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Bluetooth helmets have been one of the best innovative protective gear for two-wheel riders. Not only does it serve its main purpose –to protect the rider’s head in case of an accident, it can also be used as a communication and GPS device as well thanks to its Bluetooth built-in feature.

Now, you no longer have to worry about checking your phone for GPS or receiving phone calls during your rides. Bluetooth helmets allow you to do these hands-free and help ease up your rides journey. The bonus is that you can also connect your helmet to your phone and play music as well.

If you are a bike enthusiast wanting to experience comfort, pleasurable and safe rides, adding a bluetooth helmet to your collection is a must! However, there are so many models of bluetooth helmets available out there.

If you’re not sure which one to get, check out the list below of the top 7 best bluetooth motorcycle helmets of this year which will help you choose the best bluetooth helmet suited to your needs.

List of the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

7. Waterproof Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets by FreedConn

Waterproof Bluetooth Helmets by FreedConn
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FreedConn is one of the famous brands, well-known for its bluetooth helmet. This full face DOT certified helmet is equipped with bluetooth 3.0 that supports music player, FM radio and GPS navigation system. It has 2 built-in premium stereo sound speakers that ensure high-quality sound even at high speed.

With its intercom function, you can pair it with 2 or 3 riders up to 500 meters in the range at the same time. Hence, you can freely communicate with your fellow riders with ease. Its 600mAh rechargeable battery allows up to 12 hours of phone talking time with 120 hours standby time.

Even though it is a full face helmet, thanks to its 3-dimension ventilation system, it still provides a good airflow giving you a comfortable ride.

6. Bluetooth Motorcycle Full Face Helmet by AHR

Bluetooth Helmet by AHR
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AHR is one of the most affordable helmets out there. It’s heavily cushioned, providing the ultimate comfort for your rides while also equipped with everything you need in a bluetooth helmet –from answering and rejecting calls, listening to music or FM radio and navigating the GPS. It is compatible with most bluetooth devices so you can either connect it to your smartphones, MP3 player or GPS device.

It has a 450mAh battery with 3 hour charging time yet supports up to 300 hours standby time and 8 hours phone talking time. If you’re looking for a budget bluetooth helmet, you may consider getting this one and enjoy your bike ride with hands-free communication and entertainment at ease.

5. Matt Black X-Large Bluetooth helmet by Sena

5. Matt Black X-Large Bluetooth helmet by Sena
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This one is a half shell type, lightweight helmet made with composite fiberglass. This helmet has the most up-to-date bluetooth 4.1 features allowing you to communicate freely with your mates during the ride with the intercom system. It offers a superior quality sound within a range of up to 900 meters and for approximately 10 hours talking time. It has a built-in speaker so you need not worry about installing a separate headset.

On top of that, it’s been praised a lot for its sleek design suitable for street sport motorbike. With this helmet, now you can ride in style and also keep yourself safe with the hands-free communication system that this helmet has to offer.

4. Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet by FreedConn

4. Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet by FreedConn
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The BM12 model from FreedConn is known as the perfect all-in-one. First of all, it’s lightweight –only 3 pounds for a full face helmet. It has a built-in speaker and noise cancellation to ensure clear voice conversation and high quality sound of music or GPS voice prompt.

It’s equipped with powerful bluetooth technology that allows stable intercom talk in ranges of 1640 feet pairing with 3 riders. The coolest feature of this helmet is the design of two different colors on each side of the helmet, giving you a cool and fashionable look for your ride!

3. Bluetooth Stereo Headset for Half Helmets by Sena

3. Bluetooth Stereo Headset for Half Helmets by Sena
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This one is a stereo headsets with a built-in FM tuner for half shell helmets. It comes with a standard clamp so you can install this on your helmet. Sena also has different types of clamps available for purchase separately to allow various types of helmet installation.

The bluetooth feature of this headset has a multi-pair function that enables 4 person intercom. This headset is CAPA certified (The Certified Automotive Parts Association) which means that the parts are tested and met with the safety quality standard.

2. Full Face Bluetooth Helmets Motorcycle by FreedConn

2. Full Face Bluetooth Helmets Motorcycle by FreedConn
Get it now on This is another model from the well-known FreedConn. Comes in a matte black color, this helmet not only serves you all the necessary functions of a bluetooth helmet but also makes you look cool as well with its sleek and fashionable design.

The bluetooth function of the helmet allows users to pair 3 riders and 2 talking at the same time in a range up to 1640 feet. Thanks to its ventilation system, this one has been getting many good reviews on the airflow which provides the ultimate comfort for the user.

As with most FreedConn helmets, this one has a removable liner, so in case you purchased a wrong size or the size don’t feet, do contact their customer service to request for a new liner to ensure the helmet fits you comfortably.

1. Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmets by MOPHOTO

 Motorcycle Helmets by MOPHOTO
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If you’re in search of a bluetooth helmet that is worth its price, do check out this one from the MOPHOTO brand. It’s probably the most affordable full face bluetooth helmet out there that comes with a great design for a modern and sleek look.

This helmet is professionally designed for comfort. Its ventilation system ensures the ultimate airflow, well-padded interior for comfortable wear, removable liner for easy cleaning, anti-fog and waterproof lens that makes this helmet a great fit for riding in fog or rain.

The bluetooth intercom function of this helmet allows the connection of two riders and can be used for communication for up to 20 hours with its 800mAh battery.


If you’re a bike rider looking to maximize your rides experience, there should be absolutely no hesitation that you should own one of these wonderful bluetooth helmets. After going through the list of our top picks for the best bluetooth helmets above, we hope you find it helpful in giving you some ideas of which one to get. Grab yours now for your safe ride and pleasurable bike journey.

If you are still not sure which bluetooth helmet to get for yourself, stay on and check the buying guide down below.

Buying Guide for Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

These are some criteria to keep in mind when choosing your bluetooth motorcycle helmet, especially if it’s your first time.

Safety Rating:

Safety always comes first. That’s the main function of the helmet after all. Therefore, when selecting your bluetooth helmet, do check its safety rating. Your helmet should be DOT Approved, which means that it has met or exceeded the safety standards set by The United States Department of Transportation.


A good helmet should be comfortable to wear and provide a breathable airflow, as well as a clear lens for a safe ride.


The bluetooth functions it offers; bluetooth compatibility with your devices, the intercom pairing, ease of communication and entertainment control such as one-click answering and rejecting calls, music playback control and access to GPS navigation audio.


Some of the bluetooth helmets have built-in speakers and mic, while some others have separate speakers and mic to be installed to the helmet. Whichever type you are getting, make sure the sound quality is acceptable. A good quality bluetooth helmet should have a noise cancellation system to provide clear audio and allow you to communicate stably and conveniently even at high speed.

Battery Life:

A long-lasting battery should also be considered. You don’t want to end up having your helmet running out of battery in the middle of your ride! If you often go on long rides, do consider the one with longer battery life.

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