sizes of sets available and depending on who will be playing the game, you should buy accordingly. Check out the buying guide before you check the sets so that you can understand the pros and cons before buying one.

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